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last update- April 30, 2017

Super sad late night announcement :( 

Unfortunately the hair pins will not be in tomorrow’s shop update. I overestimated how much I could do in a week and pushed myself too far. 

I would never sell something if I did not believe it was my best effort and the best quality I could produce, so I don’t want to have to rush these. I want to be able to take all the time to make them perfect.

All the hair pins will available at a later date.

Thank you for understanding. The shop update will still be filled with a bunch of beautiful crystals. <3

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 10

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 2665

Warnings: You guessed it, FLUFF. Reader’s dad knows all. Only two dates left?! Also, the bridge in the gif is the bridge I pictured for where they go, except all done up with lights. In my mind, without all the stuff that happened in the show, they’d still be in Lawrence, which is a couple hours from where I live and the bridge is in my town but … just play along. 

Tags: @kbrand0, @daydreamingintheimpala, @growningupgeek, @illisea,@supernaturalfreewill, @always-noteworthy

As always, enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

After thirteen hours of sleep, you startled out of a weird dream, sweaty and breathing hard. You checked your phone; various messages from your father and youngest brother, and a few from Dean. You smiled at those, but your smile grew at the delivery confirmation from UPS. You’d been waiting too long for this package and had started to worry that it wouldn’t arrive by Christmas.

You dialed Dean’s number as you slipped out the front door and picked up the small box on the porch. You tore into it while you waited for Dean’s voicemail to connect.


“Dean? I didn’t expect you to answer. I’m sorry I slept for so long. Did I wake you up?” You lifted the item out of the box and inspected it; it was perfect.

“You didn’t wake me up, pretty girl,” Dean chuckled. “I took a nap after work in case you got up late. Still up for date number ten?”

You glanced at the clock. “At ten-thirty at night?”

“Probably eleven-thirty by the time you shower and whatnot,” Dean corrected. “But yes. I’m in if you’re in.”

You took a deep breath and shoved everything back in the box. “Pick me up in an hour?”

“Pick you up in an hour.”

You said a quick goodbye and raced for the shower, tossing your clothes off as you went.


Dean’s truck rumbled into your driveway, but you were out the door before he could come get you. He met you halfway between the truck and the porch; you ran into his arms, laughing when he picked you up off the ground and kissed you. Maybe it was the time of year, the time of day, or both, but the pair of you felt the giddiness of your late night date.

He helped you into the truck and jogged over to the driver’s side door. A hot cup of coffee was waiting for you, along with Christmas tunes filling the cab of the truck. You scooted to the middle seat and buckled yourself in, leaning your head on Dean’s shoulder.

“Thank you, for taking me out,” you smiled at him.

“Hey, we’re on a timeline. It was either this or fit two dates into tomorrow,” Dean teased. “Besides, this one is something we can do any time. And with less traffic right now, we’ll get to enjoy it more anyway.”

You sipped on your coffee and excitedly watched the scenery going by. Dean had told you that there was a very good light display at the bridge over the river, and the two of you planned to take a walk together while admiring the lights.

The air was nippy but the wind was barely blowing, so the cold temperature was bearable. Sipping on your hot coffee helped, but the best part of staying warm was being wrapped in Dean’s arms and leaning back against his chest when the two of you stopped to admire the lights as they moved in sync with the music playing over the bridge’s loud speaker.

“Can’t imagine being the one to set all this up,” you breathed. “It’s so pretty.”

“Not as pretty as you,” Dean whispered, kissing your cheek. “Y/N, I can’t imagine sharing all the stuff we’ve done with anyone else. When you told me what a nut you were about Christmas at that first date, I have to admit, I was a little worried. But you’ve made Christmas new again. I feel like a little kid again. I can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning and spend time with my family, then spend time with your family before we go back to Mom’s for supper. I’ll never look at Christmas the same again.”

You turned in his arms. “Me, either. Yes, I already loved Christmas, but you’ve made it ten times better. Having these memories with you … Nothing can replace that.”

