late night studio sessions

I’m fucking in love with you - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2,4k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, maybe some strong language. 

Summary: You are heartbroken when you see Luke with another girl at the magazines and you decide to end things. But someone has other ideas…

A/N: Please leave me some constructive feedback to improve my writing! Also, don’t forget to request new stuff here!

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Fashion & Faves

So I guess this is a series I’m going to be starting where I take pics of my faves (or maybe your faves as well) and make outfits that would complement each other. Kinda like couple costumes but not the same. Okey Dokey (YO!) Lets Do This!

 First off my new love Big Matthew (BM) from KARD. Always Sexy AF showing off his muscles as he’s in the gym or dance in the studio. Like can you imagine one late night dance session, yall just goofing off and he gets the sneeky idea to play some Usher “Nice & Slow” and….. *fans self* ok let me stop. But yeah he’s feels the most comfortable in athletic and street wear.

Next on the list is my babe that got me into stanning his group and the gateway drug that lead me down the dark abyss that we call Kpop, Kim Namjoon aka Joonie aka Rap Monster of BTS. So if you’re a ARMY or not you have heard that his man is intelligent and his brain is amazing…. I mean have you heard him rap? and them lips LAWD!!…. *clears throat* I really need to stop this….. Anyways, he has stated that if he wasn’t an idol he would be an author. Like YAS Bae!! I can see THE power couple walking through the airport going to the next city on his book tour with his fine ass manager right by his side.

Then Finally we have… can you guess?… Of course My Papi Park!! aka Jay Park. Mr. Multi-talented, Mr. can sing, rap, dance, act, and sign deals on the dotted line with being the owner of… wait for it…. TWO Music Labels on TWO Different Continents! Also Mr. Can Impregnate Your Girl With Just One Look!! yeah you know, that Jay Park. Oh and did I mention he slays as a model? I didn’t? Well There You go. Like you two are on set for a luxury brand ad because duh yall look like money. You come out of the dressing room, standing on the side as the stylist making last minute adjustments, admiring what God has created. Just looking at him all laid out like a good Sunday Dinner will make your mouth water (and something else, if you know what I mean….. ok I’m hopeless) getting ready for what he has for you. Like YAS Boo!

And that is all for today, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know who else I should do…. for this series lol

anonymous asked:

Yoo so that post tablo did with him and yoongi means that yoongi has snapchat right?? I'm suddenly thinking of this headcannon I have of yoongi posting snaps with jimin ( cause the only people that's on his sc are his super close friends who know the truth about ym) whether it's like late night studio sessions with his baby or a video of jimin lying his head on his lap and ugh can u imagine all those fluffy snaps he would take of jimin :')

snap stories of them walking around seoul late at night, jimin taking pics of yoongi driving them to daegu during a break, lame pranks they try to pull on hoseok and jungkook in the dorms, weekly cooking w jin snap stories thats literally just them wheeze laughing, sitting side by side on their hotel bed after a concert and talking about how good the crowd was, having snap streaks that are 100 days plus

Birthday Makeups - Conor Maynard

Request: Hi, if you don’t mind could you write a Conor fluffy imagine? Where it’s the readers birthday and he sorts out a surprise party where he sorts something out so she meets her idol (which for me is Twenty Øne Piløts but I don’t mind if you don’t do them). Again I don’t mind if you don’t, thank youuu xxx

Smut: No

Requests are CLOSED!

A/N: I don’t know if Conor has an apartment in LA or if he’s staying with Anth but for the sake of this imagine, he has one!

I hope you like it :)


“Oh, what am I going to do? It has to be perfect.” He said as he paced around his LA apartment.

“You always put so much pressure on yourself, bro.” Anth pointed out.

It was true. Conor was someone who stressed himself out when it came to things like this. Perfection was something he strived for, especially when it came to you. You’ve been having a couple bad months lately, with school and work, causing you to feel as if nothing was ever going to work in your favour. You’ve been working so hard and nothing seemed to help. But when you told Conor you had booked a flight to LA to see him, he began to worry about whether or not he could make you forget everything that was going wrong.

“I just need to make up for all the times I couldn’t be there, you know? I’m always so busy and yeah, she understands and says it’s okay but sometimes I just want to give her a normal relationship and because I know I can’t, I need to make up for it.”

The constant appearances, flights to different countries, late night studio sessions, interviews, concerts and everything else that came with being Conor Maynard definitely put a strain on your relationship. Of course, you had an idea of what you were getting yourself into when you met him but nothing would ever prepare you for the life he lived. 

“Holy shit…that’s brilliant.” He whispered to himself as his eyes landed on the album.

One Week Later

LA was sort of new to you but instead of allowing Conor to show you around, you decided to walk by yourself to see where you’d be spending the next three weeks while he was messing around in the studio…or so you thought. 

“Babe, they really need my help so can you come with me and then we can go straight to dinner afterwards?” 

Conor had called you during your walk and explained how a friend was playing a show tonight but something went wrong during his soundcheck and he needed Conor’s help. You instantly agreed since you knew how much helping his friends meant to him so soon enough, you arrived at the venue.

“So who’s this friend anyway?” You asked as you and Conor walked backstage towards the dressing rooms.

“Surprise!” You jumped at the sound of loud voices when you opened the dressing room door and almost fainted when you saw who was there. Conor had managed to convince all your friends from home to fly down for your birthday so you’d be able to feel a sense of home in LA but that’s not what really got you.

In the corner of the room, beside the table of gifts, stood two individuals you never thought you’d meet. Two people you had been obsessed with ever since you could remember. Two people you respected more than anyone.

“Meet my friends who didn’t really need help after all.” Conor said to you, placing his hand on the small of your back and leading you towards them.

“Happy birthday (y/n), we’re so excited to spend it with you.” Tyler said, wrapping his arms around you.

“Yeah, we hope you enjoy the show too and then after, we’ll make sure you forget in the morning how much fun you actually had.” Josh laughed.

“Babe…” You said, turning to Conor. “You-”

“I know I can’t always be there when you need me,” He began. “and there is nothing in the world that hurts more than that but these guys…even though they don’t know it, have gotten you through some pretty rough patches and I wanted them to be able to see the person that they have made stronger with a couple words and a tune. And I wanted you to be able to look them in the eyes and know that no matter where they or you are…and even myself…you’re going to be alright.”

“Conor Maynard,” You replied, placing your arms around his neck and putting your hands together. “You are the most amazing, warm-hearted and thoughtful person I have ever met. And I am so incredibly in love with you.” You said, pressing your lips against his.

BTS Reaction To... You Performing During Karaoke Night (with the Group & Stylists)

Floored. Of course he hears idols and their songs all the time but for you to get on stage in front of his band mates and commit to rapping it like them. He fully admits that he doesn’t do it well but you surpassed him…

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Intrigued. Never expected you to know all the words to one of HIS songs. It isn’t easy to perform in front of professionals and it was all in fun when J-Hope even suggested it. But he can’t wait to explore your talent, your rendition of a Hip-Hop/Pop song was alluring and raw. Maybe there’s more to you then what meets the eye…

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Shocked. It was his idea and he agreed to help you if you needed it but some stylists volunteered with you. Even coming up with your own stage mannerisms, which made him smile so BIG. He was on his feet the entire time…

Originally posted by ttaegiis

Appreciative. He’s always known you had a knack for word play from all those late night studio sessions. You’d downplay it whenever you had a helpful suggestion. You were only there to support him and keep him in good spirits and while this wasn’t your dream. And watching the look on the others’ face confirmed what he suspected all along…  

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Excited. He was so proud of you, coming out of your shell and having fun! You knew all your part and made the others laugh with your impersonations during your verse. You reminded him of the simple fun during his trainee days…

Originally posted by itschiminie

Admiring. You had so much fun and looked so cute doing so. There was a flirty, boss like flow that you had to your verses. It was new and refreshing but unlike his band mates. He danced your entire performance aside J-Hope, truly impressed by your charisma and purity.

