late night outtings

Call My Name

It’s late, but late nights had become their thing as of, well…late. Late night dates, late nights sneaking out, but most of all late night calls. With Jughead in the South and Betty in the North sometimes all they could do is talk.

Jughead calls with innocent enough intentions at 10 pm. They talk about school assignments, his foster family, Betty’s waffling on whether to close the Blue and Gold. But now it’s going on 4 am and the conversation begins to devolve as it often tends to in the early hours of the morning.

God I miss you Betts,” Jughead’s voice is husky, sleepy. The timbre of it, her nickname on his lips starts to make her body squirm with desire, “It’s been too long since I’ve kissed you.”

“Yes it has,” Betty is a little surprised at how thick her voice sounds; she brushes the curve of her breast experimentally.

“What are we gonna do about that? I need you Juggie… I need your lips on me.” Her breath catches as she ghosts her palm across a nipple,she moans as she catches it between her fingers and pinches.

Where do you want my lips? Tell me Betty…” She can hear his voice crack, “…touch yourself while you tell me.” She hears shifting on the other end of the and she can only imagine that he has his dick in his hand right now, gripping the thick stiffness with calloused fingers. She moans at the filthy imagery popping up in her mind’s eye,her own hand slipping down beneath the waistband of her panties.

“All over Juggie…” she pants, slipping fingers through her already wet thatch of curls, finding her slick lips, “ my neck , my lips, my breasts..” My pussy is what she really wants to say but they’ve only just begun this dalliance and she’s still a bit shy and unsure of it.

“I wanna spread you open and bury my face in your thighs…” Apparently Jughead is not unsure at all, skipping right past the warm up.

God, do you know how good you taste Betty?” She can hear the sloppy, wet sounds of his lubricated hand violating himself and it excites her. She slips a finger inside herself and crooks it, half disappointed. Jughead’s fingers are so much bigger, rougher and she loves the way they drag inside her walls. She adds another finger and they still can’t simulate his girth but it feels a little closer to the real thing.

“You taste like honey Betty…” he keens, “I want you so bad I could cry.”

“Mmm… God Juggie…” she whimpers, “I want you too. I want your lips around my clit,” she brings her fingers up out of herself to circle the bundle of nerves with purpose, “I want you slipping yourself inside me…God,baby I’m so wet…” she whines.

“How do you want it Betts?” He pleads, his voice beginning to break, his breath shallow and his tone urgent. He must be close, she thinks.

“Tell me how you want me to fuck your pretty little pussy.” Betty lets out a strangled cry at the stream of filth coming his mouth.

“ My legs over your shoulders….” she pants, “…You, driving your dick into me so hard I can’t think straight, all I can do is scream your name, beg you to fuck me til I come….” She feels the beginning of her undoing coming, her body begins to stiffen, back bowing off the bed.

“Fuck Betts….”

“Or you could bend me over, arch my ass up in the air and bury my face in the pillow while you pound into me from behind with that Big. Fucking. Cock.”

“Yes Betty…Oh God! Oh God–”

“I’m gonna come Juggie! Come with me baby! Come with me!” She pleads as the pressure builds behind her eyes.

She hears a long, base kind of groan, raw and guttural and she knows he’s come. The thought of his release dropping down the sides of his hands as he pumps himself through his release sends her over and she screams into her pillow as best she can, trying to muffle the sound and not wake her early rising parents.

There are several moments of deep panting filling the phone line as the teens catch their breath.

“So…” Betty yawns, “When do we get to do that in person?”

“Fuck…I’m picking you up today, wrath of Alice be damned.”

“Today? Don’t you mean tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is today technically Betts.” Jughead chuckles.

“Touché Juggie,”’she yawns, “See you later then. Think I need to at least try to get a few hours in before class.”

“Yeah, same here unfortunately…I love you.”

“I love you too.”

band members as things i've heard at school
  • patrick: i may be "tiny," but i can still kick your ass. don't try me bitch.
  • brendon: i'm not gay but i do have a major man crush on nick jonas, not gonna lie
  • someone: i thought it was ryan reynolds?
  • brendon: oh yeah. him too. also harry styles, justin bieber...
  • pete: i haven't slept in three days but i should be fine, ill grab a coffee at lunch
  • pete: *falls asleep on his desk literally 10 minutes later*
  • ryan: sorry i took so long, i was having a breakdown in the bathroom
  • gerard: *whispering* oh my god what the fuck is she thinking? double denim? what is this, the fucking 80's?
  • andy: i love you guys but can you please, please not?
  • someone: build!that!wall!
  • joe, loudly: HOW ABOUT NO, THANKS?
  • dallon: i'd literally rather be dead than hang out with you tomorrow
  • dallon: so yeah sure we can hang out, when?
  • frank: i'm a simple man, i love dogs and i like boobs
  • tyler: you ever come to the realization that school is kinda like prison? we're forced to do things, we have to eat at certain times, we're forced to interact with each other..
  • josh:
  • josh: you just blew my fucking mind

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🃏 Reigen? (or anyone really : D )

* squints angrily at the emoji * desktop messes them upppp but i think it’s the tarot one? so yea i’m in the reigen = the hanged man camp

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: patrick stump is a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing human and i literally refuse to die until he non-jokingly acknowledges how pretty he is

jackson wang abc’s(22 days ‘til his bday 🎂🎈🎉 )

is for darling

Whenever you’re starting to get annoyed by her, remember how you felt when you first started talking to her and how beautiful her smile is

Whenever she’s driving you insane and you wanna yell at her, remember how at one point all you wanted to do was listen to her and know all her childhood secrets

Whenever you feel like you want her to stay away from you, remember those times when you couldn’t keep your hands off of her because you loved the touch of her skin

Whenever you feel like you don’t wanna spend time with her anymore, remember your first date and how the only thing you wanted to do was to spend as much time with her as possible

Whenever you feel like you don’t want to kiss her anymore, remember your first kiss; how nervous you were and how happy it made you afterwards

Whenever you don’t want to sleep next to her anymore, remember how at one point the only way for you to fall asleep was only if you were in her arms

Whenever you feel like leaving her, remember how it felt when you couldn’t see her for two or three days straight and how terrible it made you feel

And if none of those memories break your heart and make you remember why you love her, then carefully explain to her that she’s the one that has to leave you

—  Because, darling, you don’t deserve her anymore