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Drunken Crush (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 1500+

Warnings: Cussing, implied smut?

Request: OKAY so I’m a sucker for morning after fics, could you do a laf x reader where they get drunk and sleep together and wake up like OMG and avoid eachother but then the squad is totally over it and make them confess their feelings? Doesn’t have to be smutty but could be! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WRITING BTW 😘😘😘😘 @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl

A/N: i love embarrassed laf, he’s the best. it’s funny how i cuss like a sailor in fic, but refuse to irl. how ironic of me!

You groaned, pulling the sheets over your head. The sun shined through the window, burning your eyes. You heard movement next to you, and arms wrap around your waist. You peeked out from the sheet, wondering who it was. The man next to you had long, curly hair, sticking out from its bun. When he tilted up his face, you gasped. His brown eyes shot open, looking at yours.

Mon ami?” He questioned, moving his arms off you. You scrambled out of the bed, and Lafayette’s eyes trailed down to your body, quickly looking away. You glanced down, noticing that you were completely naked.

“Oh my goodness…” you shrieked, pulling a cover off the bed and wrapping it around yourself. “Laf, what the hell happened?” You looked down at the floor, noticing your clothes scattered on the floor. You blinked, instantly recalling what happened last night.

The Schuyler sisters invited you to a party that they held at their home. Eliza insisted that you wore the tightest outfit that you had, and Angelica encouraged her. Unfortunately, Peggy couldn’t make it to the party, because she had to work a late night at the library.

You arrived by yourself, holding a bottle of wine in your hand. When you knocked on the door, Hamilton answered it. His button-down shirt was slightly open, and you looked behind him, noticing Eliza holding onto his waist. He opened the door wider, inviting you in.

The living room was filled with dozens of people, and you couldn’t help but search for the Frenchman you had a crush on.

“Looking for someone?” Hercules asked, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You laughed nervously, shaking your head.

“No, no! Just taking in my surroundings. Didn’t know the sisters knew so many people.” Herc nodded, taking a sip of the beer he held in his hand.

“Lafayette is sitting over there on the couch.” Before you could protest, Herc pushed you forward, making Lafayette look over at you.

His curly hair was tied back, as always, neatly packed into a bun. He wore a blue, plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up his forearm, and black, loose-fitting jeans. He stood up when he noticed you walking over, and held out his head. You put your hand in his, and he kissed your fingers softly.

“Nice to see you here, Y/N.” He grinned, and you blushed, taking your hand out of his.

“Hey, Laf. I thought you weren’t coming?” He shrugged his shoulders, guiding you to sit on the couch next to him. You did so, your arms brushing against one another.

The conversation went along that way, the small talk naturally flowing between both of you. You both continued drinking the alcohol that was given to you, Laurens smirking from his spot on the couch. Lafayette decided to take you to the kitchen, where it was more quiet. Once he closed the door behind you, he pushed you against it, his breath fanning onto your face.

You were both flat out drunk, and you knew this was a terrible idea. But his dilated pupils and the tent in his jeans made you stop overthinking. You pulled your face against his, your lips smashing against each other.

“We had sex…” you mumbled, widening your eyes. Lafayette looked at you, the red spreading across his cheeks. “Um, I got to go.” You grabbed your clothes off the floor and ran to the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. You tried putting on the clothes, but they were badly torn, the sleeves unrecognizable. You sighed, sitting on the floor with your face in your hands.


Lafayette left the room soon after, you heard his footsteps fade into the distance. After realizing that you were in Angelica’s room, you grabbed a pair of her pants and shirt, knowing that you two were close in size. You sighed, walking downstairs with your ripped clothes in your hand. 

There was a lot of chatter in the kitchen, laughing and joking around. You peered your head in. Hamilton had an apron on, cooking breakfast. Eliza was standing right next to him, telling him what to do. Mulligan was making coffee, watching something on his phone. Peggy and Laurens were sitting next to each other, giggling about something. Angelica was the first to notice you standing there, raising her eyebrow at your attire. 

“Long night?” She wiggled her eyebrows, and you laughed dryly, throwing your ripped clothes in the trash. Mulligan glanced over, smirking.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to fix those.” he joked, looking in the trash. 

“I didn’t ask…” you grumbled, sitting on the chair next to him. He grinned.

“So, that’s why Lafayette asked to borrow clothes from me? You guys had some intense sex, and you destroyed your clothes.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about.” A person walked in the room, clearing their throat. You turned around, seeing Laf in Herc’s clothing. It was big on him, his body hidden under. His hair was back into its neat bun again, and you hand a flashback about how you tore it out of its place.

Bonjour mes amis.” Lafayette said, his voice husky and low. You blushed, turning away from him. Everyone’s eyes were flicking back and forth between you two, the rest finally realizing what happened. 

“Oh shit.” Hamilton mumbled, his eyes widening. You grabbed your plate of food, ignoring the stares. Eliza sat on the other side of you.

“So, Laf…” Laurens started. Lafayette ignored him, sitting on the far end of the table, as far as possible from you. Your heart dropped, feeling like you were betrayed somehow.

“Nothing happened, mon amis, now can we eat?” Mulligan sighed, sipping more of his coffee.

After a few minutes of small talk but nothing else Angelica pulled your hand, dragging you away to the living room. You protested, tugging on her hand. Eventually she let you go, making you sit on the couch.

“Okay, you guys had sex, but you can’t ignore it, you have to tell him how you feel.”

