late to the party as usual

sherlock and john having a lie-in one morning, talking about when they get older like


'john, i think you’ll find that their benefits far outweigh-’

'no, it’s ridiculous.’

’-disadvantages. their impact on the environme-’


’-and they’re disappearing at alarming rates we’d be doing a disservice by not-’

william sherlock scott fucking holmes.’

'say you’ll think about it.’

'fine,’ john laughs, kissing the knot where sherlock’s neck meets his back. 'i'll think about getting bees.’


Kind of a twofold craft post. I made a zipper pouch for a friend and learned some new sewing techniques but ALSO I finally tried out some transparent worbla!

I’ve had a large sheet of it sitting around since they announced it for preorder and haven’t had a chance to try it. I wanted to make a unique zipper pull so I cut out a couple of the Frenchies and backed them with interfacing before sealing them with the worbla. Thoughts thus far: it’s really cool shit. It’s also not exactly worbla–it needs a much higher activation temperature and it doesn’t self adhere quite as well. It also leaves fingerprints if you’re not careful so I’d advise using tools.