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Warnings: mentions of blood, violence, prostitution.

  • Actual Hitman!Taemin. Picture it now.
  • Most of the time he’d either have his jet black hair or that white blonde color.
  • And he’d always have the really thick, smoky eyeliner ringing his eyes (picture the Ace era makeup) when he’s working.
  • It makes him look a little tougher (and a little unbalanced, at least, according to Kibum).

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Late Thanksgiving fic.

Based on this propmt

The ghost crew adopts a lothali tradition, while Ezra learns that he has a new family. This takes place in season one, some time after “Droids in Distress” probably after “Rise of the Old Masters”.

This plays into the popular headcanon that Hera can’t cook and Kanan’s great at it. It’s basically just fluff with a bit of angst enjoy.

When Ezra was a little boy, when he still had his parents, he would celebrate Harvest Day. It was a popular tradition in Lothal. Every year to celebrate the end of a successful harvest, every family would gather around and eat a big banquet while saying wat they were thankful for. It was Ezra’s favorite holiday, he didn’t really know how it worked at the time, but the Force would surround him in the warmth and love coming from his parents.

After his parents were gone, he didn’t think about it too much. He couldn’t afford to think about some big banquet when he was struggling for food every day. He couldn’t fantasize about his family coming back, he had to focus on surviving. Besides, it hurt too much.

After he joined the Ghost crew, he didn’t worry about food anymore. He always had a warm meal waiting for him and that warmth emanating from the Force was back. And now he had the ability to take it all in.

One day he, Kanan and Sabine went out to the market to do some late night shopping to find it empty.

“That’s weird…” said Sabine, already putting her hands on her blasters.

“Wait Sabine” Kanan exclaimed, he reached out to the Force to see if there was any danger but… “Ezra do you sense that?”

Genuinely confused, Ezra reached out and he felt it again, the warmth, the love and he knew exactly why the market was empty.

“Oh yeah… Sabine put your blasters away it’s just Harvest Day”

“Harvest Day?” she answered.

“Ah yeah… it’s a holiday to celebrate a successful harvest everyone probably took the day off to celebrate it with their families”

“How do you celebrate it?” Kanan asked.

“You sort of gather around to have a feast and say what you’re thankful for.” Ezra said, “We’re supposed to be thanking the harvest goddess for letting us have food for another year.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Haven’t thought about since my folks were gone… I forgot” He shrugged.

Kanan felt a distinct sadness coming from Ezra, poor kid, he knew exactly how remembering your loved ones hurt, but Ezra had to learn to look back at the memory of his parents not only with sorrow or despair but also with fondness and love. So he thought of something, “Let’s celebrate it.”

“What?” Ezra exclaimed.

“Um yeah… Kanan?” said Sabine, “Like… I’m all for it but there’s barely any food on the Ghost and clearly everything is closed”

“Besides,” Ezra interrupted “We don’t have to. I appreciate it and all but it’s unnecessary”

Kanan just shrugged them off, “Oh, come on! There has to be something open. Besides, since we’re on Lothal we should try to adopt some of its traditions.”

“But Kanan…”

“That’s enough, Ezra. Now you two help me look for a store.”

They wondered around town for like an hour, till they found this place that was really sketchy. Kanan was sure they were a cover up for an illegal spice-smuggling operation but it had food in it. So, for tonight’s purposes, it was great.

“So what do you eat in Harvest Day?”

“Uh… loth-turkey. But that takes like forever to cook we would be eating it for breakfast” Ezra was clearly irritated, Kanan would talk to him about it later.

“Ok… so no turkey. The chicken will do, then”

“Wait tell me Hera isn’t cooking” Sabine said. She sounded terrified and Ezra froze at the thought too.

Kanan burst out laughing “Don’t worry. I’m going to cook”

The kids both sighed and relief was apparent in their bodies. Kanan laughed again, shaking his head.

They bought vegetables, chicken and the only juice bottle that wasn’t past its expiration date (this wasn’t a luxury they could usually afford, but they had gotten a good deal on those droids). They headed home carrying the bags. Sabine looked happy looking forward to Kanan’s cooking, but Ezra was looking at the floor, a frown on his face, clearly upset.

Kanan told Sabine to go ahead and, after a concerned glance at Ezra, she obeyed.

“Ok, kid. What’s wrong?”

“I already told you, you don’t have to do this.” He responded. Cold, still looking at the ground.


“That you don’t have to do this!” Ezra snapped, “I know why you’re doing this. But you don’t have to. You don’t have to waste so much money on me!”

