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so those student athlete memes huh

And then one student said that happiness is what happens when you go to bed on the hottest night of the summer, a night so hot you can’t even wear a tee-shirt and you sleep on top of the sheets instead of under them, although try to sleep is probably more accurate. And then at some point late, late, late at night, say just a bit before dawn, the heat finally breaks and the night turns into cool and when you briefly wake up, you notice that you’re almost chilly, and in your groggy, half-consciousness, you reach over and pull the sheet around you and just that flimsy sheet makes it warm enough and you drift back off into a deep sleep. And it’s that reaching, that gesture, that reflex we have to pull what’s warm - whether it’s something or someone - toward us, that feeling we get when we do that, that feeling of being sad in the world and ready for sleep, that’s happiness.
—  Paul Schmidtberger, Design Flaws of the Human Condition
Ravenclaw Headcanon

McGonagall will work with any student for as long as they need her to, and Ravenclaws will sometimes take advantage of that, while also being too nervous about it because she’s not their head of house. So one day she makes a point of telling the Ravenclaws that she was a hatstall and it was between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Ever since then, the Ravenclaws sit late into the night with McGonagall, working, and smiling slightly when they hear Filch complain about students out of bed.


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening

  • Valjean: read any good books late-
  • Students de l'ABC: red? 😂 All I see is red & black ❤️🖤 every man will be a king 😈👑👑 drumbeat heartbeat grind don't stop 🥁🥁❤️💯no one cares ab ur lonely soul 🙁🙄😂RIP LaMarque 😢☝️🙏bottles down 🍻❌ suns out guns out ☀️🔫💪 vive la France‼️🇫🇷🇫🇷
University Gothic
  • You wake up in a lecture hall. When did you get here? How did you get here? You look down at your feet. They’re gone. You have merged with the floor. You are one with uni and uni is you. Everytime a bored student scribbles on their desk, they carve into your skin. You smell blood.
  • Your field of study is divided into 3 main schools of thought. Each school consists of 3 main areas. Each of these areas is divided into 3 main topics. Each topic splits into 3 major theories. Each theory is supported by 3 observations.
    You stare at your 3 hands with 3 fingers. Your 3 eyes blink. Thrice.
  • You awake from your homework as if from a dream. What language is this? Illogical hieroglyphs stare at you and shuffle around on the paper. You have forgotten what you were trying to prove. What lnguaudka i sdha s? The paper giggles and you’re so tired. You smile and answer in a language you do not understand.
  • You will need to buy a book for this course. It is pricey. Maybe you can afford a hand-me-down. A hand descends from the ceiling. It beckons you and offers you a deal: the cursed volume for a bracelet of ramen. You sigh and knit another bracelet, while the hand massages your scalp. The pact is made. Finally, you get to open the first page.
    Your professor wrote this book.

    Your hollow, desperate shriek wakes the ever-sleeping students in the last row. They climb over the tables, slimey hands embracing you from behind, and they whisper “There’s a pdf online. For free.” Coffee is pouring out out of their eyes, staining your shirt.

  • You write a to-do list. The paper grows longer and longer as you vomit long lines of responsibility-ink onto it. You cannot stop. Just like real vomiting, it feels gross and violating, but somehow liberating in a primal sense. Somehow, you find yourself on your knees, in the middle of the street three blocks away from your bed where you’d started. The cars drive compassionately around you as you scrunch up the paper and vomit at the sky. You cross out the whole list, draw a single check box underneath and write “Write a to-do list” next to it.
College professors living together, broke, in love

- The organized one always waking up the tired one
- They come to work together and everyone thinks they’re married
- The organized one is strict but efficient in class; the other is fun and genuine friends with their students
- Late night coffee breaks where they discuss their common students
- Borrow each other’s clothes all the time (the students love it) - Person A doing an after school tutoring class, B zoning out and staring at them do their thing
- Waking up late snuggling in the same bed, the rush to work, deliberately don’t make eye contact for the rest of the day
- One drunken night leads to them actually sleeping together, embarrassed person A is then afflicted with a “cold” and wears a scarf non stop the next few days (despite the 35°C weather)
- Huddling for warmth when the heating breaks down and they can’t afford to fix it

