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Kacchako 04: “Come home with me”

Genre: Drabble/Fluff

Pairing: Bakugou x Uraraka

Rating: [PG]

Word Count: 1285 Words

Drabble Prompt: #19: “Come home with me”

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Whenever I think of Bertolt related anything I just get really, really sad. He didn't deserve any of this. Reiner and Annie didn't either, of course, but I can't help but feel like poor Bertl gets it the worst...

I know it’s been a long time that he’s gone now but I feel the same way too.

Maybe now that we know that memories get passed on we will find out more about him. It’s wishful thinking but at least it’s more likely now.


He had known that the trials would be challenging, that was the whole point; he was being tempered in the swords stead. However, he had logically assumed that going in with a literal weapon for an arm would make things a tad bit easier.

Some extremely late Chapter art for this instalment of Ironic Technology 

Prove Them Wrong

Your brothers still won’t take you with them when you go hunting. They’ve even started to wonder whether you’re interested in joining the Family Business.

You lent back in your chair, the emptiness of the Bunker becoming more and more daunting with each passing day. Cas visited less often than he used to as you were growing older. At 17 your brothers trusted you enough to leave you alone. 
They hadn’t called you and you were beginning to worry. Normally a hunt took 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how far away it was. They usually called by then. Even a text.

They were supposed to let you go on Hunts with them. You had a suspicion they were expecting you to start going solo, but you were more clever than that. You were more patient than you were stubborn. Of course, you were more prepared than they thought you were too. Months, hell, years you’d been training yourself to hunt. Whether it be research knowledge, fighting skills or reloading time with guns. 
Your brothers had taught you the basics for safety and you took matters into your own hands, making sure to be prepared.

You couldn’t wait for them to finally agree to take you on your first hunt…well…you say “first”. You’d technically been on one or two with Mary, but they weren’t anything dangerous. Not that you were expecting Sam or Dean to take you on a dangerous one for starters. They’d most likely drag you along to a salt ‘n’ burn, no doubt holding your hand through out the entire thing. Their protective nature was for them as much as it was for you. 

You’d learnt to roll your eyes to the ceiling and put up with their ways.

“Come on, don’t make me save you…” You chuckled aloud. You had a tendency to utter things to yourself when nervous. Only there wasn’t usually an Angel watching.
“Who are you talking to?” Cas’ usual gruff and slightly confused voice filled the empty room.
You nearly jumped out of your skin, but you composed yourself and sighed “No one, I’m just worried that’s all…And you need to stop sneaking up on people. You’re going to give me a heart attack one day!”

Cas nodded and mumbled a “Sorry/”, but you could tell he didn’t fully understand. “Do you know where Sam and Dean are?” You asked, fiddling with your thumbs. Your thumb ran over a fraying piece of thread on your shirt sleeve. 

“Yes.” Cas nodded, pausing as though double checking. Why did Angels never explain anything?!
“Are they okay?” You asked, leaning forward in your chair. As bad as it sounded you almost wanted Cas to say no. You wanted a reason to leave the Bunker. It was so rare you could go any further than the bloody driveway. You’d never really left Kansas before.
If he said no, you could convince him to take you to them. You’d defeat whatever supernatural creature was in their way right in front of their eyes and prove your brothers wrong.

You wanted an adventure.

“They’re fine. Sam’s about to call you actually.” 

As if on cue your phone buzzed, you picked up not bothering to check the caller ID. “Hey kiddo, case it finished. We’ll be home in a couple of hours.”
As relieved as you were to know they were okay, you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed you didn’t have a chance to get out there. No doubt your brothers still saw you as a toddler who doesn’t know their left from their right.
“Okay.” You tried to sound positive, forcing a smile in hopes it would add to the happiness. Only Sam wouldn’t buy it. Dean might have, had it been him who called. “See you then-”

“Bug, you okay?” You didn’t need to be facing him to know he had his puppy eyes showing.
“…Yeah, I’m tired that’s all. See you soon?” You lowered the phone from your face slightly, ready to hang up.
He sighed before saying his goodbyes. “Yeah, see you later.”

Thankfully he didn’t press.

“We’re home!” Dean’s declarative made you smile a little as you got up from your bed. You slipped your headphones off before making your way to the main room.
“Hey kiddo.” Dean squeezed you in a quick hug, letting go to grab a beer. 
You smiled.
“Y/N, what’s wrong love?” Sam sighed, stepping in front of you so you couldn’t subtly avoid his gaze. You glanced up at his worried eyes, wide with furrowed brows.

