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Okie. I think it was yours that was about Lance's about Lance's home life with the abusive father. And that got me thinking about a different take on it. What if, his father promised his mother a lot of things. Going to college (if they could) after he did. Never having to work a day in her life after he couldn't send her to college. Getting to go on a vacation after they raise enough money and then not being able to do that ect. (1/2)

After Lance turns 13, he hears his parents argue every night about funds and gets the brute end of it. With him being the one who has to care for his younger siblings because his older siblings have all left for different reasons. Ending is up to you (2/2)
Oh okay!! This is really cool and interesting. I hope you like it!!
We all have little problems about ourselves that we just can’t help. Some people have a problem with lying, while others may have trouble with stealing. Lance’s dad problem was always making promises. More specifically, promises he couldn’t keep. Ever since Lance could remember, he could always hear his dad making promises to his mama.
“Mi amor, I promise that when the kids go off to college, I’ll do the same. Get an education to create a better living for ourselves.”
“Marcia, I promise you that I will take you and our family on a grand vacation. Take a break from the beach and go somewhere with grassy plains and mountains as far as we can see.”
But he would never keep them. It wasn’t his fault really. It just that all the promises he made had something to do with money. Money they didn’t have. Lance knew this from the late night arguments that would often wake him and his younger siblings awake. He would round them all up, and tuck them back into their shared bed, whispering small reassurances, lulling them to sleep. Lance would then creep down the stairs, wincing every time the old wooden steps creaked underneath his feet. He slowly lowered himself on the stairway, sitting on the steps. He could see the shadows of his mom and dad in the kitchen, safe from their view.
“Diego, we can’t afford this. We’re struggling to pays the bills as is, and we were late last month. We can’t keep doing this.”
“Marcia, it will be okay! I promise-”
“No!! I’ve had it with your ‘promises!’ The promise you never keep, that fill me with false hope!” His mother hisses.
“Well what do you expect me to do? I’m doing everything that I can! If Lance would grow up and get a job, he could help the family out!”
“You know that Lance does plenty around the house. He the oldest now since his older siblings left and gotten married! He watches the younger kids. He helps me so much. Cooks dinner, cleans, puts the children to rest. What more can he do?”
“He can get. A. Job. Something to get money from! Work at the local market or farm! He could put that prodigy brain of his to use and find a way to make money!Anything!”
Lance shakily let out a breath. He eyes began to sting, and he could feel the water begin to form. He would do anything to help his family.
Marcia let out a long sigh. “We will work this out, Diego. But for now, let’s get back to bed. We’re lucky we didn’t wake the children. Again.”
Lance held his breath as he listen to his parents footstep fade away to their bedroom. Lance let a few tears escape as he slowly made his way back to bed, legs lightly shaking and his jaw set. He would find a way to help provide for his family. Even if it killed him.
A few days later, Lance walked down the sandy beaches of his home to get the mail that his mother asked him to. His hands were in his pockets as he kicked up sand and whistled a random tune. When he got to their rusty old mailbox, he brushed away the dust and the beginnings of a cobweb. When he reached in to retrieve the mail, he felt a thick envelope. Curious, he took it out, flipping it around him in hands, trying to find the addressor. With wide, disbelieving eyes, he ran his fingers over the top the envelop. Addressed to him personally was a letter from the Garrison.

(Hint hint wink wink: this melts in with my Prodigy Lance Fic near the end)*****

Bad boy's charm

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Rowena

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader

Word count: 3608

Warnings: Demon!Dean, Jealousy, Possessive Dean Winchester, Smut, Kissing, Spanking, Language, Dirty talk

Summary: This was supposed to be for Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge. The prompt was My Bloody Valentine + Demon!Dean × Reader. Things get heated between Dean and the Reader after a late night “argument”

Notes: This piece was supposed to be for Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge, but I was really busy with life and couldn’t post it in time. Hope she forgives me and still accepts the fic *fingers crossed*

Tags: @roxy-davenport


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Waving Goodbye (Part 2)

Series Includes: Steve x reader, Friend!Sam x reader and lots of angst.

