late night hiatus

A lil status update of what ground is feeling at this time.


That is all.

1D Hiatus: Day 363

* Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ is released

* Niall arrives in London

* Louis and Steve Aoki perform ‘Just Hold On’ on The X Factor

* The boys, their families and close friends attend The X Factor to support Louis

* The Sun publishes an article about Louis’ performance and the boys joining him backstage

* Harry meets a fan backstage at The X Factor

* Lou Teasdale posts a selfie with Louis on her Instagram story

* Fizzy posts a picture of Louis performing on her Snapchat story

* Louis appears on Steve Aoki’s Snapchat story

* #ProudOfLouis and #JustHoldOnLouis trend on Twitter

* More pictures of Harry out in London three days ago are released

* Pictures and videos of Niall performing and backstage at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City come out

* You can now follow Louis’ very own Spotify account

It’s Dec 10th, 2016.