You sighed, putting your hand to your head. “Ang, how many times do we have to tell you? Nothing happened.”

She frowned at you, tapping her foot. “The hell you didn’t. Every time someone mentions sex or love you guys both look at each other, blush, and then look away. You know you like him, just tell him already! Before it’s too late.” Her voice cracked, tears coming in her eyes. 

Lafayette watched the two of you go away, into the next room. He played with the eggs on his plate, lost in his thoughts. He felt a foot kick him, and he cursed in French, looking up at the criminal. Mulligan was staring at him, frowning.

“Laf, what the fuck?” His eyebrows furrowed together, confused.

Quelle? (what?)” Hamilton appeared on the other side of him, his arm wrapped around his shoulder.

Hamilton whispered. “You guys did the deed, and now, you don’t want to own up to it. Come on, we all know.” Laurens and Peggy nodded in the background.

“I…” Lafayette started, and Mulligan glared, ready to kick him again. Laf sighed, putting his head in his hands. “I love her, and I messed up my opportunity.” Laurens patted him on the back.

“She likes you too, man. I saw all the eye exchanging between you two. It’s kind of obvious.” All of them nodded in agreement.

“Do not throw away your shot.” Hamilton said.

“Now go in there! I want you guys to get together already!” Angelica chastised. You pulled her into a hug, and she giggled, hugging you back.

“Thanks, Ang.” She pointed towards the kitchen, and you walked forward, opening the door. You bumped into the body in front of you.

“Ahh, sorry-” you looked up, your eyes meeting his brown ones. He smiled, red already on his face. He touched your hand, walking you to the bathroom. You wondered why everyone wanted to drag you everywhere, but allowed him to do so. Once he closed the door behind you two, he began to speak.

“Well…” You both started at the same time, and you two laughed. He stroked your cheek, and you smiled, looking down.

“I like you, Y/N. And I’m sorry for taking advantage of you when you were intoxicated. I didn’t want us to start our relationship like that.” You raised your eyebrow at him.

“Start? Hey, are you pushing me into a relationship without my consent.” his eyes widened, and he stumble on his words, trying to fix his statement. You laughed, pulling him into a hug.

“It’s not your fault, Laf. We both decided to have sex when we knew it was a bad idea. And yes, our relationship shouldn’t start out that way." 

"So does this mean…”

“Yes, Laf. I like you. And I do want to be with you.” He grinned, pulling your face up to meet his. You placed both of your hands on his cheeks, pressing your lips against his.

Suddenly, the door was swung open, showing the Schuyler sisters screaming in happiness and the boys yelling loudly. Lafayette was the first to break the kiss, frowning at your friends.

“Finally!” Mulligan yelled, grinning wildly. Hamilton and Laurens hooted behind him, just as happy.

“We can never get privacy, huh?” You said, looking up at Laf. He smiled, pulling you into his arms.

“Maybe we need new friends.”


Being married to Dallas would include:

1. Extremely late nights with him working/partying

2. He doesn’t party as much, but he still does

3. He tries to come in quiet trying not to wake you, but he fails every time

4. Being the only person who can calm him down when he is mad

5. Constantly comforting him

6. Have to give your care 24/7

7. Constantly fixing him up after rumbles

8. Extreme cuddling

9. Having to dig deep to figure out his feelings

10. You being the only person he has ever loved or trusted

i have. a dilemma

Language! (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the lack of creativity in the title but it was the prompt that kind of inspired this fic so it seemed fitting. Requested by @little-broken-fire-cracker. I hope you like it! 💙 Also this is my first Bucky fic so I hope it’s okay

Key: Y/N - Your name, Y/N/N - Your nickname

Warnings: Some swearing and the reader throws up

Summary: The Avengers attend the monthly game night but things take a turn for the unexpected when Thor introduces his Asguardian liquor.

Being an Avenger was tough. From the early morning work-outs right up until the late night parties. Regardless, you wouldn’t change a things as you were right where you wanted to be. You had next to no family, those you once had you left behind to live a life where watching your back had to become second nature to you.

The Avengers are your crazy family now and you all looked out for one another. After the ‘small’ Civil War amongst the team was resolved you decided to move into the Avengers Compound with Tony, Rhodey, Steve, Sam, Vision, Thor (when he wasn’t in Asguard or with Jane) and your two best friends Natasha and Wanda. Of course not forgetting the one and only James Buchanan Barnes. God that man would be the death of you.

It all started when Bucky came to live at the Compound with the rest of you after having any remnants of Hydra erased from his mind. As soon as you caught sight of him one morning wearing just a towel hanging dangerously low on his hips, you were done for. Nat, Wanda and even Steve knew that you had a little crush on the super soldier but there was no way you were going to admit the truth anytime soon. Or so you thought.

Little did you know that Bucky felt exactly the same way that you did. He had to physically control himself when you came sauntering into the gym day after day wearing booty shorts and a sports bra covering your physique that left little to the imagination. It didn’t really help that he was your sparring partner either.

So here you were on this seemingly uneventful afternoon dodging punch after punch that Bucky threw at you, desperately trying to pin him in any way you could to claim the title as victor. He managed to graze your stomach with his right hand but couldn’t land a single punch.

“Is that all you’ve got Barnes?” You taunted out of breath and your energy fading.

“You haven’t seen anything yet darlin’, let me show you what I’ve got.”