Brief Synopsis: You are tired of sharing Steve with the world, but he refuses to stop dedicating his life to helping people, even if it means losing you. Based on the song “Waving Goodbye” by Sia.

Word Count: 650

A/N: I know it’s been a long time coming, but I finally wrote a second part! I’ve already started part three and there will be another after that. As always, thank you for reading! 

Originally posted by pandasubaru

Steve’s scent haunted you.

Even after you made your temporary move into Sam’s place, the distinct smell of generic bar soap mixed with a touch of mint and a lingering hint of laundry detergent never left your nose. When you arrived at Sam’s apartment late at night after your argument with Steve, you had shrugged out of his sweatshirt immediately, draping it over one of the armchairs in hopes of escaping him. Ever since, you stayed clear of Steve’s sweatshirt, dancing around it like one would a landmine, fearing you might explode if you came too close. Despite your efforts, his scent continued to torment you, at times nearly persuading you to return to the apartment you previously shared with Steve.

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Love Me Louder [VxREADER]

 V request completed for @nekomas-heart

Mystic Messenger V route aftermath if he survived and began a relationship with MC.

     Nothing really prepares us for the paths fate has laid out. You could try and fight destiny, but it was a losing battle. In your younger years you’d never given any of this much thought. Why would you? Your life had been relatively easy. School, work, chatty family dinners, meeting friends for lunch, none of this lent much room to existential thoughts. But the person you were now was vastly different. As you sat in this trim and tidy apartment looking over old photos, you let the thoughts cloak over you like a security blanket. It was comforting to relinquish control to fate. If fate called all the shots, it would be pointless to hold on to anger over all of the fucked up shit that happens in this world. There would be nothing you could do to prevent it. There was no skirting around the obvious, your boyfriend was visually impaired. This warm, loving, creative man-was blind. And damn it, you needed to believe it was for a reason.

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Lesser Known Fanfic Rec List!

In this case I am defining ‘lesser known’ as having under 10,000 views on AO3.

Stimulating Conversation 

by @kimthreerings

AO3 Summary: Yuuri is determined to get to the bottom of why Victor keeps flirting with him. This leads to a conversation. With alcohol.

Canon-divergent AU exploring what might have happened had Yuuri and Victor actually communicated far earlier. A series of conversations and smut as their relationship develops.

My comments: This fic explores a concept I personally haven’t really seen done that much, and handles it really well! It’s a really good re-imagining of the series and I’m always really happy when I get the update notifications for it. 

The Next Level 

By @azriona

AO3 Summary: So this is being engaged to a fellow skater: it’s trying to figure out whose sweats are whose, writing competition dates on the calendar in different colored pens, late-night arguments over sequins versus feathers, running out of the really good foot plasters after the shops have closed for the night.

The skating season continues (as skating seasons are wont to do), while Victor and Yuuri negotiate the shifts in their relationship, their careers, and their home rink.

Sometimes, things even go as planned.

My comments: Oh my god this is the perfect continuation of Yuri On Ice. I really love this one because it feels pretty realistic to me, not everything is perfect butterflies and rainbows, and the real challenges Viktor and Yuuri explore within this are interesting and well done, and true to character. 

Eros, and Other Love Stories

By @phoenixrei

AO3 Summary: Eros. Yuuri understands it in theory, of course. He’s seen what must be hundreds of movies about the very topic, but never really understood them. Never understood why the protagonists of these films make such fools of themselves for sex, or why they fall head over heels in love with the first pretty face they see. He nods and smiles and sighs along with the rest of them… but he’s never related to those characters’ struggles. Not even a little.

What is wrong with him?

A character study of Japan’s ace, Katsuki Yuuri.

My comments: So an ace!Yuuri fic wouldn’t ordinarily be my kind of thing but this story handles the subject with such beauty and care, and also feels very in character. It’s quite short but a heartwarming and good read. 

See You Next

By rougeandtonic (sorry no idea if they have a tumblr)

AO3 Summary: Yuuri realizes that he’ll sabotage Victor’s career if he asks him to coach and compete at the same time. This leads to a standoff of ultimatums over who will skate and who won’t.

