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Hogwarts! Jun

anon requested: “I love the hogwarts au!! Please continue with other members, maybe Jun or Woozi?????”

  • Junhui has a reputation around Hogwarts 
  • he’s the Gryffindor house’s seeker 
  • make that star seeker 
  • as in the kid is good 
  • like always winning good 
  • and he knows it too 
  • he’s never actually practicing on the quidditch field if he can escape Seungcheol’s sharp supervision 
  • he’s too busy perfecting broomstick flying tricks 
  • whether that be jumping up over the goal posts and landing perfectly back on his broomstick again 
  • or zooming past the girls in the stands and shooting them winks 
  • he never fails to catch the snitch 
  • all the teams playing against Gryffindor always have to come up with a strategy knowing they’ll be 150 points behind once Jun catches the snitch 
  • as he always does 
  • he never really has any trouble doing it 
  • he’s only ever missed the snitch once 
  • and that was because the beater from the Slytherin team, Minghao, hit the bludger right into Jun’s broom 
  • and everyone was shook thinking that Jun would hate Minghao forever for it 
  • but Minghao ended up visiting Jun in the infirmary right after, really worried
  • and ever since that they’ve been best friends everyone is always in shock seeing the best friends from Gryffindor and Slytherin 
  • but the two get along so well 
  • pranking the others in their friend group 
  • no one can tell that Jun’s a year older than Minghao 
  • they practice their flying tricks on brooms together 
  • and they are often breaking the sitting at your own house table rule
  • though honestly their entire group does it, all 13 of them
  • and anyone else who has the guts really
  • and no one ever says anything cause who want to be that person
  • everyone who doesn’t know Jun very well might assume Jun’s a bit of an arrogant prick 
  • though ask any of his close friend group 
  • “Jun hyung? I mean Jun hyung is very confident in appearance but he’s probably one of the shyest of the group in reality." 
  • Mingyu tells you and your friend who’s in the third year like Mingyu 
  • you’re a fourth year Gryffindor like Jun 
  • and although you know him because everyone else in Gryffindor knows him 
  • and share plenty of classes 
  • you can’t really believe he’s the shy type 
  • he’s a bit intimidating, always surrounded by his friend group 
  • good luck trying to squeeze past his friend group if they’re all packed in the hallway 
  • and a bunch of girls are after him just because he’s a great seeker 
  • and he knows and is aware of these facts too 
  • which is why you felt iffy with how Jun’s personality was 
  • granted, you haven’t talked to him much 
  • but maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? 
  • you don’t know when exactly 
  • but you started paying a lot of attention to Jun 
  • surprisingly, Jun’s best classes were transfiguration and potions, but especially care of magical creatures 
  • and he never really seemed to study for those classes 
  • the only time he went to the library was to bug Wonwoo about something 
  • sometimes he just wonders around the school grounds walking with Joshua, or Minghao, or someone else, just talking 
  • despite never going to the library to actually research and study
  • his papers were always done well and his exam scores high 
  • it kind of made you wonder why he was in Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw
  • besides his confidence in his own skills that is 
  • no one knew exactly if he were a half-blood or pure-blood either, besides his friends 
  • if he were from a pure-blood wizard family, it could answer why he was in Gryffindor if all the rest of his family were in Gryffindor 
  • he was still a mystery to you though 
  • that is until one day in care of magical creatures 
  • the professor brings in a hippogriff 
  • and Jun fearlessly steps forward, making eye contact with the hippogriff, not blinking as he bows 
  • the professor is kind of taken aback when the hippogriff quickly bows back 
  • faster than it has ever done for any other student 
  • and is even more surprised when Jun starts petting it as if they’ve known each other forever 
  • it’s legit just Jun the hippogriff does this with 
  • everyone else has to wait a few additional minutes before gaining the hippogriff’s trust 
  • and Jun just sits on the ground next to Minghao and Jihoon watching everyone else struggle a bit 
  • you’ve also heard he leads a few younger kids out at night to raid the kitchen for desserts past curfew 
  • and you point this out to your friend when you’re sitting with her and Mingyu at lunch 
  • "Ok but a late night dessert raid is so impractical." 
  • "I agree but it’s Jun.” she says laughing at you 
  • “Oh you mean that night? Well it was Hansol’s birthday, we went to get cake.” Mingyu says shrugging and giving you a chuckle 
  • “Jun may seem a bit arrogant, but trust me, he sometimes acts like our mom. Refused to let Hansol’s birthday just pass without cake, he was dead-set, couldn’t stop him so you had to join him." 
  • Mingyu then got called over to the Ravenclaw table by Seokmin about some assignment 
  • "What’s your sudden obsession with dissecting what kind of person Jun is?” your friend says pointing her fork accusingly at you before proceeding to stab her steak aggressively 
  • “No way!!!! Do you like Jun?” she says nearly choking after seeing you turn pink at her accusation 
  • “What the heck of course not! He probably doesn’t even know I exist!”
  • “Mhmm…” your friend says nodding and waving her fork in circles
  • “Maybe I’ll believe you.” she finally decides 
  • sighing in relief you tell her you’re going to get some air and try to finish that potions paper you’ve been sleeping on 
  • you walk along the path, thinking sitting by the lake might be nice when you spot a figure standing on the edge of the forbidden forest 
  • “Hey! You might not want to be there-” you say running up to them when you see it’s Jun 
  • and he’s carrying a snow white owl with a crooked wing in his arm 
  • “Oh.” you say slowing down 
  • the owl starts flapping its wings in a panic surprising you 
  • but what’s more surprising is when Jun grabs your arm 
  • “Don’t move y/n, I think something attacked it and it’s really scared now.” he tells you softly in a whisper 
  • lowering your voice you slowly raise a finger to pet the owl, who then begins to calm down a bit 
