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You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve, and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart;

 You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true

And unafraid of toil;

 Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

If you’ve a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

 Or perhaps in Slytherin

You’ll make your real friends,

Those cunning folks use any means

To achieve their ends.


Rotten Judgement - part 3

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,564

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Shape-shifting, Mythology, Jealousy…

A/N: Thank you for the lovely comments and replies ♥ I hope you guys like this chapter.

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

A couple of weeks after the incident in the alley, you stood in line at Starbucks. While you waited, you glanced around the coffee shop. It was a typical busy day and the place was packed. You pulled out your phone and scrolled through your news feed to pass the time. Your eyes widened when you saw the headline.

“Notorious criminal dubbed ‘Crossbones’ found dead in cell.”

When the barista called your name, you snapped back to attention. You took your coffee and found a table near the front door. You set your cup and purse down on the table and read the article. The last sentence sent a chill down your spine.

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you know what really gets me about r76, not even as a romantic couple, is that jack and gabe had the longest relationship out of all of the overwatch heroes. they met when Jack was eighteen and Gabriel was, presumably, a few years older. the other overwatch founders all met roughly a few years later when the omnic crisis started, so like??? Jack and gabe knew each other before torb and reinhardt met, before ana and jack met, and before half of the cast were even born

Assuming those two are somewhere in their late fifties, their relationship is older than Genji, and maybe even older than Hanzo. Like. Imagine knowing someone as a friend, or a lover, or even just a fellow soldier for so long, and then finding yourselves on the opposite sides of a battlefield?? 

That fucks me up? That fucks me up a lot?

“Don’t Objectify Me” (Dean x Reader)

The first of two for tonight and then I’ve got to study for my finals tomorrow. 

Happy Reading!

Words: 1971

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Excessive cuteness

Excerpt:  He huffed again but stayed silent.  The three of you, with the help of Cas back at the bunker, were investigating a string of homicides in Oklahoma.  Three people had been killed inside of a week, but that hadn’t even been the strangest part.  The bodies hadn’t just been mutilated, they’d been practically decimated.  Their chests had been ripped open and their lungs had been removed.  It was positively gruesome.

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You paced back and forth waiting for Dean to come out of the house of one of the victims.  Of course, you couldn’t go in with him—you were the watchdog. You were always the watchdog.  Dean was always the one putting himself in the line of fire, and you were always just…watching.

“Easy kid,” Dean said, coming up behind you.  “You’re gonna wear a hole in the concrete.”

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EDIT: Don’t mean to disappoint you guys but there’s only 26 episodes in season 2 . I have evidence as the official MLB twitter(@BeMiraculousLB) said that they will release 13 EPISODES on Netflix at once!!! the other 13 to come later. 13+13=26 & 26+26=52. So i think the tweet in the picture (it’s a fan account) meant S2 & S3 episodes together.

I am truly sorry if my post confused any of you into thinking S2 has 52 episodes!!

edwardelricistheawesomeness  asked:

Omg. I need Levi and Jean competing for Erens affection and Eren being oblivious. I need this like I need air.

Levi glowered back at the arrogant punk that was Jean Kirshstein. Shit brown to steel grey - according to him. The reason being, both he and the young brat were after the same person, apparently Levi had unknowingly came on to this kid`s “territory” when Eren and his squad had been alone with him.

“Back off ole man, You`re three years too late and about fifty years too old.” The horse-faced fuck smirked. Levi remained unfazed, despite him fuming at the idea that a shit stain like this was trying to get his grubby hooves on his Eren.

“How do you know Eren doesn`t want a real man?” Levi bit out, an indignant squawk from the boy, “Y`know, perhaps he prefers balls that have already drop?”

“I-I! A-as if you can still get it up! What are you, fifty?” Jean countered.

Levi huffed in cruel amusement. “I can use mine just fine, you on the other hand… I don`t think anyone really wants a thumb up their ass.”

Levi almost felt bad for that one, poor kid was speechless. But he was intruding on his and Eren`s courtship that had been going fine before the lousy new cadets trounced in. He was the center of Eren`s world and now this pony was trying to throw it off balance.