A standoff that ends with Victor in St Petersburg and Yuuri half a world away.


In which Yuuri needs to learn to listen and Victor needs to learn to speak.

My comments: I wouldn’t usually read a break up fic but this is just done so well! It’s hard to explain really but the way the author shows the texts and all sorts of things like that that happen make it really compelling and heartbreaking in the best way. Though is one is angsty, it’s a really, really great story. It’s kind of like ‘worst case scenario’ realistic. 

Midnight Lover

By Nix

AO3 Summary: Viktor Nikiforov, figure skating god and human trainwreck, flies halfway across the world from the only home he’s ever known in a last-ditch attempt to salvage his life. His demons follow him faithfully.

Katsuki Yuuri, reticent vampire and trouble magnet, pulls a drowning man out of the ocean on a whim and winds up with an unconscious human celebrity in his house. He knows it’s a mistake to keep him.

Viktor wakes, Yuuri stays, and they get too attached too fast.

In which Viktor is running from himself and Yuuri is not anyone’s savior.

My comments: Such a good and enjoyable vampire AU so far, one of my favourites within the fandom in fact. The writing is good and the kink levels are just right so I don’t think it would put too many people off with the blood thing. Also, the discussion of Viktor’s depression is beautifully done

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

By cuttlemefish

AO3 Summary: Things would be a little easier if Yuuri wasn’t so in love with his husband Viktor, especially considering they have an arranged marriage. Two years after their wedding, Yuuri and Viktor are incredibly in love, but can’t seem to get over the hump of their platonic union to consummate their marriage! Good thing Yuuri is the most (in)famous erotic fanfiction author of the Love in the Streets fandom. Now, he’s got the support of the Internet to figure out how to seduce his husband, if only he can continue to keep their identities a secret. Or, the AU in which everyone thinks Yuuri and Viktor have the perfect marriage full of adventurous sex when, in fact, Viktor sleeps in the guest bedroom and Yuuri writes erotic fanfiction to quench his thirst.

My comments: This story has only just started, but I already love it so much. Not only is the idea of Yuuri writing fanfiction fantastic to me, but it’s very in character and seems pretty real. I find myself entertained by this story and really can’t wait for more

Want It Back (Minhyuk)

Originally posted by kihyuon

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you do a Minhyuk scenario. You two are married and had a son. One night you guys get into a very bad argument where he says “I wish I’ve never met you!” The next day he spends the next month let’s say in a universe where you and your son don’t exist. At the end of the month he wants you back and gets transported back to your guys argument before he said “I wish I’ve never met you!” and hugs and kisses you and your son.

~so first off hope I have the right Minhyuk~

“Come on its one night” Minhyuk says as you bounce a crying infant. “Jeongjae is sick Minhyuk. I need help here” you say as your eyes were heavy and tired. “You’re doing a great job here. You don’t need me” he says grabbing his keys. “Minhyuk!” you nearly yelled “god. Y/N I just want to go out with the boys! I’ve had a long week” he yells back as Jeongjae’s cries get louder. “You know I should have listened to the boys” he says as you bounce. “What do you mean?” you asked scared “I wish I never got married this young” he told you. The hurt on your face was clear “some days I wish I would have never met you. I could be-” he turned his attention back as he realized you were gone. He sighed as he threw his keys down and laid down on the couch. Closing his eyes Minhyuk never realized how powerful his words were until now.


Minhyuk woke up the next morning expecting to hear Jeongjae’s crying when the little one woke up from his sleep but it never came. He looked around, he realized the apartment didn’t look like it did the night before. “Y/N!” he called out as he got up and headed towards the normal room you two shared with your son but when he opened the door. The room was the way he had it when he was a single. “Oh my gosh” he spoke as he realized that it was the life he was supposed to have before he was supposed to date you. He smiled lightly. No more late nights with a crying baby, no late night runs, no more arguments with you. His thoughts were cut short by a knock on the door came though.

He opened the door confused “dude what are you doing?” Jooheon asked him. “What?” he spoke tiredly “we’re going out” Jooheon told him.