You both locked eyes for a moment until you noticed Bucky leaning towards you stealing subtle glances at your lips. You were only inches apart when Sam sauntered into the gym belting out a Marvin Gaye classic at the top of his lungs. You jumped back instantly and made as much space between you and Bucky as possible.

Bucky inwardly groaned at Sam’s extremely bad timing and vowed to himself that he would tell you how he felt about you soon. As luck would have it, tonight happened to be the Avengers monthly game night.

You quickly bolted from the gym because of the sexual tension that lingered between yourself and a certain Winter Soldier. You didn’t want Sam picking up the tension either as he was the biggest gossip you knew.

The remainder of your afternoon consisted of lounging on your comfy bed wandering what would have happened if it wasn’t for Sam and his major cock-blocking. Glancing at the clock you realised that it was almost time for the game night to commence. Changing into a low-key black dress and applying some make-up you made up your mind. You would tell Bucky how you felt.

Walking towards the elevator you could feel your nerves creeping up on you. If you were going to survive this night then you needed a drink. Before you could press the button to go to the ground floor someone joined you in the confined space.

“Hey Y/N, looking gorgeous as always” Sam quipped. You let out a small chuckle.

“Hey Sammy” you shot back knowing how much he hated the nickname you gave him. He simply gave you a smirk and proceeded to talk to you.

“You know Thor is here right? He’s brought some Asguardian liquor too.” Sam wiggled his eyebrows and nudged you jokingly. He knew how drunk you got when you drank it.

“That’s great Sam” you responded in a monotone voice.

“Oh come on Y/N/N, I challenge you to shots.” You laughed and shook your head. Before he could try and convince you otherwise the ding alerted the both of you that you had reached your location. The nervousness had you on edge.

Walking with Sam towards the living area you caught sight of Bucky wearing black jeans and the red Henley that you loved on him. He obviously sensed you staring as he looked over at you and gave his signature smile. Your breath caught in your throat at the sight; looking away quickly you turned to Sam. “I accept your challenge.”

After quickly greeting your teammates you rushed over to the bar with Sam needing some much needed liquid courage. “C'mon then birdman, lets see if you can hold your booze.”

Thor was pouring shot after shot for you and Sam and after each one you felt a little more drowsy. After about 13 shots Sam gave up as the burning sensation was making him feel sick. You however thought that having a few more was a great idea. You were wrong.

You stood up to join everyone else in what was a very intense game of monopoly but you lost your balance. Luckily Thor was there to catch you before you face planted the floor.

Bucky was watching you throughout the course of your shots challenge with Sam growing more worried about how drunk you were getting. When he saw you nearly fall he got up to help you.

Thor offloaded you onto Bucky and your mind was far too clouded to register who was holding you. “How are you feeling doll?” Bucky asked with concern laced in his husky voice.

“I feel so fucking sick” you sobbed. Apparently you were a bit louder than you thought as you heard Tony yell “Language Y/N/N!”

You practically fainted in Buckys arms, only able to form a few incoherent mumbles. He sat you down on a bar stool and held your face in his hands. Without warning you felt a surge of sickness run through you.

“I’m gonna throw up.” Bucky immediately guided you to the bathroom and as soon as you saw the toilet, you puked. Bucky held your hair back for you while you proceeded to regurgitate the alcohol.

After a good 30 minutes in the bathroom with Bucky holding your hair back and just holding you in his arms between you being sick your mind started to clear. When it did you felt sick all over again. Panic rushed through you when you realised Bucky had just seen you throw up, multiple times.

“Oh God.” You cursed out loud. Bucky was rubbing soothing circles on your lower back when you turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry you had to see any of that, God I feel like such an idiot. I only drank so much because I was going to tell you how much I liked you and I got nervous and then you smiled and oh God, I’m just gonna stop talking now.”

When Bucky hadn’t said anything for short time you looked up to see him grinning. “What are you so happy about Barnes?” You quizzed, feeling slightly anxious about his answer.

“You’re cute when you get flustered doll but at least now I know you feel the same way I do. What do you say? Dinner tomorrow night?” Well that wasn’t the answer you were expecting. Now it was your turn to smile.

“Sounds perfect.” You both smiled lazily at each other feeling like two love crazed teenagers.

After a few moments Bucky spoke up. “C'mon baby girl, let me walk you back to your room.”

lesbiananneshirley  asked:

obi-wan/anakin/padme (because i can't get enough of your hcs about these three)

another, “send me a ship and i tell you the things” meme, yay!