  • “Wait how did you know my name?” you asked Jun in a quiet tone 
  • “I’ve been in your classes for years now, y/n, I’m not stupid.” he says giving a shy laugh and letting go of your arm 
  • wait a shy laugh? 
  • yea, you notice how Jun focuses on the owl and how he seems to sink lower into his scarf when talking to you, the slight flush of pink in his cheeks 
  • he was almost cuter than the owl 
  • ‘Did I just call Wen Junhui cute?!?!’ you think to yourself 
  • he’s too busy focusing on the owl to notice you blushing 
  • “I was supposed to collect the bludgers after practice because Seungcheol caught me goofing around again instead of practicing and when I came out of the field, this little guy fell out of the sky.” he tells you
  • “Hmm seems like a broken wing." 
  • "Yes that’s what I thought too, might bring him up to the professor later, get his wing checked out." 
  • he straightens up and you give him your scarf to wrap the owl’s wing with 
  • "Are you sure? It’s kind of cold.” he says giving you a sideways glance  
  • “Yea it’s fine I’m not cold at all.” you say trying hard not to let Jun hear your teeth chattering 
  • and failing miserably 
  • Jun takes his scarf off and wraps it around your neck while still holding the owl 
  • “You don’t have to give it back anytime soon, I’ll just ask Mingyu to make me another one." 
  • you can feel your cheeks blushing as you cough and turn away quickly and start walking back to the castle 
  • Jun jogs lightly to catch up with you and you catch him hiding a smile
  • "You’re pretty good with magical creatures.” he compliments you while walking next to you back up the path 
  • “No, not really, I just don’t like seeing things get hurt.“ you grimace awkwardly 
  • "No I think you have talent, lots of it, especially for care of magical creatures.” he says nearly beaming 
  • “Says the person who sweeps every quidditch match easily without having practice.” you say laughing 
  • Jun doesn’t respond right away and you look at him 
  • he’s blushing and trying really hard to keep the huge smile off his face 
  • “That’s more luck than talent.” he says nearly stuttering over his words 
  • you’re trying really hard to resist thinking Jun’s cute but damn, now you know what Mingyu means by saying Jun’s shy 
  • “I mean, I think I’m pretty talented, especially if you think so too, but I’m worried people might not like me if I always say that.” he says giving you an embarrassed look 
  • “Your self-confidence is beautiful Jun, everyone likes you don’t worry.” you say with a smile 
  • “Well…” he begins 
  • “Hm..?" 
  • "You should come to the last quidditch game next weekend, I never see you at the after-match celebration party anyway, so maybe we could just go grab a butter beer at Hogsmeade." 
  • "Are you asking me out on a date Jun?” you’re reeling in surprise 
  • “Yes why? Am I not good looking enough for you?” he says laughing and raising an eyebrow at you 
  • “No, you’re too good-looking, that’s the problem.” you tease him 
  • “I’ve actually sort of liked you ever since you hexed that bully who was picking on that first year in front of potions." 
  • you recall the kid who had been calling the first year "mudblood” and how you had thrown perfecticus totalus  
  • “He deserved it.” you say shrugging 
  • “Yea but you stood up for that kid. I bet people would have called me that if they found out, if it weren’t for my friends." 
  • "So you’re muggle-born?" 
  • "Yup." 
  • "That’s so cool though, you’re good at so many things!” you laugh eyes lighting up 
  • you had always thought that Jun’s confidence in himself was admirable if anything 
  • “You’re just cool,” he said laughing, “sorry if I sound like a dork now though." 
  • "No way, I- I’ve kinda low key been trying to figure out what kind of person you are for the past few weeks and it took me this long to realize, but it might be because I think you’re pretty cool." 
  • he gives you the cutest smile ever 
  • "So is that a yes then?" 
  • "Only if you promise to get rid of all your fangirls by telling them you’re mine.” you say boldly 
  • “Deal." 
  • from then 
  • well, let’s just say everyone freaked out 
  • with Jun holding your hand when walking into all your classes 
  • and Minghao just shaking his head at the both of you and looking at Jun like  
  • "About damn time." 
  • and you always wear his scarf he gave you 
  • Mingyu just glaring at you and laughing 
  • "So that’s why he asked me to make him another one, could have just told me…" 
  • late night adventures sneaking out into the kitchen for cookies together -until Joshua catches the two of you giggling 
  • "Jun this is fifth time this month, I really don’t want to give out detentions.” Joshua says laughing and shooing the two of you away 
  • and since the both of you share so many classes, even the teachers give up and let you two sit together 
  • which ends up being a huge distraction for you because Jun’s busy drawing circles or spelling your name out on your arm or hand with his finger while you’re trying to concentrate 
  • “Hey just because you’re smart doesn’t mean I can magically transfer this info into my brain.” you tease him smacking his arm away 
  • and on the weekends the two of you just walk around the school grounds
  • or in Hogsmeade 
  • with people pointing and staring 
  • “There goes Jun and his girlfriend.”
  • “Honestly they’re always together in classes, it’s cute enough to make you want to jump out a window." 
  • him shooting you winks during quidditch matches or during practice, with girls looking at you jealously 
  • and every time Jun disappears from celebratory parties over a Gryffindor win 
  • everyone knows that you two are off together sitting by the lake and hanging out with the giant squid 
  • holding hands and teasing each other 
  • shoulders touching 
  • Jun trying his best to teach you how to fly on a broomstick, his arms around your waist  
  • "I kind of can’t fly if you’re holding me Jun." 
  • "What if you fall and scrape your pretty face, how will I live?” he jokes 
  • “Get over yourself.” you laugh 
  • and when you finally get the hang of it, you both just fly around, him showing you his favorite places in school 
  • until the two of you land on the roof by the astronomy tower 
  • and sit there together watching the sun setting 
  • your head on his shoulder 
  • hand in his and the both of you just enjoying the beautiful view 
  • oh and there’s the sunset too of course