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holy crap ok so i just thought of an ml au fusion, and you were the first ladybug blog on my dash so here goes: what if you combined blind!adrien au, and the au where your soulmate's first words to you are written on you. so like adrien would come to school and drop something and he'd be looking for it on the ground and marinette would come running up and say something like "oh let me help" and she'd see what she said written on his arm and then he'd say what's written on her arm and she'd (1/2

(2/2) completely freak out and he’d ask what was wrong and she’d just turn completely red and shove the thiing into his arms and run off and escalate even more in her freak out (partially because of the soulmate thing, partially because he’s hot and she’s marinette). anyway, you can go about your business, i just had to tell someone


Adrien begrudgingly woke up, his incessant alarm shattering his dreams. They had been pleasent, from what he could remember. His mother had been there, safe and warm. Colors and lights had danced around him, just as they did so long ago. Adrien wondered, as he often did, what it would be like to see again.

He remembered what it was like, of course, but there was only so much to draw on. He had lost his sight at a young age, due to a chance encounter with a faulty piece of construction equipment. A bolt here, a snapped belt there, and Adrien became a sunglasses aficionado. His mother and father had sued to hell and back, getting a settlement so large they could replace most equipment in Paris twice over. Although, Adrien apparently still had to model per his father’s request, but that train of thought was a little too depressing this morning.

Instead, Adrien yawned and stretched, sitting up before shutting off his alarm. Still groggy, he tried to sit up straight, mentally preparing himself for the day. First, he had breakfast plans with his best buds, Me, Myself, and I, followed by lunch with rousing conversation from his inner monlogue, and dinner plans under the stars. Well, there could be stars. His ceiling could look like anything at this point. Interrupted, of course, by various photoshoots, home-schooling, and asking his father about public school.



Public School.


Quickly, Adrien ran through his room, pulling himself together as quickly as he could. Of course he would almost forget about school, the one day Nathalie actually managed to convince his father it wasn’t too dangerous. Under guard, of course, but that was nothing new. One of the surprisingly few benefits of having no friends over to change his room, is that he had memorized where everything was, able to walk around with confidence. Vaulting over various pieces of furniture, he scrambled together what he could only assume were the highest brands of fashion, since they had been pre-selected by Nathalie the night before, and ran out the door. Slowly, he walked back into his room, picking up his faceted cane he kept by the door. Feeling along the wall, he perused his selection of sunglasses.

“It feels like… A rimless day.” He muttered, grabbing a sleek pair of glasses with metallic bands.

Items in hand, he ran down the stairs, meeting the man simply known as Guerrilla at the door. Flipping on his shades, Adrien snapped his cane to the side, locking it in place. He was thankful Guerrilla was the one escorting him today. Of all the people in his life, Guerrilla was one of the few who didn’t think Adrien was made of glass. He didn’t take Adrien’s arm, or coddle him through life. It was a welcome change of pace, though it could get a little cold at times. Sitting in the car, Adrien could hardly keep still, esctatic to finally learn what a school was like.


Marinette’s alarm jolted her awake, almost making her fall out of bed. She was an incurably deep sleeper, so her mother had insisted on getting one of the loudest alarms on the market. How she had grown to loathe that machine. Still, she had actually woken up to her second alarm, giving her even less time to get to school.

Throwing her outfit together, she found herself once again lost in the faint birthmark along her left forearm. Everyone knew about Soulmarks, the destined first words spoken to you by your true love, but no one really ever talked about them. It was a simple fact of life, like having five fingers on each hand, or waking up just in time to be late to school. Besides, the birthmark faded after they were spoken, so if you had a mark, you hadn’t met The One, simple as that. Still, she couldn’t help but think that anyone who still had their mark felt the same confusion she did.