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Anakin. Look, you can only be electrocuted in ways that should’ve been fatal so many times before your luck runs out. Statistically speaking, Anakin is doing way better than he should be, because one of the only issues he has is the door thing, and it’s a miracle that he hasn’t died from how many volts of electricity have ever gone through his body and how many times it’s happened.
    • So, like…… relative to being dead? Screwing up with doors isn’t that bad.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: Obi-Wan did for a while, but has worked on stopping since Padmé asked him to either make his own desk or stop doodling on hers.
    • As far as making his own desk went? ……yeah, that died after Obi-Wan tried to look up, “how to make a desk” and decided that it sounded messy and complicated and okay, wow, he has so much more respect for Padmé’s desk now that he actually kind of understands the work that she put into making it
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Obi-Wan.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Padmé.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: They take turns, but it’s usually Anakin, simply by virtue of him having a weirder sleep schedule than either of his spouses
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: They all had moments of doing this until Anakin gave up and put really clear labels on every container that could conceivably be used for salt or sugar (and one for salgar, though only he and Ahsoka ever use that one because Obi-Wan and Padmé think salgar is disgusting).
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Anakin, but it’s usually a sign that he’s upset about something. But it is still really annoying. Especially when it happens right before or in the general vicinity of Padmé having some big deal business at the Senate.
    • Because Ani? Sweetheart, she appreciates that you’re upset and don’t always know how to talk about it until you’ve worked out some of the frustration through tinkering, or working out, or having a late-night self-pity party with microwave taquitos and a pint of Cherry Garcia?
    • But she also appreciates what rest she can get and would, in general, appreciate it if you could, like…… please care enough about your spouses to not let the microwave beep on the eve of this important vote she’s been trying to argue for that will, you know, literally affect the fate of several star-systems? kthx.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Obi-Wan, oh god. They are so cringe-worthy, you’re gonna scream. Or groan and facepalm, which is what his spouses usually do because Obi-Wan is such a loser nerd and they love him.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Obi-Wan and Padmé are in an ongoing dispute over whether it should be alphabetical by author (sub-alphabetized by title), or parceled out into subjects and then made alphabetical by author. Anakin has been permanently recused from the debate because his idea for an organizing system attempted to combine Obi-Wan and Padmé’s ideas, utilized some concepts that were somehow inspired by the wiring inside of a speeder he’d fixed a few days earlier, and literally only made sense to him and R2.
    • Anakin still stands by his terrible idea. He also maintains that it is a very, very good idea and that Obi-Wan and Padmé would learn their way around it through practice if they would just let him do it and try it themselves. This argument is slightly hampered by the fact that Anakin cannot explain how his system works without at least five charts.
    • One of the original charts involved sand and how his system would minimize the amount of sand involved in the bookshelf. No one is entirely sure why this was important in designing an organization system for the bookshelf because the closest it’s ever been to sand was the sawdust that happened when Padmé built the bookshelves herself, and now that he’s had a nap or ten, even Anakin admits that this chart was probably not necessary.
    • However, he maintains that this doesn’t change how his idea for how to best organize the bookshelf is the one they should be using. Neither does the fact that he was exceptionally caffeinated at the time and hadn’t slept in a while. Nope.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: They take turns, but Obi-Wan probably does it most often.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: None of them, really. They usually don’t even bother to have candles for special occasions.
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Obi-Wan and Padmé take turns drawing them on Anakin. Except for sometimes, when R2 is actually the one drawing on Anakin, and Obi-Wan and Padmé get framed, because R2D2 is a troll.
    • That said, the humans here have figured out that R2’s tattoo doodles are usually more risqué than Obi-Wan’s or Padmé’s — neither of them, for example, particularly gets the “humor” of Anakin having a cartoon phallus drawn on his face — so R2 gets away with this less. This has yet to make R2 stop doing it, but y’know.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Anakin, oh my god. He has souvenir magnets all over the fridge and various surfaces in his favorite speeder, he has souvenir snow-globes on the bookshelves (and one in Padmé’s home-office), he collects all the tacky souvenir junk you never wanted.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: R2 has tried in vain to convince his humans that these would totally be fun and they should do it, but they keep shooting him down in favor of doing Mad-Libs. R2 has resorted to filling them out with 3PO, which is mostly just irritating because most of 3PO’s answers suck.

prismatic-bell  asked:

I'm late to this party because I was working last night, but--you flipping out about the Usagi/Haruka kiss honestly saddened me. Not because of your reaction, (quite justified I'd say), but because that panel was my first exposure to w/w art when I was twelve, and it fascinated me and helped keep me going for a long time (other girls? Like me?). I'd never really gone back to think about it in depth and realizing how it could have been so GOOD--make it a dream, for example, that makes Usagi (1/2)

(2/2) unsure because she’s not sure if it’s attraction or her subconscious going DANGER WILL ROBINSON–and instead was so BAD, it’s sort of like learning Santa’s not real. This is another issue I read out of order and more “WHEE MORE SAILOR MOON” than as a coherent story, and honestly it makes me wish I’d kept it that way. Which isn’t on you, I am after all choosing to read what you write, just… an ouch to squee and nostalgia. (And what of other queer girls who decide this is okay?!)

I don’t really know how much I can say here. Obviously I never had that experience, and I’m genuinely sorry that my liveblog upset you.

All I can think to say is that I’m not sure it has to impact how you felt about it in the past. I think all of us have had That Thing that we loved or meant a lot to us when we were kids which just doesn’t hold up through adult eyes and the passage of time. But that only means something now, today, through those eyes.

Twelve-year old you found it to be huge and important. Nothing from that liveblog a few weeks ago has to change anything from ten-plus years ago. It meant what it meant to you, and that’s always going to be true no matter what I or anyone else says, and that’s exactly the way it should be.

Super Bass... how about super evicted.

I inherited a small bungalow home in central Florida. It wasn’t much but it was home. The neighbors house were close on all sides which normally wasn’t an issue.

A house next to the bedroom side of me was rented out to a young group of people who occasionally had loud late night parties. To me this wasn’t a problem as i worked nights. For the other neighbors it was a nightmare. The group would always seem to turn the music off before the cops would arrive, threaten violence or vandalism to people if they would walk over to complain etc.

I was trying to stay out of the drama, until one of the punks got a new “system” for his car. The bass would literally shake my walls. I tried to be civil and even asked politely for him to wait at least until I was awake, around 12pm, to rattle the few brain cells he had left into oblivion. He blatantly refused and I’m pretty sure he did it more often to piss me off.

