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All Men Are Afraid of Dying - LadyBaelish27 - Beauty and the Beast (1991) [Archive of Our Own]
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This is one of the few beautiful stories I’ve been reading that’s keeping me up late at night. Beautifully well written, @ladybaelish27, thank you for the late nights!

I feel bad for the schmucks at work… Not really.. #notevensorry 

Chapters: 29/?
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (1991), Beauty and the Beast - All Media Types, Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Adam/Belle (Disney), Beast/Belle (Disney)
Characters: Belle (Disney), Adam (Disney), Beast (Disney), Lumiere (Disney), Cogsworth (Disney), Maurice (Disney), LeFou (Disney)
Additional Tags: 2017 Film

Her prince quirked up half his mouth, looking almost shy as he reminded her, “When you told me you loved me, I wasn't… this. I wasn’t the man who stands before you now. Everything’s changed since that night.”

“Changed for the better,” Belle assured him. She squeezed his hand a little and admitted, “There was something very alluring, to be certain, about the very large, very strong body you inhabited when I first met you.” She sank her teeth into her bottom lip as Adam looked away and rolled his blue eyes. She put her free hand to his coat, feeling his very human chest beneath it, and she insisted in a quiet voice, “There are things I wouldn’t have done with you then. It would have felt wrong. It doesn’t feel wrong now, though.”

“Things,” he repeated, shutting his eyes for a moment.


Belle is adjusting to life in the rejuvenated castle. Her prince is remembering what it means to be human. They’ll both need help. Novel-length, based on the 2017 film.

Friends-themed Study Moods
  • The Monica: perfect posture sitting at a desk, colored gel pens in a cup, candles, homework in perfectly aligned stacks and clipped neatly on clipboards, Cornell notes, color-coded planner(s?) full of lists, dates from your syllabus input the very first day of classes, Pomodoro timers ticking in the background, highly focused with no music and no distractions, a bite of an Oreo as a reward for every page read, post-its for everything
  • The Chandler: instant coffee that's getting cold, Netflix playing alongside a Google Doc study guide, late night study sessions alone in a dark dorm room, constantly texting your best friend trying to help them pass and convinced teaching them is also helping you, responding to intrusions with sarcasm to hide happiness that hey at least this means it's break time, under a lot of stress but never quite enough to quit Netflix
  • The Ross: sitting in a library the first week of school, papers scattered all around in "organized chaos", reading ahead for your classes, a BIC ballpoint and yellow highlighter in your hand, losing points on assignments by overthinking everything and forgetting to answer the actual questions and then emailing your profesor, textbooks on the side that have nothing to do with the classes you're taking, dinosaur socks, debates everything and acts annoyed but definitely enjoys it, decaf coffee but if anyone asks it's a triple shot
  • The Rachel: studying with friends at Starbucks with a no whip mocha frappuccino, asking one another for help, making flashcards to quiz each other with, notes with purple pen and metallic gold for the headers, pop music playing over headphones, every Mildliner in your Kipling 100 pen case, hair up in a clip, planner that you fill only around exam time, doodles on everything, somehow finding yourself on pinterest or online shopping
  • The Joey: midterm? there's midterm?, cramming the night before, texting friends for help but they're all asleep (except maybe Joey), energy drinks and junk food, scrawling notes out in pencil on scrap paper even though you'll never have time to review them, watching Khan Academy and other Youtube vids on 1.5x speed, migrating to work on your (unmade) bed even though you know it's a bad idea, waking up without realizing you even fell asleep and then setting five alarms for the morning, understanding the fact that you do well under pressure
  • The Phoebe: messy buns, sitting outside either on a picnic table or the grass, you can be alone or with friends you'll do fine either way, rings glinting in the sun, losing track of time, snacking on nuts, an 8tracks playlist of indie alternative music mixed with some electro everyone's surprised about, you don't show off how much you know so you're constantly underestimated, coming up with rhymes and mnemonics to memorize things, pressed juice in a reusable bottle as well as some tea in a old pasta sauce jar, essential oils, Tumblr during study breaks
I find myself getting jealous. Like I want to say, “go have an adventure, go see the world!” But then in the back of my mind, I’m like “only with me though.” And I know that’s selfish, but it’s how I feel.
—  Things He Once Said To Me

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“the fans call me and louis larry stylinson” literally no one was calling you that until you made it up yourselves and probably spent a lot of late nights discussing what combo of your names sounds best you giant fucking saps

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


DAY 3: Confession or First Date

im a day late but !! not sure what this is,, might be a silent confession or something  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