He leaned down to kiss you, and you eagerly accepted the gesture. His tongue was warm against yours, his hands pulled you closer, and you never wanted to stop kissing him.


After spending some time at the bridge, Dean took you to a twenty-four-hour diner for late night breakfast. The two of you talked and laughed; you couldn’t believe you had only met the man fifteen days before. It was like you two had known each other forever. Each date tightened Dean’s grip on your heart, and you didn’t feel egotistical at all in thinking he felt the same way.

After your French toast and Dean’s massive breakfast burrito, the two of you still managed to finish off a banana split together.

“I’ve never met a girl who can eat like you, and without complaining at that,” Dean said proudly as the two of you walked back out to his truck. The wind was still tame, so you stood by the passenger door to face him for a moment. You looked up at the green eyes that were starting to become familiar, but at the same time, just as exciting as the first time you’d seen them.

“You know, I almost didn’t go on that first date,” you admitted. “I called Mandy like an hour or so before, and told her to call you and call it off. I panicked because I didn’t feel pretty, and I had no idea of anything about you, except that you were a mechanic and Mandy thought you were all right. I just can’t imagine what I’d be doing right now if I hadn’t gone to dinner that night.”

Dean smiled. “My guess is, you’d be home asleep because you wouldn’t have had to sleep that long to recover from taking care of my sick, pitiful ass.”

“You’re probably right about that,” you laughed, pulling him close by the lapel of his shirt. “My point is, I’m really glad I went. Even after know how pitiful your ass can be when you’re sick.”

“Come here,” Dean smiled, pulling you against his chest and propelling the both of you back against the truck. Dean’s kiss was deep and eager; your enthusiasm matched his. Were it not for the car of college kids who honked as they drove by, who knows how long you would have stayed in that parking lot with Dean.


When Dean dropped you back off at home, the kissing continued for a while in his truck. There was no one to interrupt you at two o’ clock in the morning in your own driveway. Finally, you made excuses about Dean having to be up for work the next day.

“Trying to get rid of me?” he teased.

You shook your head. “Definitely not. Just trying to keep myself under control.”

“Fair enough,” Dean said, kissing the tip of your nose. “Hey, wait. I want a picture of us before you go inside.”

You snuggled back up against him, your cheek against his and smiled into the camera. After that, you convinced him to snap one of the two of you kissing, then he took one more – a candid one of the two of you looking at each other after the kiss.

“Sneaky,” you laughed, climbing out of the truck and meeting him on the sidewalk. “You don’t have to walk me up, if you don’t want to.”

“I want to,” Dean promised.

Biting your lip and thinking it over for a few moments, you asked if he wanted to stay for a while longer. “I know you have to work in the morning, but I guess I’m being selfish. I’m not ready to watch you go.”

“I’ll make you a deal. I haven’t mentioned it yet because I didn’t know if it would be too much, but Sam and Jess are having a bonfire tomorrow night at their place. It’s kind of a Christmas Eve tradition. It’ll just be them and some friends, you and me if you want to go. You go to that with me, I’ll give up sleep tonight for you.”

You smiled inwardly; Dean didn’t know yet that you and Jess had been in touch via social media. She had helped you out with your idea for Dean’s gift, and you two had chatted here and there since then. You knew about the bonfire, but had made the smart decision to wait for Dean to ask you to go.

“Deal,” you smiled. “And I’m not asking you to give up sleep. Just to stay with me till I fall asleep. Because I’m tired and being needy right now.”

Dean laughed. “I suppose that’s allowed at two in the morning.”

You gave him your key so he could lock the door on his way out, put on your pajamas, and buried under the blankets of your bed. Dean made himself comfortable on top of the blanket, stretched out next to you, propped up with one arm and his free hand stroking your hair.

“That’s the quickest way to get me to fall asleep,” you yawned. “Thanks for staying, Dean.”

