late night reading

I read because I love to, but when I’m in a reading slump, I have other outlets. Reading is love and life and an escape–but it’s not the only healthy escape.

I love that more and more people are reading, but if you are having an off day/week/month/year when it comes to reading, don’t beat yourself up over it. The seed that your love of reading sprouted from is still inside you–it’s just waiting to be watered again with your next great read.


Books read in 2017: Welcome to Night Vale a Novel, Joseph Fink

“I pawned that tear to you all those weeks ago for a reason. And I don’t know what that reason was. Everything I do is for a reason, and I know none of them. Everything makes sense, and the sense is hidden from me. We live in a pattern that we’ll never detect, and that will shuffle us through invisible hierarchies to the actual death of us. We are together on this. And I don’t know why, and I never will, and we just are.”

  • Me: I'm ready, I can read for hours into the night!
  • [10 minutes later]
  • Me: Crap. I fell asleep. What page was I on?
  • [the next night]
  • Me: okay, I need to be up early tomorrow. Only a couple of pages tonight, then I'll pass out.
  • [four hours later]
  • Me: I can't stop reading. Wtf, I need to sleep.
When I first met you, you didn’t catch my attention at all. You started talking to me. We would make sarcastic remarks towards each other, and you wouldn’t get offend. You made me laugh and just smile a lot. I couldn’t get you off my mind. Then I started getting excited to see you. I started getting butterflies around you. Started to laugh a little to hard at your jokes. Then one day it hit me. I like you. You became beautiful to my eye. The way you’d look at me, I knew you felt the same. I fell for you unexpectedly. Its the most beautiful and most horrible kind of way of falling for someone.
—  Crushing a little to hard
When someone dares to open up to you, understand that this isn’t easy.
It isn’t every day that they get the courage to show people the darkness that curls itself around them at night, yet in that moment they have it and are trusting that you won’t make them regret willingly removing their filter.
They’re trusting that you won’t be like the others that made them need one in the first place.
—  Don’t make them regret it. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (357/366)
  • Someone: omg you're so smart ;)
  • Me: *runs into door frames, clueless in every class, forgets everyone's name, loses everything, misspels easy words, studies the same concept every day but remains lost*
  • Me: aww thankssss truee ;)