So, I did what the other neighbors had neglected to do. I got on the tax collectors website found out who owned the house. It was owned by an elderly couple in Massachusetts, where I’m from. After talking to them and gathering complaints form the others who had been harassed the landlords had enough and sent them a notice to vacate, which they ignored.

I ended up being appointed (volunteer) property manager, and escorted a police officer to hand delivering the eviction notice to them.

The look on their face was priceless.

Petty Revenge: Your daily dose of the best petty revenge stories. | source


Can you tell I drew this when I was watching let’s plays of “5 Nights At Freddy’s”? Helped me keep awake when I had to stay at work late at night

Headcanon: Little!Roach had a birthday party with these creepy fuckers running around. They are malfunctioning so bad it forever traumatized Kevin.


Bangtan College AU

College is a hard and nerve racking for anyone who is new to it, but for these seven boys it got a little easier when they all met each other during the University’s Welcome Week. They were seven different guys starting college, but through college seminars to late nights in the library working on  essays to fraternity parties; Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook built a brotherhood that would never break. Sure, they were all different in their own special way, but they were also the same and that’s what bonded them for life.  College is where you make friends that were going to last a life time and that’s exactly what these seven guys found in each other. 

Wanna find out more about each boy, just click their name;

Jin // Yoongi // Hoseok // Namjoon // Jimin // Taehyung // Jungkook 

A Happy Halloween--Steggy drabble

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short!. Here’s a little Steggy drabble about Halloween. All you need to know is that Peggy’s been brought from the past to be with Steve. They’re married, and Halloween is approaching. Hope you enjoy it!

A Happy Halloween

On a fine Saturday morning in early fall, Peggy and Steve had just managed to cook themselves a very respectable, and even partially decadent hot breakfast. They had used a truly astonishing number of pans, bowls, and utensils, which were now scattered about the sunny kitchen as they sat down to enjoy the results. Peggy started to open a pile of yesterday’s mail methodically with a letter opener. “Peg, you should eat your breakfast while it’s hot. We have all day to go through the mail,” Steve chided.

“I will, darling,” she answered, taking a bite of her eggs. Steve had started to read the front page of the newspaper. His hair was still mussed from sleep, and when she looked across the table at him, she brushed her bare foot across his under the table. He looked up at her, a smile spreading across his face. Peggy sighed softly; she wondered if his smile would ever fail to make her melt.

As she sorted through the mail, a thick black envelope caught her eye, addressed to “Captain and Mrs. Rogers,” in a florid gold calligraphic script.

“It looks like we’ve been invited to a Halloween party,” Peggy said, as she looked at the contents of the envelope.

“Whose party is it?” Steve said, barely looking up from the newspaper.

“Tony’s. It sounds like fun.”

“You’re not seriously thinking of going.”

“Now that I’ve gotten my footing a bit in the 21st century, don’t you think a party would be fun? I haven’t been to a real party in ages, at least not one that I really enjoyed, since before WWII, in fact.”

“I don’t think you want to start with one of Tony’s parties. They’re a little bit–or a lot–over the top. Hasn’t Natasha ever told you about the one where he showed her how to shoot his palm gauntlets and basically destroyed his own house?”

“I don’t know, that sounds like a memorable party.”

Their conversation wandered to other topics as they enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Steve had cleared the table, and Peggy was filling the sink with water when his attention returned to the invitation again. He picked it up and glanced at it. “You didn’t say that this was a costume party.”

“Oh, did I forget to mention that?”

“Yes. And I’m not dressing up.”

“But it says there’s no admittance without a costume. They won’t let you in.”

“I’d like to see anyone try to keep me out of somewhere I want to go. You’re not really going to dress up, are you?”

“Unlike you, I respect traditions, even when they’re not my own. If it says fancy dress, then fancy dress it is.”

“Actually I don’t see the words ‘fancy dress’ anywhere on here,” he quipped, setting the invitation back down on the pile of mail and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Very funny. You know what I mean.”

“So what would you dress up as?”

“Didn’t you read the fine print? It said to come as your favorite hero. I was thinking of asking Natasha to lend me one of her outfits, but it would probably be too tight on me. What do you think?” she asked innocently.

“I think that if you put on a skintight leather jumpsuit,” he said, kissing her neck, “we’ll never make it out to any party.”

“Oh Captain Rogers, what are you implying?” she teased, easing slightly away from him long enough to untie her robe, then touching her body to his, her hips pressed hard against him.

He didn’t answer her question as his mouth was otherwise occupied. She hooked a leg around his waist, and he immediately read her intention, and slid his hands along her thighs and under her to support her weight. She gave a little shriek of delight as he lifted her easily off the ground. She wrapped her other leg around him and he carried her back to the bedroom that they had left scarcely an hour before.


Peggy RSVP'ed yes to the invitation, much to Steve’s dismay and Tony’s delight. Over the course of the next several weeks, every time the topic of the party came up, he asked her what she was going to dress up as, and every time she gave him a different answer. She said she was going to borrow some of Barton’s arrows, or Sam’s wings, or that Tony had an extra suit he didn’t need. At one point she asked him some very specific details about his “star-spangled man with a plan” USO uniform, although he was pretty sure she was just trying to scare him. She wouldn’t do something like that, would she? Just to be on the safe side, he had refused to answer.

Steve continued to insist that he wasn’t going to dress up at all.

