late night azalea things

Today I was informed that they found my uncle’s body on Friday. How impersonal, and yet that’s how it was presented to me. Not, “Your uncle passed away on Friday” or “Your uncle was found dead.” Your uncle’s body. Trivialized down to an object, a thing. I wasn’t particularly close to him, and yet I feel like there are certain emotions I’m supposed to be experiencing that I’m not. Whether that makes me a terrible person, or just a confused one, I can’t really say. You’d mourn for a stranger, wouldn’t you?


This was one of the only assignments I enjoyed enough to keep from my drawing class last year. Basically we had to create our own scene and render it with pens. I wish I still had the photos of the foam core scenes we built for these, but I apparently deleted them. Or have them stored somewhere I can’t remember. Either way, I like this, I hope you do too.

Le Pens & Microns + Many many many episodes of Grimm + The trees were really fun to do