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Bound to Happen (Part 9), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,117

Author’s Note: I really wanted to be sure I had seven fics out this week, but writing for the write-a-thon caught up with me and BTH was the only things I actually had finished. This chapter is definitely a long time coming and I hope it was worth the wait! Not the end, though!

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

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It started off as a simple side project in addition to your other work. An hour here, a meeting there, without heavy commitment.

Time quickly decided it wasn’t on your side, however.

Hamilton: An American musical began its previews with thunderous success. Sold out shows and contract extensions were only the beginning. Suddenly tickets were going for outrageous prices and one of Lin’s greatest fears was being realized.

What if the people who needed to see this the most couldn’t afford it?

More hours were put in and more meetings were set up. This side project was suddenly at the forefront of your job as the idea started gaining traction with the higher ups.

The morning announcement came in the form of a hastily written text from Lin.

Hamilton to transfer to Broadway. Playing at the Richard Rodgers. We’re going back.

Suddenly you spent every waking moment figuring out how to make this happen and using every one of your favors to speak to whoever you could. As Lin got swept up in the show, he began to abandon the idea altogether.

Headlines all spoke of Hamilton. There was buzz about Tony awards and late night appearances and suddenly everyone knew of the brilliance you had stumbled upon all those years ago.

Lin was a genius, there was no doubt about it. What he created was the type of genius that would have a lasting impact.

The lottery was a great start - Ham4Ham shows broadcasted the type of talent they had while giving away affordable tickets. Still, you reminded yourself every night, you had to do more.

With an extended effort on this project came more meetings with Lin. He was buying the coffee now, but you still found home in the small cozy corner of his dressing room.

The same one he had used during In the Heights days.

The familiarity of it all was quite jarring to begin with. It was small steps at first, testing the limits. It was days before you hugged one another, weeks until you were back to the lighthearted jabs and inside jokes.

Soon, it was as if you hadn’t spent nearly six years apart. He was your Lin again - one that was always running precisely three minutes late and who consumed enough sugar to kill a small elephant and who texted you at three in the morning.

You had late nights and split desserts and laughed together again. The flow of what was once a perfect friendship began to fall back into place.

Then it finally happened.

An all nighter certainly wasn’t uncommon for you. A majority of your projects were both international and time sensitive, so you had learned to be flexible.

After many sips from various energy drinks and an incomplete pile of paperwork with your name on it, you were finally ready to call it a night. Just as the sun was coming up.

A single e-mail dinged in your inbox. You heavily considered ignoring it. You could deal with it in five to seven hours, right? You spared a single glance, halting at the subject line in all caps.


You rushed forward to click it open, scanning the paragraphs for any useful information. You screamed at the top of your lungs as you put the dots together, hastily printing the several page e-mail as you threw on the first jacket you could find.

The contents of your bag poured out onto the street in your flustered haste. Unashamed, you moved onto your hands and knees to collect what was in reach as you waved for a cab.

You practically yelled the address at the poor cabbie. The driver flinches at the volume you were able to produce at such an early hour.

You threw a wad of bills as you approached the familiar house, slipping out of the car before it even came to a full stop. Parting with a simple ‘I’m sorry’, you rushed towards the front steps.

Taking the stairs two at a time, you carefully tucked the stack of papers under your arm for security. Using both hands, you tapped your knuckles against the hard word of Lin’s door.

“Open up! Open up! Open up!” You chanted, eliciting a few nasty looks from grumpy New Yorkers who passed by in the street. You continued to knock louder.

You heard a rustling behind the door, followed by a loud curse.

It was swung open for you to be greeted with a groggy Lin clad only in a t-shirt and boxers. His dishevelled appearance didn’t halt your excitement, however. Your energetic appearance, though, was able to exhaust him further.

You stormed right past him.

“Come on in.” He sarcastically grumbled, closing and locking the door behind you. You turned to him with the brightest grin he had ever seen in his life, “What’s all the excitement for?”

“Thousands of publicly educated teenagers are going to learn about and see your show thanks to a very generous contribution from the Rockefeller Foundation.” You triumphantly handed him the papers, the sleep disappearing from his eyes immediately.

“Dear Lord.” He mumbled, snatching the papers and reading the first few sentences.

“This will extend to any city Hamilton tours in.” You added for good measure.

After a second of absorbing the information he looked up, bright eyed with a toothy grin.

“You did it-” He mused.

Before either one of you knew it, you were reaching for each other. The papers flew to the floor as his hands found home on your cheeks, pulling you in for a quick, simple kiss.

You each stepped back at the contact, lips tingling.

You shared a steady look, a mutual desperation for another kiss evident in the air.

You reached for each other again. Bodies slinked firmly and perfectly together as his teeth scraped against your lips. His hands were quickly pushing your coat from your shoulders as yours tugged at the hem of his thin shirt.

He pushed forward, blindly backing you down the entryway of his house to where you knew his bedroom resided.

His grip was tight and confident, a comfortability apparent as if this wasn’t the first time.

The back of your knees collided with the edge of the mattress as you fell back into his bed, the firm grip you had on his hair ensuring that he fell with you.

He pressed you further into the mattress as his lips abandoned you only to find solace in the clear expanse of your neck.

Shoes clattered to the floor as Lin made quick work of anything else he could shed, fifteen plus years of longing dissipating with each article he tossed to the side.

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Instead- Daniel Seavey Imagine

If you have never heard “Instead” by Ryan Amador, please go listen before you read! I love that song and it really adds to the vibe ;)

By the way, sorry if your not fond of the P.O.V. It’s kind of weird but sometimes I find the repetitive ‘you’ a little annoying haha.

Word Count: 1.2K

  And when you want someone who’ll care, 
 Who will know how you feel when you don’t wanna share,    Who will show you support when you’ve lost your meaning, Just remember the time that you chose not to be with me

 “Please don’t cry. I can’t-I’ve never been able to stand it when you cry,” Daniel whispered, now stepping out of his entry way to engulf y/n in a hug. She stood on his door step at midnight, in tears over the boy she so foolishly loved. Daniel ran his fingers down her back and tried to console her. “Y/n talk to me… what happened?” he pleaded. In between panicked breaths, y/n recalled the story of a fight with her boyfriend. “I don’t even know… he just- he stood me up. It was supposed to be just us tonight and he never came… then he yelled at me over the phone. Dani, he called me a-” Daniel quickly interrupted in an effort to calm her. “Shhh, Y/n. Breathe. Hey-” he laced his fingers with hers. “It’s going to be okay. Come inside. Stay here tonight.” Y/n rapidly shook her head “No. no. I shouldn’t. The other guys probably wouldn’t want me to sleep at their house I-” But Daniel already led her inside and shut the door. 