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Embarrassed. You had his eye the entire time you were on stage and his mouth open. He had no idea that you could even perform and he forgot all of his cool while you were doing your thing. You were playful and knew each word. It’s weird from doing the teasing to being teased…

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Calm Before the Storm

anonymous asked: Can I get something like where you’re pregnant with Yoongi’s baby and he’s just all about your bump and super into it? Maybe it’s been a bit upsetting because you’re not married and the baby was an accident, but he finally has come to terms with it and is so ready for you to have the baby and you wake up and he’s just hugging your stomach or something? I don’t know… Work your magic, the last Yoongi thing was great!

It was a slight tickle against your growing belly that first drew you from your fitful sleep, the warmth of humid breath caressing the now exposed skin. Confused, your eyebrows furrow in annoyance, your body attempting to adjust itself as you twist your aching back.

Just as you’re drifting off again you feel the sensation once more, followed by a puckering of wetness, the unmistakable sound of lips connecting with your stomach meeting your ears. Your eyes open, still hazy with sleep, as they take in the sight of Yoongi’s face nestled closely against your swollen abdomen, whispering words that couldn’t quiet reach your ears over the taught flesh. You feel your baby move inside you, stirring at her father’s words, and your heart skips a beat at the intimacy of the sight you were taking in.

You don’t disturb him, instead watching as his lips press against the stretch marks dotting your flesh, heavy bangs falling over his eyes as his hand shifts close to his face, expanding his palm to rub soft, soothing circles over your inflated stomach. Your baby’s strong movements settle instantly, comfort apparently seeping through her unborn body at her father’s touch. Another kiss dots your skin, before more murmured words, his head tilting to the side to press his ear into your stomach as if to listen for a reply. A particularly strong kick sends his face shooting upward, surprise etched in his risen brows as his now wide eyes stare down at your stomach.

It isn’t until a giggle escapes your lips at his reaction that he turns to you, eyes meeting yours and a blush creeping into his cheeks at being caught. His face darkens, his body sitting itself up and shifting away from yours.

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I can't sleeeeeep

I did a thing bc I can’t sleep and I’m sad and USING TO THAT TO MY OWN ADVANTAGE FUCK YOU EMOTIONS! Anyways don’t mean to romanticize anything, I keep feeling like I am but I’m not trying to but anyways, here’s a thing I just wrote right now enjoy

Restless nights are the worst possible thing to happen to you, you would just lay in bed shifting and sighing until your emotions consumed you leaving you sad before you eventually fell asleep; and this night was no different. You tossed and turned, sighing in frustration of not being able to find a comfortable position. You picked up your phone to check the time. 11:55. You mentally groan and put your phone back down, thinking that nothing online could possibly have changed from the last time you checked it ten minutes ago. You laid flat on your back and felt a sinking feeling in your chest. ‘So it begins,’ you thought, the feelings in your chest growing as your mind began to feel like static. You’re eyes shifted to different corners of your ceiling before looking back down at your phone.
‘I shouldn’t,’ you thought to yourself. ‘It would help, but I shouldn’t. He’s probably busy or asleep or who knows…but maybe he isn’t.’
This mental battle continued in your mind until it became too much.
“Fuck it!” You quietly exasperate to no one. “Wouldn’t hurt to try.”
You picked up your phone and searched for his name. Once your found it your thumbed hovered over it call option, hesitant on what your come out might be. Before you can overthink it you press it, your heart rate rising in fear that you’ll be a bother.
“Hello,” 2D said, his voice slightly easing you.
“Hey Stu,” you responded, your voice slightly raspy and tired.
“What’s up, love?”
“Nothing really, where are you right now?”
“The studio, we pulled a late night recording session.”
“Am I bothering,” you ask, chewing your bottom lip as guilt washes over you.
“No no don’t worry, love, were actually finishing up.”
“Why is everything alright?”
“No, yeah, I was just..” your voice trails off, hesitation returning. You inhale deeply releasing all concern before saying “I was just going to ask if you wanted to stay over tonight, Im feeling a bit down and really can’t sleep.”
“Yeah, you’re not too far. I’ll be on my way”
“Oh great, thank you.”
“Of course, I’ll see you soon.”
“Alright, bye.”
And with that you hang up the call and your heart beat returns to it regular rate, though the sinking feeling stays. A hint of guilt still stays and insecurity rises but you try to push it away.
A couple minutes later you hear a small knock on the door and a door opening, identifying that it’s 2D, who has a spare key but always knocks first before entering. You greet him with a hug and peck on the cheek before you take his jacket while he removes his shoes.
“Hey y/n, you alright?” 2D asks when you return from placing his jacket on a chair.
“Yeah, yeah I just had those late night thoughts you know? Made me a bit down and I just didn’t feel like being alone.”
“Well I’m here for you alright?”
“Yeah, thank you.”
He responds by pulling you in a hug and kissing your forehead. You inhale contently, catching his scent of cigarettes and comfort.
“Going to sleep straight away seems a bit strange, would you like some tea?”
“I’d love some.”
Another hour was spent sitting at the dining table, drinking tea and taking about each others day, sharing laughs while at it. You let him use your shower and a pair of shorts, which was appreciate shown by the kiss on the cheek you received. When he got out you both laid on your bed and just talked about nonsense until it was more comfortable silence that words.
“Stu?” you quietly asked after admiring him and your intertwined fingers for a few moments, realizing your negative energy has vanished.
“Yeah, y/n?”
“You’re great.”
That gained a small laugh and a kiss on your knuckles.
“You’re greater.”
“And thank you for coming over, it helped and I really appreciate it.”
“Of course. Never be afraid to ask, okay?”
“I love you, y/n”
The sincerity took you back a bit. You have said it to each other before but it doesn’t fail to make your heart swell. You smile and pecked his lips.
“I love you too, Stu.”
You placed your head on his chest and felt his arms wrap around you, his light heartbeat and breathing soothing you. You felt your eyes finally grow heavy and sigh in relief and joy.
'What was I so worked up about?’ you thought before closing your eyes and drifting asleep.


this was born from a conversation with my best friend on what we thought harry is like in bed. through a series of unfortunate events, this became. kinky shit. it gets weird sometimes. all fun and games (well, ya know, until someone gets hurt ;) )

WARNINGS :: this is a sub!harry so take that as you will but i don’t feel as though creativity should be censored. i believe we should all be mature enough to determine our intellect on if reading such a thing is a “good idea”. it’s all just imagination in the end, guys (-; also! lil thing to keep in mind – this is part one to percentage and i’m definitely going to be making a part two! and also, doesn’t really matter what you’re into but i definitely envisioned this as tmh/teenage dirtbag harold so yeahhhh

my masterlist  !!!!!


“What about you?” Y/N breaks his thoughts up before they can get any more detailed and he looks up to find her already staring back at him. Somehow they’ve gotten awfully close to one another.

“M-me?” His words are choppy with a thick accent as he tries desperately to hold on to every last ounce of sanity.

“Don’t see anyone else in the room, babe.”

It’s the tension in the room that calls for a serious reality check that neither Harry nor Y/N really want, no matter how utterly mad this whole proposition is. How’d they get here in the first place anyway? Neither knows the knowledge.


y/n likes control and harry likes to be controlled. 


“Never much liked that bloke anyway,” Harry says with the roll of his eyes.

See, Harry was over at Y/N’s place, a late night studio session that went all the way till 2 am and Y/N’s apartment was only 10 minutes from the studio opposed to the 30 of Harry’s flat and one thing led to another and he ended up coming over.

On the occasion, Harry would have a run in with Y/N’s down-the-hall neighbor Lily who just adored Harry. A big fan you could say, but with how much Harry came over she got used to it and eventually it didn’t phase her that Harry Styles would occasionally stroll past her front door.

He came over a lot ever since Y/N moved to LA, you could say.