The two of them turned quickly to see Eren jogging up to them, well actual, Levi, much to Jean`s displeasure. Eren smiled brightly at him as he stopped in a proper salute.

“Captain Levi, it`s time for combat training, I was…. uh, wondering if you`d be my partner?” Eren mumbled, confidence slowly ebbing away as he spoke. Levi`s hard gaze softened to mush as he nodded firmly, his chest fluttering at the way Eren lit up.

And of fucking course Seabiscuit had to make his insignificant presence known.

“Uh, hey Eren, why not train with me?” He pipes up, a cocky smile on his face. Eren`s happy smile dampens immediately.

“No.” He says flatly, Jean isn`t deterred.

“Aw, you chicken Jaeger?” He coos.

“No! I could take you!”

“Prove it then, train with me!”

Levi`s eye twitches at the obvious tactic, Jean using poor Eren`s temper against him is unacceptable. He pulls Eren away from his face off with the smug cadet and into his chest.

“Eren needs an actual challenge, not some play fight with a little boy like you.” He humphs, he can feel Eren smirk at the praise in disguise.

Jean is once again speechless, and can`t do anything as he opens and closes his mouth like a fish, hoping a decent comeback will emerge from it. Levi drags Eren off with a smirk on his face.

Levi: 1

Jean: -0

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Hello! ^^ I was wondering if it'd be possible to request the RFA + V's reaction to a very bubbly and social MC who also can get sassy and not hesitate to drag someone in the snap of a finger if the wrong person messes with her?

See that girl,
watch that scene,
digging the Dragging Queen

Damn I live for requests like this! Sadly no Saeran though :(



♬ having been with Zen for a couple of years you’d gotten used to a lot of things

♬ you didn’t mind him having erotic scenes on screen

♬ you didn’t even blink an eye when he had to kiss someone

♬ you didn’t even mind when actresses flirted with him despite knowing he was very much taken

♬ the thing is you are very confident in your relationship, as Zen had the tendency to assure you of his love for you every single day

♬ he told you how much he loved your smile, how your eyes shone with joy every time

♬ told you how much he enjoyed your cheerfulness, your endless conversations at night about anything and the world

♬ above all, however, he enjoyed your honesty and confidence

♬ with you he never had to worry about jealousy or insecurities

♬ you supported him in his career no matter what, became part of it without trying to steal his thunder

♬ all in all, he was immensely grateful for you and let the media know as much as often as possible

♬ once he’d become a proper movie star there hadn’t been a single interview in which he didn’t swoon about you to the point you yourself had scolded him after

♬ this was to promote your new movie, not your relationship

♬ secretly you loved it though

♬ of course when being a star and dating a ‘commoner’ media just loved to go wild

♬ one mistake and you’d be torn down

♬ with the two of you, that never happened, until Echo Girl became involved again

♬ in an interview bringing up the events from a couple of years ago where she’d accused Zen of harassing her the girl became defensive and called you plain and nothing special

♬ now you didn’t mind per se, but Zen seemed pissed, so you figured you’d return the favour

♬ when asked about Echo Girl’s words you’d merely replied that you might be plain, but at last you weren’t a plain ass bitch, like her

♬ you added that if she’d focus on improving her acting skills as much as her looks, Echo Girl would have won an Oscar ages ago

♬ and, that sadly make-up could only cover up ugly faces, not ugly personalities

♬ needless to say that Echo Girl did not mention you ever again

♬ Zen had given you a high five right then an there on the red carpet

♬ the picture had been all over the press for weeks and Zen had never been prouder


★ Yoosung had always been a rather bubbly person, so meeting you had seemed like a match made by heaven

★ not only did you understand his antics and enjoyed them, at the same time you also managed to reign him in somehow

★ him being a vet at such a young age, especially with his own clinic, was all because of you

★ even now it was you who prevented him from going crazy with all the work threatening to drown him

★ after work you always came to the vet, chatted with his assistant for a while before coming to meet him