His hand found its way into y/n’s jacket pocket and took out her car keys. “Please don’t go. You shouldn’t be driving around Los Angeles with a heavy heart and blurry vision.” Y/n looked down at her feet and smiled slightly. “I owe you one, Daniel.” He reached out with the ends of his long sleeves and wiped makeup from around her eyes. “There. Good as new.” 

 Ignoring y/n’s protest to be the one sleeping on the hard sofa, Daniel moved his mattress into the living room for y/n, and he took the couch. Daniel spent the next two sleepless hours reassuring his ‘best friend’ that it wasn’t her fault, that her boyfriend would apologize, and that he would surely make it up to her. He had to bite his tongue to resist the urge to tell y/n how much of a dirtbag this boy was. Daniel wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t forgive this kid, that he’s a complete idiot for leaving y/n waiting, and that Daniel could treat her so much better. 

 And I tried to defend how I thought we would play out,            I came and confessed that I love you more than he does,         So choose me instead Oh, choose me instead cuz                       He’s not good enough for you,                                                              He won’t do the things I would do, 

 Y/n woke up the next morning, nearly forgetting where she was. The smell of pancakes brought her back in the moment, indicating that Daniel was making their signature breakfast for two. She picked his Why Don’t We hoodie off of the floor and slipped it over her head to hide the now wrinkled dress from the night before. Y/n padded into the kitchen and grinned at the sight of Daniel sliding pancakes onto plates.

 “Chocolate chip,” he mumbled in his tired morning voice. “Your favorite.” She giggled and grabbed one of the plates. “You remembered. I’m impressed.” Daniel took in the sight of y/n’s outfit, half fancy dress, half band merchandise. She probably looked a mess but his eyes still lit up the way they always did when he saw her. “It’s a shame that boy couldn’t see you in your dress,” Daniel sighed and shut off the stove. “I thought you looked beautiful.” 

 The complement went right over y/n’s head and she frowned. “Dani… he has a name. Don’t refer to him as ‘that boy.’” Daniel stopped chewing his food and raised his eyebrows “Are you kidding me right now, y/n?”                                  “What?” 

“I asked if you were kidding me.”

 Y/n shook her head in confusion. “No. Why would I be?” 

“That boy treats you like shit on the daily and you are defending him?” Daniel scoffed and dropped his fork. Y/n stood on the opposite side of the kitchen counter in shock. “Where is this coming from Daniel? You’ve always told me that you liked him…” 

Daniel rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. He was contemplating whether to spill his suppressed emotions or not. “Well, I lied. I lied because I wanted you to be happy. But that kid is so immature, and you are so out of his league. Heck. You are out of everyone’s league, but you should realize by now that he doesn’t deserve you. I have to stand by while you act like you love this guy, but he doesn’t love you at all.” Y/n threw her hands up in anger- mostly at the fact that Daniel pointed out the truth. She was in deep denial and both of them knew it. 

“Daniel Seavey, don’t you dare criticize my relationship. You don’t really know what he’s like.” Daniel just shrugged. “Then tell me, y/n. What is he really like? Because if it were me, I would keep my promises and be sure not to leave you all alone like he did.” 

Tears were now falling from y/n’s eyes. She wanted to hate Daniel for making such accusations, but they were all too true. She just couldn’t bring herself to leave her boyfriend. Daniel had been y/n’s rock throughout the whole relationship. He was there whenever she cried for help. But y/n was trapped- addicted to the cycle of pain and honeymoon phases that her boyfriend put her through. However, she refused to appear week. Y/n looked up at the ceiling and willed the waterworks to stop. “Just stay out of it, Daniel,” she spat under her breath. 

 “I can’t, y/n. Not when I love you more than he does.” 

After his confession, the room fell silent. Y/n, despite the fact that Daniel treated her like a queen, was stunned. Every kind word and sweet compliment he gave her had gone in one ear and out the other. She was blind to the fact that Daniel was everything she ever needed. 

“Oh c’mon y/n,” Daniel exhaled all of his pent-up frustration. “I remember your favorite breakfast food, your favorite late night dessert stop, and the places you go when you are sad- most commonly my house. I notice the way you bite the inside of your cheek or the nails on your left hand when you’re nervous. I know how you got that one scar when you were a kid and you have that tiny birth mark that you think is ugly. Meanwhile, this boy can’t even remember to meet you for dinner on time.” 

 Daniel took y/n’s keys out of his pocket and slid them across the counter. She had to leave before he shed a tear of his own. “Go on, Y/n. Go be in love. I just hope you don’t look back with regrets.”

 He’s not good enough for you,                                                                 Even half as good as he should be,                                                         And I watch you choose him instead of me

Ivar Imagine #15 (Modern Ivar) “If we date, my entire family will help you make fun of me.”

After a nasty fight between Ivar and his brother each brother lashed out in different ways. Ivar made sure to bleach Sigurds favorite clothes plus all of his dark grey bedsheets and Sigurd hid his college acceptance packet unknowingly making Ivar late for applying to the dorms. Ivar and you went to school together. You had paid for school with loans and grants but at the last minute one of the loans took too long to process at the bank and you were lucky it wasn’t too far into the semester before it got sorted but it still put you on the waiting list for the dorms. After a few other people had their applications for on campus living reviewed you and Ivar ended up with rooms across the hall from each other being the only ones in a building that housed a lot of storage you both quickly bonded over the weird atmosphere and a lack of friends.

