late nights and

I don’t remember the first time we met, or even the second. I can’t tell you what you were wearing or how the sky looked that day. But I can tell you the moment I fell in love with you and every moment since. I can tell you how the air smelled when you asked me out on our first date. I can tell you how it felt when you wrapped your arms around me during our first movie night. Every detail is ingrained in my mind just like you are ingrained in my heart. It might not have been love from the start but it’s a love bigger than life now.
I need to become my own person again.
I need to stop waiting around for when others will have time for me. I need to stop feeling like I’m someone’s second or third or fourth priority. I need to rediscover what I like and who I am, rediscover my love for things and people, for world.
I need to find myself again.
—  Diary Of A Heartbreak
There was something so poetic about the way he picked his words,
I think he intended for them to sound magnificent,
But instead it sounded like a plea for help,
In bright red colours.
He reminded me, in many ways,
Of myself.
Words that scream
“I am invincible”
But a voice that screams
“I just want someone to listen”
—  Darling my stars are falling {a.o}

So, uh, I saw @konorai’s post about Saitama and Genos having cocktails made from juice and soda, and dressing up all fancy for it. So naturally I had to draw it. I don’t know how to link back to the post (I’m on mobile!! D:) but it’s there so you can see for yourself.
(Sorry for poor camera quality! My phone has the worst camera! >.

3:36 am

i go through of all the words i would tell you
if you were next to me
i stumbled over the right way to tell you i love you
so i told you all the things i love about you
i couldn’t help it
i turned to hug you
my arm became insignificant as it destroyed your hallucination
just like the words that came so easily


Kate McKinnon on Late Night with Seth Meyers - July 2016