In addition to their home in Brooklyn, Peggy and Steve had quarters at the Avengers tower for those times when work, a crisis, or just Tony Stark kept them at work late, which was often. The night of the party, Peggy had insisted on meeting Steve there after work, saying that she had a few things to take care of for her costume. “I’ll see you there at eight, darling, and don’t be late,” she said with a wink.

He opened the door of the apartment a few minutes before eight, feeling a little sick to his stomach. Although he had said repeatedly that he was not coming in costume, he had not entirely been telling the truth. It wasn’t a costume, exactly. But once the idea had occurred to him, he couldn’t let it go. He wasn’t sure how she would react.

He didn’t see her in the apartment, although the lights were on. He heard a noise coming from the bedroom. “Peggy?” He called.

“I’ll be out in a minute. Just wait in the living room.”

He turned out the light and walked over to the floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the view without the glare. Then he closed his eyes, silently thankful to be here with her. They had been together in the present day for six months now, and he hadn’t taken a moment for granted.

A tap on his shoulder startled him out of his reverie. It was mostly dark, and for a moment he thought his eyes were playing a trick on him. She was wearing a neatly pressed khaki shirt and pants with a matching tie. It was a private’s uniform, exactly like the one he had worn on the day he had gotten Erskine’s serum. “Peggy…you…”

“Do you like my costume, darling? It’s historically accurate, Private Steve Rogers, Camp Lehigh, circa 1943. He’s always been my hero.”

He couldn’t say anything, so he just crushed her to him. After a few minutes, he slowly let go of her, wiping his eyes.

“I see I’m not the only one in uniform,” she said, stepping away a little to look at him, and wiping tears from her eyes, too. He was in his classic olive drab Ike jacket and trousers, a light khaki shirt and dark tie. “But where are your Captain’s bars–” she started to ask. He watched her eyes go from his shoulders, where his silver Captain’s bars should be, to his chest, where there were no medals in evidence, to his upper lapels, which were missing the U.S. pins. The only insignia on the entire uniform were the SSR pins on the lower lapels. Her eyes then took in his sidearm, a Walter PPK. He wasn’t wearing his uniform, she realized: he was wearing her uniform.

“I came as my hero, Peggy Carter, minus the red lipstick. I had to draw the line somewhere.”

“Oh, Steve,” she said as she threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly to her.

After they had both composed themselves and scolded each other for keeping secrets, Peggy slid her hands slowly over his chest. “You know, if you want red lipstick on you, darling, anywhere on you, all you have to do is ask,” she said, kissing him. “In fact, you don’t even have to ask.”

Steve shuddered slightly.

They didn’t make it to the party on time, but it was a very happy Halloween.

Family Portrait (Chapter Eleven)

There was something different this morning when I woke up to Jack’s alarm, something different. He woke up humming along to the song playing, and let it play a little before shutting it off. He didn’t groan as he got out of bed, and he spent a little less time in the shower. I could still hear him in there, humming to some old song that we used to listen to all the time.


It made me smile as I closed my eyes, ready to fall back asleep until the boys came into my room. It didn’t happen, though. I didn’t fall asleep again. Jack had come out of the shower, and flopped down on the bed next to me, extremely close to me.


“Hey, baby, do you remember when it was a cool thing to have like a sex music playlist for when you were doing it?” He asked, smiling brightly at me.


I squinted my eyes in the dark and nodded, “yeah, back in highschool, why?”


“Well, remember when you just had to have one for when we were doing it and we had to stop in the middle just to sing a song?”


I started laughing loudly and pulled a pillow over my face to hide my embarrassment in the darkness of our room.


Before I knew I was pregnant with JJ, Jack and I used to try to get at each other whenever we could. And, of course, people thought it was less awkward to have sex with someone if there was music playing in the background. It had taken Jack a lot of convincing, but he finally let me put a little playlist together. His parents were out for the night, so we were at his house and, like he said, we were in the middle of doing it and the song switched.


We had known exactly what song it was by the first few beats, it’s familiar tune had filled the air. Without realizing it, the both of us had started belting out the lyrics with each other as if we were in the car, not in the middle of an intimate moment, butt naked on his bed. After the song had ended we had just stared at each other awkwardly, wondering if we wanted to go on and finish what we started, or finish ourselves off and do something else.


“You swore you would never bring that up again!” I exclaimed, throwing the pillow off of my face and hitting him with it.


He laughed in return and set the pillow to his side, “I just remembered it in the shower and I wanted to make sure you remembered too. It was a bonding experience, Hailee.”


“What made you think of it in the shower?” I winked suggestively, turning on my side so that I could look at him properly.


He smirked at me and sighed in content before jumping up off of the bed and going to the closet, “well, I have to get ready for work.”


“You’re not going to answer my question?” I asked in faux astonishment.


From his spot in front of the closet, the man turned around slightly and smirked, “I think you know exactly what the answer to your question is.”


It wasn’t long after that that Jack left for work, kissing me on the forehead and whispering that he loved me before whisking out of the door. The boys came into my room right after that, climbing sleepily onto the bed and snuggling up into my sides like they always did until the second alarm went off.


The rest of the morning went smoothly. I was able to get the boys a great breakfast, without being late to get JJ on the bus, and without being late dropping Lucas off at Ms. Kim’s. He’d have to stay there all day, since he was still sick. I had given Ms. Kim his medicine and thanked her a thousand times before getting in my car and going to work.


