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naruhina; wedding woes

prompt: wedding planning (D-7)
rating: T
a/n: decided to go with a simpler conversation style for this. hope it’s not too awkward, never really tried writing like this before. enjoy!


“All that matters is I’m marrying you.”


Sitting at a circular table with hot tea in front of them outside of a quaint café in the middle of Konoha, four women prepared to discuss a very important occasion.

“Alright, I now declare that this meeting, to help plan for one of the most important weddings this village will see besides my own, officially started!” Sakura clapped her hands in glee.

“I appreciate the gesture girls, but I don’t think an official meeting is really that necessary?”

“Of course it is, Hinata! You’re only getting married once, I mean, at least I hope you are.”

“Way to be a comforting friend, Ino-pig.”

A strong glare. “What did you call me, forehead?!”

Tenten sighed. “Before this argument stretches on longer than it should, let’s start talking details here. So when’s the date?”

“Naruto-kun and I haven’t really decided yet, but we were fond of the idea of having the wedding during spring, when the cherry blossoms are blooming.”

“Aww,” cooed the pink-haired kunoichi, a faint blush tainting her cheeks. “You guys are so sweet. I feel so honoured.”

“There you go again just assuming everything revolves around you.”

“Stop the jealousy, Ino, it ages you faster. Sai wouldn’t be calling you gorgeous anymore if you keep it up.”

“At least he calls me that instead of his nicknames for you.”

Sakura’s grip on her cup of hot tea tightened in a threatening manner.

“What kind of wedding dress do you plan to wear?” Bless Tenten and her ability to ignore childish bickering.

“You should totally take advantage of your curves and go for a strapless one. Show off those D’s proudly. Naruto won’t be able to keep his eyes off you for sure.”

“Have you forgotten who her father is, Ino?”

Hinata fumbled with her hair slightly. “I was thinking of going for a traditional approach and wearing a bridal kimono. Is that too… boring?”

Sakura patted her back cheerfully. “Of course not! I’m sure you’d look so beautiful in one.”

“Yeah, plus who says a kimono should be boring. Underneath all those layers, you could surprise him by wearing some sexy lace. Think of it like innocent pure Hinata by day, seductive succubus by night.”

“That sounds exactly like how you actually are, ne Hinata?”

The young Hyuuga only managed to blush furiously at Tenten’s words.

“Speaking of the wedding night,” Hinata feared the growing smirk spreading on Ino’s lips. “Have you discussed where it’ll be?”

“Eh? Umm… not yet. It’s not exactly priority on the list for now.”

“Wherever it is, make sure to choose a place at the outskirts of the village or further. You look like quite a screamer.”


“Naruto looks like a guy that could go on forever too. That Uzumaki stamina shouldn’t be underestimated.”


Hinata palmed her reddened face, wishing she could dig a gigantic hole and bury herself alive at that point.

“Okay okay, before Hinata faints from blood rush or something. So where’s the wedding going to be held at?”

Hinata thanked Tenten for diverting the topic back to a less sexual one. (For now). “We know we want it to be outdoors, but we don’t have a specific location in mind.”

“You could do it in your own backyard and it would still be fine. Your family’s estate is seriously huge.”

Ino eyed her suspiciously. “Eeh, Tenten, sounds like you scouted the area well.”

The brunette simply shared a knowing smile. “Neji made a fine tour guide.”

“Okay, before this conversation goes awry again, have you decided on what kind of food you want to have, Hinata?”

The young Hyuuga merely sighed. “Naruto-kun is insisting wholeheartedly on ramen.”

Ino couldn’t help but laugh fervently at this. “Seriously, that’s so him.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be Naruto if he didn’t want that,” Sakura said, taking a long sip of her tea. “Maybe we can talk to Teuchi-san and ask him if he can somehow improvise ramen into the menu to make it easier for the guests to eat.”

“Oh, speaking of guests, how many do you reckon there’d be?”

“I’m not exactly sure, Tenten-chan, but Naruto-kun and I did agree we only wanted our close friends and families to attend. We’re also inviting some others from outside of Konoha like the Kazekage and his siblings.”

“Oho, Shikamaru would be happy to hear about that,” chirped Ino slyly.

“Honestly, if he wasn’t so lazy, they’d probably be married soon after these two do,” added Sakura, cupping her chin with a palm. “Any performances in mind?”

“Kiba-kun… offered to sing.”

All 3 almost spat their tea right there.

“He can sing!?”

A hesitant shake of the head.


“We’ll have to keep an eye out for him then.”

“… and Shino-kun too, please. I worry they might be planning a surprise performance for me.”


“Okay,” said Ino, leaning in closer with a serious expression. “Time for the big question. Who’s going to be the maid of honour?”

Sakura scoffed. “What kind of a question is that, Ino-pig? Obviously it’s Hanabi, I mean, she is her sister.”

“Actually,” interrupted Hinata, her fingers fiddling with each other nervously. “Hanabi declined to be the maid of honour, she said she feels herself too young for the role so she told me to pick someone else.”

“So…,” Sakura eyed the other girls carefully. “Among us 3 then?”

A nod.

“That shouldn’t even be a hard choice. It should obviously be me,” boasted the blonde confidently.

“Hah? What are you on about? No, the obvious choice would be me! Hinata trusts me the best and the groom is my teammate. Naturally, she’d pick me.”

“Who told you she trusts you the most? And who cares if Naruto’s your teammate, not like he gets to choose the maid of honour. Besides, I probably know more about planning a wedding than you, forehead!”

“Excuse the both of you,” intervened Tenten, her eyes darting between her two competitors for the desired role carefully. “I think it should be me. Neji was her cousin and my teammate so if he was still with us, he’d probably request Hinata to make me her maid of honour anyway.”

Dangerous static pulsed through the dark aura coming from the young ladies. They all turned to face the terrified young Hyuuga.

“So? Who is it going to be?”

The way their voices boomed simultaneously made Hinata gulp.

‘Oh, Naruto-kun, I hope you’re having a better time with the boys.’


Sitting at a straight counter with steaming ramen in front of them outside of a cosy stall in the middle of Konoha, six men prepared to devour their very important lunch.

“So, I’m getting married.”

Chopsticks in hand, Kiba rolled his eyes. “We know. You basically shouted it to everyone from the top of the monument.”

“When is it again?” asked Chouji in a muffled voice as he slurped his ramen away.

“A few more months maybe. We’re planning the upcoming spring probably,“ replied Naruto with the same tone as he too started enjoying his meal.

“Do we need to wear suits? Ugh, so troublesome.” Shikamaru drawled, swirling his ramen lazily.

“Iruka-sensei’s gonna be my best man so I don’t think it really matters what you guys wear. Heck, I don’t even know what I’m gonna wear.”

“What kind of food’s gonna be served there? And if you say ramen, I swear to god-,”

“Hey!” Naruto warned Kiba with a finger. “No one disses the ramen!”

“Add barbecued meat into that menu, and that sounds like a perfect feast already to me,”

“Any food is a feast to you, Chouji.”

Sai, who had been observing his friends antics with a smile, tapped Naruto’s shoulder lightly. “Naruto, Ino and I have already decided on a wedding gift for you. It will be useful on your wedding night considering your penis lacks the proper size to-


Meanwhile, at a singular table in the middle of the restaurant’s vicinity, Shino ate his ramen silently, his mind plotting the appropriate outfits he could wear for his surprise for the wedding. No one even knew he was there.


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