Perhaps they know somehow that I’ve got so much to give. Perhaps it’s that that frightens them. I feel I’ve got such boundless, boundless love to give to somebody–I would care for somebody so utterly and so completely–watch over them–keep everything horrible away–and make them feel that if ever they wanted anything done I lived to do it. If only I felt that somebody wanted me, I should become a different person. Yes; that is the secret of life for me–to feel loved, to feel wanted, to know that somebody leaned on me for everything absolutely–for ever.
—  Katherine Mansfield, from The Collected Stories; Late At Night

She’s learned to hold
All her feelings inside
Until late at night,
And cover her mouth
With her hands so
No one hears her.

She’s perfected
Her fake smile.

And she’s been taught
- oh so painfully
To build her walls up
High, to keep everyone out.

—  A.S

Me on my phone super late at night. (ノ_・,) One eye resting while the other suffers. _(:」∠)_
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