I was thirty minutes early when I pulled into the parking lot, so, since I was having a good day, I backed out and went to the gas station. There, I picked up four coffees, for me, Shelby and my co-workers Greta and Rose, and a pack of Skittles for Tanner of course.


I made it back into the office with time to spare, smiling proudly as I walked in and handed a coffee to Shelby who was standing by the door.


Her pale skin was covered by a black dress that went down to her knees and was very low cut at the top. She had on a pair of black closed toed heels on her feet. Around her waist she had tied a white apron so that she looked a little bit professional.


Her eyes widened as I handed her the cup of coffee and she gave me a surprised look.


“What’s this for?” She questioned, checking out the cup to make sure I didn’t do anything to it.


“I had some extra time this morning and I was just feeling in the giving type of mood.” I shrugged, continuing on my journey, looking in each office to see if Greta and Rose might be in one of them. In the end, I found them in the kitchen, talking quietly under their breaths to each other.


Greta was rolling dough into little balls, probably making her special snickerdoodle cookies. They were Jack’s and the boys’ favorite, because she actually puts the Snickers candy in it too. Rose was washing her hands in the sink, shaking her head at something Greta said, while Tanner sat on top of one of the counters, grinning widely at the two of them.


“Now, I hope you’re not talking about me.” I smiled, walking into the room. I laughed when the two women jumped and Tanner’s eyes widened considerably as he looked at me.


“Oh, it’s just you, Hailee.” Rose sighed, putting her hand to her chest lightly and letting out a deep sigh.


“Just me?” I questioned, setting their cups of coffee down on the counter next to Tanner and handing him his Skittles, which he accepted with a large smile. “I guess I brought these cups of coffee for nothing.”


The two women quickly told me that they didn’t mean it that way and took the cups from me before I could say anything else. The four of us all stood around the counter, talking quietly and listening intently as they filled me in on what was going on.


Greta was the one that had heard the news first hand, and she seemed pretty upset about it. Her grey eyes filled with anger, her full lips quivered and her pale skin turned a shade of red.


Greta was a very pretty woman in her mid-thirties with a lovely complexion. She had very nice, high cheekbones and shoulder length light brown hair. She was more of a heavyset woman, but that didn’t take away from her beauty one bit. Sometimes she would do her hair up in a sleek bun and do her makeup all fancy just to come to work. Tanner had asked her about this one day, and told her that she looked like a British queen. She had told him that she wanted to make everyone here bow down to her, and she wanted to ‘slay’ at the party we were catering that day. She was a very hilarious woman and she had quite the potty mouth. She barely spoke when we were catering at a party, because she didn’t want to come off as unprofessional.


“Did you know that Shelby is making us cook and clean in the kitchen today as well as cater the dinner tonight?”


I shook my head in confusion, “what about Rebecca and Alex and Alyssa? What about the others that usually help when we cook?”


Greta shrugged and turned back around to continue rolling her cookie dough, “she said they needed a break. A break! I need a break too, you know why? Because I hate seeing her fucking wrinkling face fake smiling at me every time I walk through to door. You know, I think she follows Rose around the office sometimes to make sure she doesn’t steal anything.”


I looked at Rose to see her rolling her dark brown eyes. She moved her hands behind her head to tie her long black hair into a ponytail while Greta continued to talk.


Rose was a beautiful 20 year old with tan skin and long black hair that she tended to whip around a little too much to show off for the men and boys at the dinners and parties we cater. She had the brightest smile one could ever imagine and her laugh was adorable and extremely contagious. She was a really sweet girl, and she may seem like the type to throw herself around at every male figure that comes around, but she doesn’t.


“It’s because she’s Mexican!” Greta finished, throwing her hands up in the air, talking about Rosa and why Shelby follows her around the office.


Tanner, Rose and I laughed loudly before getting to work.


As I washed my hands, I thought about my work situation. I couldn’t keep the boys at Ms. Kim’s house all night, and I think Jack had to work late that night. Who knows how late this dinner party would last. I couldn’t take the boys with me because, one, they would get bored way too easily and once they got bored they’d run a much. And two, Luke is still sick. I can’t watch him and work at the same time.


“Was she planning on telling us before today?” I asked, wiping my hands on a paper towel to get ready to get to work.


“Apparently not if she hadn’t told us before today.” Tanner stated, causing me to turn around and flick water at him while I stuck my tongue out at him.


“Why do you seem so distraught about it anyway, Hailee? You have a babysitter and Jack will get off work soon.” Rose stated, bumping past me carefully with a tray of Greta’s cookie dough. She was going to put them in the fridge to cool for a little bit before Greta stuck a piece of a Snickers bar in it.


“Luke’s sick and I think Jack works late tonight.” I sighed, going over to the fridge with Rose to pull out some milk, eggs and butter to start working on my triple fudge cake. “Not to mention Jack and I might have some plans later tonight.”


After saying this, the other three in the kitchen stopped and turned to me with suggestive smiles. They all knew about my relationship troubles. In fact, we all knew each other’s relationship troubles. We shared a lot with each other. Since we had to be with each other for ungodly amounts of time almost every day, we might as well get along, right?


“So, you and Jack are getting along now, then? Ready for tons of sex, am I right?” Greta asked, turning her head so that she could wink at me.


I laughed and took my ingredients to the counter next to hers, getting the chocolate that I needed from the pantry to my right.


“Well maybe if I didn’t have to work tonight.”


“Do it anyways!” Greta exclaimed, finishing the last bit of dough she had in her hand and putting it on the tray. “Keep the sex life alive! God knows I haven’t.”


