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fuck customers in a hurry "i don't have time to wait (in line, for me to be ready, for anything, whatever), i'm late for work." well... maybe you shouldn't have stopped here before work then???


Anon requested:  33 and 81 with jungkook?

Wow third drabble of the day???? It’s 1 am but let’s do this :’))))

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: No warnings

Word Count: 949

“Kiss me.”

“I can’t lose you.” 

I always knew that relationships were no walk in the park, I’ve had a few so I knew what it was like. Only having one other serious relationship that lasted all of high school I knew what it was like to not be with my significant other, but we were only kids back then. Now I’m twenty one and Jungkook is twenty three, him being my second serious relationship I thought I’d know what to expect. We’ve had a few fights in the first year in our relationship, compromise always worked it out in the end, but lately nothing seems to work.

It seems that the love has left us, we try to get it back. We try and go on dates but he’s always busy with work never having time when I do. The fights have gotten a lot worse, words get spilled and tears are shed and it always ends up the same way…Make up sex. I know it’s not healthy to always make up that way but that’s what happens, we fight then we make up. That’s it. And now I’m late for work.

I stumble back and plop down on my bed finally buttoning and zipping up my pants before slipping on my work shoes. It’s not like I’d get in trouble if I was late, I worked at a café part time and the rest of the day I was usually at school. Work and school, the perfect combination to distract me from real life.

I skipped down the hall grabbing my keys, phone and wallet and headed straight for the front door. Walking faster than usual I reached for the front door without looking and instead ran into a chest, I stumbled back catching my footing before locking eyes with Jungkook.

It was silent for a moment. This was the first time I’ve seen Jungkook in two weeks since we ‘made up’ after another one of our fights. Of course we sleep together at night still, it’s just usually one of us are asleep before the other gets home or goes to bed. The other just slipping into bed, usually he gets home later than me but I still feel him slide an arm around my waist pulling me into his chest. I miss that, I miss him, but I don’t know how to fix any of this. We’ve lost what we once had and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know-

“Can we talk?”

My eyes widen in an instant and my head shakes, I say I don’t know how to fix us but in all reality it’s more terrifying to me to try and fix us. Right now we’re just lost, but if we try to fix us then the end result could result in us ending all together and I don’t want that.

“Jungkook I-”

“Kiss me.” He blurted out taking a step forward. I didn’t step back, I didn’t want to. “Jungkook…I’m going to be-”

It’s something I wanted desperately, something we haven’t had a lot of lately. It was just a kiss, but we haven’t had something like this in a long time. His lips are addicting, the last time we kissed we were drunk and it was in the middle of a sloppy make out session. He smelt of his favorite scent of axe and something else, I was never able to determine what the other scent was.

The kiss was perfect, we were sober, we weren’t fighting and it was full of passion. His hands slid behind my waist pulling me in closer and that’s when I felt it. The moment my chest hit his I felt the tears hitting my face, but they weren’t mine. I reopen my eyes and pull back. Jungkook’s hands loosen and let go of me as his back hit the front door closing it in the process as it was still open.

The tears fell down his face and he began crying. “Kookie…” I say at a hushed tone, I walked to him and crouched down balancing on the balls of my feet to stay in front of him. He was just shaking his head grabbing fistfuls of his hair, my hands instantly flew up to his hands to unravel his fingers from his locks. He only hurts himself when this happens so instead I interlock my fingers with his. “Talk to me.” I whisper now but he doesn’t look up, his eyes are still staring down at his lap. “You’re going to be late for work, I’m fine.”

I shake my head and squeeze his hands tighter in mine. “I’m going to call in, talk to me.” He shakes his head again and his body begins to shake again once he begins to cry again. “Jungkook, please tell me what’s wrong.” I sit down now, my hands still interlocked with his. He begins to speak but it’s all mumbled and I couldn’t hear him properly. “What?”

His head snapped up, tears not falling anymore but they were welling up in his now red eyes. “I can’t lose you. Please, don’t leave. Don’t push me away, I love you too much to lose you after all this.”

I shake my head, his words hitting me hard in the heart and I feel myself choke on the words I try to say. “I’m not going anywhere.” I squeeze his hands letting him know in some way that I won’t leave. It’s reassuring in a way, he does this all the time for me when I need to be reassured so I can only hope this helps him as well.

