late night editing is never good

Dating ethan would include

•loud obnoxious singing in the car

•ethan being weirdly good at singing high school musical songs

•stealing each others sweaters

•dates to the puppy store

•late night conversations

•sending you songs that remind him of you

•ethan sending you memes at 2am

•so many dick jokes

•participating in challenge videos

•ethan teaching you how to edit videos

•forehead kisses

•movie nights (“Ethan how many times can we watch harry potter” “THERES NEVER ENOUGH TIMES”)

•lots of cuddles

•like nonstop cuddles

•so many cuddles

d twenty

            There’s a certain kind of student that takes well to the university. After a few months, they’ll refer to themselves as Paladin- offering the stoic defense of their blade (a pocketknife) to the ignorant and irritated alike. Or they’ll go by Wizard- doling out meaningless advice in the most sagely tone they can manage. The Gentry will find them endearing. The students will count the days until they try to smite a Good Neighbor. They will notice neither of these reactions, and live nose-deep in yellowed Monster Manuals. Third Edition.

            Perhaps you’ll befriend one on a late Thursday night. You’ll be studying in a common room, and they’ll grab your hand, promising that if you do them a slight favor you’ll never have to study again. You will find this foreboding. You will also remember, however, that everyone older than you referred to these guys as “harmless” and “hopelessly bemused”. And you weren’t really in the mood to study anyways.

            They’ll lead you to an unused classroom. Some of their number are already there- a plump man in a plumper wizard hat, a tattooed girl playing with tarot cards, two bespectacled lovers with matching waist-length hair. Art majors, then.

             You’re handed a spreadsheet. It’s one for Slyck the Uncanny, three-eyed trickster with two levels in Unseen Seer. There’s something scratched out beside the words “Player Name”. You carefully write your name in, leaving a little smiley-face next to it. And the game begins!

            The night passes in a blur of corrupt magisters, prisons, prison breaks, raids on the magister’s estate, and secret libraries. You predict the weak points in the Kyton’s defensive matrix, and the Fighter that brought you here impales it on a cursed blade. Cheers! The screams of slain devils! The magister, now free of abyssal control, rewards you with a feast and an wagonload of gold. And as you all rest in their estate- swollen with praise and fine meats alike- you dream of something changed. Three levels, now.

            You don’t know quite how you got home that night. You certainly haven’t seen any of the adventurers since. All that you know is that the words you added to the character sheet- Divination Spell Power, written beneath lines each in a different handwriting- aren’t ones you can forget. Algebraic proofs now slip from your mind. People joke that you’re another Craig, who bartered away his knowledge of calculus for irresistible eyes. But when you sit down for exams you see nothing but the correct answers, emblazoned on the page.

            And when you walk the campus, you notice more Good Neighbors than you did before. You don’t meet their eyes. A single game with the Adventurers doesn’t make you one.

            You plan on surviving these four years, after all.


got a little inspired by the snippets on D&D! thank you :)


Super late post but here’s my breakfast from today. 😍 Cinnamon oatmeal with banana, frozen berries, PB2 powdered peanut butter and puffed millet.
I’ve never had puffed millet before but I thought it would add a nice visual and textural change to my oatmeal. It doesn’t really have a flavour and it isn’t crunchy. It’s more like tiny bits of popcorn. I like it!
We spent our day walking around Málaga. The weather was perfectly sunny but not too hot. 😎 We are relaxing now so I think I’ll spend the rest of the night studying Duolingo and editing photos. I hope you’re having a good weekend! 🤗

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I'm feeling very tired right now, and my whole body hurts from stupid cramps 😭 Could you do a scene of Ethan taking care of the reader on her period? 💙

ahh! yes i can try to write this!! hopefully i get everything right, i hope you feel better bha and tysm! i’m slightly peeved because this is the second time this draft has been deleted, but i love the prompt,,

On Your Period

You’d felt horrible for the last couple of days, but this was the worst. You were curled up in a tight ball on your bed, trying to alleviate some of the pain in your abdomen. It felt like something was burning inside of you, and you hated every moment of it. You’d burrowed under your blanket, with a pillow on any side of you, your eyes screwed tightly with the absolute pain you were in.

You’d been trying to get some work done, but everything was blurring together because of the heated pain in your stomach, so your laptop was on your pillow while you laid in a mountain of blankets. It was going to be okay, you knew that, it just didn’t feel good now. However hard you concentrated on working, something was never quite right, and it was beginning to frustrate you how much time it took to do such simple tasks.

