late night minecraft

What the Mad King had given the Foolish King, he had now taken back.

And as the sky did fall upon the world, so, too, did the Mad King rise from the ashes of the Fool’s extinguished reign.

sunnyotakuu sent in the first line as a prompt (thanks a bunch!).

Insert some sort of apology here about adding to the mountain of Mad King vs The Fool and something about crowns art. I recommend full size for sure on this one because Ryan’s face turns to mashed potatoes when resized. (Speaking of, I might post the lines of his face and Geoff’s at some point because I worked hard on them and they got lost in the color. grays. whatever)

Here, have some drunken cutie patoots. Worked on this for like 9ish hours. My third drawing ever on a tablet, whoo!

This is from the Drunk Minecraft episode WHACK-A-MOLE. Watching the episode also explains why Wade has a long, black wig.

DRUNK MINECRAFT EVERBODY! Markiplier, LordMinion777, and muyskerm!

Crap, I just noticed Bob’s coat is transparent to the lava (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Okay so! Ive got a LOTTA bit to tell you guys.. (and maybe to Jack and Mark too if they see this at all.. highly doubt it..)

Ive added the keep reading so i dont think you guys can take a peek of it on mobile. Its fairly long, so i wanna spare you guys the agony of scrolling through my opinion once more..

My heart is going to be poured out.. so this will be sad.. read with caution.


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Its been a while since I saw Cry stream and by far they’re still funny. Its was around 1 am when Cry and the gang were playing minecraft and in on scene, Cry was trying to reach a certain zombie while being bombarded with arrows from skeletons. And when Cheyenne pointed out he had an arrow on his face, I practically snorted in laughter (I tried to keep quiet cuz my mom and sibling were sleeping).