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‘getting his shit together’his own label has been purposely holding him back and fucking him over for the past year. his mother was terminally ill for the majority of 2016 and just passed away 6 months ago. every single card he’s been dealt since the break started in late 2015 has been horrible and his own team has been sabotaging him and purposefully trying to devalue his image, his brand, and his fans’ loyalty to him.he’s been reacting and surviving as best he can.

i completely agree like louis has been through so much in this past year and like he’s shown the kind of strength that i know /i’m/ nowhere near close to being capable of. i truly admire his strength and his ability to remain compassionate and kind even in the face of horrible and awful hardship and heartbreak. that was not a good way to have phrased that at all, even if ryan softened it up after prompting from the interviewer. that’s not fair and it’s incredibly disrespectful and rude to have said it. and i really didn’t understand where he went with the end of his comment, either. it’s not hard to have just said he really enjoyed working with him and is looking forward to whatever they wrote together on rather than the comments he made

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Gladys what's the weirdest *coughbullshitcough* fact Francis has told you?

Gladys: Part of me questions how he got this job in the first place

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baberoe and While saying goodbye on the phone

thankyou a lot for this ask, especially since it gives me a chance to do something *gleefully rubs hands together* dialogue heavy which is my jam and i love you for it

im also so so so super sorry about how late this is oh gosh!! and for getting much too carried away with it again<3

1. Saying goodbye on the phone:

“Hey, Edward. I’m- I was just calling to let you know that I’m- I’m gonna be-”

“Late home again tonight, yeah, figures,” Babe had sighed into the receiver, rolling his eyes a little at the all too familiar greeting. He tried his best not to be bitter about having to cancel dates- knowing deep down that it wasn’t Gene’s fault for being so damn selfless that he couldn’t ever say no to an extra shift. That didn’t mean that it didn’t still sting, and though he’d cursed himself for being so sharp, he couldn’t have prevented himself from snapping if he’d tried.

“Edward, you know I- you know I don’t mean to upset you…”

“I… Yeah, of course I know that Gene, shit,” he sighed again, though it was much softer this time- barely audible above the noise of the hospital that always seemed to follow Gene, even when he ducked outside mid-break for a phone call. “I’m sorry, I know you don’t mean to be late- it’s just… God, this sounds so selfish, but it’s just hard, y’know?”

“I know, I’m sorry-”

“No no, you don’t- you don’t have to be sorry, I’m sorry,” and Babe knew he was rambling now, but also that he had to make things right. “I’m sorry, ‘cause- because I know you’re busy and I know the only reason you take so many shifts on in the first place is because you care about people and that’s- that’s real nice, Gene. It’s sweet, in fact, I just wish- I just wish sometimes you would care about yourself a little more often too. You’re always working so hard, always so busy, and you just- you need a break from it all. And besides I… I miss you, Genie.”

There was pause, and Babe wondered for a moment if the other could hear his heart pounding against his ribs, and his cheeks flushed crimson at the weight of his own words.

“Genie, huh?” A soft chuckle finally broke the silence, and Babe felt a sigh of relief escape him as the warmth of the laughter washed over him. “That’s new. I like it though, it’s cute. And I miss you too, I hope you know that.” Another pause. “Hey… How about I ask for this weekend off, huh? We can have the whole two days to ourselves, just us.”

“You mean that?”

“Yeah, I do. We could get food and watch all the Alien movies or something. Get tickets for Covenant too maybe. I know you have a crush on Michael Fassbender, you’re not that good at hiding it.”

“Oh come on! It’s not as if you don’t get all big eyes and fluttery lashes whenever Kane comes on screen- what, those magic medic hands of yours just itching to get a feel of that chest?” And Babe was pretty sure he would never get used to the beauty of the laugh that had followed, or the way it filled him with an odd mix of pride and butterflies whenever he knew he was the cause of it.  

“That’s gross, Babe. I’m offended. You know I’d be very professional about it and get him patched up in minutes. And if he wants to thank me in an unconventional, maybe hands-on manner? That’s entirely his business.”  

“I can’t believe you’re going to leave me for young John Hurt-”

“Who said I was leaving you? Could probably fit all three of us into one of those stasis things-”

Gene,” Babe had wheezed, which only made his boyfriend laugh even louder. 

“What? Can’t a guy dream,” Gene chuckled, sighing as a voice called out through the door to remind him that his break was almost over.  "Ugh, listen I, I gotta go get back to work, I’m sorry, but- but you take care tonight, alright?“

Babe whined a little at the thought of being left alone again, though he’d known their time would be short. "It’s okay, you stay safe too- hey!” He cried suddenly, as finally realised what his boyfriend had said earlier. “You called me Babe!”  

“I did? When?”  

“Like, just before- when you were distracting me with your weird space sex fantasies-”

“-I never said anything about sex-”

“-whatever! You called me Babe!” Babe’s entire being was alight with glee, and not even the prospect of his boyfriend having to head back to work could have wiped the ecstatic grin from his face.  

“Huh, guess I did,” and Babe didn’t need to see Gene’s face to know that he was smirking, and the thought made his cheeks flush crimson. “Well, Babe, this is terrible timing, but I really gotta-”

“No no, I know, it’s okay, you go, get back to saving lives and what have you. Oh, and uh, Gene?”


“I-” Babe paused for a moment to consider what he was about to say; did he? Of course he did. “I love you, be safe.”

He’d been preparing himself for an “it’s too soon”, or maybe even to be hung up on, and almost regretted saying anything at all before hearing Gene’s reply, which came without a moment’s hesitation;

“I love you too Babe, you stay safe too, okay? And see you soon.”

The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!