“Me either if I’m being quite honest,” She laughs an airy laugh as if she remembers everything wrong with him, “I mean, he was such an assshole, all he cared about was sex.”

And Harry would be disinterested in hearing about Y/N’s sex life if it weren’t for how whimsically she described things. Always a comedic one, her explaining things - no matter the circumstance - was no different.

“How so?”

She looks over at him then, a little furrow of her eyebrows because it’s not like he asked about her exes often, “He was such a dom, it was mental.”

That’s not exactly what Harry had in mind for what he thought Y/N was going to say. Did she not enjoy that kind of thing or?

“I remember telling Celeste (Y/N’s good friend/roommate from Uni, if Harry remembers correctly) about it one night and she told me to take this test-”

“Tell me it wasn’t a pregnancy test.” Harry presses with a boyish grin hiding the fact he’s slightly scared she could’ve had a pregnancy scare with a guy who didn’t care for her.

Her eyes get big, shaking her head rapidly, “No! Nothing of that sort, swear. Would’ve sued my birth control company or some shit. No, it was one of those sexual fantasy tests or whatever-”

Is she really talking about what he thinks she’s talking about?

“BDSM test?” His voice comes out much shakier than he wanted it to.

Harry would never associate vanilla and Y/N in the same sentence; she was very open to things. But he never really thought she would take the time to determine what exactly she was - much less ever tell him.

“Yeah and I felt so weird the whole time like I cleared my history and everything afterwords,” Harry would say even though she’s daring, she’s not explicit, “it actually opened my eyes to a lot though.”

Y/N was the kind of girl who knew what she wanted and she always seemed to get what she wanted. Back in school when she was young, she had a reputation of what some might call a - oh what the hell is it called? A bad bitch?

Something like that.

And so Harry always knew she would be the type to speak up for herself and never ever depend on a man to direct her life. What he didn’t know yet, however, was that she was the same in her bedroom affairs too.

“What did you get?” He asks in a teasing question as the cover up for his need for the knowledge.

“92% switcher. But then that didn’t make any sense because apparently I’m 84% dominant in that ratio.”

Harry swears he’s never viewed her this way. What, like someone so fuckable.

“Only 16% sub?” The way his words come out as an airy groan causes Y/N’s eyes to flicker over to his as a glint of lust flashes through.

“Apparently so. But even then I don’t give up control easily. Called me a ‘brat sub’.”

He swallows down on a dry mouth and he can’t comprehend the fact she’s literally everything he’s ever wanted. What the fuck, they’ve been friends, mates, wingmen for 5 bloody years and he’s just now figured out this information?

“What about you?” Y/N breaks his thoughts up before they can get any more detailed and he looks up to find her already staring back at him. Somehow they’ve gotten awfully close to one another.

“M-me?” His words are choppy with a thick accent as he tries desperately to hold on to every last ounce of sanity.

“Don’t see anyone else in the room, babe.”

It’s the tension in the room that calls for a serious reality check that neither Harry nor Y/N really want, no matter how utterly mad this whole proposition is. How’d they get here in the first place anyway? Neither knows the knowledge. And when it really comes down to it, Harry just thinks girls who like control are really fucking hot and Y/N thinks boys who can handle submission are really fucking hot.

Not to mention how damn quickly the mood had changed. Sexual tension floating through the air and it’s so thick neither can get a breath of fresh air. 

“Did one of those tests a while ago,” he starts, Y/N listening with wide eyes and an intimidating smirk that has Harry going mad, “back before we met and it was only a bit after I met the boys. I thought it was dumb but Niall and Zayn kept teasin’ and so I just did the damn thing,”

He pauses when her hand rests on his thigh, a fire there he swears only the devil himself (or in this case, herself) could produce. She’s dangerously close to his bits and if he could scream he would. Her shorts (that always did drive him crazy) hike up as she leans closer into him and it’s revealing her fleshy thighs that Harry desperately wants to part and be sent to some sort of safe haven between her legs. She’s driving him mental.  

“I’m listening.” She’s got a damn smirk dancing across her plump lips and Harry really doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

“87% sub.”

It’s then that her eyes darken by a whole shade or two and her hand abruptly cups him through his jeans. The act is almost primal and Harry swears he’s seeing stars as he tries not the buck up into her hand.

How’d they ever get to where they are in the first place? The question might never have an answer.

All they know at this point is that Y/N likes to control and Harry likes to be controlled.

They make a good pair, to say the least.

When Things Fell Apart: Part Four

​- I won’t lie, I did cry writing this part - Yet I am still amazed at the amount of praise this series is receiving so thank you! - 



Walking through the platform I breathed in fresh air for the last time in this place, thinking my chances of returning for these reasons are slight, unnecessary even. Glancing around the aisle of the plane my eyes find a window seat. Being by the window was calming for me, it allowed me to get a glimpse at this limited view and offer a temporary escape from confinement. Sitting down after twelve paces I allow myself to breathe, let out a final breath before letting this consume me entirely for the day that awaits me.

It takes time before everyone has boarded, an elderly couple sit next to me, smiling widely with greetings as they continued their conversations, laughing as they went. Seeing them made my heart ache, how after all the innocence and tears, after ageing and laughter lines blending into the creases of age they still seem as in love as the day they first met. How they hold hands as the plane takes off and giggle as we go.

Tearing my eyes away I focus on the outside, seeing everyone become minuscule, irrelevant, something of the past. My hands involuntarily reach for the box that was stored in my bag beneath my feet, the difficulties I’ve overcome for this box in security, having to cry on a guard’s shoulder about my problems discreetly before stories on me crying over Luke came about. Yet somehow here it is, placed on my lap like some alien that I wish to no part in knowing. 

Except I can’t tear my eyes from it, it’s a glue, a force that keeps on pulling me in. I’m scared, no petrified of what is inside, whether or not it will create more puzzle pieces that I’ll have to figure out and decode. Perhaps it’s a goodbye, an acceptance to our new selves and allowing the door to gently shut rather than slam abruptly. A pair of eyes burn into my skin, on my hands as I brush the smooth wood for the thousandth time, feeling myself grow heavy with anticipation I turn to see the lady smiling gently in my direction whilst her husband sleeps soundly like the majority of the cabin surrounding us. 

“Love isn’t easy dear,” She begins as I glance down to the box in my hands that now feel dry, tired like the rest of me. “if it were there would be no fun to have.” I let out a small huff in response, smiling as I did. A cold hand was placed on top of mine, covered in marks to show all she had been through in her life, her veins remained prominent and the wrinkles showed clearer than the worry in my eyes. “Things, feelings, they take time to develop.” Her eyes tore from mine as she motioned to her sleeping love next to her. “You think I fell to my knees when this one first saw me? No way, I wasn’t willing to become some housewife.” A huff escaped her lips, I could see the glazed look in her eyes as if she were thinking back to the day they first met, part of me was curious to know what it must’ve been like then, how it must’ve been so different. 

“What was it that made you change your mind?” I asked now fully intrigued. 

A silent smile formed on her lips, the glint in her eyes grew as her husband’s hand remained on top of hers, even as he slept soundly. “Something that took my breath away.” Moving the hair out of my face I allowed myself to open the latch of the box at last, hearing the air that was trapped inside being released after who knows how long. “When it happens you just know it dear,” She rubbed my forearm sweetly like my mum would do when I was upset as a child after a difficult day at school. “and if it is inside of there then count yourself lucky.” Before I could ask anymore she hushed me, and pointed to the box before drifting off against her husband’s shoulder; such a simple act that was often overlooked yet seeing them at peace, in pure comfort with one another was enough for me to know now was the time. 

Closing my eyes I heard a light squeak as I lifted the lid, allowing the hinges to work yet I was unsure on what to expect from this. Part of me thought there would be something bigger than what was in front of me, that there would be more than three pieces of paper. Raising an eyebrow I lifted the better quality piece out of the box first, it was addressed to me yet the handwriting lurked in the back of my memory. 