“I love you Jungkook, you’ll never lose me. Never.”

Happy 1Yr Anniversary!!!!

First I want to say thank you astro. Thank you so much for being you. Thank you for having your own color, writing your own history, and staying true to yourselves. You, to me, are a group of boys who don’t hide yourselves from your fans, give your all or nothing. From debut to now you have grown so much! I can still feel my excitement from when I watched the debut showcase, being shook at everything. I remember being amazed hearing the first album, thinking “wow they sing so well for just debuting” to now thinking listening to Winter Dream “Wow their singing has improved so much, i’m blown away” I can hear the improvement, feel the emotions all of you have poured into the album, know that a lot of hard work and late nights went spent. You work so hard to convey your love for us aroha and I feel so proud to be able to say I stan Astro! This message is to Astro, the group who opened my eyes up to a world  am glad to have stumbled upon. Thank you much for the past year, and thank you for the years to come! ✨⭐️🌟⭐️✨

Now this message is for my fellow aroha! Because of Astro I have met so many great people and formed amazing friendships. I want to thank all of you guys for being you! You all make my life so interesting! This fandom is so special to me and I hold all of you close to me heart right next to Astro. Aroha to me are the most warm people and care so much for Astro and the others in the fandom! Makes me so proud to be able to say i’m an aroha! I’m so sorry if i miss people But know I love you all and hope today/tomorrow is an amazing special day! (all of these might be a lil short because i’m not good with words) 

@puppyjinjin cas i freaking love you so much! MY PARTNER IN CRIME!!!! I’m so glad that we can fangirl over jinjin together and freak out! i love having our Skype sessions where we watch v apps or vids and scream <3 

@sanhaaf MY BABY BELLE i adore how much of a hard worker you are! you are so sweet and care about everyone <3<3<3 and when you send me short scenerios to edit, they are so good most of the time, DONT DOUBT YOURSLEF YOUR IDEAS ARE ALL SO GOOD

@svtandastrotrash DESI MY BLOG WIFE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH literally i also love our skype sessions when we plan to write for our blog but most of the time end up goofing off. i love your sassy personality its the light of my life!!

@gotdino MY bEAAN Eryn I love you so much!!!! I love your volleyball aus! Your are so caring and cute even if you deny it! IDK YOUR CUTE AF SOFT SQUISH FIGHT ME

@shinin-diamond MY LOVE ELLIEEEEEEEEEE even though you joined our group later it feels as if you have been here the whole time :’) it wouldn’t be the same with out you! You are such a sunshine i have to wear sunglasses *finger guns* I HOPE ALL GOES WELL WITH UNI Fighting!

@astrosanhaology EMMA MY toll small bean! i cant wait to meet You in a few weeks! It feels like yesterday when we first started talking!!! My special dongsaeng who creates the most funniest and crazy text post I love you!!!

@astros-daddy EVIE i brought you into this cray kpop world but we went on this astro journey together! I love you my husband and I hope school goes well and all your baby plants grow nicely!

@eottaegatigallae MY SECRET AROHA I LOVE YOU TOO AND I HOPE EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL!!! lets talk more soon!!!

@myungjunsmile @adorejinhao @astros-noona @astrobinwoo I LOVE ALL OF YOU GIRLS I’M SO HAPPY TO GOT TO KNOW ALL OF YOU AND MAKE THAT ASTRO CHAT <3

AND  WHO I HAVE MET AND STARTED TALKING TO I LOVE YOU ALL. AND I HOPE WE CAN TALK MORE SOON!!! @in-my-world @myungj-n @ajunhui @yesoftheyeswannabeyourstar @okaymj @makeagoodnamethen @asterocky @jinjinisasinsin @sumoongi @astrongloveforeunwoo @fy1ao  @astrwoo 

AND TO ALL OF THE OTHER AROHA WHO I HAVE YET TO MEET, Thank you guys for being you! Keep doing you! 