Minhyuk checked his phone out of habit before someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned to see a girl there as he smiled and he was tugged along. The music pounded as the two of them began moving together. He missed this a bit.

As he danced he felt a feeling of guilt as he moved with her. He came to a stop as she looked confused “I can’t do this” he told her as he instantly backed away. “Why?” she whined “I’m married” he told her as she looked disgusted moving away from him. He sighed as he looked at his phone again expecting a picture of his son the day he was born but it wasn’t there. He saw a drink in front of his face “drink!” Hoseok yelled as Minhyuk smiled taking it from him.


The next few weeks every time he came home.he expected a pair of shoes with hearts all over it that you never wore but always had out. He didn’t run into the stroller like he did on occasions. Today he was rubbing his cheeks as they were covered in tears. He passed the place where he took you on your first date, it was the same place he proposed, where he learned the gender of his son. But it never happened now and he took off running from his friends.They were so confused as to why he was having a meltdown like that. 

He wanted to be away from his life he had with you before hand but now he wanted it back. He wanted to see his 6 month old smiling at him when he used his baby voice. Your body curled into his when you guys would cuddle during movies. He let out a loud sob “I’m sorry Y/N I didn’t mean it!” he yelled as he sank down onto the floor “I love you so much. I love Jeongjae. I’m so sorry I wanted to be away from it” he cried loudly before slamming his head onto the wall. His eyes closed as he leaned into the wall before his mind drifted off.


Minhyuk snapped from his thoughts as crying grew louder and louder in his ears. The face you were making he remembered it from a month ago and he instantly knew what words he was about to say after saying the boys were right. “I don’t mean it baby” his eyes instantly filled with tears “I never meant it” he says as he touches your cheek. “I’m an idiot” he whispered. “I am so glad to be with you” he said shakily as he pulled you and Jeongjae into him. “I love you and I’m so sorry I don’t express it enough” he cried kissing your face. “I’ll stay in, I’ll take him. I’ll do whatever you want” he whispered taking Jeongjae from you. “JaeJae” he cooed as the small boy slowed his tears. “I know you don’t feel good so mommy and I will lay with you” he whispered. “You’re probably mad at me for being so mean to mommy” he says as he pulls you in for a kiss. “But I promise I won’t take you guys for granted ever again” he whispers as you guys head to your room. 

“What just happened to you?” you asked him as he sighed “reality that’s all. I should be a good dad and husband” he tells as he lays your son down in the middle of the bed and climbs in and you climb in on the other side. “Are you okay?” you asked him as he nods “perfectly sane” he jokes as he leans over your son and gives you a pleasant kiss. “Thank you for putting up with me” he whispered as he kissed you again. He smiled down at your son who was sick and sleepy “I’ll get you medicine by the time you wake up tomorrow” he says as he kissed your son’s warm head and began rubbing his little belly. 

I’m sorry, Eileen signed. I’m no good at this. I’ve been alone for too long. Hunting. Angry.

She turned away, eyes glistening with unshed tears. She scrubbed at them, as if she could stop the hurt by drying the tears.

Sam rested his hands, gently, on her shoulders. He turned her around, used a finger to gently tip her face up toward his.

“Eileen,” he said, fingers clumsily signing along with his words. “I don’t need anything from you, okay? Nothing.”

She’d been staying at the bunker for two weeks. Sam, Dean, Cas, Eileen. It felt almost cozy. A little breakfast, some late-night netflix, arguments over whose turn it was to use the washing machine or who forgot to wash the dishes. Throw in a few vampire beheadings and it was damn near perfect.

So of course Sam had to go and screw it all up.

There had been an easy case nearby, a salt and burn. A milk run. Sam and Eileen went alone. And it really had been easy, they’d taken care of everything in a few hours. But her smile…when they’d burned the bones, Eileen’s face had lit up too, and Sam had been caught up in the moment. He forgot about being covered in dirt from the grave, he forgot about the smoke from the burning bones, all he could think about was her smile and how much he wanted to be kissing her.

So he did.

And she kissed him back, not fierce but soft and sweet, like coming home after months and months and just knowing it’s right.