It always made you smile when you started to think back to the first year when you both were seated in your dorm room trying to give each other excuses as to why the other had to go home to family during the holidays but the one talking didn’t have to. Ivar finally convinced you to come suffer the fate of his family with him. They had all been so convinced that you and Ivar were together. Admittedly it was a little suspect you two coming home to his family after spending so much time together when you were away at school. His brothers would call him and he would talk to you in the background it happened so often that every care package his mother sent she added in things she knew you liked because every phone call with Ivar somehow ended with him ranting about you. That was all so long ago and now you both had graduated and Ivar offered to let you stay with him until you could put your degree to use. Which put both you and Ivar under a lot of pressure when it came to his family. And it had only furthered the idea that you two were together. They teased him and tried to find a way to make you admit your feelings. Unfortunately for you sometimes it was hard to brush off because there was feelings at least on your side.

You couldn’t remember the last time you didn’t have a standing invitation to the Friday night Ragnarsson family dinner. It wasn’t like you were dating Ivar but here you stood side by side to him as he rang the doorbell because apparently someone had locked the door. Aslaug swung the door open as she came face to face with you both she hugged you and Ivar his hug lasting longer obviously. Walking inside you see all the boys sat with Ragnar in the living room Ivar hurries over not wanting to be left out of father son bonding and Aslaug askes if you want to help finish up making the salad with her in the kitchen.

“Of course. Im going to put my things in Ivars room and I will be right back down to wash my hands and help.” You and Ivar always stayed the night at the house on Fridays seeing as it was a 1 and ½ hour drive from where you lived and the dinners often went well after sundown. Placing your things in Ivars room you couldn’t help but notice how much of your things had gravitated there as well. You hurried down to help Aslaug. Rushing into the kitchen you noticed ingredients for salad spread over the counters so you got started washing and cutting everything.


Ivar couldn’t help but notice how well you had fit into his family. You weren’t dating but gods did he wish.

Ubbe was the first to turn in with a simple goodnight and the excuse of having to get up early to spend the day doing errands. Sigurd followed with a similar excuse and soon Asluag and Ragnar went to bed also. Leaving you, Ivar, and Hvitserk eating some of the brownies cooked earlier as a late night dessert. Grabbing a few more bites of brownie Hvitserk stated “Im a little sleepy. I might call my girl and turn in tonight.”

Ivar and you both stayed up eventually sliding to sit on the kitchen floor watching the oven melt the caramel and marshmallow onto your already cooked brownies. It was something you and Ivar found yourselves doing often: sitting on the kitchen floor waiting for food to cook. Somehow it seemed natural.

The silence that settled its way into the kitchen wasn’t awkward or unwelcome but it had grown very quiet when Ivar finally spoke “If we date, my entire family will help you make fun of me.”

You were quiet stunned Ivar and you never said things like if we date. It wasn’t like it was off limits but it was almost an unspoken rule not to joke about that type of thing. Ivar watched you from your reflection in the glass in the door to the backyard. “Your entire family already helps me make fun of you. Not like I need the help you have given me so much ammunition over the years.” You had to skip over if we date. At least until your heart found its way back into your chest instead of your stomach.

Ivar let his head fall back to the counter he was leaning on as he listened to your response. “Of course you don’t listen to me when I say something!”

Ivars first response was always anger. You knew he had to feel rejected if he was meaning for it to be something more than a joke but you knew you couldn’t take it if it was a joke. “I did listen I repeated it back almost like you said it.”

“What do you think about us dating then?” The guarded expression didn’t fade from behind his eyes as he watched you get up to get the pot holders and plates pulling the brownies with newly melted toppings out of the oven switching hit off he took the plate you handed him and waited for you to answer.

“I hadn’t realized dating you was a possibility.” You were honest you had to be. You had thought of dating Ivar since you meet him you just never had the courage to say something to him.

“It is. Will you go on a date with me?” Ivar held that small smile. The one it took you months and a lot of food to get it out of him.

“Yes. But not this weekend.” You couldn’t hide your smirk as Ivar glared at you “Why? I wait 4 years to ask you out and now I have just so you can say not yet?”

“Because we will be tired after the copious amounts of ‘cuddling’ we are going to do.” You added air quotes around cuddling you knew it would annoy him and you were not disappointed.


Ubbe couldn’t help the smile he let out at seeing you and Ivar curled up on the flood pressed shoulder to foot with chocolate covering your lips. Writing two quick notes he left one on Ivar chest before rushing back up to Hvitserks room sliding it under the door.

Ivar woke up with the door slamming and something crinkling on his chest as he looked down he saw the note ‘I told you so! –Love your older smarter brother UBBE’

Hearing Hvitserk groan upstairs he was slightly horrified thinking of how loud his brother was being before he heard a door open and Hvitserk whisper yell “I don’t believe you Ubbe!”

Hvitserk came down the stairs as Ivar stood from the floor. “He just left did he leave you a note too? What’s it say?”

Ivar held his note for his brother to take. Hvitserk handed over the note ‘HA I win!!! Ivar and y/n are down stairs cuddled up and in love. –Love the older brother that is always right UBBE’

Ivar and Hvitserk shared a laugh before stumbling around your sleeping body to get breakfast prepared.

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(Warren x reader x Alex) I think days would switch off on who gets focused on during Sexy Times and after Sexy Times, the person who got to be in the middle for most of it would be in the middle of after care cuddles. Warren would be sad Bc he's convinced himself he can't be in the middle Bc of his wings but he's quickly proven wrong when Alex hugs him from the front and their s/o tucks themselves behind him and in between his wings and warren just melts