★ it relaxed him every time, just to see you smile and talk about work or other, sillier things

★ whether the conversation be light or serious, he could have it all with you

★ in his mind, there was no space for any other women, really

★ which often resulted in him not even realizing that he was being approached

★ seeing as you were his first girlfriend and also his last, seeing as you were married for life, he’d never really learned how to flirt or realize he was being flirted with

★ you found it charming, somehow, his childlike naivety and innocence

★ that was until one particular women really started to get on your nerves

★ she was one of his ‘patients’ whose cat was constantly in need of help for one reason or the other

★ despite you sitting in the room right with him she never missed a chance to flirt

★ at some point her innuendo’s could hardly been called as much seeing as how blunt the woman had gotten from appointment to appointment

★ at some point, you just couldn’t take it anymore

★ you weren’t the possessive type, but Yoosung just wasn’t understanding it

★ which meant he also wasn’t doing anything to stop her from bluntly flirting with a married man in front of his goddamn wife

★ so after yet another half an hour of her flirting while he inspected her perfectly healthy cat, you’d snapped

★ you’d told her that the only pussy he’d be taking care of from that moment on would be yours, so she better take a couple of steps back

★ as well as stating that her kitties itch would not be scratched by this particular vet

★ she’d blushed, gathered her cat and fled the vet as quickly as humanly possible

★ you were quite sure that she wouldn’t be returning and frankly, you liked that though

★ Yoosung was pretty confused and slightly angry at first

★ but then you’d explained what had been going over his head the entire timed

★ he’d apologized for not noticing and once he’d finally understood just what you’d told the woman he’d found himself laughing in utter amusement

only you…


♨ between the two of you, you’d always been the more outspoken one

♨ it wasn’t like Jaehee didn’t have a personality or opinion, but working under Jumin and having had to censor herself for such a long time, had taken a toll on her

♨ most of the time, she kept her feelings to herself, always acted polite no matter what

♨ you were different, bubbly and like an open book

♨ the customers, whether regulars or new ones, seemed to love you

♨ you always had a smile on your lips, a joke or a witty joke to share

♨ despite the bite in your words, you never insulted anyone, somehow finding the balance

♨ you had that charm about you that lured people in

♨ it was something that Jaehee was extremely envious of

♨ as she watched you chat away with another pair of customers easily, Jaehee found herself sighing

♨ she was happy to have you by her side and work with you, but she just wished that she could be more like you sometimes

♨ that was when a customer came to the register, a man in his late forties or early fifties

♨ he told her his order and Jaehee gave him a court nod, turning to go and make the coffee

♨ when she returned he’d grabbed her wrist, looking straight at her, and told her that she’d look much prettier if she smiled for, as frowning aged a person

♨ it was utterly uncalled for and despite feeling hurt, Jaehee couldn’t make herself reply

♨ luckily, you didn’t seem to have that restraint at all

♨ you looked the man straight in the eye, eyes burning with anger as you forced a smile on your lips and told him that she’d lost her smile in the war against entitled men, thinking that their comments were in any way needed or appreciated

♨ adding that she had PTSD because of it

♨ when Jaehee looked at you she could tell that you were on a roll and probably had an entire rant prepared

♨ she stopped you then, worried about what some of the customers might think of you

♨ the man left with a huff after that

♨ you snorted as well, angry about such distasteful behaviour but neither of you mentioned it again until the end of the day

♨ once the last customer had left and the café was closed she pulled you into a surprising hug, burying her face in the crock of your neck

♨ the thank you was whispered quietly, so much so you you almost missed it yourself and yet the words were loud and clear


♛ getting to know someone in a chatroom wasn’t an easy feat

♛ much harder even, when the chatroom wasn’t private

♛ however, Jumin and you had made it work somehow

♛ he’d found you charming and supportive, highly understanding and loving

♛ even when you’d first come to his place, he’d been utterly smitten and so sure that he knew you

♛ however, once you actually start to spend more time with a person in real life, there are facets of their personality they couldn’t hide even if they tried