When they broke away from each other Sam’s smile was bewildered, Eileen’s knowing. Had she been expecting that? Sam wondered. Because it sure surprised me…

Took you long enough, she signed, looking up at him through her eyelashes.

Sam laughed.

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Kiss Me With Your Eyes Open

My First Klance au!!!! I’m excited!! Hope you guys like it and :3 

Ari xxx

Lance was famous for his ‘accidents.’

How he ‘accidentally’ mixed the two wrong substances in chemistry and caused a school wide evacuation. 

How he ‘accidentally’ had his leg out and tripped someone who has been mean to Hunk. 

How he ‘accidentally’ dropped thumbtacks onto the wheels of the guy who bullied Pidge’s car and scratching up his precious car. 

So maybe they weren’t really ‘accidents.’

But one thing Lance didn’t plan on was how he truly accidentally fell in love with his best friend. 

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The argument over whether Romeo and Juliet were really star-crossed lovers, or whether they were just dumb teenagers smitten with lust is an old one, and I don’t think it will ever be resolved because of how easy it is to argue for both sides. After all, Juliet was just thirteen, and Romeo perhaps sixteen when they met. They only knew each other for three days and had barely spoken before they were racing to get married. Yet much of the language they share is achingly romantic, and they undeniably nurse a deep, uncontrollable passion for each other, naive though it may be.

As I was puzzling over it, I began to think that maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe it’s purposefully left ambiguous, because the entire tragedy stems from us not knowing if it’s true love.

Maybe their relationship would have endured. Maybe Romeo and Juliet would have grown old together, raised a family and been deliriously happy for the rest of their days. Or maybe, as they grew older, they would have come to resent one another. Maybe they would have regretted their hasty marriage and fallen out of love, as teenagers often do. Maybe Romeo’s love for Juliet would have faded as surely as his love for Rosaline did.

We don’t know. We don’t know how their relationship would have progressed because the fighting between their families pushed these kids to make increasingly desperate and stupid decisions. We’ve all experienced those first pangs of love as teenagers, so strong that we were convinced we’d die for the other person, and thanks to the idiotic feud between their parents, these kids were placed into a position where they were forced to follow through on the mad passions of youth.

So were they star-crossed lovers? Were these kids really in love? Would they have lived happily ever after if they had met in another time, under kinder skies?

We don’t know. Therein lies the tragedy. We just don’t know. And thanks to the feud between their families, we will never know.


a/n: “bet you thought you’d seen the last of me!” - a face to call home. welcome to part five, six thousand years later. honestly, to the anon that i got yesterday, this is written because of you, so thank you! i wrote this last night and this afternoon because i missed our favorite little family of four (soon to be five!). i hope you enjoy! happy valentine’s day in august!

february 2030 - the all black wardrobe

Harry would never admit that he was afraid of Eva, but sometimes he was terrified to face her wrath. There were two times a year where Harry would walk on eggshells around his wife, in constant fear of saying something out of line. New York Fashion Week came twice a year and as much as Harry had grown to love fashion over the years, he hated Fashion Week with every fiber of his being.

It was fun being invited to shows and sitting front row. Hectic, sure, but seeing the newest collections was always a good time. It wasn’t until Eva started her own line and began showing at New York Fashion Week herself that it lost its allure. They used to be the couple invited to sit front row at shows (Eva had to turn most of them down because she was working during the day time for Milly, typically on their show). Now, Harry watched from the same spot or backstage with Madeleine and Phoebe by his side.

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A Slytherin’s Love

It’s waking up before the sun rises and just lying together. It’s a subtle love that you may not notice, but that is always there. It’s kissing their chapped lips and tracing their scars and telling them that you love all of it, every single inch. 

It’s linking pinkies as you walk side by side. It’s late night arguments that are always resolved because there’s no point going to bed angry. It’s texting them to make sure they got home safe, and always being on call if they need you. 

It’s changing your emergency contact to their name. It’s breathing in the cold air on a spring day that fills your lungs and makes everything feel clear. It’s having your own inside-language that no one else understands but the two of you, and laughing despite yourself in public. 