(Warren x reader x Alex) S/o finds Alex’s leather jacket in a box in his closet and starts wearing it and Warrens partially surprised that Alex the Dad ™ had a leather jacket and partially disappointed that s/o isn’t wearing his and so s/o starts alternating days of wearing the leather jackets around the house and Alex and Warren are happy Bc 1) s/o is super cute in their jackets and 2) they get their jacket back smelling like a loved one (and sometimes Alex kidnaps Warren’s to wear) (W x reader x A) s/o worries about her boys Bc they’ve gone through some stuff so this leads to them randomly getting new soft things to wear and late night desserts (s/o is the soft things sugar daddy) and she feels giddy when she comes home one night to find her blond boys wearing some of the soft things she bought them and snuggled tightly together on the couch asleep

aleX THE DAD IM SCREAMING @alexsunmners 

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How does Jumin behave when you drag him to go shopping w you? ✨

omg another ask!!! hi hi my friend i hope i won’t disappoint winkwonk

Jumin + MC Shopping

  • you’d take him to what is known to be as the ‘commoner’s mall’ in his vocabulary
  • and he’ll be so damned amazed at this new discovery lololol
  • you make him wear a polo shirt and regular jeans so that he can blend in to the crowd
  • and you tell him not to bring any body guards with you by reminding him that he wants to know and be familiar of your roots
  • and a regular citizen does not bring bodyguards with them
  • but damn who cannot notice the handsomeness of JUMIN HAN
  • he’d be a total celebrity while walking around the mall
  • while you two are walking around to look at some boutiques, he’ll be like, “So this is how you get by everyday… Hm, interesting. I get to know more of your lifestyle. I must take note of this trip.”
  • and when you two enter some boutiques he’ll be amazed at the massive mass production of clothes and apparels?? like he did not even experience that one because all his clothes are tailored and delivered to him??? um?? rich bastard
  • “So this is how commoners choose their clothing. Are all these mass produced, MC?”
  • “We are here to buy groceries, Jumin.”
  • “But because of the need to mass produce such items, the fabric must be of low quality to avoid large costs.”
  • “Jumin? What are you doing there?”
  • “Excuse me. May I ask if this is a real diamond attached to the collar of this blouse?”
  • “Hmm, from the looks of it, it is fake. You cannot just fool your clients into thinking they are buying real gems. You can get sued with this type of fraudulent behavior.”
  • and you drag him out of that store because you two almost got thrown out by the security guards
  • you introduce to him some stuffs that can be seen around the mall
  • like you bought a cone of ice cream for him and you make him try the cherry flavored one that’s glazed with strawberry syrup
  • he notices how red your lips have become due to the syrup
  • and he dips in to you and kisses your lips with a little lick on the side of your mouth because of a stain of the syrup wink wink
  • you make him drink in a soda that’s inside of a light bulb
  • “You can now drink soda using a light bulb? The commoner’s knowledge should not be underestimated.”
  • you make him eat those fish-shaped breads that zen loves
  • and he finally understood why zen was upset when the cart that sells it near his place fled due to his bodyguards
  • you make him taste chicken innards and he had no clue what it is and he said it tastes ‘sensational’ and asks you what it is called
  • “Chicken Innards.”
  • and you had never seen him so pale in his entire life lolololol
  • “I must say that that actually tastes kind of better than a regularly made foie gras.”
  • lol dude wth is a foie gras
  • “I’m sorry, MC. I’m told since I was young that I must not eat any food prepared on the street as it might contain diseases.”
  • you introduce him to what a grocery store looks like and he’ll be
  • “Why can’t we make our Chef do all these chores?”
  • “I will cook for you tonight, remember?”
  • “Oh, right. I get to taste your cooking for the first time…”
  • and he’s strangely all giddy while pushing your cart???
  • you both had a fun and exhausting day at the mall
  • when you were finally on the back of the car when Driver Kim picked you both up, you curled up to Jumin with a satisfied smile on your face
  • he strokes your hair and kisses the top of your head
  • “Are you tired, my love?”
  • “Hmm… No. Why?”
  • “Because I have some late night dessert I would love to try.”
  • wink wink
EXO react to their child walking in on them during sex

Oh no, how embarrassing. >< Lol, thanks for your request hun. 

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Just to be safe: Incredibly slight NSFW warning (?)

Xiumin: He would be caught off guard temporarily, quick to gain his thoughts as opposed to just laying there completely frozen. Casting a weary glance towards his wife, Minseok would carefully, yet somewhat firmly instruct his little son to just give him a moment, in order for him to quickly dress himself. Afterwards, Minseok would carry his little son back to bed, merely patting his head, albeit the fact that his little boy continues to hurl curious inquires towards him. “It’s really late kiddo. Let’s get you back to bed, alright?” Xiumin would successfully thwart his son’s questions with a late night dessert offer. “I’ll keep my promise to give you chocolate ice cream if you promise to keep this to yourself?” 

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Luhan: All puns aside, Luhan would legit, look like a deer caught within ominous headlights at the sound of his little son’s tired, yet inquisitive voice. He would just be frozen before he has anytime to properly assess his thoughts and respond. “Buddy…you’re still…awake?” Luhan would question, the disbelief evident within his tone. Part of him wants to believe that this is apart of some warped illusion, however, with the multiple blinks and his son still remaining near the doorway, it would all hit him fiercely. “O-oh yes, of course! You’re still awake. Come on son, it’s really late and you should be up early tomorrow right?” He would blatantly ignore and disregard his son’s inquiries on what exactly was going on, as he proceeds to take him back to bed. 

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Kris: He would react similarly to Luhan in the sense that Kris’s reaction time would not be ‘on time’ per say. Kris would just be frozen in horror at the sound of his daughter’s lethargic voice. In fact, his little princess’s mother would probably be the one to speak up first and send her hastily back to bed, while Yifan remains in bed just attempting to assess his heavily scattered thoughts. He would have a hard time returning to a somnolent state, with heavy questions running through his mind, whether his daughter is now scarred or if her mother handled the situation well. The next morning, he would awkwardly try to address the situation with his little girl. 

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Suho: He’d be the most flustered of all the members! Which is saying lots considering the awkward scenario. Incredibly still and seemingly inactive upon hearing his daughter’s little voice, as well as catching her small silhouette peering through the doorway. After a brief, yet perturbed exchange of glances with his wife, Joonmyun would urge his daughter to not come any closer to the room, as he hastily dresses himself. “You’re awake princess? It’s really late! Stay right there. Daddy, just needs…to get something! I’ll come and tuck you back to bed princess.” He’d stick to his word, swiftly picking up his daughter and taking her back to bed. Suho would stay by her bedside, until sleep claims her. To answer her questions, he’d chuckle softly with embarrassment, merely saying: “I’d ask your mother about it. She has the perfect answer for you.” 