♛ during the whole debacle with Sarah and Glam, you’d been mostly quiet

♛ you’d voiced your concerns, but you hadn’t really spoken up

♛ that changed drastically, once the drama was over

♛ apparently, you weren’t all that shy after all

♛ quite the contrary, in fact

♛ once the shock was over, Jumin was surprised to find your rather sociable

♛ at the party you talked and bewitched all the guests and RFA members

♛ when the press started following you, being Jumin’s new and actual girlfriend, you acted very friendly and presentable, proving to be a good choice

♛ you even managed to make his father fall head over heels for you

♛ he’d constantly invite you to family dinners and the two would chat as if you’d known each other for years

♛ needless to say that Jumin was very pleased with being able to call you his own

♛ of course, you always managed to surprise him

♛ so when Sarah actually started talking to the press again, claiming to be pregnant with Jumin’s child, you didn’t hesitate to strike back this time

♛ you dragged that bitch through the mud

♛ you told the press that the only reason she was blown up wasn’t a child but her body trying to make way for her massive ego and ignorance

♛ or maybe she was just getting fat, now that she didn’t have the money to get her body fixed up with plastic surgery

♛ when Jumin had turned on the TV to that particular interview, he’d laughed like never in his life before, actual tears gathering in his eyes

♛ oh yes, he’d chosen a fierce one indeed

♛ and he loved it


☼ Living with Seven wasn’t always easy

☼ he was probably one of the few people that could manage to act entitled and arrogant while simultaneously wallowing in self pity and hating themselves

☼ you never quite knew what he would do and how he would react

☼ it certainly kept things interesting

☼ so did his quirky and peculiar personality

☼ he loved you for it as you loved him

☼ still, there was a certain need for the two of you to constantly trash each other, for some reason

☼ it was just so much fun to see a person usually so bubbly and talkative to be stunned to silence

☼ neither of you ever missed an opportunity to drag one another

☼ for example when he was being a smart-ass once again

☼   “Don’t you see how easy this? Come on…”
“Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything, Saeyoung!”

☼ or when you were criticizing him for yet another thing he hadn’t done yet again

☼   “Seriously, Saeyoung? It’s not that hard!”
Please be patient. I’m fucking things up as fast as I can.”

☼ you especially loved it when he criticized you for things you knew yourself you’d messed up

☼   “Is that supposed to be food? Cause it sure doesn’t look that way.”
And you pointing out the obvious is what, helpful?”

☼ you just loved to exchange those little jabs throughout the day for no other reason but jokes and giggles

☼ “You invent off buttons for everything you do, so where is yours?”

☼ “Your crazy it showing,  you might want to tuck it back in.”

☼ “No, you’re right, let’s do it the dumbest way possible because it’s easier for you.”

☼ Sometimes you were worried he’d take it personally, be hurt by your comments

☼ funnily enough, that never happened

☼ after about half an hour of radio silence and acting as if he was insulted usually ended with him coming to you, acting all grumpy but still cuddling up to you somehow

☼ he really reminded you of a cat that way

☼ one night you were lying next to one another, your eyes already heavy

☼ you were about to fall asleep when you heard him turn, felt his eyes focused on you

☼ “You being able to dish it out as well as taking it is probably the sexiest thing about you”

☼ he was an idiot, but at least he was your idiot and not somebody else’s


📷 when you’d told your parents that you’d finally met someone they’d insisted to meet the young man

📷 it had been such a long time since your last boyfriend and you weren’t getting any younger

📷 frankly, they’d almost given up hope for grandchildren over the last years

📷 you’d tried to ignore their attempts to match you up with someone, excusing their behaviour by reminding yourself that they were from a small village outside of town

📷 civilization had sort of brushed by them, in a way

📷 when you’d told V about it, he’d been ecstatic

📷 at this point you’d been together for a long time and yet he’d never met your family

📷 you suggesting that now was the time excited him, seeing as he saw it as the next logical step

📷 maybe you were finally ready to move forward as he’d been for a long time

📷 your open and honest nature had mesmerized him from the first day

📷 there was nothing you were shy of saying, you were outgoing and talkative

📷 you could strike a conversation just like that and captivate everyone around you

