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“That voice. Annoying, yet, soothing. The only thing I feel is the weight shifting, but nothing more. The words say things, encouraging things, or just stories of a life that’s not mine. Some days I can’t stand it. Other days I find that I miss the laughter that would follow every joke, despite my own silence. Who is this?”

Deja-ryu week, Day 2: Training

basically, Tracer visits Genji while he’s recovering and speaks to him, telling him stories and other fluffy stuff. he’s not so fluffy when he’s fully able to control himself though.

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What's the Taisho Roman?

Generally speaking, it’s cultural styling of a certain period of time in Japan. Rather than going on a full explanation of what it is, I was referring to the cultural/designs of this post, and if you’re a SIF player, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Taisho Roman set (where it’s the HonoPana UR pair)

Sure would be nice if people could make solid plans, commit to them, and then ACTUALLY follow through and be on time! 🙃

A very late Valentine's day post
  • Natsu: *running in the guild hall* ~I'm gonna catch you!~
  • Lucy: *running and giggling*
  • Natsu: *Jumps and catches Lucy, hugging her*
  • Lucy: ~Well you sure got me now!~ *giggles*
  • Gray: Since when are those two acting all lovey-dovey?
  • Juvia: They're flirting!
  • Gajeel: Seems like they started a while back.
  • Cana: It's Mira's chocolate hearts, she said she added something to the mix to make the ones who eat them be more honest.
  • Levy: An honesty potion?
  • Mirajane: Well that's a secret!~ Let's just say it's for the holiday's spirit.
  • Erza: Holiday? You don't mean...
  • Juvia: Juvin! *eyes sparkle*
  • Gray: Umm, Juvia? What's wrong?
  • Juvia: If Gray-sama eats those chocolate hearts, Juvia can get him to answer her now!
  • Gray: What?!
  • Levy: Juvia, no! That sounds like a terrible thing to do, right Gajeel?
  • Gajeel: Gihi!
  • Levy: Gajeel!
  • Juvia: Good luck on your side, Gajeel-kun!
  • Levy: Umm, I'm suddenly not feeling too well, I better go home.
  • Gajeel: Hey shrimp! Wait!
  • Gray: Don't leave me alone with Juvia! This feels way too dangerous!
  • Juvia: Why don't you eat some, Gray-sama?
  • Gray: Help me, Mira, Erza, Cana, anyone!
  • Mirajane: *smile*
  • Erza: In the end it should be your decision.
  • Cana: Gray you idiot.
  • Gray: Well then, you leave me no choice then!
  • Juvia: What?
  • Gray: *hugs Juvia* Let's see how long can you hold on like this!
  • Juvia: Juvia... Juvia is in heaven! *passes out*
  • Gray: It seems like she's out cold, maybe I overdid it a bit. I guess I better take her home.
  • Cana: Man what a loser!
  • Erza: *eats some of the chocolate hearts* Hmmm, it doesn't seem like this is any different from regular chocolate.
  • Mirajane: Well I guess you could say that the most important ingredient is the user's imagination.
  • Erza: So magic can be used like this too?
  • Cana: I don't think it can be called magic really.
  • Natsu: ~Geez Lucy I didn't know you're so ticklish~
  • Lucy: *laughing nonstop* ~Why won't you come closer and I'll show you how ticklish I really am!~

Happy 5th Anniversary, Resonance of Fate! [28.01.10]

more late wips! (as per usual) day 6 of billdip week: pirates and sirens aus

im well aware that sirens are usually depicted as mermaids in most fandoms, but did you know that in greek mythology sirens are sometimes depicted as human (women) bird creatures that live on small islands with cliffs and large rock structures, which is why when sailors are lured by a siren’s song their boats crash into these cliffs causing them to be shipwrecked

Finding a job wasn’t easy at all, Stiles was having his last summer break before the first year of his at his Law Enforcement University. He could have chosen office work for the summer but he was sure it’d have bore him to death, sitting on lessons was hard enough for the hyperactive boy not to mention sitting by a computer for 8 hours per day. Lately he’s been taking quite a lot of time with photography as he received a brand new camera for his birthday from his father so he was excited when after so many lame jobs he found an interesting offer where photography skills were required along with desire for a thrilling job so after sending an email application Stiles was waiting excitedly whether he’ll be accepted. On the next day after a phone call from a secretary Stiles grabbed up his camera and rushed off to the job interview.

