late night
How late night TV is becoming prime-time online
Late-night shows might be pulling an older audience on TV , but they're gaining traction with younger audiences online.
By Michelle Castillo

One of my favorite articles I have read lately about the balance between televised and digital content.

We are living in a period where big networks are trying to figure out how their content can expand to the digital world. I think that @nbctv/ @latenightseth / @fallontonight is doing a good job at taking initiative to be the first to make big moves and reach wider audiences.

Bed Peace

I think if I was to dream right now
I’d still see you
We’d be in a room
With a view of the moon
Just two bodies
Building one spark
Plenty of thoughts
Two hearts to talk
Sunrise already peaked
Scratch your head while you fall asleep
Then harmonize your Z’s
Unconsciously living the dream

It’s been months since we ended. Since you held me in your arms. Since I laid my head on your chests. It’s been months since we last kissed. It’s been months since we ended but I still find myself waiting for you when I should be asleep in bed.
—  MK Ireland #99 : late at night, i still love you