She’s learned to hold
All her feelings inside
Until late at night,
And cover her mouth
With her hands so
No one hears her.

She’s perfected
Her fake smile.

And she’s been taught
- oh so painfully
To build her walls up
High, to keep everyone out.

—  A.S

Me on my phone super late at night. (ノ_・,) One eye resting while the other suffers. _(:」∠)_
   / \川/ \
  / <●>::<●> \
  \  `⌒′  /
  /   | ̄ ̄||
  |丶  | 茶 |丶
  | \_)―(_ノ
  \__ 丶 丶
  と___ノ_ノ OTAKU LIFE