It wasn’t his. 

Opening it up it began with my name, it continued into something I didn’t expect, the neat writing that I had witnessed countless times during late night sessions in the studio, all of those times I saw notes he left on the instruments before a show. How neatly my name had been written with such accuracy and thought, this was something that they needed to do. 

After the second date you and Luke shared we were the first to know how it went, actually the second to know as he told his brothers, my bad. He came into band practise with a wide smile that wouldn’t budge no matter how depressing the covers we tried were. Everything about him was different and when we took a break he could barely hold it in, he just beamed excitement over some girl he had met a few weeks prior who was unlike any girl he’d met before. He told us how genuine she was, she had humour that made him laugh without your presence required, he said you had this smile that comforted him when he felt upset or nostalgic. He only ever spoke wonders of you and never a bad word to your name. 

This is why we were so confused to receive that phone call. 

He kept swearing, mumbling excuses under his breath to us that we couldn’t understand. After a few minutes of incoherent nonsense he began to make sense, when he said those exact words, muttering how he did that to you, you of all people I wanted to punch a wall in the shape of his face. Never had I felt more frustrated that he threw away his opportunity to blossom with someone so ideal for him, someone who knew him prior to everything that happened for us, someone who knew the real him. All he said was he was sorry, he didn’t know what to do and that was when he became easily manipulated. It was horrible. We didn’t see him for a while and it was as if he wasn’t the guy we knew anymore, he became reckless, they became known and you were nothing but a memory he drank away. 

It hurt us, it nearly killed his family to see him destroying himself like that whilst she smiled for photos without a second thought. He is getting better, withdrawal symptoms were expected but in that time he had being isolated from everyone he cared about and loved something else happened to him. No one is entirely sure but that look in his eyes faltered, and we weren’t able to stop the damages being done. 

I guess I’m trying to tell you is that we, we all miss you. We miss you coming to visit us, listen to us play at the big arenas or in the garage like old times. I miss you listening to me about my worries or how you played games with Mike until the early hours of the morning. How you had patience for all of us no matter what was happening, you may have not seen it or thought about it too much since everything fell apart but we have. 

If only we knew the impact of that day, the impact your name appearing in our minds for the first time and how special you would become, how dear you became to each and every one of us. Then I think we wouldn’t have mocked the baby of our group, we would’ve listened more and most importantly, we wouldn’t have let you go without a fighting chance. 

We are so sorry, we wished things had a different outcome. We see the regret that lingers in his eyes when someone mentions your name on the off chance, how he freezes up. He can’t do this without you, we aren’t forcing you, or in anyway pressuring you to take him back willingly. We are telling you to listen for ten minutes, and then maybe have at least twelve shots with us, for old times sake. 

Farewell nightingale, Ashton x 

Wiping away my tears that continued to stain the paper, spreading his words that were neatly, precisely written. I wouldn’t have expected anything different from Ashton, he always had a way with words that made me curious. Yet now as I read over his words again and again I allow myself to memorise each and every line, wiping my face frantically to just stop seeming so pathetic to these strangers. 

Letting out a shaky breath I neatly folded the letter, reforming the creases that he had made long ago. My eyes moved away from the box as I continued to blink away tears that seemed to be in an abundance, the sky seemed blurred above the clouds as if we were dreaming. 

Everything felt like a dream as I focused on the peaceful pillows that remained below us, how delicate everything seemed below until you penetrate that barrier, you break through the dream and enter that all too painful reality. 

Trying to focus on my hands as they continued to shake I picked up the next letter, my heart felt like it had returned to the familiar place in my throat, throbbing drastically as I recognised his rushed handwriting all too well.

Except as I began to open it up it wasn’t in the format predicted, then again with him I learnt to expect the unexpected. Even now he didn’t fail to surprise me, and as I looked to the letters in bold my breath hitched and everything froze, even the tears that rolled down my cheeks as I scanned the letters.   

The Only Reason. 

Part Five // Six // Seven // Eight 

iKON Reaction To: You Waiting For Them To Finish Something & Falling Asleep

Request: iKon’s reaction to you waiting for them to finish something up (which would take like 5-10 minutes) and you fell asleep really quickly while waiting for him- LittleAnon

Inspired By Song: Hey Now by London Grammar (strongly recommend to listen to while reading) 

Thanks for this request! Love hearing from you guys! (-:


You’d been waiting for him to finish for what felt like years. With a sleepy yawn, you stretched your back and rubbed your eyes, turning your attention to the boy whose attention was elsewhere. You could see the focus burning in his glazed-over eyes, and you smiled softly. You were so proud of them- at how they pushed themselves to be better, even if it ended up in studio sessions going into late nights and early mornings. 

“Hey,” you said softly, earning a glance in your direction. “Are you almost finished? Not to push, or anything.” You added a smile just to let him know it was alright if he needed to talk longer- music and dance were his passions, and you weren’t going to throw a wrench in it. 

He pursed his lips, “I just need to finish this one thing. I’ll be like five, maybe ten minutes tops.” With a comforting smile in your direction, you nodded and leaned back into the couch you sat on. Unable to hide your sleepiness anymore, you felt the weight of your work day on your eyelids and sighed, drawing yourself into dreams. 

Unnoticing of your condition, he continued to work, fingertips flying away at the beat he was producing and wrist aching from all the lyrics he’d written. Eventually, after feeling satisfied with his work, he rose to his feet, having just saved and locked everything up for the night. “Jagiya,” he stretched his back and turned around to look at you, only to find you curled up on the couch, eyes closed and soft breaths escaping your parted lips. 

Hanbin (B.I.)

Hanbin smiled, staring down at your sleeping figure. During the day you were such a busy body and to see you relaxed, features serene and tiny snores coming from your nose. Chuckling, Hanbin ran his fingers over your arm, gently lulling you awake. As your eyes pulled open, half-lidded and a sleepy smile on your face, Hanbin helped you to your feet, walking slowly with you from the studio to his car. 

“She’s so beautiful… let’s get you home so you can sleep in a real bed, okay?” 

Jiwon (Bobby)

Jiwon chuckled lightly. He wasn’t surprised that you fell asleep that quickly, especially since you had an early morning meeting and hadn’t taken a nap yet. Smiling down at your curled form, he brushed a piece of your hair behind your ear, trying to capture the image of serenity on your face. His chest felt heavy with love as he slid his arms underneath your body, carrying you against his torso as you slept comfortably on the journey to the car. 

“How did I get so lucky?” 


Jinhwan turned to look over his shoulder, eyes growing slightly wide at the sight of you, legs curled to your chest and face buried in the cushion. Softly, he pushed your hair out of your eyes, adoration building up in his throat. Everything he felt for you grew the minute he saw you there, face peaceful and tiny mewls of sleep leaving your parted lips in small breaths. He stood there for what felt like hours, just enjoying the sight of you sleeping, before he gently woke you to take you home. 

“I’m sorry jagiya, but I need you to sleep comfortably, okay? Come on, I’ll carry you.” 


His words died on his lips as he turned around to tell you that the two of you were leaving. Slightly surprised that you fell asleep that quickly, Junhoe would snap a quick picture, wanting to cherish the image of your serene face. Softly kissing your forehead, he’d sit beside you on the couch, trying his best not to wake you up as he lifted you up into his arms. Holding you like a baby on the front of his chest, he’d laugh as you slept through all of it, though in the back of his mind he wondered if the tightness in his chest was because of love. 

“Jeez, she’s so gorgeous… what is this feeling in my chest?” 


Donghyuk turned, bag on his shoulder, his smile faltering when he saw you. Guilt throbbed in his chest at the sight of you, forced to curl up in the fetal position on the couch, your hair strewn about. The smile would turn into something else- simply his thoughts. Caressing your cheek, Donghyuk would swallow, knowing that the lump in his throat was caused by you. “I love you,” he whispered softly, trusting that you couldn’t hear the words he’d never said to you. With your hand in his, he’d lead you down to the parking garage, smiling as you leaned her cheek on his chest. 

