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The Day I Return (KilixReader)



Characters: Kili, reader

Words: 879                                               

The hearth, even unlit, is a welcome sight after your 16-hour work day. You start a small fire and place your hands as close as you can get to it, palms absorbing the warmth and light, instantly making you feel happy and safe.

You hear the person who triples that feeling, Kili, fumbling around in back of the small house. You’re glad he’s not having another meeting with his uncle, Fili and the other Dwarves. Every time Kili returns from those mysterious gatherings, he looks as though he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

As much as he wants to share every detail, he doesn’t say much. It’s just some business affairs of the Dwarves, he tells you.

Regardless of the late outings, though, Kili always does as he said he would from the start of your marriage: “No matter where I am, either I’ll be back in time for supper, or I’ll be back in time for bed.” That last part means before midnight. And there’s absolutely no place he’d rather be than curled up under the covers with you.

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