📷 that kind of energy and lightheartedness were exactly the things he needed in his life

📷 he’d expected your family to be similar to you and while they were, the other people in your home village weren’t quite as welcoming

📷 he could feel how tense and on edge you were, something he hadn’t experienced in a long time

📷 your parents were very friendly and he saw a lot of you in them, but they were also overly cautious around him, trying not to step on toes

📷 he ignored it for the better part but you seemed increasingly irritated

📷 that was when one of your neighbour came over for tea

📷 the first hour was fine, her talking about her family and swooning over how beautiful you’d gotten

📷 when she’d started to make some rather inappropriate and borderline hurtful comments about V and specifically his blindness, he’d been able to physically sense the anger coming from you

📷 then she’d actually asked you what you saw in him, why you hadn’t chosen someone more fitting

📷 V wasn’t sure whether the words had set you off, or the fact that she’d whispered them to you like some dirty secret, but you’d eventually ended up snapping at her

📷 not in an obviously rude way, which made your words seem even more brutal

📷 no, you’d smiled politely, words sweet as honey as you’d spoken

📷 you’d told the woman to take her aleve and go somewhere else to complain about how long she hadn’t had an orgasm, if ever, and how she was worried her husband was cheating on her with a woman that could be his daughter

📷 he’d been raised and drilled to be overly polite while you never held back

📷 he loved you so much for it, he couldn’t help but kiss you right then and there


Mac and Dennis in their like late forties/early fifties and while in some ways they’re the cynical bastards they were before in other ways they’re so much lighter and full of love than they ever thought possible. And one day they wake up and realize how couple-y they’ve become and how they do all these typical romantic gestures that would astound even their clearly besotted younger selves and then they realize that they feel safe enough with each other that they don’t have to be cynical or ironic about it anymore…and they’re just driving home one day like the front seat boyfriends they are and like you’re the inspiration or higher love comes on and they look at each other and grin and Dennis goes “we really are an old married couple, huh” and Mac says “well, about that-” and with great difficulty produces a ring from some weird place (like taped into the inside of his duster because he didn’t want to lose it) and Dennis is so overcome he almost swerves across two lanes into incoming traffic



Paulie had been staring at these numbers for the better part of the morning. She was lounging on her couch with her laptop propped up on her thighs, a half-empty and long gone cold cup of tea on her coffee table, and her eyes set on all the money in her savings account. In said savings account there was one hell of a lot of money. The money that her grandmother had left her, that Niall had suggested she used until she knew what it was she wanted to do with her life. It was sitting in the bank, untouched, and with the interest she got for it, it was basically just getting more and more by the day.

Paulie was fucking loaded and no one other than her close family and Niall knew about it.

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Creepypasta #1063: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 1)

Length: Medium

I’ve worked as a private investigator for around five or six years now, running my own business. It’s usually a pretty bad idea to just up and start an independent PI company as your gateway to the job (in fact it’s pretty darn stupid), but I live in a town that’s small enough that I was able to make it work. 

I won’t be specific about where I live, nor will I use any real names. As a PI, people come to me with some pretty personal shit, and it’s universally taboo to just go sharing the specifics with the world. The extent that I’ll admit is that I’m in Canada and that I’m in a small, semi-remote town surrounded by vast boreal forest. Not the kind you’d go exploring or hiking through with friends, but the kind that you would stay away from because (much like the stereotype) there are bears and caribou all over the shop. Trust me, caribou will fuck your day up seriously bad.

So, with that little bit of preamble out of the way, I suppose I’ll start.

I tend to get a lot of cases from paranoid spouses, and most I’ll take, however absurd. I’m in no position to turn down a paying customer, and when they turn out to be correct it always feels good to help them out an unfaithful partner. This case, despite having a reasonably explainable conclusion, was creepy enough to have definitely caused me to think a little more about what to accept and what to decline.