“I can’t wait to tell her…” 


Yunhyeong’s teasing grin fell off his face the moment he saw you, curled up and obviously sleeping. He’d planned to take you to a ramen shop for three-am noodles, but it seemed his plan wasn’t going to happen anymore. Sighing, he’d smile softly at the sight of you, peaceful for once in your life. Kissing your forehead, he’d stop to take a picture and save it as his lockscreen, before gently waking you up. He didn’t want you to get a crick in your neck. 

“Come on, jagiya, let’s get you home, yeah?” 


Chanwoo stared at you in awe. Captivated by your beauty, he stood there, dumbfounded and unable to move. He knew he was sure the second he spotted you, looking as gorgeous as ever with your cheek mushed into the cushion. His throat constricted as he sat down on the couch beside you, afraid to wake you up from your obviously deep sleep. After a minute of thinking, he was sure that he’d found the girl he wanted to marry. 

“I think… I think I love her…”

He Doesn't Feel The Same Way

Harry: You came out of your room upon hearing the noises from the living room. You knew you lived alone and nobody had your key, so it was safe to say you were scared out of your mind. With a lamp in hand, you made your way down the hallway to find the source of the noise. You sighed in relief when you saw Harry sitting on your couch, eating your favorite crisps. “What the heck? How’d you even get inside here? I never gave you a key,” you said exasperatedly, taking the light bulb out of the lamp and throwing it at him. “I took it and made a copy last week while you were sleep at my place.” You made a face at him. “Creep. You could’ve just called or texted me and said you were coming over, like a normal person, instead of scaring the lights out of me.” “Yeah, I could’ve, but I didn’t so get over it. Anyways, I just wanted to talk to you.” “About?” You probed just wanting him to get to the point. “Well, uh, I’m going out with Anna tonight and-” “Let me stop you right there. Harry you know I do’t like her and I told you, you shouldn’t go out with her, so ’m not going to help you out with this.” It was true that you didn’t like her. She was a spoiled, pretentious, brat, but it was the fact that you’d been crushing on Harry for some tie. It wasn’t your fault, though. It was never your intention. It’d just happened between the late night phone calls, the invites to studio sessions, and the occasional sleepover. “What’s your problem? I was hoping to ask her to be my girlfriend, and I like her; why can’t you just deal with it and be happy for me?” he asked frustrated. This wasn’t the first time you’ve shown your distaste for this girl he’d been seeing. “Because she’s a spoiled, pretentious, brat,” you said through clenched teeth, jealousy leaking through your every word. “Yeah well the only one acting like a brat right now is you!” he replied raising his voice. “Well I’m SO sorry that I’m not Anna’s number one fan.” “What’s so bad about me and her dating huh?” “It should’ve been me. Who did you talk to when you had a problem? Me. Who did you call late at night when you missed home? Me. Who did you invite to the studio when you needed inspiration? Was it Anna? Nope, it was me. And now, here you are inside of who’s flat? Mine. If you want Anna so bad then why do you continuously surround me? You’re driving me insane, and I just can’t even try to think about anyone else and it’s all because of you!” you finish your rant and storm out back to your room to let out some long needed tears, and leave Harry to think about his so called with Anna. He thought that you and him were just friends, weren’t you?

Liam: You had been sat in the restaurant with the two lovebirds for at least an hour and that was about 59 minutes too long. You were about two seconds away from stabbing yourself in the eyeball with the fork that you were currently, quite forcefully, piercing your steak with. Life just hated you. You were just about to tell Liam how you felt before, but you chickened out at the last second. Then, you were going to tell him when he came back for holiday then before he left from holiday, but the time never felt right to you. Then when you finally convinced yourself to go to his flat and just let it all out, you let yourself in with your key marched into his living room, only to find him on the couch making out with a girl who has now made it up to girlfriend status. At the time you had played it off, but by the way your heart plummeted to the bottom of your stomach you knew it was over. You missed your chance and there was nothing anyone could do about it. “Are you alright? Do you not like the food here or something?” Liam asked noticing your obvious discomfort once Sophia had went to the restroom. “The food is fine, but I’m not,” you crankily said. “Are you sick or something?” he questioned confusedly. “Sick of being here, yeah” you grumbled still stabbing at your food. You hated how you sounded like such a brat, but being a third wheel sucks, in love with the guy or not. “I’m confused. Did I do something?” he asked again still clueless to your affections for him. “Jesus, Liam, you’re so dumb sometimes. Yes, you did do something. First, you came into my life. Then, you stayed there. Not only did you stay willingly, but you were just a proper gentleman and a lad. You made me see that not everyone is as effed up as the ones I’ve known. For the longest time, you’ve been my little bit of sunshine and for a second I thought that maybe you felt the way that I did. But, since I'n here at dinner with you and your girlfriend you obviously didn’t. And, on top of that I’m just a freaking third wheel! The whole time that I’ve been here you two have been so into each other that you haven’t even so much as asked how my day has been.” “What are you trying to say?” Liam asked dubiously refusing to accept what you’ve just told him. You lost it there and started fake choking yourself. “Liam, I love you, and I’m leaving, and I really love you, but I have to go,” you finalized leaving some money knowing that despite everything you’ve just confessed Liam wouldn’t let you pay for your dinner. Stupid perfect mother fu- your thoughts were cut off by Sophia coming back from the loo. “Wher’re you going Y/N?” she asked completely oblivious to everything that just went down between you and her boyfriend. “I’m so sorry love, but I’ve just got a phone call from me mum and my brother got into an accident he’s fine, but I should go.” “Oh, ok then. I’m sorry. Do you need us to go with you?” “No, no I’ll be fine. Enjoy your diner,” You called back already halfway to the door. 

Louis: You’d woken up early for some reason despite the late night you’d just had. Honestly, it was the best night of your life. The love of your life still had his arms firmly wrapped around you in his sleep. Bear skin making contact, sending goosebumps up your arms, you’d both been too exhausted to even put back your undergarments. But, now that you were awake you felt just a tad bit uncomfortable, so you wiggled out of his grasp and threw your underwear and bra on as well as slipping on his t-shirt which had been discarded among your other clothing last night. You lightly stepped over to the bed to make sure Louis was still asleep, which he was. Pressing a kiss to his forehead you walked out of the bedroom and down to the kitchen to make breakfast because even though you hated to cook (not that you were bad at it because you weren’t it just wasn’t something you enjoyed) you were just in that good of a mood. When you were just about done with your waffles you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and soft lips peppering kisses across your shoulders. You hummed in agreement squeezing his hands that were still wrapped around your frame. You noticed his hands reaching down lower by the goosebumps that began popping up on your thighs, you squealed and smacked his hands down. Ok, someone was a little too turned on for the morning time. He spun you around once you had completed your final waffle and started pressing kiss up your neck all the way to your ear where he whispered “I want to do it again.” “Not a chance, you challenged. "We’ll see about that,” he countered lifting you up onto the counter and pressing his lips to yours. You kissed him back immediately, as if you were going to try and stop him. But, much too soon for your liking he pulled back slightly. “Before we do this, I just need you to know that we can’t be in a relationship.” Boom. The bomb had dropped. You’d just slept with him and were about to do it again and he can’t be in a relationship with you. What? He was about to go in to kiss you again, but you pulled back. “What do you mean we can’t be in a relationship? I just freaking slept with you. Me and you, us, yeah we just had sex.” “I know, but, I mean, I like you Y/N I really do, but I’m just not ready for a relationship, not yet.” “Then why did you sleep with me? You know how I feel about you,” you said on the brink of tears, and he sighed. “Love, I do like you and I won’t see anybody else, but I just, I can’t be with you right now,” he said tenderly wiping the few tears that had managed to slip out. You turned your head and hopped off the counter nodding your head. Then, you took off his shirt that you’d put on earlier that morning and tossed it at him. He looked at you confused. “What are you doing?” “I’m gonna need you to leave.” You stated calmly while wrapping him up a plate, you had spent your time making this food and you weren’t going to waste it. “Huh?” he questioned again. “You, yeah, I’m going to need you to leave.” “But, why?” he asked still not making any effort to get out of your flat. “I just had what I’d like to think was the best night of my life with the guy I really like and you won’t even say we’re in a relationship. What the hell do you think we’ve been doing Louis?” He opened his mouth to say something, but you put your hand up to stop him. You really thought he had gotten over his fear of commitment that he had, but he obviously hadn’t. You handed him the plate you’d just made for him and went to go take a shower while he got his crap together.