Of course, you also felt bad for Ethan, because you’d snapped at him earlier because all of your emotions are out of whack, but that isn’t a good excuse. You’d profusely apologized, both in person and over text, and he’d promised up and down that everything was fine and you were still absolutely adorable in his personal opinion.

Speaking of your boyfriend, he’s been working some pretty late nights lately, trying to get everything done. Some editing, some recording, some streaming; he’s been doing it all, and you love how passionate it is but wish that it didn’t have such a negative effect on his health. Everything felt really slow and syrupy in your head, but you’re sure he’s racing at a million miles a minute to try and finish everything.

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive; Ethan came walking into your shared bedroom as soon as you thought of him. “Hey, Y/N,” he grins, “mind if I lay with you for a little bit?”

“Hey, you,” you smile back, though you’re still hurting pretty bad. Ethan looks absolutely exhausted. “Did you stay up all night again? Come take a nap, love, you’ve earned it for sure.”

He comes over and lays beside you, on his back, but he keeps on making motions to hold you. You wouldn’t normally brush him off, but you really want to finish this project and you’ve felt so unproductive compared to him lately. Especially when he’s waking up early and going to sleep at the same time; his days are basically twenty hours long at some points, and you’re trying to discourage him from doing that.

Eventually, he gives up on making you give in, and instead hooks an arm under your hips and pulls you on top of him, linking his arms around your waist (and pulling all of the blankets with him) and, of course, trapping you.

“Ethan, I’m busy,” you try to complain. You really do make an effort to try to seem like you don’t care that he’s warm, or his skin is really soft against yours, or that he’s so nice and warm and his bare skin is like a heating pad on your stomach. You definitely try to ignore how cute his lips are, smiling at you, with his glasses falling down his nose and his bright blueberry hair so delightfully messy.

And you totally ignore the way he basically purrs when you scratch his head, and lean your head against his shoulder.

“You know exactly how to make me happy,” he giggles, and it’s priceless. “And I know exactly how to get you to relax for a change. I know I’m kind of a hypocrite, but you’ve been pushing yourself to do a lot while you’re hurting really bad.”

“I just want to try to be useful, instead of just a blob of attention-seeking and whining,” you pout in return, and he takes the opportunity to kiss you swiftly.

“But you’re not,” he insists, “you’re being what everybody should want to be, because you’re you, and I love you.”

“You really need to take a nap, Ethan. You’re practically slurring your words together trying to take care of me when you’re the baby blueberry.”

“Pfft,” he snorts in a little giggle, covering your face in kisses. “I’ll only sleep if you do, too. I have a hard time getting to bed without you.”

“Okay, just this once. I hope I don’t bleed all over you.”

“Ew,” he crinkles his nose.

“Hey, I could just lay next to you instead of on you.”

“I guess your bodily fluids are just a small price to pay to have you be comfortable for a change.”

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You’re not so good at getting away from all of the karma that lies between your tongue and cheek.
Real Friends//Everything I Never Want To Be

Oxymoron(ic) (4/4)

Summary: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”
((In which Dan hates contrast and Phil is a walking oxymoron))

Genre:  fluff and traces of angst (probably who knows these days)

Warning: swearing and some mentions of self hatred/self criticizing

Words: 4k

A/N: sorry yhis took so long, i’ve had a super busy 2 weeks but HERE U GO. this is the first fic i’ve ever finished I’m well chuffed

Previous Chapter

Dan flipped through the script Jack had printed out for him. It wasn’t as long as he was expecting- he suspected PJ had cut out the majority of the dialogue to try to tell a story through colours and images- it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. He sat on one of the tables in the Film classroom- his laptop perched beside him, trying to memorize his lines for today over the noise of Jack and PJ discussing shooting orders, and Phil constantly playing annoying beeping sounds to help with the synchronization of audio for Jack and PJ to edit.

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A Slow Descent: Chapter Thirteen

Summary: Falling in love with your best friend is a secret usually best left untold. Phil Lester, however, has never been good at keeping secrets.