Behind us, Tanner pretended to gag, earning a laugh from Rose who was peeling potatoes for us to mash later.


“Really, Greta, we don’t need to hear about your sex life.” Tanner stated, jumping off of the counter and making his way to us. He stood in between us and watched carefully as we made our desserts.


“Oh, my dear boy, you really do need to hear about my sex life.” She took her tray over to the fridge to slide it in before continuing. “You need to hear so that you know what not to end up like. I haven’t gotten any dick from my man in ages.”


The three of us groaned at the same time and started laughing. This is what I meant by Greta’s vulgar language. She didn’t really sensor her words.


“I’m serious! I’m going through withdrawals! This is why when you get the chance to have sex with your lover, go for it. You don’t know when the next time you will do it is.” Greta stated, putting her hands on her hips heavily, glaring at the three of us for laughing at her.


“No,” Rose started, putting a peeled potato in the pot and picking up another one so that she could peel that one. As she spoke, she barely looked up at any of us. “this is why you don’t have sex at all. Abstinence is key, or else you’ll end up with a kid before you’re married and have to drop out of school and come to a shit hole like this.”


Tanner and I looked at each other and smiled widely. We were her example for her tiny speech, it was obvious. If it were anyone else in the office that said something like that to or about me, I would’ve gone off on them, ready to put them back in their place. But since it was Rose, and we were close with each other, and she was close to Tanner as well, we knew she was joking, so it was okay.


“There’s no way you’re still a virgin, Rose.” Tanner stated, smirking at the girl from his spot next to me.


Rose dropped another potato in the pot and picked another one up to peel it.


“Yes, Tanner, I am still a virgin, and I will be until the day I get married.”


“And, is that a religious thing or did you make a promise to your dad or something?” Tanner asked, backing away from me and going to sit on the counter again.


“It’s for myself.” Rose smiled genuinely at all of us, “I think that people can do whatever they want with their bodies, and I personally want to save my body for marriage. I want to be sure I know the person I give my body to is the person that I love.”


Tanner was about to open his mouth to ask something else, but by the door, Shelby had cleared her throat. She had come in in the middle of Rose’s statement.


“Now, I’m sure this isn’t a discussion for work.” The woman stated, entering the room fully and going to the sink to wash her hands. “Did I tell you guys that I need you to cater the event tonight?”


From the other side of the room, Greta pulled a face and silently mocked her boss behind her back.


“No, you didn’t.” I stated, trying to hide the smile on my face.


“Yeah, well I need you all. We’re doing some architect thing tonight, and I figured since your husband is an architect, Hailee, you could spark up a conversation with a few of them.”


“He’s her boyfriend, actually.” Greta stepped in, bumping past Shelby to get to the freezer to get out some meat.


“Yeah, whatever,” Shelby waved it off, causing the rest of us to roll our eyes. “I chose Greta because she’s delightfully quiet and respectful when we go out to these things, Tanner of course we need you to help load and unload the truck and Rose, you’re coming because we need a pretty face there other than mine.” The woman shook her hands to get rid of the excess water, wiped them on a towel and went to leave the kitchen. She stopped before she left the room, though, and turned around, “oh, and this is a demand. You’ll go, unless you want to lose your jobs. And, I recommend you dress in something nice before we go.”


Without another word, she left the room, leaving us all to our own thoughts.


Finally, with a sigh, I dropped my head down and closed my eyes tightly, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with the boys.”


It was quiet for a minute before Tanner’s phone went off loudly, causing the three of us women to turn and look at him with disappointed looks on our faces.


“Brinley said she would watch them. I told her Lucas was sick, and she still agrees. She wants practice before the baby comes. Don’t worry, I’ve got this all under control. All you have to do is go get the boys from the babysitter and bring them over to my house.”


I grinned at the boy and had to refrain from hugging him tightly, “you, my dear friend, are a life saver!”

I let out a sigh of relief and went back to work on my fudge cake, ready to get this show on the road. Throughout the rest of the day, I listened to Greta complain about whatever she complained about. I continued to listen throughout the day to Rose and Tanner bickering back and forth, it was nothing new. None of it was new, but it made me happy. These people were the best people to work with, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Secret Santa present for vaelisamaza

Hi Vanessa ( @vaelisamaza)

I was going to write you a short fluffy AU story, but it sort of got away from me. It’s a bit longer than I planned, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If it’s OK with you, I’d like to publish it later on  AO3 (after Christmas of course).

Merry Christmas.



Personal security

When Diggle needs someone to cover for him while he’s on paternity leave, he calls his old army buddy. What Oliver doesn’t realise is that the security of the CEO of Smoak Technologies will get very personal.

Lyla raised her eyebrow at her husband. “Really?” she queried “You’re going to get Oliver to cover for you?”

John Diggle nodded at his wife before saying “I need someone I can trust so I can devote my full attention to you and the baby. And he needs a short well-paying contract so he can raise the rest of the money he needs. The timing is perfect”.

“I know you trust Oliver with your life Johnny, but how will he react, you know…”

Diggle laughed, knowing exactly what his wife was alluding to “You mean how will stoic Oliver Queen react to our little ball of sunshine?”

“You better make sure I’m there when they meet for the first time.” Lyla told her husband. “I just can’t wait to see if she can get a reaction out of him.”

“Well, you better be in her office tomorrow around 10.”

“Oh, I’m not missing this.”

Keep reading