late what no i'm not late

Sister: *sees that all my friends are hanging out together on snap chat* 

Sister: *sends text* hey, why aren’t you with them?

Me: Season 2 of Voltron came out today 


I’ve not been making these posts lately because 1) I was at my parents’ house and then traveling for the better part of a month and wasn’t doing much cooking myself and 2) my mental health went down the garbage disposal and so I’ve been in survival mode when it’s come to food lately. BUT HERE WE ARE TODAY WITH AN EASY BREAKFAST FOR EVEN THE MOST SLUGGISH OF MORNINGS.

So yesterday I woke up with a fever and a wicked sore throat, and developed a sinus headache late in the day. I didn’t go to the gym or think about my diet as a result of this (in fact, I didn’t do anything besides sleep, basically). But today I got back to the gym for some light exercise and figured that I should also give my body something nice in terms of input as well. So: savory oatmeal with kale and eggs sunny side up!

Sautee the kale in olive oil (1 tbsp) with whatever kind of seasonings you want (I used garlic and some pepper flakes as well as salt and pepper for the kale) for several minutes (5-7? I wasn’t keeping track tbh) while stirring it periodically. At the same time, prep a serving of quick/instant oatmeal, whether in the microwave or with boiling water. When the oatmeal is done, stir in 1 tbsp shredded Parmesan and any other spices (idk if just adding dried thyme to stuff at this point in the process is not technically correct or whatever, but that’s what I did). Fry up or poach two eggs until the yolks reach the hardness you prefer (don’t forget salt + pepper), and then add all of your pieces together!

This was honestly the richest food I’ve allowed myself in the last several weeks, as I’m on a four letter word that starts with DIE for training and health related reasons. And still it was under 500 calories. Also, oatmeal is one of the best foods I know of for staying satisfied for long periods of time, and the protein in the eggs is important and good. If you want more detailed info let me know, I have a good estimate at it. Either way this was a welcome departure from my normal oatmeal or scrambled egg breakfasts and it was really easy and yummy and honestly the only thing that’s kind of expensive here is kale so it’s really not bad for the budget either.


au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )


(combine your sun + moon)

Aries: Scary

Taurus: Hungry

Gemini: Two-Faced

Cancer: Sensitive

Leo: Dramatic

Virgo: Classy

Libra: Princess

Scorpio: Manipulative

Sagittarius: Adventurous

Capricorn: Successful

Aquarius: Clever

Pisces: Cute

I really really really like the arc of Tsunade, before she becomes Hokage (yep too late i’m deep in it  hello darkness here i come)

If search engines were Supernatural fans...


Conclusion: Bing is kinky as fuck but also deep as fuck, confused about the brothers’ nicknames, has a love/hate relationship with Sam and really wants to know WHY, and thinks Dean is the Hulk.


Conclusion: Yahoo is a Sam!girl, is pretty sure about Dean’s orientation, has plenty of crossover headcanons, and ships Wincest.


Conclusion: Google prefers Dean but doesn’t know quite what to make of his sexuality. However, Google is certain that Sam is gay—while at the same time being entirely unable to pin down his species.