It’s private moments that they’ll cherish forever. It’s having that one table you always sit at lunch, and sharing headphones when their favorite song comes on. It’s knowing their emotions as well as your own, so that you know exactly what to do when they’re upset.

A Slytherin’s love is one that makes you feel safe. It’s private moments that only you share, that makes you bond in a way you didn’t think was possible. It’s a deeply personal, fragile love that can make you feel as if the rest of the world has faded away. It’s impromptu photo shoots and a letting down your walls and never ever doubting that you are beautiful and worthy. A Slytherin’s love will make you feel new and raw; like a butterfly that has finally, finally emerged from it’s cocoon. 

Meeting the Family

[[Summary: 'Family’ means something different to everyone, but what does it mean for Tiran Kandros? On her return to the Nexus, Kandros takes Wren Ryder to a family dinner, and says some fateful words to her. Comments are always super appreciated! And should I be bad and have a smut chapter next? ;) Can be read as a standalone, but the previous chapter can be found here or on my AO3, linked above!

Art by for me. Taavet and Nora are @nerdyholler ‘s creation, graciously loaned to me.]] 

In Nexus time, it was late, but there was a crowd waiting for Wren Ryder as she disembarked from the Tempest, body flooded with the endorphins of having been proven absolutely correct about the importance of Meridian. Most of the waiting were angara; the news about their own origins had traveled quickly, an email from Jaal to Sahuna having already spread across multiple planets and into every star system. They weren’t angry, exactly, but they had questions, some shouted out already, the rest waiting behind pursed lips and eager eyes. A headache was brewing somewhere near the crown of Ryder’s head; she didn’t have the answers they wanted yet, though she had an idea of where they might find some more.

Even among the angara, generally a tall species, the single turian that waited stood out, lingering near the middle of the crowd, arms folded, simply waiting. Ryder’s heart was somewhere in the vicinity of her throat, a feeling not dissimilar to when she had first met Tiran Kandros, though the root of it was different this time. By going to Meridian, she had acted directly against the wishes of Nexus leadership, and Kandros’ personal wishes, and then she’d had the gall to send an email ending with ‘I love you,’ words they had never exchanged in person. Not a series of smooth moves, as far as their relationship went.

Kandros pushed through the crowd, gentle with his movements but direct, firm. He was going straight for her, and people slowly got out of his way, though they still clamored for her attention. And why wouldn’t they? He was head of Nexus security, and the story of the Pathfinder’s defiance was already one whispered along corridors. Keri would probably have a documentary out about it by the end of the week.  

They stood face to face but a few feet apart, Kandros’ eyes moving up and down her body, ascertaining that she was still in one piece before he stepped forward and put his arms around her, drawing Ryder to his chest and squeezing fiercely, tight enough that it was difficult to breathe. He released her just in time to take a deep breath, and then, in front of their entire audience, kissed her hard, almost desperately in a move that seemed to surprise both of them. Stiff at first, Ryder yielded, and Kandros grew more gentle, his kiss no longer so hard or so hungry, though there was still an edge to it that seemed to say ‘thank you for coming back,’ and when he finally pulled away, his hand lingered on the side of her face, cupping her jaw slightly and tracing the shape of her cheekbone down to the hollow of her throat before dropping to his side once again.  “You endangered the entire Nexus. You endangered yourself. Come to dinner with me, right now.” It was clear he wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.  

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So, this is the account of Barry’s disappearance from the novels:

They had all lived together happily for several months, and Uncle Barry had made the occasional trip while leaving Agatha in the care of the Clays. Agatha had vague memories of a growing tension amongst the grownups, which culminated in a late night argument she could dimly hear from her bedroom. The next morning, the tension appeared to have cleared and Barry announced that he was going on another trip. A lengthy one, that might take as long as two months. He had written three times: once from Mechanicsburg, the home of the fabled Heterodyne Boys; once from Paris; and over a year later, a much travel-stained letter, full of disquieting and vague ramblings, that was found to have been slid under the Clays’ front door while they had been outside the city picking apples.

It was the last they had heard from or of him.

