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exo on a date part 1
  • chanyeol: shows up half an hour late, his hair slicked back and wearing too much cologne. probably takes you to some shitty chain restaurant and spends half the date reslicking his hair back with shortening in the bathroom.
  • baekhyun: says hes gonna make you dinner but actually just orders italian food before you get to his house and puts it on fancy plates. talks with food in his mouth and probably tells awful jokes all evening. you call someone to pick you up within 15 minutes.
  • xiumin: sets a nice rocking chair next to his and you two watch the sunset from the common room of his nursing home.
  • sehun: movie night at your house because he doesnt feel like cleaning. makes mac and cheese for the two of you to share but ends up eating the whole thing and makes you make him more. wont stop dutch ovening you while you watch paul blart mall cop. passes out halfway into the movie.
  • suho: picks you up in a bmv, wears an armani suit, probably gets you roses too. incredibly awkward the whole and probably a little sweaty. gives you a stiff handshake when he drops you off.
  • kai: takes you to a nice restaurant and is really sweet. when you actually start talking and stuff, he doesnt shut up about his dogs. the whole date is him just showing you pictures of his dogs.

5sos in the late late show part 2 // part 1

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