late night hiatus

1D Hiatus: Day 363

* Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ is released

* Niall arrives in London

* Louis and Steve Aoki perform ‘Just Hold On’ on The X Factor

* The boys, their families and close friends attend The X Factor to support Louis

* The Sun publishes an article about Louis’ performance and the boys joining him backstage

* Harry meets a fan backstage at The X Factor

* Lou Teasdale posts a selfie with Louis on her Instagram story

* Fizzy posts a picture of Louis performing on her Snapchat story

* Louis appears on Steve Aoki’s Snapchat story

* #ProudOfLouis and #JustHoldOnLouis trend on Twitter

* More pictures of Harry out in London three days ago are released

* Pictures and videos of Niall performing and backstage at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City come out

* You can now follow Louis’ very own Spotify account

It’s Dec 10th, 2016.

Late Night

The screech of her phone jolted Raven awake, tearing through the silence with all the delicacy of a freight train. Grumbling out a curse between clenched teeth, her eyes fluttered open and listened to her phone ringing next her her. Only one person in the entire universe could be calling her at this hour. Wait, let her rephrase that, there was only one person who was stupid enough to be calling her at this hour.

Groaning, Raven groped around to reach for her phone and flicked it on. “Why in the world are you calling me at three in the morning, Jason?”

“You love to hear my voice, admit it.”

“I believe you’re confusing the word ‘love’ with the word ‘completely and utterly annoyed’.”

“That’s four words, Rae. Even I can count that.”

She sighed, her eyes fluttering close. “I’m surprised actually… that you can count above two.”

“Ha ha.”

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