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Mikaela and Enzo


Daisy Johnson Appreciation Week: Day 7

Favorite scene/moment : showing her strength after finding out about Ward’s betrayal


Eruri Cell Phone Wallpapers [540x960px]
❉ A (Late) Birthday present to thirstylevi ❤❤❤ ❉


and it hurts like hell, to be torn apart

time for a new botm post! y’all know the drill by now!

the rules:
  • mbf ur trash queen
  • reblog this post once to enter (likes are bookmarks only!)
  • must reach at least 50 notes or this never happened
  • check out my august botm winner!
  • maybe check out my nat gif blog and/or enter my matt fraction hawkeye network?
  • ends on August 31 at 11:59 pm CST
  • one winner and up to three runner-ups (depending on how many notes this gets) will be chosen in the first few days of September by me!!!
  • if you’ve entered/won before, feel free to enter again! ur still eligible!!
what I'm looking for:
  • nice bloggers, good url/posts
  • clean themes + some sort of tagging system
  • marvel darlings (multifandom is cool too!)
  • +follow if not already
  • a link on my updates tab for the month + a spot on my botm page forever (winner)
  • promo when you’re chosen + unlimited promos (winner) / 5 promos (runners-up) during the month whenever you like!
  • unlimited gifsets/graphics/edits on request (winner) / one gifset/graphic/edit on request (runners-up) for the duration of this month 
  • my undying love and friendship!!! (if you want!!!!)

good luck you guys!!!!!!