Zayn: He was here at your house, again. Talking to you about his ex fiance, again. He was slowly killing you with his words, again. This was how it’d been for about six months. You and Zayn weren’t really close friends before, but when him and his fiance ended things, you saw how broken he was and stepped in to be another person he can lean on. It took a month of so to get him to open up and actually trust you, but when he did you got a chance to see the real him. Zayn was a really complex person, but in an admirable way. The kind of way that makes you look at him like he’s the Crown Jewels or holds the answers to the world’s biggest wonders or, like, Jesus. Whichever way you looked at it, you were beyond infatuated with him. But, (there was always a but) he wasn’t over his ex (they were together for over two years and that kind of hurt don’t heal over six months). “Zayn, you’re one of my best friends, but like I can’t keep listening to you talk about her. You even said it was for the best,” you interrupted, speaking for the first time since he started up his rant. “I know, but I just, I miss her.” “Do you really miss her or do you just miss being in a relationship?” you countered. The look on his face said he was frustrated and just wanted to rant to you. “What does it even matter to you?” he mumbled. “Because I like you. As more than a friend. And, I know it’s stupid because you obviously still love Perrie, but I mean I can’t help it. I just, like, like you, ya know? Like, LIKE, like you. He looked up at you with a blank expression on his face, which soon turned into a slightly sympathetic one. He knew you were one of his best friends, but he didn’t like you like that. Or, at least, he didn’t realize it because of his ex fiance clouding his brain. "Don’t look at me like that. I know you still love her, but it hurts me to see you hurt. Still hurt after all this time. It’s been like six months, and you’re still hurting. And, it hurts that you can’t like me back, at least not right now. So, basically I’m just too hurt right now. So, basically I’m just too hurt right now, and I think I need some milk from the grocery store. You can let yourself out.” You said leading yourself of your flat, leaving Zayn sitting at your counter wondering how this escalated so fast. 

Niall: You were doing everything you could not to roll your eyes at the bottle blonde sitting across from you. “Niall,” you said forcefully giving him a pointed look. “What? All I’m saying is that Josh would be good for you. He’s a lad,” he said through a mouthful of food. “What is up with you trying to set me up with every moving thing with a penis? I’m fine.” And, you were fine except for the fact that you were falling for the oblivious boy in front of you. “I know you’re fine. I never said you weren’t fine, but you need a man. You’re always stressing about paying for rent, and things, yet you’re always helping people. You need someone to take care of you for once and as your best friend it’s my job to find someone to do that,” All you could do was think that he could be that person for you. All you wanted was for him to be that person for you. But, you just rolled your eyes and continued to sip your drink. “Besides, what’s wrong with Josh? You told me you thought he was cute.” “He is cute, it’s just that he’s not you.” You were so caught up with your thoughts that you didn’t even realized what you’d just said. “What?” he asked eyes exponentially widened by your confession. “What?” you replied still unaware of what you had just said. “You just said that…” he trailed off, leaving you to review everything you two were just talking about and- oh. Oh. You, just, yeah. You literally face-palmed yourself. “Bloody hell. I didn’t mean to say that.” “But, is it true?” You nodded bashfully. He grabbed your hand. “You know I’ve had my eye on Madison for a while, and I just got her to go on a date with me,” he explained empathy laced in every word. “No, no I know. I, just, I didn’t mean to. Umm… excuse me sir? Can I get the check please?” you fumbled, desperately looking for a way out. “You’ve got this right? I mean you’ve got the whole boy-band thing going for ya, and I’m poor and I’ll text you, probably not, bye,” you stumbled out of the pub you two had been sitting at with Niall confusedly still at the bar.

Fall Together: Autumn inspired ideas

Author’s note: Me, Nikki here! I absolutely love fall and autumn and I couldn’t resist so I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Feel free to come and talk about any of these/use them to write your own fics! 