Read Previous Chapter

Start From The Beginning

Chapter Thirteen: Like I’l Never Be The Same

Word Count: 4328

Genre: Angst, Smut

Warnings: Language, Smut

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Sentence Starters {Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Edition}
  • "I know. It's all wrong..."
  • "There's some good in this world... and it's worth fighting for.
  • "What we need is a few good taters."
  • "What are we holding on to?"
  • "Oh come on, we can take 'em!"
  • "Leave now, and never come back!"
  • "I cannot jump the distance, you'll have to toss me!"
  • "A red sun rises... blood has been spilled this night.
  • "You have some skill with a blade."
  • "Leave me alone, snake!"
  • "I fear neither death nor pain."
  • "You're late... you look terrible."
  • "Can't you hear yourself? Don't you know who you sound like?"
  • "What can men do against such reckless hate?"
  • "Whatever luck you live by... let's hope it lasts the night."
  • "Keep breathing. That's the key. Breathe."
  • "Look at them... They're frightened. You can see it in their eyes."
  • "There is no promise you can make that I can trust."

crim-bat  asked:

Domestic meme: McHanzo


So, Talon is gone. Overwatch is stronger than ever. Over a decade have passed, Overwatch going into a Peacekeeping role once more. And Hanzo and McCree-

Well, they’re not exactly going out on missions anymore.

It wasn’t their choice: more the years of injuries holding them down. Hanzo’s back keeps brother him from a fall he took a few years ago. McCree’s arm still has phantom pain. They’re in their 50′s, not old by any means, but not young enough to be charging off into battle either.

In the end, the decision is made for them. Desk jobs for the pair, offered after both get caught in an explosion with broken bones to show for it. They think about it for less than two minutes before accepting.

(They could go out fighting, they know this. Reinhardt was perfectly happy doing so. But they’ve been fighting their entire lives. Maybe it’s time to try something different.)

So they take the jobs. Settle down near the base. They’re house isn’t huge, but it’s more than they would have ever considered after years on the run. Both cook meals. Hanzo brings home a dog one day he finds lost in an alley and McCree takes to it at once, naming her Patches for a patch of fur missing on her right side. McCree brings home a cat one day he finds on the base and Hanzo names him Momo. He’s a jackass. It’s okay: they’re jackasses themselves.

They go to work and flirt by sticking personal notes along with their memos. Fareeha is strike Captain now, though she soon is also considering retiring and giving the role to Captain Song. Old friends visit to coddle the animals. Genji, who is traveling after he retired, sends postcards. Hanzo keeps every one.

They do some stuff they never got around to doing as kids. Jesse brings home shrinky dinks of all things one day and that keeps them busy for a bit. Hanzo ends up collecting those complicated lego sets and they adorn the counters. Both end up taking night classes: Hanzo studies math, Jesse history. They edit each others papers.

Nightmares happen. They always have. There’s no longer a shooting range nearby to use when they’re up late at night, so they find alternatives. Hanzo draws, and finds he’s quite good at it (the sketches of McCree asleep and peaceful he’ll never show a soul). McCree journals, and takes up writing Western short stories. They’re not great, but Hanzo always laughs when he reads them so it’s a victory.

Stupid sights when they happen, are resolved in a day, both too old to carry a grudge over something small. They’re still stubborn of course, they always will be, but they’re stubborn to keep together too and that’s what always wins in the end. 

It’s more than either thinks they deserve. But they’re willing to listen to the other man across the dining room table who looks at them like they deserve the world.

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Hey! I love your recs. I was wondering if you knew any good (completed) sterek fanfics where Derek and/or stiles is famous or on a reality tv show? Or the pack is famous? Either (or both) is fine!! Thank you hope you have a good day!!!

Hey :) I love reality show fics! I hope these are what you were looking for!

Dancing With The Moon by  starsandgraces | 10.8K

Dancing With The Stars AU. Stiles Stilinski, former child star, has been strong-armed into participating in a reality show by his agent in an attempt to raise his profile and actually get him some work as an adult. With champion dancer Laura Hale on his arm, Stiles might even stand a chance of going all the way. Their only obstacle (aside from Stiles’ complete inability to cha cha cha) is Lydia Martin and her professional partner—Laura’s brother, Derek.

The Dating Game by  lielabell | 4.5K

Derek doesn’t exactly understand how he ended up as a contestant on a dating show. He knows that it started with a lot of whiskey and a late night phone call to his sister and mockery. Lots and lots of mockery, because Laura never lets anything go, no matter how old she gets.

The Curly Fries Show with Stiles Stilinski by  howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf) | 15.6K

Five times Stiles interviewed celebrities for his popular YouTube show, ‘The Curly Fries Show with Stiles Stilinski’, and one time he was the one interviewed.

