I wonder if Arakawa knows how loved Riza Hawkeye is. Like, does she know how many significant others she has? Or how many times she’s been given a happy ending? Does she know that we love pictures of her snuggling with her dog or smiling or just being happy?

Does she know what she has done by giving us this incredible character?

The Signs as texts 2 in the morning

Aries: “I have so many things going on in my head that I could shit it out and serve it to you in 9 cakes”

Taurus: “I just feel like, maybe if you injected cake mix into your veins, bc our internal body temperature us 98.6, like i could sleep and it could bake over might???”

Gemini:“…so yeah that’s why i believe I have the power to move things with my mind if i try hard enough”

Cancer: “like, you know like, emotions are just UGH and im like what? But then they come like WOAH , like, you know right?”

Leo: *is overly suspicious* “i can just tELL yoU knOW, lIke, but The LoOK IN TheiR eyEs, tHEy thINk iM anNoyINg!!!”

Virgo: “Wth r u textIng me at this ungodly hour imm stILl doing homework do NOT DISTurb me!”

Libra: “but if Mary was the Mother if God, and God was a known as the lamb, did Mary have a Little Lamb???”

Scorpio: “yeh so if he doesn’t like me back that’s completely ok he’d just ALL ive been thinking about and my life will pretty much just temporarily collapse but no biggy”

Sagittarius: “nights like these i wanna run away in a ‘67 Chevy Impala and listen to radiohead and drive by the beach”

Capricorn: “i really wanna get close to him, you know? I’m just scared to open up”

Aquarius: “So like…do you think aliens exist too?”

Pisces: “i once ate a watermelon seed and my dad scared me into thinking a watermelon would grow inside me and i got reallt scared my stomach would explode and id die and u started crying ok gn”

Don’t be selfish. If you don’t love them, let them go. If you don’t love the way their eyes crinkle when they smile or the sound of their laugh. Let them go. If you do not think of them as a fucking masterpiece let them go, because someone else will! If you do not think that they are a fucking blessing upon this world please let them go. If your heart doesn’t almost beat of of your damn chest whenever you’re near that person, let them go. Because holy fuck, I bet someone else would kill to be in your position. Being with someone when you don’t fully appreciate is cruel. Not only that but you’re also holding them back from being with someone who could give them everything they could ever want. Someone that feels their knees getting weakened by just the sight of this person. Someone that has had the worst days but the mere thought of them just turns everything around. Someone who just by hearing their name, it brings the biggest smile to their face and a slight pain in their heart. Someone who hears the sound of their voice and it can soothe the darkest of their nightmares. If that person is not you…let them go. They are beauty, they are magic. They deserve someone who believes in them, cares for them and overall loves them.
—  Don’t be selfish.
Slytherin Things (Part Four)

Incense, locked boxes, unopened letters from parents, loud music late at night, secret codes between friends, winged eyeliner, snowball fights, dark coats, sneaking out late at night (not to go anywhere, just to be out in the cool night air), silver jewelry, stargazing charts, telescopes…