“I don’t care about the money.”

“Still! You people give me enough already. I don’t need this!” Ezra was in the verge of tears now.

Kanan leaned in and place a hand on Ezra’s shoulder, “But we want to give it to you anyway.”

Ezra was perplexed and just stared at Kanan. Then, he burst into tears and Kanan drew him into a hug.

“We’re family now, Ezra.” He said, softly, “That means doing things for each other, even if we don’t have to.” He drew back, both hands on his shoulders so he would look him in the eye. “And that means you are never a burden, understand?”

Ezra wiped the tears off his face but they just kept coming. He couldn’t speak so he just nodded and Kanan drew him into another hug. He let himself cry and be taken over by the emotions he was feeling right now. Because it hadn’t hit him until now: he wasn’t alone anymore. He was cared for and protected. He had people who would have his back, who wanted him to feel welcomed. He had a family again and he had forgotten what that felt like. He hadn’t been cared for in so long he didn’t know how to react to it, he felt overwhelmed. So he just cried.

Eventually, he managed to pull himself back together. Feeling a little embarrassed at the stain in Kanan’s shirt he pulled back and apologized.

“Don’t worry, kid. Now, let’s go, you don’t want to experience a hungry Sabine.”

They resumed their walking in comfortable silence enjoying the cold breeze and the pleasant sight of the extensive grassland Lothal possessed. Ezra couldn’t stop smiling.

Right as they were reaching the Ghost. Ezra said “Uh…Kanan?” he paused, feeling a little embarrassed, scratching his head, not sure how to phrase this, “Thank you.”

“It’s ok, kid.” He smiled and put an arm around his shoulders as they walked on board, where they were greeted by Hera.

“Hey, love.”

“Hey” he leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips.

She smiled and said, “What’s this?” pointing at the bags.

“It’s for Harvest Day”

“Harvest Day?”

“Yeah, it’s too thank the… Harvest goddess, is it?” he looked at Ezra who, suddenly looking a whole lot nervous than before, just nodded. “For a successful harvest and say what we’re thankful for in general”

“It’s not a problem is it?” Ezra asked quickly, insecure, shoulders hunched and looking at the ground.

Hera shot a concerned glance at Kanan and in the concern in his face she saw that this wasn’t just about some holiday. So she responded gently and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Of course not.”

“Yeah, why don’t you go to your room or hang out with Sabine. I’ll call you when supper is ready” Kanan said.

“Ok” he responded and then went up the ladder while Kanan and Hera headed for the galley.

When they got there, the bags Sabine had been carrying were already on the counter. So Kanan set to work taking the ingredients out.

“So,” Hera said, “What’s this about?”

“I wanted the kid to feel welcomed here. He still feels like a burden, we can’t let him feel like that” He said, softly.

Hera looked at him with love and admiration. Her partner was truly an amazing man. She leaned into his side and he turned to face her, putting an arm around her waist.

“Well…” She said. “I’m thankful that you’re so great with the kids” she leaned in to kiss him.

“I’m thankful for you” he smiled and returned the kiss.

“I’m thankful for you too.” They kissed for a few more moments. Loving, sweet kisses as if they had just started dating. Until at last she pulled back. “So… anything I can help you with?”

“Oh no… You’re staying away from the food.” He laughed.

“Really? You don’t even trust me to cut vegetables?”


“On what?”

“Can you pinpoint the knife?” He laughed and she punched his shoulder, but she was smiling too.

Hera did ended up cutting the vegetables while Kanan prepared the chicken. It wasn’t the fanciest banquet just chicken, mashed potatoes and cut veggies, but it was the best thing they had eaten in a while. Kanan was rather proud.

They all gathered around the dejarik table, to admire the view. Sabine was about to grab the entire chicken when Hera stopped her by swatting her hand. “Wait! We’re supposed to say thanks first right Ezra?”

“Uhh… yeah”

“Why don’t you go first, kid?” Kanan said.

“Umm… Sure” he stopped, not being very sure on how to proceed.

“Quickly, kid” Sabine said, very menacingly and it took one look at her face to give Ezra the incentive he needed.

“I’m thankful for all of you. For taking me in and for this” he pointed at the food, “a few months ago I was struggling for food and now…” His voice broke, he felt like he was going to cry. Everyone raised their glasses and toasted to that, for they were all grateful for the family they had found and the hope that the empire would never take away.

Ezra let himself be enveloped in the warmth of love in the Force, for he had a family now and as much as they were willing to protect him, he knew he would give his life to protect the people that he loved.

the end.