“And I felt so good about Rimless today.” Seriously, what the hell did that even mean?

Shaking herself out of her confusion, she ran down the stairs, dragging her bookbag behind her. With a quick breakfast and quicker goodbyes, she ran out of the bakery, making her way to school. That is, until she heard the faint ringing of the school’s bell, signifying to all students outside of the grounds that they were, unfortunately, late.

Groaning, Marinette picked up in speed, barely registering the black car pulling up beside her. As she ran, she kept her eye on the main gates. It was unlikely, but they might have instituted some new rule of locking out late students, and she would not be locked out all day. Many things would go over well with her parents, but that is not one of them. She was about to change course, climb the steps three at a time, and jump through the gates for a three point landing, until she ran full speed into a blonde boy getting out of a car. They both toppled to the ground, his bodyguard standing beside himself in shocked silence. It took the two of them a moment to actually react, each for wildly different reasons.

For Adrien, he was simply shocked that someone had snuck up on him like that. Sure, he hadn’t been fully paying attention, and he might have been a little too jittery with excitement, but he usually prided himself on his awareness. Still, this stranger had not only snuck up on him, but tackled him to the ground, all without him noticing a thing. She was like a ninja. A sneaky, clumsy, ninja.

For Marinette, her mind was working overtime, trying to grasp the fact that she had just tackled Adrien Agreste to the ground. Adrien Agreste. The same Adrien Agreste that she had seen a thousand times in her favorite fashion magazines. The son of her idol. Who she had just tackled to the ground. Whose sunglasses were now shattered a ways away. Who was trying to get up now.

Wincing through a scraped elbow, Adrien noticed a missing weight on his face, and reached up for his glasses. Feeling nothing but air, he started pushing off the stranger, trying to find one of his favorite pairs. Stunned, Marinette got off of him, still not quite sure how to process everything that just happened.

Reaching his shattered glasses, he clicked his tongue, saying, “Damn. And I felt so good about Rimless today.”

Finally catching up, Marinette rushed out, “Oh my gosh I am so sorry please don’t hate me I didn’t see you there that was my fault I was trying to get to my class and I’m gonna be late and you’re blind and I just broke your sunglasses I am SO SORRY, here please take mine.”

Holding out her hands, Marinette held a pair of white sunglasses, a floral print wrapping around its bands. With her head bowed, she caught a glimpse of Adrien’s arms, almost cradling his broken shades. And there, wrapping twice around his forearm, was a sprawling wall of text, slowly fading into his skin.

The last words to go were, “Please take mine.”

And that was when Marinette screamed.

  • So in one of my classes, my prof has this policy that whenever a student is late in order not to be marked absent he/she must either perform a talent or tell a joke.
  • One morning as the late comers were doing what they could to be exempted there was one more student who came in extra late.
  • So after the 'last' person told his joke which was "I'll be doing a joke (waits ample amount of time)...the elections" (drops mic).
  • She went up to the podium and grabbed the mic.
  • "I guess I'll perform a talent...
  • I know! I'm good at back flips!"
  • That would've been interesting enough but I forgot to mention- She was 8 months pregnant.
  • As she was about to do a backflip the entire lecture class yelled
  • "NOOOOOO!!"
  • And there was this one girl in the back who yelled
  • "THE BABY!"
  • My professor had this fuck-if-she-dies-i-no-longer-have-tenure look on his face.
  • She stood straight up. Took the mic.
  • "That was a joke."
  • Needless to say she was never asked to perform a talent or tell a joke again.
Foodie Friday: Candied Violets

*WARNING: This recipe uses raw egg whites and flowers. Please make sure that your flowers are of an edible variety, and grown pesticide-free, for safety’s sake (especially in this recipe, be sure to avoid using African violets, which are not edible). Be sure that if you are in the US, your eggs are of a high grade, and that the egg whites are properly prepared for use. 

