late night hosts own my soul


  • jon stewart as martha jones - modest, rational, sensible
  • craig ferguson as river song - flirty, badass, smart
  • jimmy fallon as rory williams - ADORABLE
  • “stephen colbert” as the master - fanatic, narrow-minded with a twisted view on the world

knowing how much of the it is actually written, i wouldn’t complain about the show not being nominated in the outstanding writing category. my problem is with him not being nominated in the Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series category. but if that’s what you mean then we couldn’t agree any less. because no. he should NOT be using his writers for every sentence that comes out of his mouth. he should not have a show just like the ones before it in the genre have been for ages. he should be his very silly, very intelligent, and very very creepy self. he should be himself. that’s why the show works. because he managed to make it his own. and it’s very much his own. 
the essay that i promised is behind the

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awkward things i do while watching late night tv
  • do fingerpistols whenever craig comes out
  • pump my fist and chant stephen’s name with the audience
  • finish craig’s jokes 
  • and when he does something predictable, tell him that ooooh, i know you alright!
  • occasionally stroke the screen
  • do the sarah palin impression with conan
  • dance along with secretariat 
  • when they do something outstanding: kiss my fingertips, blow them a kiss, and say c'est magnifique 
  • say cbs cares and do the /\ whenever craig and geoff say it
  • and i constantly talk back to the screen
  • my one year anniversary of watching tds/tcr and two year anniversary of watching the late late show is coming up
  • i should find a way to celebrate this
  • it’s a bit creepy, though. there’s not another person that i spend as much time with as i do with ferguson
  • it’s no wonder i feel so much love for him
  • you know what’s also _very creepy. dried and blackened sunflowers. god, THEY ARE THE WORST. SO VERY VERY VERY CREEPY AND SCARY AND UNNERVING.