I’ve wondered before why Mechanicsburg and Paris and it occured to me today that there’s a possibility I hadn’t considered. What if he was looking for a safe place for Agatha to be a Spark?

It starts with an argument with Lilith and Adam which, I hope they’d mind the locket. I can see them feeling that they understand why he did this, but also that Agatha can’t just live her life like this. So, an argument about Agatha’s safety vs her wellbeing.

By the next morning the argument seems to have been resolved – so either they’ve given way or Barry has – and then Barry sets out for Mechanicsburg. The safest place for a baby Heterodyne he could think of, even if he doesn’t like it. But Mechanicsburg seems to have gone over to Klaus and its defences are in too poor a state to fix without Klaus noticing the fixing before it’s done. Especially with prisoners inside the Castle.

So he sets out for Paris. Paris is a safe place for Sparks and decidedly not under Klaus’ control. But the Master hates Heterodynes, won’t let any in the city for more than 72 hours, and there may have been Geisterdamen in the tunnels already. There’s certainly rather a lot of Aaronev’s family in the city.

Both times he sends a letter.

Then, something happens. Maybe he still had other places to look, but if so it sounds like he never made it there. A year later he’s possibly been on the run continually, is afraid to come home and actually talk to them, and may not be entirely sane.

With evidence Agatha may be in even more danger than they’d thought and no way of knowing what else to do Lilith and Adam leave the locket on.

Suddenly I See You Ch. 5

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 6

A/N: So here it is. Chapter 5. I’m hoping that the mini plots and things come across in here okay, among a boat load of other things. I’ve already voiced my saltiness at this chapter. I had a grand scheme and was so excited and got deflated. NONETHELESS!! I hope you all enjoy this, and I’m able to continue to do this story justice! *queue dramatic music*

Genre: Mino x Reader and Zico x Reader

Words: *sings* I’ll never tell!

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

The late night argument you and Minho had that night was soon a thing of the past. Buried under all the small arguments and disagreements you carried with you both over the years, but never willing to speak on it again. The fear that maybe all it took was just one argument to tarnish what you both shared, making you bury deep the problems that rose between you. Acting like nothing ever happened, even when it did.  

The next week went by in a blur of homework and caffeinated beverages; drinking too many in one sitting, leaving you jittery and beyond what should be acceptable as, “Alert.” It felt like an eternity since that day on the roof with Zico. His attention still transfixed everywhere, but at you, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t care.  

You couldn’t understand him. That problematic energy he carried around him giving you a headache until you felt ready to explode. Vowing the next week that you weren’t going to waste anymore of your time or spare glances at him in class.atching as he actively flirted with girls who made you loathe how put together they were and you were in, well, your favorite oversized sweater and worn in sneakers.  

You’d just gotten to philosophy and were aimlessly drawing doodles in your notebook. Inwardly cringing every time a stupid giggle from some done up Barbie sounded from behind you. You weren’t paying any attention; not to Zico and the obnoxiously pretty girl he flirted with and not to the professor who was telling the class about an assignment. Your headspace filled with mocking retorts at her stupid voice and the puppeteer hand pulling the strings on your heart.  A loud smack of a ruler startled you out of your stupor.  

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i love harry and draco's family in the such great heights sequel so much!!!! would you talk about them doing something, maybe going on holiday?

wish, command (as it happens i luv these dumb guys)

It had been a warm April and a hot May. The twins had spent their seventeenth birthday - according to the pictures Lily had sent home - lounging on the grass and entertaining a range of hangers-on, with occasional dips in the Hogwarts lake. Harry had laughed as he’d passed them over to Draco and said, “It’s going to be a hot summer.”

“Mm,” Draco said; he was peering at a parchment, nose nearly touching the ink, occasionally bursting into a fierce spell of scribbling.

Harry hesitated; but it had been four years, after all, and nobody’s Quidditch team was doing particularly well, and he thought it might just be risked. “We should go somewhere,” he said casually. “Take the kids.”

“Mm,” Draco said.

“Not Italy again,” Harry said, “not until Scorpius and Esther are a little older, I think. And Lily keeps trying to sneak wine as it is.”