Servings: Varies
-Whole edible violets, fresh and with stems still attached
-1 egg white per cup of loosely packed flowers
-1 cup superfine or castor sugar
-A fine paintbrush (if you don’t have one dedicated to food, then get one… please do not use a paintbrush from the studio…)

1. Gently wash the flowers by placing them in a sieve and gently spraying them with water. Gently shake off excess moisture and set them out in a single layer on a rack or absorbent towel to dry.

2. Allow the egg white to reach room temperature. Use a whisk to gently whip it until it is slightly frothy.

3. Using the paintbrush, gently coat the flower petals with egg white, holding the flower by the stem. Then sprinkle sugar over the flower until it is completely coated. Set it out on a sheet of parchment or wax paper to dry.

4. Allow the violets to dry for up to 24 hours so that they completely dry out. When dry, cut the stems off at the base of the flower. Store in an airtight container (shelf life of up to a month) and serve either alone as a treat, or as an edible garnish on cookies, cupcakes, cakes, et cetera.

Magical Ingredient!

So it’s been fairly busy in the restaurant of late, as students come back from spring break, and families come into the county to celebrate Easter. The Christian Holy Week is in full force, so I’ve spent a fair amount of my time cooking tilapia, shrimp, and salmon. With this Foodie Friday, I decided it was high time I took a break from seafood in favor of a sweet little spring treat that’s been cherished since the Victorian era.

Flowers are a mainstay in witchcraft, and why shouldn’t they be. Not only do they signify fertility and rebirth, they’re beautiful, and every herb and plant holds some sort of property that we as witches may incorporate into our practice. Witches who focus on herbs and plants, be they green witches, garden witches, or -yes- even kitchen witches, often have entire charts worth of correspondences just for how to use plants in their practice.

Here, however, I’m going to be focusing on our featured recipe and look at violets. The recipe can, of course, be adapted for any edible flower, but if I were to go into detail about every flower that you could eat, I’d be here all night (not a good thing since I have to be back at the restaurant in a few hours)!

Violets are exceptional spring flowers for use in love, luck, lust, and protection spells, as well as sweetening spells. Depending on your practice, the use of the violet may differ!

First, we’ll address teas. Violets in tea are often used to ease pain and fever, a practice that was particularly prominent in Romanian and Chinese medicine. In addition, it was common in Ancient Greece to use violets to help moderate anger, aid sleep, and ease depression - a property that would later also give the violet another common name: “heart’s ease.”

Rich in vitamins A and C, as well as various other nutrients, violets are an early spring edible that can be added to many different recipes, from vinegars to syrups and even salads, giving the kitchen witch plenty of options to play with in working with this little flower.

In matters of love, the flowers can be used in sachets, teas, or foods to help encourage faithfulness in a relationship or to encourage a growth of love and/or lust. Meanwhile, the leaves can be used in green sachets to promote luck and wealth.

The roots are great for cleansing, as they can be dried and added to incense for smoke cleansing.

Combining violets and lavender makes for a particularly potent form of protection and luck, as well as love, spell. This approach can be used in any way that you use the flower, be it burning in an incense, cooking, or creating a witch bag.

For the kitchen witch, violets are versatile and can be used in many recipes. Add the flowers and leaves to a salad, make a floral syrup or vinegar, candy them, or create a floral water. These are just a few ideas of what you can do with violets.

Ultimately, to sum all of this up, violets are a little flower sometimes approached as a weed. But in terms of medicine, culinary use, and witchcraft, this little weed is actually an early spring treasure. Consider different ways to incorporate violets into your practice (and your recipes), and see where this little blossom takes you!

Bonus Spell!

Josh’s Self-Love Candy Jar

-Make candied violets as above, visualizing happiness, health, and confidence as you do so. Channel this intent into the crafting of the snack for extra umph.

