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Dating Tom Holland would include:

These are kinda random… Oops, enjoy :) •Netflix Binges •Tom would totally watch anything with you •Facetiming when he’s gone •Long walks with Tessa •Impromptu photo sessions all the time •His parents thinking your adorable •Your parents loving him •Tom would literally be the definition of chivalrous •Doors open, chairs out, hand holding •Big romantic dates, like star watching or picnics •Practically adopting Harrison, even though he’s an adult •Pulling pranks on Tom with his brothers •His siblings want to hang out with you all the time •Major, major, major pda •Like always •Tom loves to show others your his •Hickeys •Lots of Hickeys •You’d be good friends with Laura and Zendaya •Tom would always try to bring you filming with him •He can’t stand being away from you •Discussing the future together in bed, late at night •Tom’s Instagram is basically all you •He loves to take you travelling •You always sit in the passenger seat when he drives •Steamy make outs while you watch late night talk shows •Cooking together •Waking up to Tom cooking •Watching Tom and Harrison attempt to play one on one basketball •Freaking out when Tom does all those funky trampoline tricks because you love him and want to spend your lives together •Being the star of literally all of Tom’s social media outlet •Videoing and taking pictures of Tom for your snapchat •Fans literally worship you for the lovely pictures of Tom on your social medias •Tom loving you to pieces •Tom texting you every second he’s not with you •Even when filming, to the point where the director and all the crew are annoyed at how cute you two are

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camila_cabello: Here is to the late night conversations with milk and cookies, the living room dance parties, and the tightest hugs when we haven’t seen each other for too long- and most of all to the memories we have yet to make. Here’s to an amazing friend and a magical woman, @taylorswifthappy birthday linda!!!!!!