  1. Carving pumpkins together,  Tyler can’t really carve anything too special so he just makes it look like a few of the Blurryface patterns. Josh, surprising Tyler, carved a flower. They put a candle in the other’s pumpkin and admire their handiwork as they sit in the hammock on the porch, swinging and enjoying the night air.
  2. Tyler is running late to a studio session, and when he gets there, he finds Josh already going in on a packet of Pumpkin Spice Oreos. Josh says, “Don’t you dare,” anticipating a “basic white girl” comment. Instead, Tyler chuckles and places a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks on the table in front of Josh, “maybe too much?” and Josh’s eyes light up.
  3. Watching horror movies together, Tyler starts dozing off against Josh’s shoulder. They fall asleep there for the night. The next day, Josh spends the afternoon jumping out of random closets and popping out from random corners to scare Tyler. He gets him every time.
  4. Baking together, and Josh watches Tyler knead out the dough. There’s flour everywhere, including on Josh’s shorts and in the sheets that they later throw in the wash. The apple pie ends up burning but it’s okay, they bake a new one after they shower.
  5. They go to a Fall Festival together. Josh grabs them both mugs of warm cider, and they go on a hayride in a pumpkin patch. Holding hands on top of a bale of hay and laughing when the horse gets scared of a Scarecrow on display. Later, Josh goes bobbing for apples in the competition and comes up the winner.
  6. It was a bad day for Tyler. He was writing something about the crows outside on the bare branches, looking out the window, when Josh comes up behind him and wraps his arms around his chest, gently kissing his head. “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Tyler puts down his pen and lets himself lean back into Josh’s chest. He is warm and smells of cinnamon. And knows exactly which quotes are Tyler’s favorite.
  7. Tyler likes red apples and Josh likes the green ones; he prefers the sour-sweet taste. They find a local seasonal farm and decide to go apple picking. Josh eats so many apples, he gets sick on the way back home. Tyler makes a pit  stop at the supermarket to buy some caramel. While Josh is resting, Tyler makes caramel apples for treats and makes a mess with the caramel. Everything gets sticky and Josh licks some of the caramel off of Tyler’s nose; how he managed to get it there is beyond Josh, but he makes his way down and suddenly both of their lips are sweet and sticky in caramel and Josh’s first instinct is to bite down.
  8. The local park is perfect on weekday afternoons when the kids are all in school. Josh makes a HUGE pile of leaves and Tyler attempts to help, but he keeps dropping them behind him. Josh tells him to swing instead, and suddenly Tyler decides to jump off the swing into the pile. They take turns doing this for what feels like a few hours, but eventually leave when the school kids show up and give them funny looks. They both have leaves poking out of their coats and beanies and in their scarves. They spend the walk back home laughing and picking the leaves off of each other. (Tyler saves them and makes leaf rubbings for their scrapbook)
  9. A drive in movie theater is a few towns away. Josh borrows a pickup truck from a friend and lays out some blankets. He brings a thermos of warm apple cider, some fresh cookies, and grabs Tyler for a “surprise.” They end up cuddling in the back of the truck, with all the blankets and find that neither of them even knew the name of the movie until the end credits.
  10. Tyler is dying to go to a haunted house, but Josh keeps telling him that they’re all lame and childish. Tyler has a theory about Josh’s opinions, so he begs (and gives Josh the puppy dog eyes which Josh could never resist). Turns out, Tyler was right; Josh was scared of the haunted house and practically latched onto Tyler’s waist the second they made it past the lobby.
  11. They go to a home game at their local high school; the football team had been kicking butt this season. Neither of them really cared, but they had nothing better to do. That is, until they found their way beneath the bleachers and found themselves making out like a couple of teenagers. They stuck around for the bonfire and roasted enough marshmallows to keep them stuffed until next year.
  12. Family friend was hosting a costume party; Tyler decided to go as a skeleton (full makeup and everything), and Josh goes as the grim reaper. His costume was way more last minute, and he was too busy watching Tyler meticulously apply his makeup than actually bothering to get himself ready. Frantically, he helps Josh try to get ready so they wouldn’t be late but Josh doesn’t care; he grabs Tyler’s face and kisses him and Tyler sinks into it until he realizes Josh smeared his makeup. He playfully slaps his chest and tells him to go get ready while he fixes his skeleton face.
  13. The apartment smells lovely; Tyler went a bit overboard at Bath & Body Works. He bought every apple, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, everything there was. He’s sitting on the couch reading when Josh comes back and turns the lights off and just lets the candles flicker all over the place. Perfect mood lighting.
  14. A perfectly constructed pillow fort, close enough to feel the fire place keeping them warm and open enough to see all the fairy lights Josh had spent the day hanging while Tyler was decorating for Halloween. The door was covered in faux spider webbing, there was a scarecrow on the porch, the mailbox had fake spiders hanging from it, plenty of pumpkins on the stoop, and a motion activated ghost that would moan as people walked by. Tyler, stepping back to appreciate his work, felt himself being lifted and carried to the living room. All the Halloweentown movies were queued up on the screen and the caramel corn was in a bowl on the floor of the fort. Tyler beamed; a perfect way to end the night and wind down before their Halloween party tomorrow.
  15. Candy corn fangs, “blood” punch, perfectly frosted cupcakes, fresh pies & caramel apples, and so much more lined the little buffet table they had set up. They had decided on couple’s costumes for this party, sort of. Tyler went in an orange jumpsuit as a prisoner, and Josh went as the prison guard. The party was a hit; everyone spent the night laughing and dancing and eating. Tyler and Josh spent a decent majority of it kissing. There would be tons to clean tomorrow, but for now, their priority was finding the handcuffs Tyler had bought to go along with his costume…
  16. They attempt a fall themed photoshoot to use as their Thanksgiving holiday card but they end up taking tons of silly selfies, even one where Josh’s face is smushed up against Tyler’s, half of him not even in the photo. Perfect, matching lockscreens. They spend the rest of the afternoon, having abandoned the photoshoot idea, walking around and taking in the scenery. It’s quiet and calm, and they don’t let go of each other’s hands for a second.
  17. Josh tries to scare Tyler and take him to an “abandoned graveyard” but he gets distracted by how the moonlight plays on Tyler’s face. The only haunting thing there was how he managed to get so lucky in love. Tyler catches him staring and tilts his head, walks over to him, and whispers “boo” in Josh’s ear. For some reason, Josh jumps at the unexpected brush against his ear. They both fall into a fit of laughter, until they hear some twigs snapping behind them. Eyes wide, they turn to each other and run out of there as quickly as possibly, falling back into laughter once they’ve safely made it back to the car.
  18. Leaves made a mess of the front year, so Josh attempts to clean the gutters while Tyler is raking the leaves. Tyler is singing to himself, and Josh casually drums on the ladder. But he loses his grip and stumbles, falling off. Thankfully, he lands on his side and doesn’t break anything vital. Tyler rushes him to the hospital just in case, turns out to be a minor sprain and the doctor advises some rest. Tyler spends the car ride back berating Josh for not being more careful. When they get home, Tyler makes him some soup (a homemade, secret recipe) and kisses his forehead. “I’m sorry I got mad at you earlier; I was so scared when you fell. I’m calling a professional tomorrow, so you can rest your wrist.” Of course, Josh knew why Tyler was upset. He thanks him for the soup and returns the kiss.
  19. Lazy Saturday calls for a trip to the library; Josh checks out some cookbooks for Tyler who he finds in the mystery section. Arms full of “scary stories for the dark” and even a few local hauntings. They spend the afternoon pouring over ghost stories that may explain why parts of town always seem creepier than the rest.
  20. The original plan was to spend the day flying a kite, but when it got stuck in a tree - they called it quits and spent the rest of the day in bed with some magazines, library books, and Netflix.
  21. A local flea market calls for a DIY project. They find a beautiful bookshelf and grab some supplies from Home Depot. They spend the rest of the afternoon in the garage sanding it down, painting, and glossing it. They also carve their initials into the base of it, inside. They made it theirs, and it would look perfect next to the fireplace, once they started filling it with their favorites that were overflowing the bedside tables.
  22. Opening the door for local trick-or-treaters was one of their favorite things; seeing all the costumes. But it made them both a bit nostalgic, so on a whim, they both got dressed up, grabbed pillowcases, and joined in on the fun. Coming back home a few hours later with their loot, they gorged themselves on Halloween candy and still had plenty to last themselves until next year.
  23. Practicing his hand at calligraphy, Tyler made his very own cookbook, just for Josh of course. A few of his favorite treats and snacks, all conveniently under the titled of “Love Spells & Potions.” Tyler left it out on the dinner table for Josh to pick what he wanted that night by leaving the page open to the recipe he wanted. Josh left the page open to the author’s name.
  24. Volunteering at the local soup kitchen was a great way to do some charity work on Sunday. They both loved making others smile and it was the least they could do for their community. Of course, they were both exhausted afterwards, but very well worth it. Perhaps they would make a habit of it.
  25. Corn maze. Winner had to carry the other all the way to the car, except that they both got lost and ended up bumping into each other halfway through. And as it turns out, they were the last ones out of the maze. Josh still offered to carry Tyler back but instead, Tyler just put his hand in Josh’s and said, “This way, we’re both carrying a bit of each other.”
  26. Walking down a quiet path overshadowed by tall trees and the leaves are all colors, each of them has a cup of coffee from the local shop and they’re sharing earbuds, listening to the playlist they made together for days like this. The crunch of leaves beneath their feet and the nuzzle of warm, knit scarves against their chins makes them feel as if they’re the only two in the world, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. (Credits to Christine for this last one! It’s perfect and warms my heart!)
Dating Chanyeol would Include:

• He would hold you’re keys/the remote/a cup/etc. over your head and make you jump for it

• Once you start pouting he’ll give in and give it to you

• Late night sessions in his studio joking around

• Him teaching you any instrument you want to learn

• Surprises you with a song he wrote for you

• “I’m not crying there’s just something in my eyes”

• Smothers you with hugs to try to make the crying stop

• “You’re going to make me cry now”

• Lays his head in your lap

• Won’t stop fidgeting until you run your fingers through his hair

• His shirts would most likely swallow you

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That’s My Girl

Member: Yoongi (aka daddy)
Genre: Smut
Summary:  When any of the members, even just one, were around, he had the habit of acting like the biggest dick bag you ever had the displeasure of knowing.
Request: No but I know you want it
Word Count: 3.520
Warnings: Daddy kink, light bondage

~Gif is not mine. Credit to the original creator.~

When it was just you and Yoongi, your time together was blissful. You both enjoyed the comfortable silence and neither of you felt the need to talk just to fill the quiet. You were each independent and confident in your own skin, happy just to be in each other’s presence. You two also bore a striking resemblance to an old couple, complaining at everything together and bickering lightheartedly with one another.

Alone, he was the perfect boyfriend, save for his occasional laziness. He helped you around the house, asked about your day when you returned home, gave you small, I-was-thinking-of-you gifts.

In turn, you gave him space when he was focused on his music and cooked him meals, as he often forgot to eat at times.

However, one thing about Yoongi annoyed you to the end of your wits. When any of the members, even just one, were around, he had the habit of acting like the biggest dick bag you ever had the displeasure of knowing. He was rude and short with you, blew you off, and made jokes at your expense.