We Prefer Good Love to Gold by  i_am_girlfriday | 63.3K

This week on Millionaire Matchmaker: Supernatural Edition - Derek Hale, a thirty-year-old millionaire venture capitalist and beta werewolf, finally gives into his sisters’ pressures to start dating again and reluctantly agrees to use the services of a supernatural matchmaker. Stiles Stilinski, at age twenty-five, just sold his start-up to Google for undisclosed millions, and ends up on a reality dating show when his true alpha best friend tries to help him get over his broken heart. 

Two Bros in the Know by  blue_fjords | 28.9K

This is the story of how the TBK crew met the Hale crew, featuring a golden bromance, pranks, stress baking, pillow forts, an internet meme, homemade moonshine, ghostly apparitions, dramatic rescues, the plot of a Muppet Show special, and of course, true love.

All This Has Happened by  1001cranes | 10.7K

Dystopian AU where fame is the name of the game. Sometimes revenge is the quickest way to the top, and Derek Hale has plenty to avenge - Stiles is just along for the ride.

The Newlywed Game by  Captain_Loki | 19.5K

Stiles is (still) single when the pack’s getaway to the Caribbean comes by (oh misplaced optimism); lucky for him Derek is committed to being uncommitted and even after all these years is still powerless against Stiles’ unique forms of persuasion.

Cue a romantic getaway for two: sun, sand, and sarcasm abound…and the two roped into competing in the Resort’s version of the Newlywed game. Only it’s completely obvious it’s going to end in disaster. Probably homicide.

Most probably homicide.

Plot twist: It doesn’t.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire by  blue_fjords | 25.8K

Derek is the host of the popular Argent-run Dinner with Derek cooking show. Stiles is the one doing all the cooking. Derek would love to leave him to it and just go live with his sister and their goats on their tiny farm. That is not what happens.


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  • For a peek, click here to see the network page! (password: troye)
  • For questions you can message Verena

Here Comes The Night Time | a mix for late night joy rides [Listen]

here comes the night time ii - arcade fire | heroes - david bowie | go your own way - dutch uncles | humiliation - the national | drive darling - boy | there goes our love again - white lies | child - the maccabees | east harlem - beirut | bloodbuzz ohio - the national | maps - yeah yeah yeahs | headlights look like diamonds - arcade fire | signs - bloc party | three months - local natives | estocada (something good) - alt-j | loop the loop - wild beasts | myth - beach house | it’s never over (oh orpheus) - arcade fire | love is lost (steve reich remix) - david bowie | 505 - arctic monkeys

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I'm hoping he does something tonight, cause halloween, creepy late night shit. Perhaps something at 3:30am??? he never goes to sleep anyways.

I’m hoping he does, too. That would be really cool! Plus, he hasn’t posted much…

Edit: lmfao it’s been awhile since I made a typo, good going me

Felicity Smoak vs The Bachelor Party

A/N: Established Olicity crack fic!

Team Arrow goes to Vegas for the couple’s bachelor and bachelorette party weekend. Felicity gets a very late phone about a very drunk Oliver.

Huge thank you to my lovely gal, Em - longlivefelicitythequeen - for editing this!

Hope you enjoy!

You can read it on Ao3 here

Felicity groans as the vibration of her phone echoes through her childhood bedroom; she glances up at the big red letters of her clock to read the time.

2:57 am.

She groans again because a phone call at this time of night in Vegas is never a good sign.


They had come to Vegas for a duo bachelor and bachelorette party weekend. Her mom insisted that she would organize everything using her connections and that the girls could stay with her while the boy’s went gallivanting around the city.

Felicity’s party was low key, but fun. Her mom had planned a dinner at the latest restaurant, gathering her, Felicity, Laurel, Thea and Felicity’s Aunt Crystal together for a relaxing meal.

Well, Crystal isn’t really her aunt; she is her mom’s best friend who owns the strip club next to the cocktail bar where Donna works.

Afterwards, Thea had dragged her and Laurel out to the clubs, insisting on shots and dancing while Laurel sat there being the responsible one and laughed as she watched Felicity turn bright pink when guys offered her a drink.

The responsible one? Yeah right! I wouldn’t be here with a slight headache and buzzing still running through my veins if she took me home before that last shot.

She reaches over to see that the annoying person who has the guts to interrupt her beauty sleep is actually her mom.

“Mom?” Felicity mumbles.

“Hi sweetie, uh sorry to wake you. Umm, I’m here with Aunt Crystal at the club. And, well – uh, Roy’s passed out on the floor. Oliver’s really drunk and he’s politely telling the girls that even though they’re pretty, his girl is prettier so would they stop offering him lap dances and maybe find some other guy. Oh and Felicity, honey? He keeps asking for you. It’s actually quite cute!” Her mother replies, sounding amused.