Draco made an infuriated noise, but it was just as likely to be about the policy he was going over as it was about a holiday. Harry went on.

“Be nice to go somewhere they can all run around a bit,” Harry said, opening the cupboard to make himself a cup of tea. “You know. Enjoy the summer. We could go to the beach.”

“Who writes this stuff?” Draco demanded. “Have any of them been to school? Have any of them learned to read?”

“Ron and Hermione are taking the kids camping in Dorset this month,” Harry said. “We could go with them. Take that tent. We’ve hardly used it.”

“Yes, all right, Potter, whatever you like,” Draco said, “do stop rambling on - come look at this, will you, and tell me what you think—” and Harry, grinning, went and leaned over Draco’s shoulder to do as he was told.

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Ohhh, you're ask box is open! Can I get some headcanons for Kakashi and how he would react if his partner said they wanted to have a baby?

is it cool if I combine these?

Kakashi Hatake

•It depends on what time period we’re talking when his partner mentions having a baby. Because Kakashi as Hokage would probably not be too excited about the idea. He’d barely have time to be with is s/o as much as he’d like to, so the idea of having a baby at home too just doesn’t seem right. A lot of his fears come from the idea of not being there if something goes wrong

•He’ll talk it over with his s/o a lot. Which could entail late night arguments and tension, especially if his s/o really wants a baby. Ultimately, Kakashi is not easily swayed, so if he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, then he’ll tell them that. But if there’s the smallest part of him that doesn’t want to disappoint his s/o, and he’s maybe even a little open to the idea, then sure. He’ll be okay with it. But he’ll be very nervous the whole time, and he’ll have lots of doubts 

•He’d still be a little uncertain even if he wasn’t Hokage. The idea of being a father kind of scares him tbh. He doesn’t know if he’d be a good dad and he doesn’t want to bring a baby in the world only to struggle with fatherhood. But he’s much more likely to be sucked into the idea of having his own baby when the title of Hokage isn’t on his shoulders. If there’s any point in time I can see Kakashi being up for having kids, it’s after he’s retired from his Hokage reign

•Now Kakashi with a baby during his time as Hokage, is a little tricky. Especially since he does tend to slack on work. So he’d be a bit hesitant about his s/o getting pregnant in the first place it if it was planned

•But knowing he has a s/o and child at home stands as an incentive to work harder and get done with his Hokage duties so he can go home to them

•But that doesn’t mean he has a lot of free time anyway. If anything, his family will have to come see him at the Hokage office on slow days if they wanted to see him

•During his s/o’s pregnancy, he’s very nervous. It’s probably the hardest part about the whole thing. He worries about his s/o being home alone and something happening when he’s not there for them. He might even ask someone to go keep watch on his s/o (kinda like what Minato had him do) He just worries something’s going to go wrong and no will be able to reach him in time

•When it gets closer to his s/o’s due date, Kakashi decides he needs to take precautions. He’s constantly asking for updates from any attendants he’s sent to watch his s/o, constantly asking his s/o if they “feel like the baby’s going to pop out today”. He needs to know when it’s going to happen so he can be prepared, even if he knows it’s useless to inquire. He just sits in his office, unable to concentrate on his paperwork because he’s just thinking about the baby. He might even keep a shadow clone at work so he can stay with his s/o in the final days before the due date


klance? but a la la land au? full on?

where lance is an aspiring actor, living with his room mates hunk and pidge (also aspiring actors, all scrambling for jobs and going to parties), and keith is a musician obsessed with the jazz club his older brother (shiro) owned before going missing, and how he hides his heart break over his family selling the restaurant by trying to get it back? keith joining lotor’s jazz band? that revolutionizes jazz? but it pulls him away from lance? lance going back to cuba to be with his family? lance and keith breaking up? lance getting a girlfriend named plaxum, now an award winning actor, and going back to the jazz club with her on their date night only to see keith? and feeling all of their memories, the one at the 5 Lions Planetarium, the dances in the parking lot, their late night kisses and arguments over what Shiro’s would actually be called, come smashing back down on them?

yes. that is all.