Most of the time you bit your tongue, knowing that as soon as you were alone again, Yoongi would be back to himself. Except once in a while, when your patience was wearing thin, you would snap back harshly at him. With the members getting rowdy at your snarky comments, Yoongi typically stopped talking to you after that, but you would get the cold shoulder the rest of the night - even after the boys had left.

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A million different ways | LH

Summary: there’s a million different ways to say I love you and though Luke is going through them all, it seems you are just oblivious

There were a million different ways to say I love you. And Luke was sure he’d gone through all of them. All of them, except the one that was perhaps most important.

He hadn’t actually said that he loved you.

There was a valid reason for that, though. One didn’t say I love you when they knew the other person wouldn’t say it back. And he was sure that you wouldn’t, not in the way that he meant it. You were just friends, after all.

You didn’t know he loved you. If only you had learnt that sometimes actions speak much louder than words.

I’ll walk you home,” Luke said, taking his coat off the hanger. It had been a late night studio session, and you had been there, patiently sitting on the couch and listening to them play.

You were supposed to pick them up from the studio and all go to the cinema together, but needless to say, now that it had gone way past midnight, that plan was off the table. You didn’t care, though.

There was something magical and beautiful about your friends, when they were so caught up in their music that time stopped and the world stopped spinning. It was as if the moment would never end, and you would have loved to stay stuck in there with them forever.

But everything came to an end, and the yawns that kept escaping your mouth told you it wasn’t a moment too soon.

“You don’t have to, Luke,” you answered. You’d already bundled up in your coat. The rain had been hitting the window and you weren’t looking forward to going out there, as it would wash away the cozy feeling that had taken over your body. “My house isn’t far.”

I’m not letting you go out there alone.” He crossed his arms, and you knew the fight had been lost. There was nobody more stubborn than Luke Hemmings, when he got something in his head.

“Goodnight, Y/N!” Calum called, and a chorus of goodbyes followed his as you waved and followed Luke out into the cold.

The rain hit your face, immediately waking you up. “Fuck,” you grumbled, trying to pull your coat closer around your body. “Why didn’t I take the car?”

“Cause it’s a ten minute walk?” Luke offered.

“A ten minute walk in the rain,” you whined, and a grin passed over Luke’s face.

“But look what I’ve got here.” He opened an umbrella from seemingly out of nowhere and held it over your head. It was a small umbrella, one of those pocket ones, and you moved closer to him to get yourself under it completely.

“You are my hero,” you exclaimed, and you didn’t notice the shy smile that he couldn’t hide when your arm hit his.

You spoke about the song that had just been written as you walked towards your house. He watched you, watched your face lit up as you laughed, watched the last stray rain drops that had managed to hit you drip down your hair, watched the way your arms clutched your body as if you could make yourself smaller that way.

Rain drops hit his shoulder. The umbrella was never going to be big enough for the two of you, but you hadn’t noticed that. You didn’t notice when the rain got heavier and Luke’s side got soaked. You just noticed it pour on the umbrella that he held for you.

Do you want a piece?” he asked. It was his birthday and he’d invited all his friends to his house. He’d even gone as far as to get a cake. He hadn’t really celebrated his birthday with a proper party since the band picked up; but you had told him how much you loved a good old fashioned birthday party.

“What is it?” Before he could answer you, you’d dipped your finger in the icing. “Hmm, chocolate. Yes, please.”

“Of course it’s chocolate, it’s brown,” Michael stated. “Can I have a piece?”

“Is there even enough for everybody?” Ashton brought in. “You should’ve bought more than one, Luke.”

Luke sighed. He knew Ashton was right. Damn it, he hated it when Ashton was right. And it happened quite a lot.

“Is there anyone that doesn’t want cake?” he asked hopefully. It stayed eerily silent in the room, and he rolled his eyes. “You’re all pigs.”

“Hey!” you called out, pretending to be hurt. “I’ll have you know a little chocolate cake is very good for this diet I’m following.”

“You’re on a diet?” he frowned, and you shrugged.

“Has to happen sometimes, you know.”

He didn’t think so. He thought you were beautiful, just the way you were, and he had never understood why you didn’t always think so.

“I guess everyone is going to have a very small piece,” he told his guests. He cut the cake, trying to keep the slices as narrow as possible, but he left one piece slightly bigger.

“That’s mine!” said Michael, who had also noticed it, but Luke ignored him.

You hadn’t noticed the one piece that was slightly bigger. You didn’t notice that Luke made sure that that one piece ended up in your hands, keeping it away from Michael by knocking into him “accidentally” when he reached for it.

You noticed that Luke didn’t have a piece, in the end, but he managed to get everyone else at least a little slice.

“Hey,” you said. “Have some of mine.”

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Time (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

A/N: This is actually pretty short, lol. Hope you enjoy!

Requested by Anonymous: Can you do a meme au or imagine with J Gilinsky where y/n feels that jack doesnt spend enough time with y/n?

Pairing: Reader + Jack Gilinsky || Word Count: 1000+ || MASTERLIST

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Preference #18: Midnight

Nate: “You owe me five bucks,” Nate chuckled, one arm tucking under your legs and the other going around your torso. You mumbled something incoherent only making Nate shake his head and laugh even more. Whenever you joined Nate for his late night studio sessions it resulted in you passed out on the couch. You could never stay awake past midnight. Like usual, he ended up carrying you home. This situation happened so frequently that Nate made a game out of it. If you fell asleep before midnight you would owe him five dollars, but if you stayed up he’d owe you money. So far Nate was bleeding you dry. At some point you were determined to stay up past 12 am, ready to gain your money back.

Sammy: Bright lights flashed around as you and music blasted through the club. Sweaty bodies pushing up against each other as you made your way to the VIP area. “Aye Y/N’s here! Now the party can get started,” Sam exclaimed, raising a glass of whatever it was he was drinking in the air. You rolled your eyes, plopping down in the spot next to him. His arm draped over your shoulder and pulled you into a side hug. It was never really a party until you showed up. You were always the one to come up with crazy ideas and to just get everyone going wild. Midnight was the time you felt more alive. The time where you thrived and you were ready to party till the sun came up.

Johnson: The sound of the piano playing was what woke you up. The melody floating about the house and making goosebumps rise against your skin. You knew it was Jack. It was becoming a habit of his to wake up some time around midnight with a new song in mind. Usually you would sleep through all of it, not knowing he was out of bed and working on music. Tonight was somehow different. You no longer felt the warmth from Jack’s body, the bed being left empty and cold. You slid out of bed, making your way to Jack’s music room. A smile embracing your face at the sight of Jack in his element. You weren’t going to interrupt this moment, deciding to just watch him from afar. 

Gilinsky: A loud sneeze came from your right making the whole bed shake, and soon a series of coughs came from Jack. You let out a loud huff, turning over to face your boyfriend with a sad look. “Sorry for waking you,” Jack grumbled, grabbing the box of Kleenex of the nightstand. You hummed in response, looking at the clock with squinted eyes. It was just reaching midnight and from the look on Jack’s face you could tell he was feeling worse than he was earlier. “Come’re,” you mumbled, arms opening wide to make room for him. It didn’t take long for him to snuggle up to you; his face nuzzling into your chest and a sigh of comfort leaving his lips. One thing Jack loved the most was being your arms in the middle of the night.

Swazz: It was eerily quiet in the airport. A few lights turned off and shops closing as the day was winding down. There was something about being in a nearly deserted airport that made your skin crawl and send a tinging down your spine at the same time. The plane you were suppose to board was an hour late, the weather effecting its arrival. You had no idea how you were still awake. The clock showing 12:05 am. Most of the people boarding the same plane as you were asleep, while others were still awake. John was knocked out beside you, head rested on your shoulder, and snoring up a storm. You smiled at his sleeping form, taking out your phone to capture the moment. Unbeknownst to John, you had a whole album of just him sleeping. Saving the pictures for a rainy day of blackmail.