-Cleanse a jar and begin adding your flowers, chanting or focusing on positive affirmations as you add each flower: “By the first flower, I find joy in the small things. By the second flower, I see my inner beauty. By the third flower, I see beauty around me…”

-When the jar is full, enchant it as a whole before adding the lid. For added effect, draw or trace a symbol or sigil for your intent on the lid or jar.

-Once a day, eat a candied violet while visualizing that intent. You feed the spell by feeding yourself!

May all your meals be blessed!
Blessed Be! )O(


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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x reader 

Request: “50 - Montgomery de la Cruz" 

“Can you do a monty imagine were Tyler takes a picture of montys girlfriend threw her window in her underwear or something and Tyler sends it around school (like he did with Hannah and Courtney) then monty beats up Tyler (you can end it how you like) xx”


50. “I am a heartless man for making you cry.”

Word count: 1.336

Posted: 07th of June 2017

A/N: I finally finished Aja’s long list of prompt imagines! I know that she loves me because I worked hard to write everything from that list. HAHAHAHA. 

I will start with the other requests now and I am so sorry if I am taking so much time to write everything. Please bear with me and I will try to balance work, friends and writing in this month. 

Thank you for your support, sweeties. I love you so much and thank you again.

P.S.: I still don’t accept part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry. 

- G. x

Link: Prompt List

Warning: bullying and some bad words 

“What the hell, Montgomery?” Your tired, red and wet eyes widened, mouth opening agape, as you saw your boyfriend beating up Tyler, your school’s photojournalist, mercilessly. Tyler’s face was full of blood and bruises as he cursed under his breath after every punch he received from the strong fists of Montgomery.

The crowd was slowly creating a big circle around the three of you, but Montgomery suddenly stopped on hitting Tyler as he heard some rude comments about you, making his blood boil even more.

“Do you see what you have done to my girlfriend, Tyler?” Montgomery angrily shouted as he stood up and kicked Tyler on his stomach, making him flinch for the pain even more.

“Shut up, Montgomery. Your bitch is sexy, isn’t she?” You froze as you heard thousands of rude words from the crowd, verbally harassing you. Your eyes started to water once again and you felt the need of running away from everyone, but Montgomery stopped you by wrapping his arms around you.

“I will kill you if you don’t stop!” He threatened the people bravely as he rubbed your back to stop you from crying. You buried your face in the crook of your boyfriend’s neck as you continuously sobbed. “I don’t care if I get suspended or expelled, you must respect my girl!” He fearlessly announced and you could hear the crowd, whispering about it.

Everything hurt you and the whole school hurt you even more after Tyler sent a photograph of yours in nothing, but just your underwear. The picture showed too much of your skin and Montgomery perfectly knew that you were too insecure of your body. In fact, he was furious and angry for what your school’s journalist has done and he wanted to give you some justice, because your image would always be ruined in people’s eyes and the fault was his.

“Now, Tyler,” He kicked Tyler once again, gentler that time, to call his attention. “stand up!”

“De la Cruz, you aren’t the king in the school! You can’t hurt people just because of that.” A boy shouted and Montgomery’s breathing accelerated, hearing the fast beating of his heart.

“I am not, but if you touch my girlfriend, you will live the rest of your life in hell. He violated my girlfriend’s privacy, he followed her everywhere, he destroyed her.” He bravely shouted as he stood up for you. “This time, it’s my turn to destroy him and to violate his privacy, understood?”

You broke the hug that you shared with Montgomery and you noticed that the people nodded and started to go away, not only because Montgomery scared them, but also because your first bell already rang.

“I hope that you like this, Tyler.” Montgomery looked at Tyler, with his phone in his hand, and he started to stand up from the ground. His fresh blood rolled down his face, staining his clean button up shirt. “Sent.” You looked into your boyfriend’s phone screen as he laughed a little bit at the photo that he has sent to the whole school. It was a picture of Tyler with his bum out, violating his privacy too.