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Art trade with dreamymilkshake! - Gangster au : Rin , Zarc and Yuto

It was @dreamymilkshake ‘s fault that I can’t decide who to draw = w = (since they’re too AWESOME!!! >w<) so, I draw them all, lol!  and I think I change some of their image ; w ;

this au is about the yu’s boy (and others) being gangster/gangleader and have their own gang!  more info? –> here

for Rin, from what I heard/remember about her, she can’t fight but still giving you a pain if she got mad. I always imagine her being a evil queen that everyone has to respect, no! I mean must obey her lol

for Zarc, He is known to be the most powerful/dangerous gangleader who would actually kill and destroy everything. and I think Zarc would just greet everyone like this lol

for Yuto, I think I love to draw him the most! >w< since I love his design and I also really love that he is a silent type and being in-door gang leader. yet, he could really fight back if he doesn’t please! 

PS. sorry, I try to color but I can do only their hair ; w ;


~ Journal entry: December 24th, 1981 ~ 

While I was just taking a stroll down the street, I encountered a rugged homeless boy, huddled up in an alleyway with a box as shelter and a sad expression on his face. His face was smeared with dirt, his hair was messy and tangled, and he was in poor conditions when I saw him, but one thing I seemed to notice was a guitar plopped by his side. It was by his side as if it was his only companion, something that truly knew him and has been through his roughest times. 

For a moment I tried to break the tension between us by introducing myself to him, but he…he seemed to be more reserved than I expected. The only thing I heard from him was that his name was Blagdon, but nothing else whatsoever. 

He didn’t look happy in the “most wonderful time of the year”…I wonder what he’s been through?

~ End ~ 

Original Moonlight Wishes story and characters by @springlechuu, Rockstar AU, its lore and designs belong to me. 

Will Hulda take in Blagdon as a member of her new band? Or will Hulda leave him be? Stay tuned!! :^)

BTS Reaction: To you having a wet dream:

He would wake up surprised when you start moaning and whimpering. At first he would think your hurt but then realize the exact extent of this situation. He would fall back asleep and the next morning he would tease you so hard that you will turn into a large tomato!


He would be up late working on a song and suddenly hear you moaning. He would try to ignore it, annoyed at the fact of how turned on he was getting and at the end he would shove his earphones in his ears, music on, with the volume on 100.


Lets just say your going to have to miss out on work tomorrow ;)

He would wake you up straight away, making your dream into reality.

He would blush a little and try to keep his crotch under control, but fails miserably. He would wake you up in a sexy way, giving you the time of your life. ;)


He would be a little muffin. Blushing like crazy and trying to cover his ears. After a while his sexy side will take overin 0.2 seconds and he will wake you up with only his………tongue ;)


People think this boy would be shy, but HELL NO! He would be smirking his head off, shaking you awake innocently and after your complaints, he would shut you up by kissing you.

Bughead ficcccc

If you want some fluffy Bughead goodness, check out this fic I wrote! 

The Collision of Jughead and Betty

Disclaimer: I do not own Archie comics! 


Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper found themselves hunched over a computer together that late afternoon during a free study period at School. It was the end of the school day almost. Much of their “detective” work lately was spent in the Blue and Gold Headquarters or “Imagination Station” as Betty liked to call it. It was a Tuesday afternoon around 1pm, and things had felt a bit tense and gloomy around the campus all day, considering there could be a Murderer anywhere in Riverdale, and the fact one of their one had been the one murdered. Shot in the Head. Jason Blossom, ended. Many of the students in Riverdale High were scared, and it showed.

