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Dating Kim Namjoon Would Include:

•Shy Namjoon at first
•He’d want to touch you so badly
•But he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable
•Once he gets comfortable tho oh,boy
•He’d be so touchy
•He’s like a big fluff ball
•Lot’s of back hugs
•Loves to snuggle with you on the couch
•Of course he’d be the big spoon
•Forehead kisses
•He’d bury his head on your neck
•And leave small love bites
•He’s so possessive oml
•He’d get jealous so easily
•But only because he’s so scared of losing you
•He might seem confident and all
•But he’s a sensitive puppy
•Late night conversations
•You’d talk about everything and nothing
•He’d love it when you laid your head on his chest
•And would probably say something cheesy like
•"You hear that? It only beats for you..“
•While sleeping his hands would be wrapped around your waist
•To keep you close
•Because he wants you to feel safe
•Walks in the city late at night
•Hand in hand
•Again just talking about random things
•and enjoying each other’s presence
•He loves to spoil you
•Because you are his princess, his babygirl
•And will literally do anything for you.

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Monsta X: dating Shownu would include

▪ dang he’d be such a gentleman when you first start dating  

▪ always asking for your permission before he does anything that you might be uncomfortable with

 ▪ “y/n, I was wondering…can I hold your hand?" 

▪ "is it ok if I scoot closer next to you?”

 ▪ “You can have my jacket if you want, it’s too cold." 

▪ "I don’t know if this is too soon, and you can totally stop me if you want…but is it ok if I kiss you?" 

▪ ofc you can’t say no, he’s all fidgety and nervously smiling at you 

▪ and all his nerves would disappear when his soft lips touch yours, he feels like he’s in heaven

 ▪ the others absolutely fawning over you two 

▪ bc wow their dad finally found someone who’s gonna love him and care for him and aw hi new mom

 ▪ esp Minhyuk tho, that boy is something else 

 ▪ he’d scream every time you lean in to kiss Shownu’s cheek or if he compliments you on something 

 ▪ gym dates

 ▪ where 99% of the time your attention is focused on him and his muscles and his arms and his focused face and oops, he just caught you staring

 ▪ he’d just smirk tbh, he knows he looks good 

▪ I don’t think he’d be the jealous type 

 ▪ mostly bc he’s confident in your relationship and doesn’t have any doubts about whether you love him or not 

 ▪ but if he sees someone obviously trying to flirt with you, activate alpha mode 

▪ he’d give them a stern look that clearly says that you’re with him

 ▪ might flex his muscles just to show them who’s the man 

▪ then after they leave he’d go back to being a squishy puppy 

▪ late night phone calls just bc he wants to hear your voice 

 ▪ you hugging him super tight after spraying on perfume, just to mark your territory

 ▪ aaaaand cue teasing from the other boys

 ▪ he’s very fond of your hands and often plays with them unconsciously 

 ▪ mostly when he’s laying his head on your lap as you two binge watch TV shows 

 ▪ you try cooking with him, but it never beats late night take outs

 ▪ loves feeding you desert 

 ▪ loves feeding you in general tbh 

 ▪ collarbone kisses will make him weak 

▪ he hates how you’re so subtle about kissing him there, even in public bc he’ll start squirming

 ▪ matching everything

 ▪ cups, shoes, shirts, hats, you name it, he’s already ordered it 

▪ leaving lipstick marks on his neck when hes sleeping

 ▪ him getting you back by leaving dark love bites on your neck 

▪ which are harder to get rid of yikes 

 ▪ but you never mind 

 ▪ the best husband material, he needs to wife you asap 😻

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moonbin roommate!au 🏢

• you’d end up rooming with him on an apartment off campus for college 

• at first he seems awkward, but after a few days of having to share the same bathroom which resulted in many accidents, you guys become comfortable with each other

• specialties include making really good instant ramen

• surprisingly good at diy projects?

• secretly uses your shampoo because he likes the way it smells

or maybe because it reminds him of you

• you have the privilege of hearing him sing in the shower

• trying weird face masks together

• randomly singing out of nowhere

• has a habit of falling asleep on the couch

• usually forgets to take off his glasses before sleeping

• has passed on his cold to you more than once

• gets worried when you come home late

• always remembers to ask you how your day was

• tries to help you study but ends up confusing himself

• tries to walk you everywhere even if it’s just to the convenience store

• late night gaming

• adopted a puppy without telling you

• he tried to hide it but you found out anyways

• “woof!”

• “what was that?”

//fake coughs// “what are you talking about?”

• he tried to make a three-course meal for your birthday but ended up ordering takeout instead

• matching costumes on halloween

• he makes each valentine’s day with you special even if you’re not dating

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