Dude I was late to class and it’s lab today so I’m on a bus for the field trip and I have no fucking clue on where we are going or what we’re gonna do this is so exciting

The eBay sales went well. I sold off half of my doll collection. I’m going to do another heavy pass and sell a lot more probably. 

I was able to buy a real bed (or at least put a down payment on one) FINALLY. We’ve been sleeping on a futon for 5 was really starting to affect our daily lives. We got it yesterday and I slept so hard I overslept my alarms and was late for class, but ciest la vie.

It actually mean a lot to me we can get a real bed, because earlier this summer I didn’t know if we were going to have a roof over our heads even. I’m so happy everything has come together and we are thriving and flourishing. You really do have to weed your garden in order for your flower to bloom.