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au where everything is the same except im a responsible human being

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Am I too late? ;^; I'd love to see Levi and Mikasa (n15) drawn by you, talented goddess •∆•

Your wishes have been answered, devotee! (but no, seriously, thanks for the praise, it means a lot) This was fun, i think at some point this would become a norm and they would seamlessly start patching each other up after missions while constantly throwing shade at each other because lets be honest they’d talk shit lol.  

Hope you like it, Anon! 

alright i finally have time to write this post, ive been so busy lately with living off in dorms and with this program that i didnt even realize that I hit another milestone! ALL I GOT TO SAY IS THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCHHHH!!!

I started off as a small blog with hardy making post and you k now trying really hard to go out and talk to people more <——idkkkk what im saying here xD but what i mean i don’t know, I guess all i want to say thank you, thank you to the people that have stuck with me since I began this blog, you guys are trully amamzing and wonderful people to have around (ignore my typos) i still have a long way to reach my goal but I know i will reach it someday, maybe not today or maybe not tomorrow but someday I will

Whenever im feeling down, I go on here and I express myself and you guys make my day soo muchh bettter so becuase of that i am writing this post for you guys


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Shit-Chat [Kleinman!Reader]

Summary: Exams are bAD. The squad and you attempt to motivate eachother, it doesn’t work so well. considering it’s 3.A.M. There’s also a movie night.

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I notice that in a lot of your art, you put a lot of detail into shading around the eyelids and nose. What would your art look like without that?

well i thought about it for a while on what that would look like if my recent art would look without those details. then i was looking through though some of my art and i realized that it would just look like my older art style from late 2015 to mid 2016. 

i noticed that the way i drew my noses didnt really give me enough “room” to put in a lot of details (but you can tell im trying tho heheh) and most of of the time my headshapes were very ,, “squished” and in a way to where i really didnt have enough room to do much of anything with the features. And at the time i didnt really know how to shade faces all that well so the way i would shade the nose would just make it look in-caved and awkward. 

now im gonna put my recent art here as a sort of comparison

(keep in mind i tried picking the art that clearly shows the details in the eyelids and the noses the most. i promise that not all of the people i draw look sleepy 24/7 …………. or at least i dont think they do…………. i tend to draw the sleepy look a lot…. idk)
because you mention the detail to the eyes and nose i started to realized that ive been adding more to those aspects because i now have room to do so. Cuz my faceshapes have become less squished and more realistic looking (and less baby like haha) 

thank you so much for the input! it really got my head gears turning!! 

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The girl who was supposed to take over for me on counter was late. Again. She didn't call or anything. I had shit to do after work! I can't just hang around 40-45 mins after my scheduled time, I have to Go! She finally showed up and my manager joked and said "Anything that needs to be said, say it now haha I'm kiddin" bc he knew i was mad about it and i was like "I actually have time sensitive plans, I didnt know id be staying late." And the girl got kind of sassy.... MAYBE STOP BEING LATE???

“What a small world.”


my most complex digi-plushie yet! DemiDevimon ~

Largely hand sewn, he is about 35 cm tall to the top of the wings, a bit more if you count his antennae… These and all four wings are poseable and he can even stand on his own. (He is pretty heavy tho so its easier to just let him rest. He needs it anyway.)

it’s a late Late birthday gift to @calament so here he is with his baby evo Hyoimon, wonderful digifake of her design. (And some details about making him under the cut)

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i cant believe the moonbin thing was so blown out of proportion

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I know what you mean about Tumblr being quiet lately. It really feels like things have changed pretty suddenly, and I'm not entirely sure why. An upsurge of toxic fandom and a drastic staff cut resulting in issues taking even longer to fix, is my guess. My following is much much smaller than yours but I've been thinking the same thing, it feels like a dying site.

right? im sure its been going on for a long time and gradually and we just didnt notice but DAMN

i was here in 2013 and my dash was FULL of people talking and i got at least 5 asks a day. i had more interaction with 100 followers than now lmao

ok listen to me. listen. canonverse sasunarugaa au where naruto goes with sasuke on his Angst journey post-699 and they stay the hell away from konoha for sasukes sake for now but they actually stop in suna a lot.