The skyscraper was rather breathtaking from inside as the elevator was going up, the brunette boy holding his eyes on the view in awe. Before he stepped inside the room he took in a deep breathe knocking on the door after.


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I see a to of people worried about all the hate Olicity is getting. And I can't help but think that hate is good. It creates buzz. Olicity is such a known term that even people who have never watched the show have heard about it. All haters talk about is Olicity. I feel like everyone with an ounce of intelligence will know that Olicity alone cannot ruin the whole series if the rest of the plot had been good. (1/2)

Hi, Anon! Thank you so much for your kind words - they are genuinely very appreciated. :) I’m not sure if there’s a better way to answer your asks all as one - I’m still pretty Tumblr illiterate - so I did this the old fashioned way. Screenshots! 

I’m going to start with a personal story because it’s super late as I’m writing this and Late Night Laura turns into Goofy Laura from time to time. Here goes: 

I haven’t been watching Arrow live for three seasons; I’ve been watching live for one season. After it was decided over the summer that I’d be writing about Arrow, I went on a massive marathon. Multiple episodes per day. Late into the night. It was a very broody time for me. I was on episode 8 or 9, I think, when I told a superfan friend of mine that I’d started watching Arrow. Because I was farther into the season than I probably should have been after only two days, I let him think I was only two episodes in. I mentioned that I may have already developed a slight crush on the lead for his shirtless scenes and that the show was pretty good as a whole. This exchange is (more or less) what followed:

My friend: “So, episode 2…you’re probably shipping Lauriver at this point, right?”

Me: “Seriously? You think that I’m so pathetic that finding a guy attractive means I ship myself with a fictional character? Thanks, dude.”

My friend: “…I meant Laurel.”

Me: “…I was kidding?”

I was like a T-rex from Jurassic Park - I literally forgot about Lauriver when it was not immediately on screen in front of me. My mental acuity was based on movement in front of me.

Regular readers of my asks/answers can now add Jurassic Park to the list of things that I’m totally nerdy about.

Anyway, if I’m at all indicative of the fandom at the time of the original airing, I think that apathy was a contributing factor in killing Lauriver with a large chunk of viewers. I can’t say that I think that Olicity hate is good, but I don’t think that negative fan buzz about the couple will have any effect on how the show is written.

With regard to media coverage, hate can affect the material produced. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “click bait,” but it’s a method used by some members of the media to produce headlines that will be most pithy on social media. For example, articles with headlines such as “Why Olicity Is The Best Couple Ever” or “Why Olicity Is Killing Arrow” tend to be click bait. It doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on the content, but headlines can be affected by the loudest voices. To be a huge snob, I’ll use myself as an example:

I have a running joke in my Arrow reviews about Oliver and/or Felicity throwing the other up against a wall for however I choose to euphemize “wall sex” that week. If I titled my reviews “Olicity Wall Sex - When Will It Happen?” or “Is Lauriver On The Horizon For Arrow?” I’d get more views than my regular dull “Arrow S0XE0X: What worked, what didn’t, and what needs to happen next.” Honestly, I probably should click bait and spice things up a bit.

I’ll admit that I do read the comment sections on my articles. I’ve found that hate tends to be poorly phrased, poorly constructed, and poorly supported by any narrative evidence of the show rather than the comics. If detractors elsewhere as well want their opinions to be heard and respected in content produced, they need to construct their arguments with more maturity. I think that hate can often be overblown, and I’m personally not the least bit worried about it.

Besides, Olicity took up minutes in Season 3. Minutes. If Olicity managed to ruin the show for certain viewers, perhaps those viewers were not tuning into the show that they expected and should tune into one that they actually enjoy.