“If you haven’t figured out by now, I’ll take just about any excuse to spend more time with you,” Dean said quietly. He bent down to kiss your temple. “Sweet dreams, pretty girl.”

“Night, Dean.”

It wasn’t too long after that, you were asleep. You didn’t even hear Dean when he left, but when you woke up in the morning, you knew the thing that your heart was missing was him.


“Dad, I’m on my way. Slept too late, is all. I promise, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

You hurried out the door, making sure to lock the knob before pulling it shut behind you – then you quickly realized two things. One, you’d left your wallet on the coffee table in the living room. Two, Dean had your house key from locking you safely inside when he left hours before. Now you were running late to meet your dad for lunch, and your wallet would have to wait.

Need to get my key from you. Locked out of my house till then.

Want to come pick it up at the garage? We’re slow. You could meet the guys.

On my way to lunch with Dad. Pick it up after?

Sounds good. Here till 2.

Your heart fluttered at the very idea of seeing Dean, even for a quick meeting like getting your house key from him. You’d see him later that evening to go to Sam and Jess’s house for the bonfire, but just like he’d take any excuse to spend more time with you, you’d take any reason to see him outside of your plans.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?” your father asked over burgers at the burger place you two always met for lunch at.

“Well,” you started, taking a sip of your soda, “I’ll be over in the morning to do our usual Christmas morning stuff. Dean will come with me to Grandma’s for family Christmas, then we’ll go to his mom’s for their Christmas.”

“You sure it isn’t too soon to be doing Christmas stuff with your families together? Don’t you have like … eighteen more dates or something?”

You laughed. “Actually, we’re going to a bonfire at his brother’s tonight, and that’s date number eleven. All of our stuff tomorrow is date number twelve. Then we’ll decide if we’re going to go ahead and label this or not.”

“Right,” your father drawled out, rolling his eyes. “As if you haven’t both already decided.”

You couldn’t help but blush a little. “He’s a good guy, Daddy. You said so yourself. Isn’t it a good thing that I didn’t commit right away?”

He leaned forward on the table. “How many times do I have to tell you, Y/N, that as your father, I can see these things before you do? Maybe not so much in labels, but I think you’ve been committed to Dean since you met him. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After talking with him, I knew it was the same for Dean with you.”

It took a few seconds for you to decide if you wanted to share the next bit of information with your father, but the two of you were very close, and you had to tell someone to get it off your chest. “He told his mother last weekend that I’m the girl.”

Your father gave you the I-told-you-so look. “It won’t be too long, he’ll be coming to have the talk with me, I’ll bet.”

“Dad. Seriously. Let’s not get crazy.”

He took a breath and leaned back in the booth again. “You weigh too much of my relationship with your mother when you think about your own relationships, Y/N. She and I, it was different. We were really young and we thought love was going to conquer everything. We were wrong. You know better. I do think it’s good you didn’t label anything with Dean right away, but don’t let the fear of having a relationship turn out like mine and your mother’s did stop you from being excited about something that’s really right for you.”

You nodded, but didn’t say anything. You were too close to tears; talking about their failed marriage usually did that to you. You decided then and there that your father was right; you weren’t going to let anything hold you back from your relationship with Dean. You were going to put your whole heart into it, and it wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. The man already held your heart in the palm of his hand.


Dean told you where to park out behind the garage so he could meet you to give you your house key after you had lunch with your father. He greeted you with a quick kiss at the door, then brought you inside the warm garage and introduced you to the other mechanics – one of them the owner of the garage – and even took you up front to introduce you to the guy who handled most of the billing as well as the younger girl who helped out with filing and taking payments and phone calls.

“She didn’t seem crazy about meeting me,” you mentioned to Dean as he walked you back to his station.

“She’s probably jealous,” he admitted. “That’s part of why I wanted her to see you, actually. Don’t want there to be any question about the woman I’m with – or will be with after Christmas.”

