late night fapping material

anonymous asked:

I read you had written an stripped and that fic is missed, so idk if this possible but can i have headcanon about that au?

Mod K:

Well… it was actually… more like a cam girl au, now that I think about it.

1. Touka is 19 years old and trying to take care of her younger brother (who for the sake of this au is like 15 and still in high school) after the death of her parents. She originally had a part time barista job and went to school, but had to drop out after money became an issue. She needs a way to find money fast and happens to learn about cam girling from the internet.

2. She’s like. no. not doing that.

3. But money becomes more of a concern and she bites the bullet and tries it out – she buys some wigs and never shows her face in the streams. She actually gets pretty into it, and is surprised by how much she enjoys doing it – getting off in front of people, but there’s no real committment aside from the streams that she does, and the money pours in. She takes on the moniker of Usagi and gets quite popular.

4. With the additional money, Touka is able to go back to school. She is constantly pissed during the classical lit class that she has to take and is strugggling with the class. Her cam girl works becomes her secret and dark past time to relieve her stress.

5. Ken is an older university student working as a TA and he happens to stumble open Touka’s stream by complete accident while looking for fap material one late night. He becomes an instant fan. As her face is obscured, he doesn’t notice that Usagi isn’t the same girl in the Lit class that he is a TA for.