Felicity rolls her eyes and sighs, “Of course, he is.”

A drunk Oliver means a clingy Oliver. And a drunk, clingy Oliver only ever ended up two ways: Sappy Oliver or horny Oliver.

And if the universe decided to be cruel to her, he is the deadly combination of both.

“Mom, I’ll be there in 10.”

Before she can end the call, she hears a very giggly voice that suspiciously sounds like her fiancé.

“Donna! Is that my Felici- Stop it, Digg. I’m not coming down off the table to sit by you!”

Felicity arrives at the club 10 minutes later, in her Doctor Who sleep shorts and one of Oliver’s hoodies with a very sleepy Laurel and a very seedy looking Thea in tow.

As she makes her way over to Crystal and her mother, she hears somebody boom,


Oh Jesus Christ. Please let it not be true. Please. For the love of god, please let it not be him.

Oh it’s him all right, Felicity looks up to see Oliver still standing on the table, shirt inside out and buttons mismatched, pointing at a very annoyed and tired Diggle, who is trying to coax him off.

Crystal makes her way over to Felicity and says with a huge grin, “Girl, in the 25 years I’ve been here, I’ve never seen a guy refuse a lap dance then proceed to talk the ear off a girl with such adoration about his fiancé. He’s a keeper.”

“That’s what I tend to do,” she says sarcastically, “If I don’t kill him first.”

That’s when Oliver notices her and jumps off the table and wraps her up in a bear hug, “Felicity! You’re here. I’ve missed you, baby.” He slurs as he peppers kisses all over her face, “I was just telling Destiny here how excited I am to marry you!”

He points in the direction of a extremely bored and disappointed looking girl that is wearing way too many sparkles to have that sour look plastered on her face.

Felicity can’t help but smile in satisfaction, knowing that the only girl who takes Oliver Queen home these days is her.

That’s right, Sparkles. He’s mine.

Before she can respond, Oliver sucks on her favourite spot behind her ear and purrs, “How about you and me go off to have our own fun? I hear the Champagne Room in the back is a great place to start.”

All Felicity can do is to roll her eyes with a huff, wave goodbye and drag Oliver to the car.

As for awkward rides home, it’s strangely not the most awkward one she’s had.

Felicity is squashed in the back between the two Queen siblings while Laurel has it easy, driving with a half comatose Roy and the radio as her companions.

To her left, Thea’s basically got herself the job of being the new poster child for ‘the half drunk, half hangover’ campaign, dry retching and hiccupping every time the car hits a bump.

To her right, Oliver is attacking her neck with his mouth like he’s on some sort of weird make out mission and Lord-knows-how has been successful in getting two fingers past her waistband of shorts, sinking lower until she has to grasp his hand from starting whatever he thinks is going to happen.

“Please, baby. I can make you feel good.” He murmurs softly.

Sweet mercy, give me strength!

“Oh, trust me. I know you can make me feel good, Oliver,” Felicity whispers forcibly, “But not when I’m sitting right beside your sister in my mom’s old broken down car, okay?”

Oliver groans in defeat at the same time Thea makes a gagging sound.

“OH. MY. GOD GUYS! Can you like, not?! I already feel like death warmed over and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend actually died about 30 minutes ago from alcohol poisoning. I DO NOT NEED A FREE SHOW TO MY BROTHER’S SEX LIFE! Oh god, Laurel I think I’m going to be sick!”

Oliver tries to put on his best Arrow face as he says, “Shut up, Thea! I’m trying to make you an aunt here!”

Felicity gasps as she raises an eyebrow at him, Oliver continues, “What? It’s never too early to start trying, Felicity.”

Laurel laughs, Thea groans, and it’s Roy who vomits all over the window.

Felicity tries her hardest to not laugh as her broody vigilante struggles to get his pants off before hopping into her very small bed but ends up on the floor in a hot mess.

Once Oliver’s finally settled with his head above her heart and an arm securely around her waist, he drifts off to sleep whispering, “I love you. I can’t wait to be married to you, Felicity.”

All Felicity can do is run her fingers through his hair and whisper, “Me too, baby. Me too.”

Next time the pair are in town, Crystal shuts down the club for the night so that Felicity can give her new husband a private show in the Champagne Room.

Felicity may or may not have asked if the ‘No touching or kissing’ sign could be taken down.