He winked at you, and you smiled back. You liked that he was making it good and clear to this girl where his interests were at. While Dean worked your house key off of his key ring, you took a look at the pictures on his toolbox. There was a picture of him and John when Dean was a boy, a picture of Sam and Dean with Mary, and, the newest picture of the three, the picture of the two of you that had sparked the issue with your ex.

“I keep it up there so when I’m having a rough day, I can look at it and remember what I have to look forward to after work,” Dean said.

“Except on the days I work.”

“I still get to talk to you on those days, though. Don’t ruin the point I’m making here.”

“Sorry,” you laughed, lacing your fingers through his before bidding goodbye to the other mechanics and walking with Dean out to your truck.

“Pick you up at seven for the bonfire?”

“Sounds good,” you confirmed. “Can’t wait.”

“Me either,” Dean smiled. “See you tonight.”

With a sweet goodbye kiss, Dean was headed back to the garage, and you were headed home to wrap his Christmas present and relax a little before the bonfire that evening. You’d wanted to tell him about the conversation with your dad, but the garage didn’t seem like the right setting. You could only hope that you’d still have the guts to open up about the conversation later on.

Date #11

Psa About Partners

Get a partner that loves you for who you are.

Who loves your little (and big) quirks

Who knows the little things that you love

And loves the little things that you do

Get yourself a partner who will listen to you

And let you talk about your intrests for hours.

Who notices the small stuff

And knows when something is wrong

Somebody who knows your scars,

And they know your story.

They want to know all the good times you had

They want to see you whenever possible

Get yourself a partner who makes you laugh

And who can make you cry

Who will be there when you want to die

And when you are truly living

You deserve a partner who makes you happy

And who makes your day

Who knows when somebody hurts you

And who makes you feel much better

And likes what you like

And hates what you hate

Who knows you arent perfect but doesnt care

Their partner who they love completely

They’re always the best part of the day

They’re something that makes everything okay

Who wants to know what you are doing

But isnt controlling

You deserve a partner that loves you.

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could you do 29 + klaroline ,please?

Hi anon, I sure can! Hope you like it!

KC + “Come over here and make me.”

“We need two volunteers,” the president of the student council announced. Caroline wasn’t sure what they wanted a volunteer for again, but it wasn’t like she was going to do it anyway. 

Next to her Klaus Mikaelson poked her in the side and she swatted his hand away, turning to him to glare. She knew he just wanted her attention, but she was really trying to appear like she was listening. When he tried again she yelled out in frustration, “Klaus!”

“Caroline? So nice of you to volunteer Klaus. I assume that means you’re volunteering yourself as well.” She wrote down the names on her board. “Be sure to check with Mrs Deates for more information and the keys.” Before Caroline could protest, the president had already exited the room. “What did I just sign up for?” Caroline muttered dejectedly.

“A late night with me,” Klaus announced behind her. Looking rather pleased, even though she had accidentally got them both involved in some type of stupid task.

“In your dreams, buddy,” she said and turned back. She didn’t dislike Klaus, but somehow he was just one of those people with who she communicated better with in banter. Well technically he was the only one, but she was sure that was normal.

“In my dreams, fantasies and in a weird turn of events, in the gym,” Klaus joked. He smirked at her and leaned back in his chair. He hadn’t wanted either of them to get in trouble, just rile up the beautiful blonde beside him a little, but he could work with the circumstances.  

“Why would I ever be with you in the gym, late at night?” she asked confused. While she didn’t react on her staring in some of his fantasies (he had never made that a secret), the gym felt like a weird location for those.

“Because that’s what you just volunteered us for,” Klaus enlightened her. “They rented out the building for some night class, and we get to be the lucky bastards who get to clean up after them so that PE isn’t delayed tomorrow.”

 “Don’t we have cleaners for that?“ Caroline asked. Surely they weren’t allowed to use students for this.

“They get to set it up. Apparently, our school isn’t interested in asking them to return three hours later and do it all again.”

“Yay us,” Caroline muttered.


