late meroitic period

The Temple of the Lion God Apedemak at Naga (to the east of the 6th cataract of the Nile), Meroë:
on the Pylon are represented King NatakAmani (on the left, holding a lance) and Kandake/Queen Amanitore (on the right, holding a blade) smiting and killing captured rebels against Maat (the enemies of the Gods); above the King is represented Horus in His form of Falcon, and above the Queen there is Nekhbet in Her form of Vulture.
On the Entrance-Gate is represented the Winged Solar Orb (Horus of Behdet, represented three times), and on the top of it there is a row of Uraei.
King NatakAmani and Kandake/Queen Amanitore reigned over the Kingdom of Kush during the mid/late 1st century CE (Meroitic Period).

(from Amentet Neferet, facebook)