Your boyfriend did another wrong move, but he was Montgomery and no one could ever touch his girlfriend. He would do everything to protect her, no matter how much it will cost him. He wanted to protect you and he would always inflict harm in return for people’s every wrong move towards you.

“Montgomery, you are a pitiless prick!” Tyler groaned in annoyance as he dealt with the pain that he his body felt. He searched for it and now he should take everything.

“Say your sorry or I will kill you.” Montgomery shoved his phone in his jeans’ pockets and looked at him straightly in his eyes. “Do it now or now.”

“Fuck!” Tyler cursed under his breath and you just observed Tyler’s beaten face silently, feeling a little bit of pity for him. “(Y/N), I am sorry.”

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Montgomery kissed you on your temple and he assured you that no one could ever hurt you as he was watching you two from afar. “Tyler, watch out!”

You both observed Montgomery’s steps as the distance between you increased. You bit your lips to stop yourself from crying, although you hated Tyler from the bottom of your heart as he destroyed your image and your dignity. You never learnt how to handle the hates and you were just hit by a train full of hates because of him.

“You crossed the line, Tyler.” You spat as your vulnerability faded and the fearless part of yourself slowly came out of its shell.

“I know and I am sorry.” He sincerely said even though he was suffering for the pain that your boyfriend caused him. “I am a heartless man for making you cry.

“Tyler, my image is already ruined,” you started as you noticed that some late students observed you from afar. “your sorry can’t turn back the time.”

“I know, (Y/N).” He sighed and you knew that he really felt sorry for what has happened to you. It was a wrong move, but people made mistakes and he was a normal person too after all.

“The damage was already done, let’s just leave it there.” You shrugged it off, but you didn’t accept his apology. You didn’t understand how a sorry would cure a broken soul and you thought that it was a sort of a useless word. “Just don’t talk to me anymore, okay?”

“Oh, okay.” He nodded in response. You flashed him a sad smile and you started to walk towards your boyfriend. Tyler grabbed his backpack from the ground with a languished and melancholic gaze as he followed your way.

You hurt Tyler and everybody else did, but that what the society was: horrible and judgemental.

You pushed him away, but little did you know that he liked you, he liked you but he chose to hurt you. He couldn’t blame you for cutting him out of your life and he knew that he really made a great mess between you, Montgomery and him. After all, everything was his fault if he was hurting.

“Hey, Ty-Ty! Nice ass, buddy!” You heard your boyfriend as he turned around and pulled his pants down, flashing his adorable and soft bum cheeks. He earned some loud laughters and chuckles as some jocks did the same thing.

“Montgomery!” You accosted him by shouting his name. You looked at Tyler’s teary eyes and you flashed him a comforting smile, forgetting what he has done to you. “Sorry.”

“Nothing.” He murmured as he ran towards the school entrance, obviously avoiding for people to see his tears. You followed his steps and you furrowed your eyebrows as you looked at your boyfriend when Tyler’s silhouette wasn’t visible anymore.

“That was harsh!” You complained as you slapped Montgomery’s still exposed bum. He laughed at you as he pulled his pants back up once again.

“I just want for the people to respect you, babe.” He pulled you into a hug and he kissed you on your forehead. “I will never let anybody touch you or violate you. If ever, I will let them suffer just like how the sinners suffer in hell.” You shook your head in disbelief even though you found his gestures sweet and scary at the same time.

Montgomery wanted the best for you and you couldn’t blame him for being your avenger. He knew that you would never stand up for yourself, so he wanted to do it for you. People would never respect you if you let them do whatever they wanted and they would spend the days of their lives stepping on other people’s business, sticking their noses onto someone else’s life.

He did a wrong move, but he wanted your safety and your well-being beyond everything. He avenged you against Tyler and he would always do, no matter what happened.