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Lay: Easily the most confused and lost of all the members. Yixing wouldn’t register what is ensuing before him, with his little son standing at the doorway with a befuddled expression upon his youthful features. In fact, it would be Yixing’s wife who would catch onto what is going on, and before the situation can become any more graphic, she would halt everything, alerting him instantly. Even then, Yixing would merely eye his little son with perplexity as if trying to discern if his son is truly standing before him or not. His wife would take hold of the situation before Lay can step in, reveling himself without clothes while in a baffled stupor. 

Baekhyun: I don’t think even Baekhyun could draw out a joke in this scenario. Merely lying there nearly listless, Baek would shoot his wife with that ‘I could’ve sworn we locked the door’ look. He would emit a frustrated groan, while burying his face into his palms with smoldering abashment at the sound of his son’s voice and tired form standing before him. Without a word, Baek would have his little boy ushered out of the room, in order for him to arrange his clothes together. Leading his little boy back to his room wordlessly, Baek would stay by his son’s side until all the inquisitive questions run out of him. He would struggle with answering his son’s question as to what he was doing. “We were…you see it’s…it’s an adult thing? Well not exactly but ugh. Nevermind, it’s nothing really,” he would finally admit, softly stroking his son’s hair into place. 

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Chen: Chen would probably be the only member to extract something lighthearted and jovial out of this inconvenient scenario. Of course, initially Jongdae would be less than content to see and hear his daughter, gingerly emerging from the front door. But, in typical “Chen” fashion, he’d be quick to just accept the situation and bring forth his amused self. With a mischievous glance towards his wife, Jongdae would bravely address his little girl first. “Hey princess. Didn’t see ya there. If you couldn’t tell, this is kind of an awkward situation for your mother and I, so do us a favor and stay right outside the door, like the good, listening angel I have,” he would bid her a swift smile before dressing himself, proceeding to promise to her that he’ll explain everything she saw/heard when she’s much older. 

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Chanyeol: One of the more awkward members during this scenario. Poor Chanyeol probably would’t realize his precious little princess is calling out for him, until her mother says something to grab his attention to the matter. Nearly yelping aloud in surprise, his eyes would widen past believable expanse upon laying gaze with his soporific daughter. Thankful for her sleepiness, he’d still feel the need to attempt to explain to her what she was seeing/hearing. When it’s appropriate, Chanyeol would still attempt to maintain his usual cheeriness when ‘flying’ his daughter back to bed. “You can’t just go into other people’s rooms like that pumpkin!” Her persistent questions would just make Chanyeol twice as flustered as he already is. “Well, you see…it’s an adult game! And…it involves a special dance…?” 

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D.O: Kyungsoo would have the most stern approach in this instance. For a brief moment, he would eye his wife with a mixture of disbelief and palpable vexation at the sound of his son’s voice. He would do his best to conceal his evident frustration with his typical calm and composed front. Kyungsoo would have his little boy leave the room momentarily, until it’s most appropriate. Gently carrying him back to his bed, Kyungsoo would kneel on his son’s eye level, carefully addressing the matter. “Son, it’s not polite to just walk into our room like that. You always knock or call for us and wait for an answer. Unless it’s a true emergency, these are the rules. You nearly scared your mother silly.” If his little boy insists on hurling inquiries at Kyungsoo over what was going on in the room, he’d simply reply by pointing out how late it is, and how he’ll tell him only a limited amount of information by the next day. 

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Tao: Next to Chanyeol, Tao would be one of the most awkward members. He may actually cry aloud in disbelief and shock upon his son’s entry into the room. “I thought we locked the door?! Buddy, how’d you even get in?!” Tao would question, now on an exasperated level, only to be calmed down by his wife. With widened eyes, Tao would slowly, nearly monotonously instruct his son to wait for him outside the room. Now at a more collected and poised state of mind, Tao would slowly approach his little boy, as they walk together back to his son’s bedroom. “What we were doing there…it’s, um…like a game! A game that only grown-ups can play. That’s because, once you, erm, get to be a certain age, you qualify to do certain adult things,” before his explanation becomes anymore convoluted, he would quickly add: “you’ll learn more where you’re older.” 

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Kai: Jongin would be the best at suppressing his embarrassment. He’d be somewhat wordless, with similarities to Baekhyun. He’d catch on quickly as to what’s unfolding with his little girl’s entry into the bedroom. It would be his wife to speak up and let their little girl know that her daddy will be right there to take her back to bed. Jongin’s first instinct is to make sure his daughter is alright, albeit what she may or may not have seen. “You’re okay, right princess?” He wants to assure that his little girl is okay, now concerns raising considering she’s roaming around at night. “If you want, I can bring the dogs to your room to sleep next to you. Sound good princess?” He’d bid his sleepy daughter a soft smile, as he tucks her back into bed. He’d be quick to dodge any pressing questions on what he and his wife were doing exactly. 

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Sehun: He’d be the closest to Jongdae in terms of making this experience into something he can laugh at in the future. He’d say something teasingly sardonic to his wife before swiftly dressing himself and escorting their little princess back to bed. “Is there a reason for you being up so late baby?” Sehun would query his daughter with a slight jovial edge to his voice. He would smirk smugly at his little girl’s response being that he and his wife were being “really loud” and as a result, she couldn’t find her slumber. “Oh, is that so? Well, daddy promises that we’ll be quiet next time.” Though his daughter looks unconvinced, Sehun would seal the deal with an affectionate pinky promise. After a “goodnight” exchange, he’d return to his wife with that “Sehun-esque” smirk. “If this happens again, it’ll be on you.” 

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Send me more requests lovely readers. I enjoy writing out your fantasies~


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How would date night with their s/o go?

I’ve done a few of these, but hey, its not like someone is gonna do the same thing for every date, right?

