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He was never good with words when it came to her. So when they stood there, alone, only inches between them, he grabs her face like he always dreamt of and firmly plants his lips against hers. He kisses her for all the times he hurt her. He kisses her for every I’m sorry that wasn’t said. He kisses her for all the right reasons. Because she was the one he really wanted. There was no point in pretending any longer. The kiss was more than just the sweet lips of hers electrifying every atom of his. It represented all the “I miss you’s” he couldn’t bring himself to say to her. Maybe she would finally understand that she was the only thing he ever wrote about. So when their lips separated, the unsaid words hang in the air between them, because it was her.

It’s always been her.

—  @ixnpitt

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Headcannon: Resurrected Chara has natural red eyes, but can activate their creepy glowing daemon eyes at will. So whenever Asriel has a nightmare, night light Chara is there to comfort him (even if they can be a bit rude whilst doing it). This is also great for late night reading and messing with Sans by standing just outside his window at the dead of night.



I usually limit their shiny red eyes to having red reflexes that light up like a cat’s. Still fantastic for staring at Sans through windows at night, but with less adorable night light potential

maybe when they learn more magic they’ll get glowy eyes again

in fact, I’ve just decided that this is a thing, this is canon now, Chara’s eyes glow red when they use magic and/or when goat bro needs to feel like someone tougher than him is watching over him, this is good

The Fire and The Flood

by katebishoop

Clarke came home, for good this time, apparently. Isn’t that what he wanted? She may have looked like her old self again, but he knew that she wasn’t that person that he used to know.

A late night conversation. An air of grievance.
Spoilers for Season 3.
Written before 3x03

Words: 2144, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of tumblr prompts

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A very silly comic of Satan and Me. Their relationship is just golden :3

A very lazy sprits of colour just to illustrate how she quite literally uses him as a night light. I may clean this up… One day. I still have another idea for these two so :P


Never listen to someone who says “Go to bed. Stop reading” because this person has obviously never experienced this magical situation of drowning in a story. Late night reading is literally so much more than ordinary reading - you need to refuse every urge to sleep because you’re caught in a book. This is the true magic of reading and should be kept alive. Forever.


“Blank Space/Girls” - Taylor Swift & The 1975 (Late Nite Reading Cover f…