“OMG, Klaus!” Caroline exclaimed and jumped aside to avoid the ball he threw her way. “We’re supposed to remove the tables and chairs here. Not throw around PE supplies.”

“Well you look like you’re handling it pretty well on your own,” Klaus observed, checking out Caroline’s ass while she half bent to lift up one of the last remaining tables.

They had been in the gym since 9 PM, moving all tables and chairs back to the storage unit. When that was finished they needed to sweep the floors, lock up and go home. They had been busy for an hour already. At least Mrs Deates had informed them that this would count as extra credit, at least something good came out of this complete waste of time.

Klaus grabbed another one of the balls, a smaller tennis ball this time, and aimed at Caroline this time. He hit his mark and Caroline quickly turned around. “Seriously? Stop it!” she exclaimed, “We’ll never get out of here this way.”

“Who says I wanna,” he teased, checking Caroline out, “I mean being in the gym in the middle of the night? Kinda a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“Like this is anything different from your normal evening. Alone and playing with your balls.” Caroline winced when she hears the words. She was talking about him playing on the football team but knew he wouldn’t interpret it that way. 

“You can play with my balls as well, Caroline,” Klaus retorted, smirking when she turned around. “All you have to do is ask.”

“Not going to happen,” she sang and continued her task.

Klaus watched her leave with a fond smile on his face. Maybe not yet, but one day he would get enough under her skin and she would finally admit what she wouldn’t yet. 


When she returned from storage, Caroline found Klaus with a basketball, playing around in the gym. “You’re not ever going to help, are you?” Caroline asked. Sure he had done most of the work for the first half, right until he announced he was finished and started playing around.

“You could come over here and make me,” Klaus challenged, while he aimed the basket in the net. He scored and watched the ball bounce off the ground before it rolled his way. Just when he was about to grab it, it was intercepted by Caroline.

Caroline grabbed the ball and moved back to the storage, determined to remove the ball before she was going to throw it at Klaus’ head. She had her back to Klaus and was surprised when she felt two arms around her waist. Before she could turn around, she was lifted off the ground and spun around. 

“Omg Klaus!” she shrieked, “Put me down!” She dropped the ball, using her hands to slap at his, but he didn’t budge. When she started to get dizzy he released her, and she stumbled away. Klaus caught her in his arms so she wouldn’t fall over.

“You’re infuriating,” she stated, looking up at him. She caught him staring at her lips and unconsciously bit her bottom lip. “You can’t just-” she never got to finish her sentence. Klaus mouth covered hers and silenced her.

His lips gently moved against hers. For a second, Caroline froze before she moved against him as well. She put his arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Caroline walked backwards, taking Klaus with her before she bumped against the last remaining table.

Klaus lifted her on the table and spread her legs so he could stand between them. They separated their kiss and looked at each other. “Still infuriating?” Klaus checked.

“Hmm,” Caroline hummed. “And annoying, and distracting and-” when she felt his fingers trace shapes in her neck she shivered, “and a surprisingly good kisser,” she admitted before she captured his lips with hers once more. They were never going to get ready with this pace, but she didn’t care. No one was going to be here for at least another 8 hours, and they needed the time to explore what was going on between them before they met in a classroom once more. She could feel Klaus toy with the buttons of her blouse and helped him open up the top one. And maybe they needed some time to explore each other as well.

Well, I’m sure we can all guess what happened next ;)

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Your reactions/headcanons are my favorite! I love your writing. Would you please do something with the companions waking up with sole? Doesn't have to be sex, just something fluffy or intimate with them waking up together.

I really like this a lot. I put more time into it than I thought I would and you are just such a nice person. Thank you for your nice things to say at me

edit: I added maxson woops

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Daily preferences #136

Number 71 with SUGA requested by two anons~
Enjoy the fluffiness!♡


You were dived into a heavy sleep in the middle of the night when you heard your cellphone rang from across the room. You somehow managed to get out of your warm and comfortable bed, stepping to your phone whose screen was lightening up your bedroom.