gaaras thrilled because he finally gets to see naruto somewhat consistently. he loves naruto despite time and distance but that doesnt mean having more of naruto doesnt fill him w joy. he was surprised at first when naruto came with sasuke, even with his knowledge of sasukes basic pardon, but he’s happy that sasuke looks more at peace. they dont talk about the last time they battled at first but they both remember and at one point, when narutos already passed out and gaaras up late workin on kazekage paperwork (and bc he cant sleep so well still even w/o shukaku), sasuke just says to him, “you can say ‘i told you so’, you know.”

and gaara knows what he means but he still wants him to go on and sasuke says, “i didnt have to keep my eyes shut.” and then he goes to bed and gaara feels so much fondness for him then.

and it goes on like that for a time, occasional visits that sometimes are longer than they need to be. and somewhere in traveling naruto and sasuke grew close romantically obv and then somewhere in these visits naruto starts to with gaara also and its really nerve wracking but they talk it out and it all works and theyre happy

eventually gaara stops being kazekage. its a mix of his own bitterness and realizations coming to fruition and the way he wishes his life wasnt bound to this. he doesnt feel as guilty about being responsible for a village that never treated him well anymore (and maybe both naruto and sasuke play a big role in that). he leaves the position to temari if she wants it (and she does) and he leaves and joins them and its good and happy and sasuke wont stop feeding every cat they see on the way

Prompt #91 “Tell me you need me.” - Sheamus.

wwefangirl69 requested #91 Sheamus.

A/N\: Holly hell this seemed long :O but OOOO so much drama….should I do a part 2?

Everyone kept telling you that your whirlwind romance with Sheamus wasn’t going to last long but that didnt stop either of you. You and Sheamus could be fantastic, as loved up as could be and the next minute you could be oppisite ends of the room having a screaming match at one another. Today was going to be one of those days where you started together and ended apart.

You woke up cuddled in Sheamus’ side, as you woke up you gave him a slight squeeze.

“Mornin’ beautiful.” He leaned down to place a sweet kiss to your lips.

“Go’mornin’.” You sleepily mumbled into the kiss before pressing your face into the crook of his neck, he chuckled and rolled you over so you were lying on your back and he was hovering above you.

“Come on Love we gotta get ready.” Sheamus leaned down and started to pepper kisses all over your face and neck causing you to giggle.

“Okay fiiiiinnneeee. I’m up. I’m up.” Sheamus gave you one last kiss to your lips before rolling off you and heading to the bathroom. You couldn’t help but admire his figure as he made his way across the room, the way the light hit his skin giving it a warm glow and how his sweatpants hugged his hips just right.

“Ya know if ya quit stairing you could join me?” He gave you a smirk before steping in and turning on the shower, chuckling as he heard your footsteps follow behind.

  That day at work was pretty tough when you arrived your boss notified you that you’d have to do double the work because someone had phoned in sick and you were sure the whole city knew because you were rushed off your feet all day. Especially when one customer managed to knock over the stand that held all the sugar and your boss made you clean it up. On the way home your bus was an hour late, and when you got to your stop it had started to rain and you being clever this morning had forgot a coat. All you wanted to do was to go home, shower and cuddle Sheamus. Making your way down the street you pull out your phone to see Sheamus has replied to none of your texts.

“Great. No cuddles for me.” Sighing you arrived at your front door, puting the key in the lock you opened the door calling out to Sheamus. “Sheamus? Babe? You home?” No response. You looked all over the house but no sign of him. Sending him a quick text you put your phone on the bedside table figuring he’d just gone out for some shopping. You reach the bathroom and turn the shower on hoping the hot water would make you feel better. It had been a few hours since you texted Sheamus and still no reply, now you were starting to get worried, grabbing your phone you dial Cesaro hoping he can shine some light on the situation.

“Hey (Y/N)! How are you?” Cesaro’s cheery voice was just audible over some booming music.

“I’m alright….Say you haven’t heard from Sheamus have you? He hasnt replied to any of my texts or calls?”