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Iris wakes up to the aroma of cinnamon pancakes and Oscar Myer thick cut bacon which Barry knows is her absolute favorite breakfast. She realizes that she is almost late for work and and raced to the shower. She finishes up and runs down to the kitchen. Barry stands at the island with a cup of coffee for her grinning from ear to ear. Good morning he says as he hands her the cup and receives a rushed brush of a kiss that leaves him still puckered up as she’s zooming off. Hey aren’t you gonna eat your breakfast, he snaps with a pout. No time babe I gotta run or I’ll be late! He rushes to grab her hand and pulls her back. Iris breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I insist, he says giving her those puppy dog greens. How can she refuse when he’s staring at her like that. Okay okay, but really quick alright, I’ve got an 11 am deadline for this piece I’m writing. Scouts honor he quips with a goofy grin and she can’t help but melt. So Wally and Jesse have been spending a lot of time together these days he says as he fixes her plate. I know, it’s really good to see my little brother so happy, love agrees with him. Yeah, his enthusiasm with impressing her with his powers is cute. Tick tock sweetie I’ve gotta… and just like that she stops mid sentence when Barry sits her plate in front of her. She looks up at him, tears welling up in her eyes as he studies her face like his countless science books. Neither of them are smiling, but the amount of love between the two of them resonates louder than any words they could ever speak. As she looks back at the plate there is one lone cinnamon pancake surrounded by her favorite fruit, blueberries. The blueberries spell out the sweetest words Iris has ever laid eyes on “Marry Me”. And just like that he speaks. There hasn’t been a morning that I wake up since the day after the first day that I met you that I haven’t woken up to the thought of you. At first it was thoughts like, I wonder if Iris is awake yet and I can’t wait to see her on the bus. When I came to live with you and Joe it was, I wonder how Iris is feeling this morning or I wonder if she’ll wear those pretty little green earrings that she likes so much. As I got older it was Gosh she’s gorgeous and how did I ever get so lucky to have this amazing young woman as a friend and confidante. Now when I wake up. I see your beautiful face and I think she’s all mine and I wonder what our children will look like. Will they have green eyes or brown eyes, curly hair or straight hair. By this time the tears that brimmed her eyes are full on rolling down her cheeks. All of these thoughts fill my days with joy and happiness and I promise to love and cherish you as long as we both breath the same air. Nothing but death will keep me from you. All you have to do is say yes. Iris takes the blueberries from her plate and spells “Yes”, and with that she jumps into his arms forgetting all about her 11 am deadline.

Hello lovelies. I was too snuggly in bed this morning to get up and run. I was late to work, so it’s probably bad that I skipped it. I like that part of my routine.

I am in class again today so steps are not really happening. I might run to the park this evening instead of studying. Dinner is leftover chicken and rice so that’s easy though.

Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry for the relative silence lately - work, social commitments, the usual (also the cold I caught when I supposed to be out catching Pokemon). :D I’m going to try to queue up some posts while I still feel up to editing (before I resume binge-watching The Office), but fiiiiirst I wanted to share my Valentine’s Day surprise…

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Soulmate AUs, what is Raf’s opinion?

@yourtropegirl not quite what you meant but here…

Rafael climbed into bed after a late night at work. He had been stressed and you decided to wait up for him. He had had a lot of late nights recently and you felt that you had not spent a lot of time together. You decided to occupy myself with some reading. You had recently found a whole new universe of fiction online and was intrigued by its premise.

You were so intent on completing the story that Raf was undressed and under the covers before you had a chance to look up. He cuddled up behind you and wrapped his arm around your waist. He nuzzled his face and murmured in your ear.

“Cariño, how was your day?”

You turned to face him, he looked exhausted. You discarded my phone and let him wrap me in his arms. “Not bad.”

“What are you reading?”

“Oh just a silly story.”

“That silly story certainly has your undivided attention.”

“Well now I’m giving it to you now.”

“Ha, you can’t divert my attention that easily darling. Tell me about it.”

You looked up at the ceiling as you explained. “It’s basically about a universe where soulmates exist, you know, where two people are paired off from birth and when they finally find each other it’s pretty special. I’m just reading a collection of stories about different people’s meetings.” you felt yourself turning slightly red as you spoke, thinking that Rafael would scoff and call it ridiculous.

Rafael remained silent, annoyingly so. You eventually couldn’t take the quiet, and turned to Raf, ready to defend yourself as he unleashed a barrage of sarcastic comments. Instead you turned to face a very relaxed and slightly wistful looking Rafi.

He smiled and said sleepily said, “I know one of those stories.”

You had to admit, this was not the response you were expecting. “Oh?” This monosyllabic sound was all you could manage.

“Want to hear it?”

You nodded, “por favor.”

“Once, a long, long time ago, all people had four legs and two heads. And then the gods threw down thunderbolts, and split everyone into two. Each half then had two legs and one head. But the separation left both sides with a desperate yearning to be reunited. Because they each shared the same soul. And ever since then, all people spend their lives searching for the other half of their soul.” He pulled you closer to his body. “I am so thankful that I found mine.”

You weren’t sure what you’d been expecting, but this certainly wasn’t it. You hadn’t realized that there were tears streaming down your face until you felt Rafael wiping them away. “Rafi.”


“What if we hadn’t found each other?”

“I used to worry about that everyday. But we don’t have to worry about that anymore, cariño.”

“No Rafi.”

“Bueños noches, alma gemela.”