APH Denmark: He would love to take his S/O to do something fun and active. Maybe something like going bowling or skating for a bit. I see him as being kind of childish, so I think he would love to have a date night with his S/O was was kind of childish and fun too. There would be lots of laughs, and lots of silly accidents. But in the end it would be totally fun. When they got home, I think he would love to end the date by spending the night in a pillow fort or something.

APH Finland: I honestly dont know if he would like to leave the house all the time for date night. Instead, I think he would stay in, and cook a really awesome dinner to share with his S/O. They would came it together, helping each other and maybe playing around with the food to make it a little fun. Afterward I think they would maybe play a few board games or watch a movie? Nothing too extravagant, but it would still be fun and intimate.

APH Sweden: He is probably so inexperienced with dating, and would almost consider a trip to the furniture store a date :P For real though, something I think he would like to do for date night is having a back yard fire with his S/O eating scores and just talking under the stars. It would be so relaxing and nice for him, because he wouldn’t have to be in any crowds. Though it is fairly simple, it would be pretty romantic in its own sense.

APH Iceland: I think that he would want to have a date night similar to Finland. Except he probably isn’t as good as cooking, so he would just order take out for him and his S/O to eat in bed. If he had his way, he would literally want to just lay there all night with his S/O watching netflix. That would be his ideal date. But there would be that one occasion that his S/O will want to get his butt out of the house, and maybe take him to a late night dessert cafe or going to visit an aquarium. He might complain a little, but he would still enjoy it nonetheless.

APH Norway: I could see his S/O dragging him to a planetarium or an aquarium as well, but he would be a lot more willing to go than Iceland. I think that having a date where he is intellectually stimulated would be an A+ for Norway. s\He might even go to a museum or something. Every once in a while, I could see him having a moment where he will tell his S/O little fascinating facts to make himself sound smart :P And they would love it.


For breakfast, I love a smoothie. (Honestly I love it as a late night dessert too…) They’re delicious, portable, and very friendly to customization based on your needs!

I have a few tips to make things easier:

-single serve blenders are amazing. Target has a Hamilton Beach one for around $15. Good investment. They provide you with a nice mug-like top so you can just pop it off the blender and drink it! Plus it’s easy to clean because you only get one thing dirty. They’re dishwasher safe (if you don’t have a dishwasher you can just rinse it out and blend water and a small dollop of soap till its clean)

-freeze your fruit so you don’t have to put ice in! Makes it so much more flavorful plus it’s super easy because you can just buy frozen fruit and eliminate the need for chopping.
Alternatively when you have the time/energy, you can prepare several days worth and just pop it all in the freezer til you need it without worrying it might go bad if it takes you a while to use it all up. Super easy and ready to go when you are.

-if it’s hard for you to get your veggies, seize the smoothie as a way to do that! I use carrot and spinach and even sometimes cucumber. Depending on the other ingredients / the ratio / your preference, you can hardly taste it!

-The best part about smoothies is you can customize them. I am no expert but recipes are readily available all over the Internet and you can get a feel for what you like and don’t like. They can also help you customize based on your needs and/or lifestyle.
Websites are usually just an easy Google search away! They can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like.

Here is my favorite single-serve recipe:
-about 10 mango chunks (frozen)
-about half a banana in chunks (frozen)
-a handful of shredded carrot
-three or four handfuls of spinach
-a big splash of Orange Juice (I prefer multi-flavored ones like Doles Pineapple Orange Banana or Orange Mango Peach!)
-Sometimes I also add a handful of frozen mixed berries

Hope this helps!

There’s just something about the first snowfall of the year that makes Harry weirdly giddy, unable to control the way he actually runs through the front door at full speed and into the yard, sliding across the ice like a puppy or baby deer. As a Connecticut native, he should be used to the seasonal changes, should expect that first really cloudy day in November or December will bring frigid temperatures and a Jeep coated in a layer of snowflakes. He’s 25; he needs to be able to control himself and not jump for joy whenever the weather man announces flurries in the foreseeable future. And yet, every gloomy day from Thanksgiving onward, he stands his post by the window and squints, lips pursed, as if he has mind control to make the sky open, demanding the snow to hurry up.

The air has a certain scent before it snows - it smells fresh, almost, like one can touch the crispness in the atmosphere - which no one seems to agree with, strangely. He does his best to explain the feeling he gets before he knows it’s going to snow, and in return, usually receives looks of confusion, or pity. He’s been having this conversation with his best friend - recently turned boyfriend - Louis for probably ten years, to which Louis always replies with, “We should have you studied.”

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eggsy is the dreamy lead singer of a popular boy and , and harry is the uncle that was dragged there by his niece/ nephew . ( I think I read it some but I cant remember where ) but juST IMAGINE + have a nice day . xx ~a.ju ♡

I’m not sure if you mean this is an IDEA you’ve seen before, or if someone has actually written it elsewhere. I’m not even sure if this was a prompt for the headcanons meme or just a hilarious mental image! But I’m thinking about it now, so fuck it, let’s dance:

1) The thing about being a secret secret agent, working in obscurity for the safety of the public, true occupation hidden from loved ones for their own protection, etc. etc., is that you miss so many birthday parties and family dinners through misadventure that when a very reasonable request is made of you by your beloved sister, the only way to claw your way forward from your current standing in negative points on the family duty scale is to just…meekly agree.

And that’s how Harry ends up as his niece’s escort to see some overgrown teenager (“He’s twenty-four, Uncle Harry!” Imogen says. “God.”) prance up and down under the lights of the O2 arena.

So he’s sitting in a sea of entranced young people, exchanging occasional brief, English, we’re-all-in-this-together nods with various other parental figures, when his excellent view of the lad’s gyrating hips and unnecessarily transparent T-shirt is suddenly full of Arthur’s face, tinged with the red glow that denotes a Kingsman emergency.

“Galahad,” Arthur says, sounding relieved. “I don’t know how you knew, but well done for being on the ground so fast.”

Harry’s foot stops tapping. With some irritation, he realises that he has no idea how long it’s been tapping for. The music isn’t even any good.

“I beg your pardon?” he says.

And that’s how he finds out that there’s a terrorist plot to bomb the O2.

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