Roughly two years ago I got a cold call from what sounds like an older man. He asked to make sure he’s called the right place, and when I told him he has, he immediately launched into a particularly long-winded rant about how his wife is plotting against him, and how she’s planning to “take him out”. I tried to get him to calm down and asked when he would be able to come over to the office. We could discuss things over a coffee, what he should bring, hash out whether or not this was a legitimate case, and if so, negotiate a fee. He’s adamant that he needed to see me as soon as possible, so he came in a couple of hours later. I don’t have any cases at the time, so I’m all for it. 

He’s an older gentleman in around his late fifties, early sixties, probably, and was visibly shaken when he showed up. We talked for a little while and he’s definitely calmed down by this point, but he’s still obviously frightened. He told me that his wife had been going out to meet with other elderly women for a sort of book-club type deal and that he’s sure that they’re all out for his blood. 

Things got really interesting when he revealed that every morning, at around 4:00 AM, he’s woken up by an abnormally loud sound, like dogs barking and growling frantically. He told me that he would always wake up to see his wife standing in the bedroom doorway, with two other elderly women resembling a few of her friends standing motionless behind her. Making no movements, just, staring.

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Ok I know I’m like fifty years late to the party but
I started reading performance in a leading role like a year ago but I didn’t finish it cause I got busy and would lose track of what was happening because I took such long gaps in between chapters and all that so I stopped

And always meant to get back to it but never did

And now I finally am

And I cannot


With how






Inhumans Epilogue Part One

Originally posted by coldbloodedexosquirrel

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Epilogue P1, Epilogue P2 (The End)

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 7K

AN: I’m cutting it up into two parts because it got pretty long. Next part will be out before NEXT Thursday, not this one. This one is a bit early. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and thank you all for reading once again!

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Day Seventy-Three

-The holidays have ended. The store is silent, empty to an extent I had forgotten was possible. I feel a deep sense of tranquility at the presence of short lines and easy shifts.

-My ability to wear jeans to work for the holidays is gone, and with it, my zest for life.

-Today we are on the lookout due to a potential possible stalker-ish type situation. Years of hyper-attentiveness due to extreme anxiety have prepared me for this exact situation. I am ready.

-I find myself covered in an endless coat of glitter from all of the discounted Christmas decorations. I believe I have found the definition of “zen”.

-A woman became angry after having her check denied. She was certain that the stamp on her check had caused it. The stamp was, though, our system denying the check. The jury is still out on this case of Chicken v. Egg, but I hope she will find the truth soon.

-I passed a woman wearing a shirt that read, “Love Is L'Amour.” I am appreciative of such a helpful Rosetta Stone of a shirt.

-I am endlessly baffled by diapers being so expensive when they are little more than disposable poop bags. Some have Disney characters on them. These are the only ones I would be willing to pay full price for. All other lines of diapers have a great deal of explaining to do.

-A woman in her late fifties or early sixties purchased a large bottle of lube and a larger box of condoms. I respect her safety and am proud of her lifestyle.

-I handed a screaming girl a strip of stickers, instantly stopping the screams. The next guess complimented me on my knowledge of children, and how I knew exactly what to do to stop her cries. I am always willing to take compliments from any sources, but I do feel guilty for not explaining to her that the child had been screaming about how badly she wanted stickers.

-A child encountered her reflection in the lane’s mirror and immediately carried out the natural reaction: dancing wildly at herself while cackling maniacally.

-A woman came through my lane wearing a sweatshirt with the phrase, “God Is Good, Y'all” on it. Usually I am not one to pay attention to gospel given to me by strangers, but from such a casual and laid-back hoodie, I think I might give it a shot.

A New Beginning

Chapter Six

Warning: fluff, minor jealous!Bucky, angst but honestly when isn’t there angst

(Prologue) (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five) (Chapter Seven)

You snorted when Steve kissed Sharon. You were so proud of him for finally acting on his feelings, you just found it fucking hilarious that it was Sharon. You nearly burst out laughing when you saw Sam’s head nod and Bucky’s smirk. The fucking shitheads were going to make the car ride very interesting. Especially since Sam didn’t like Bucky.

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