Late night calls are never announcing something great, that’s why you had the strength to get up though you were so sleep deprived these days.

You realized it was already 1 A.M before seeing your childhood friend’s name being displayed on the screen.

“Why are you calling me this late?” You said with a sleepy voice, rubbing your eye with your free hand.

“I am in front of your house, get out now. I need to see you.” He said as if it was a matter of life and death.

“Ok but wait a minute.” You whined before hanging up and putting on some clothes on instead of your odd pajamas.

You went down the stairs into your silent house before twisting the key into the lock of your entrance door to finally open it. Min Yoongi was standing right in front of you at this moment.

“I missed you so much (Y/N)!” He entered your house, stumbling a little bit.

“Wait… I am not sure if I am getting everything right…” You shut the door close to finally turn to him.

“There’s nothing much to understand…”

You had never seen him acting in such a weird way.

“Wait a minute are you perhaps drunk?”

“Yes. Of course I am.” He half laughed. “But now I can eventually kiss your lips and blame it on the shots I had.” He smirked before kissing you tenderly. Surprisingly, his tasteful kiss did not left you indifferent.

“You don’t have to blame it on the drinks you had.” You broke the kiss. “You can kiss me this way even when you are sober. You can actually kiss me anytime you want.” You smiled, your hands brushing his soft cheeks.

JUST ANNOUNCED: "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Guests for Premiere Week!

Look who’s joining Amy Poehler for the first week of Late Night - we couldn’t be more excited!

  • Monday, Feb. 24: Guests Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden and musical guest A Great Big World.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 25: Guests Kanye West and author Robyn Doolittle (“Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story”).
  • Wednesday, Feb. 26: Guests Kelly Ripa, Brad Paisley and musical guest Brad Paisley.
  • Thursday, Feb. 27: Guests Lena Dunham, Anthony Mackie and musical guest John Mayer Trio.
  • Friday, Feb. 28: Guests Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart, Sophia Bush and comedian Michael Che.

“Late Night with Seth Meyers” airs weeknights at 12:35am ET/PT beginning Feb. 24.

I’m so glad everyone’s liked the Stats Sheet! All the comments / tags have been really excited and happy, I’m so thankful! A whole bunch of people have already filled out Stats Sheets (both the drawing and writing ones) and they’re all so awesome! Thank you so much you guys, it really made all the hard work worth it!

More Gochiusa media announced

A suprise late night announcement came up today. On November 25, 2016 there will be a simultaneous release of Rabbit House Tea Party 2016 Blu-Ray&DVD, and also a Chimame-tai CD album.

The recording of the first Rabbit House Tea Party event was included as a bonus with one of the season 1 BDs, however for season 2 it will be released separately.

As for Chimame-tai CD album, I didn’t see it coming. There’s no information yet regarding the contents of this album, how many songs it will contain, and whether it includes previous Chimame-tai songs. I wonder if a Petit Rabbit’s album is also in planning? That would be huge.

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16 ot4

16 things you said with no space between us 

They fall into the bed, arms and legs tangling as they all struggle to be the first one under the sheets, pulling blankets over their cold skin, in the apartment that never seems to get warm enough, although they do all right once they’re all clustered beneath the layers of warmth, pressed against each other with little or no room between, blaming their closeness on the cold and the cramped bed even as they are all filled with the same pressing need for constant contact.

Jack likes to think he lets the others pile into the bed first, often relinquishing the center of the bed to someone else, content to wrap around them like a protective comma; hardly a sacrifice since they all move around erratically in their sleep, ending up in a completely different arrangement by the morning, tangled and contented.

Tonight Davey reaches the bed first, throwing himself into the center, where the old mattress dips a bit, dragging the sheet and blankets up to his ears, shivering even as he holds the side of the blankets open for the others.  Crutchie gets there second, flinging himself on top of Davey, landing hard on his stomach instead of taking the proffered opening under the blankets.  Jack watches, bemused, as Davey yelps and tries half-heartedly to protest while Crutchie curls up on top of Davey like a cat and Katherine takes the opportunity to slide quietly in next to Davey.  