“Sheamus? Yeah! He’s right here? I thought you knew? He said you couldnt make it?”

“Make it to what?”

“To our get together tonight. We invted you but he said you couldn’t make it.” Your face fell. Sheamus had said nothing to you about a get together, that’ll explain the music you could hear.

“Oh…that…yeah… ..I..umm..I had work.” You could tell by the sound Cesaro made that he didn’t believe you, after dating Sheamus for a couple of years you and Cesaro had formed a close friendship.

“Right okay…I’ll tell him you called.” You quickly thanked Cesaro and slammed your phone onto the bedside table.

You woke a few hours later to hear crashing downstairs and someone “Shushing” themselves. Getting up you walked downstairs to find a drunk Sheamus struggling with his Jacket.

“Baaabbbbeeeee I missed you!”

“Oh really? You missed me huh?”

“Yeah you should have come tonight it was awesoooooommmme! Could have worn that sexy little dress you know I like”

“Well I would have only someone didn’t invite me!” You put as much venom into the word as you possibly could.

“Who? Tell me who the asshole is and I’ll beat them up!” Sheamus was looking around as if someone was going to pop out of the woodwork.

“You! You were the asshole!” You poked your finger into his chest emphasising your point. His face fell slightly looking at you confused. “I had had the worst day at work, my boss made me do pretty much everything while she sat chatting up guys. My bus was late and I got soaked on the way home. I thought I’d come home and spend some time with you before you leave. But no, I come home and find you’re not here! You haven’t responded to any of my texts or calls….I had to phone Cesaro to find out where you were! Turns out you were at a gathering I didnt even know I’d been invited to!” You were now pacing around the front room, fists clenching and unclenching with anger.

“Well I’m sorryyy you’ve had a bad day but the world doesn’t revolve around you! I have a social life too sweatheart!” Sheamus’ slightly playful demeanor now compleatly gone, his tone matching yours. “Sorry that I can’t answer all your clingy calls and texts 24hrs a day!”

“Clingy texts?! Sheamus! I hadn’t heard from you all day! I thought something bad had happened!”

“Well maybe it should have! At least I’d be away from you!” You were slightly taken back by that comment, yes you and Sheamus would fight but he’d never said anything like that.

“Well if you wanted to be away from me so much why don’t we break up!” You screamed.

“Fine maybe we should!”

Your chest was now heaving from all the emotions. If you had time to stop you would have swore the walls were closing in on you. You needed to get away. Pushing past Sheamus you made your way upstairs and started packing a bag with essentials, you were to busy trying to hold back the tears to notice that Sheamus had followed you up.

“Wait (Y/N) stop.” But you didn’t, you threw your phone charger in the bag and zipped it up moving passed him once more. “Please stop.” You turned to see Sheamus looking worried, seeming to have sobered up during the fight.

“No Sheamus. We do this to often, we fight, we make up, all for what?! for us to have a few amazing months together only to repeat the whole cycle all over again. I can’t keep doing this. I need to leave and find someone who won’t be an ass to me.” You saw him flich at the last part.

“Just…. tell me you need me and I’ll do everthing I can to be a better boyfriend.” He was pleading with you, almost kneeling on your hallway floor.

“I…..I can’t. I’m sorry.” You turned finally letting the tears fall, as you shut the door behind you you hear some glass break and Sheamus letting a sob that broke your heart all over again.

Promt from this list.


FebYGOChallenge Day 9&10 - Favourite Quotes

I love love LOVE this one. A boy’s simple wish for a friend, and his determination to make it happen. The puzzle ‘grants’ him his wish, but in reality, Yugi himself is the one that grants it himself. He defends Jou, helps Honda, and gives Yami his first friend in 3000 years. 

(I didnt have a lot of time for this one so these are just redraws from chap one)

Runner up quotes

“Any duelist late for registration will be disqualified. Mokuba, make sure Wheeler’s late.” - Seto Kaiba


“Joey, I don’t think we should cook the candy bars.” - Yugi

“Back off, I know what I’m doing.” - Joey

These ones are just ones that made me laugh a lot. There were so many more from Kaiba that i wanted to include, but I didnt want to make this a long post lol.

