late night stables

it’s 1:19am and I’m covered in pencil lead and I’m trying fucking TRYING to turn her into a poem or art or a masterpiece but my edges are all wrong and my words are fumbled and my fingers are shaking and she’s impossible, just impossible to keep on paper because nothing is ethereal enough to touch her and my pencil simply breaks when I even think about her.
—  Early Mornings || m.l.

Summary: You’re engaged to a prince, but that didn’t stop you from falling in love with Yugyeom, the stable boy. Now with your wedding day approaching, can you resist the temptation to see Yugyeom again?

Genre: Fluff/angst/smut

Length: 2344

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You were engaged to a handsome, wealthy prince, and the wedding was just in a couple of weeks, so you knew you shouldn’t be here, but you couldn’t stay away. You didn’t want to marry a prince. Even though you often heard common girls talking about how amazing it would be to marry a prince and live a life in luxury, that wasn’t the life for you. You’d rather have love than luxury any day.

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