Jack waits for a moment, watching the calm and self-assured way Katherine situates herself under the blankets, shaking her head as though she’s the adult in the room even as her eyes light up at the antics beside her.  Jack flips off the tiny lamp sitting on a rickety table near the bed, marveling slightly that they haven’t knocked it to the floor and broken it yet, and pulls his shirt off lazily, leaping over Katherine and Davey and dragging Crutchie down into the depths of the bed on the other side of Davey, causing Davey and Crutchie to yelp in surprise in tandem even as Crutchie lets himself be encased in Jack’s arms and swept beneath the covers.   

The four of them shift themselves until they’re all crowding Davey in the center of the bed, trying to escape the cold that tries to tear at their skin, made more noticeable somehow by the stillness of the apartment, the whistle of the wind outside (and probably in through unseen cracks in the windowsill), the darkness swallowing them now that the lamp is out, makeshift curtains blocking the street lamps outside.  Katherine throws an arm and a leg carelessly over Davey, effectively pinning him in the center of the pile, and Crutchie, still wrapped familiarly in Jack’s arms, puts an arm on Davey’s chest from the other side, his fingers linking lightly with Katherine’s.  Davey’s face reddens slightly, still inclined towards self-consciousness even after months.  Jack smiles and reaches a free hand over Crutchie’s head to ruffle Davey’s hair, an affectionate indulgence he knows Davey hates but puts up with anyway.  

They lay still for moments, perhaps minutes even, silent, wrapped around each other with barely even room for the cold air to come between them, the spaces filled with skin and cloth and almost tangible emotion, the need for closeness, for warmth and safety.

Davey breaks the silence first, reaching his hands up and touching each of them firmly in turn, as though trying to draw them in even closer to him, an almost impossible task.  He frowns, and Jack shifts slightly in response, wanting, as always, to be a comfort to Davey, who is overcome so often by his own insecurities, the anxieties that rise up unwanted and unreasonable, slipping over him like a sheath.

Then, suddenly, the frown is replaced by a laugh, and Jack feels muscles loosen that he wasn’t even aware he was tensing, watches Crutchie smile despite the fact that they have no idea why Davey is laughing, catching his amusement like a yawn.  Jack looks at Davey questioningly and sees a similar look on Katherine’s face.  Davey looks at them and gives a final giggle before composing himself.

“I was just thinking,” he says, his voice painted with sleep, “that we’re like a sandwich.”

Katherine laughs first, catching Crutchie up again in her mirth, the bed shaking slightly with their amusement; Jack is just confused.


Davey meets Jack’s eyes, and Jack feels himself wanting to grin in spite of his confusion.  He’s used to sensible Davey, not overly serious but with a loftier sense of humor, Davey who doesn’t say anything before forming the words clearly in his mind; Jack kind of likes this sleepy, sillier Davey.

“Like a sandwich,” Davey repeats, sounding sleepier by the minute, “all bundled up here and pressed together, like the things you’d put in-in a sand…wich…” Davey’s frowning again  and Jack suspects he’s suddenly realized how ridiculous he sounds.  

They all stay silent for a moment, contemplating how they’re like a sandwich, until Katherine gets a ridiculous gleam in her eye and says “like a love sandwich,” in a low voice that is maybe an attempt to sound sexy in a late-night radio-announcer way, waggling her eyebrows as she nuzzles closer to Davey, who turns a bright red even as they all dissolve into laughter.

Crutchie breaks out of his laughter first and frowns, “I don’t think this is what most couples talk about in bed.”

Jack says “how would you know?” at the same time Davey replies “well we’re not a couple are we?” and they smile at each other conspiratorily over Crutchie’s head.  Still grinning, Katherine yawns and plants a light kiss on Davey’s collarbone.  “Well, let’s all get some sleep, dear sandwich.  We clearly need it.“