That’s Wild! Episode 5 | Monotreme Madness & Knuckles

available on itunes & stitcher! 

(if the current episode is uploaded yet, please be patient! sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for new episodes to appear in your feed.)

That’s wild is a weekly podcast produced by my friend @koryos and I, where we pick an animal of the week, go over its biology, behavior, and evolutionary history, and explore how cultures around the globe have come to understand, interact, and build complex mythos around it. Also, we’re really funny and cute, so give us a try.

In this episode, we talk about Knuckles the Echidna. Did you know he’s the last surviving echidna on earth, whose sole purpose it is to guard the Master Emerald? Also we talk about, idk, platypuses and stuff?? Thanks, Jem! 

As always thanks to @thpock and Tinkle the Bat at the Lubee Bat Conservatory for helping us with our music. Also, you can send us an email at if you have any questions, comments, corrections, or stories you want to share with us; Be sure to leave us a review on iTunes too if you have the time!!  weloveyouBYE

i was tagged by @klancerous​ thank you!! :D

Name: alisha
Nicknames:  ali, lisha, lish, bingle (@piningmarco​, my bingle in crime), also, nyalisha 
Zodiac Sign: libra
Height: 5′6/7 ish
Orientation: a man? whom? i’m gay
Ethnicity: im just got dam white
Favourite Fruit: i’ll vore a grape any day
Favourite Season: fall
Favourite Book: harry potter series, pjo series, and trc series
Favourite Flowers: uh i dont know i just like flowers. i like bleeding hearts and lilies a lot 
Favourite Scent: i love the smell of campfire but i have asthma so like i die every time i try to smell it. “Love kills slowly.” -Ed Hardy
Favourite Animal: RACCOONS. also anything small and soft
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: coffee 
Cat or Dog Person: cat
Favourite Fictional Character: definitely ghirahim or lance
Dream Trip: i really liked europe and wanna go back. maybe italy?
Blog Created: fucking 2011, but i didnt start really using it til like, late 2014 ish. god, i want death
Number of Followers: 11,688 right now
What Do I Post About: voltron and zelda mostly
Do I Get Asks on a Regular Basis: yeah sjflkdjgkfg thanks guys <3
Aesthetic: uhhhhhhhh i dont know 
Favourite Band: one direction leave me alone also the 1975 and THE BACKSTREET BOYS
Fictional Character I’d Date: where do i even begin i have a LIST but ymir from snk is Up There
Hogwarts House: slytherin usually but recently ive been getting gryffindor and ravenclaw! so i dont know Who I Am. 

i’m tagging @marmoraskeith @piningmarco @planced @lorazeli @stargazershiro@cryopods @shcith @blessedkeith @lvtvr @cogane @armedarchaeologist @jackalopes-vld @cooldadshiro @softboyshiro @kvincsky @keithkoqane @kyooukaii and anyone else who wants to!

Ted called me today

Just as i was getting ready to leave work ted called and asked me to stop by the store on the way home.  I told him i could not that my husband was home already.  He said just for a few minutes and then he said those magically words “You know how much you love my cock in your mouth”  I just  melted in the car, i love sucking that big uncut cock.  I Called husband and told him i have a few more haircuts to do and would be a little late.  I stopped by the store and ted had a few customers, he told me the thing I ordered was in the back room he didnt get a chance to open it yet.  I went into the back and a few minutes  later ted cam in the back his hand went right for my ass and he pulled me close and gave me a big kiss, then he said  i know  you don’t have much time so get your mouth on my cock.  I dropped down to my knees and opened his pants and few sucks and he was hard as a rock.  As i sucked his cock he held my head and i took him all the way.  he started fucking my mouth all the time telling me how great my mouth feels on his  cock.  Then he held my head still and fills my mouth with a lot of cum and just held it in until i swallowed it all then i licked his cock clean.  I got up and told him i had to go, he kissed my neck i left.

All the way home i was thinking how good that cock felt in my mouth.  When i got home I walk in the house and I gave hubby a big with and all the time i was thinking ted just came in my mouth and now i’m kissing my husband  it made me kiss him even longer