“Nothing, I said I was tired didn’t I?” You didn’t mean for it to come out as bitter as it did.

“Y/N…” Sam’s voice was half way between serious and concerned.He looked tired.
“Y/N, if somethings wrong you can tell us you know that right?” Dean encouraged, now equipped with a beer.
“Yeah I know…It’s nothing. I’m tired.”
“You’re always tired.” Dean pointed out and you shot him a glare.
He swallowed and uttered “If looks could kill.” 

“If only.” You mumbled, ambling off to your room. You were done.

Sam and Dean shared a look. “Mood swings?” Dean wondered aloud.
“I don’t know…” Sam sighed “Somethings up, though.”
“Let’s give her the night to cool off. We can talk tomorrow.”
“What if we’ve found another case by then, we can’t just ignore this. Not if it’s important.” Sam played the Devils’ advocate. Of course he care about his little sister, but there could be people’s lives at stake.

“The case can wait a day, Sammy. Y/N’s family.”

You sighed, flopping onto your bed and burying your face in a pillow. Sure, you had patience. But all patience wears thin in the end.
You pulled your headphones back on and turned up the volume in hopes it would drown out your thoughts as well as other noises. As the song came to an end you heard the mumbling of voices and paused before the next one played. You sat up, tucking your hair behind your ear…Mary must have come home.

Sighing, you silently opened your door, straining to hear…
“I don’t know…she’s been really distant lately…she’s probably asleep right now…I don’t understand why, we haven’t forgotten something have we?…Her birthday’s not until next month…”

You could barely tell who was saying what so you opened the door wider and slumped down against the wall, leaning back.

“Maybe it’s just a teenage thing…she’ll probably be fine in the morning…”

You almost laughed bitterly, but swallowed the urge. If only they’d let you hunt. If only they knew how much you’d been training…every time you were alone you’d be in the shooting range or hitting the punching bag or studying the law books. You were completely aware your brothers would throw a fit if they realised how serious you were about contributing to the Family Business, so you made sure not to leave any obvious clues. 
You weren’t angry necessarily…you were just bored. 

“I bet they were Hunting at half my age…” you muttered to yourself, tapping the floorboards lightly.  you kept your voice as barely a whisper so only you could here. It felt more permanent to speak your thoughts, more real.“I bet Dad didn’t even question it…I bet-”

Your monologue was cut short when you heard footsteps. Jumping to action, you shut your door and crawled into your bed, thankfully the main light was already off. You closed your eyes and pulled the duvet up so it was covering most of you.

The door swung open, it’s creaks filled the room. A few footsteps sounded yet you kept your eyes tight shut, trying to look as peaceful as you could. Even breaths.
“Y/N…” Mary whispered “I know you’re not really asleep.”
You hesitated, maybe if you kept still she’d change her mind.
“If you don’t want to talk then that’s okay. I’m not your Mom and I never will be, but I can be hear for you. I’m still your family.”

You didn’t move, having made up your mind. Perhaps you would have turned and looked had she not mentioned your Mum. 

“Okay. Fine.” She paused before whispering “Good night…”You waited for her footsteps to fade away to nothingness before opening your eyes and adjusting your position. 

You fetched your laptop, reaching over a pile of notebooks by the side of your bed and grabbing it by the top. Placing it on your lap, your fingers danced over the keys like second nature- practice makes perfect -and began to research for cases nearby.
You were going to prove them wrong.
You were going to prove them all wrong.


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Not requested! I just felt like writing a thing while we’re on a mini hiatus. I hope you guys like it!

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Reader: 15+ 

You have never lived with your brothers, And it has only been a few weeks since you moved into the bunker with them. You where with them at all times, So they could protect you; And watch you at all times. Right now you were filling your duffel bag full of your clothes, Ready to leave the cheap motel you have been staying in for the past week.

You were sick of sleeping with your brothers, Since they only get motels with two beds, You always have to take turns sleeping with your brothers. Sam was your favourite, He always hugged you and pulled you close to his body to protect you and when he was cold. 

Dean was an asshole. He always tore the blanket away from you, Snored, His legs always found a way to lay on your body, pushed you off the bed, And farted while keeping you trapped under the covers. You hated sleeping with him, Even though sometimes he would leave you with the biggest side of the bed. 

“Hold on guys! Let me get my stuff from the bathroom! and I gotta pee!” Your brothers were all ready to go, But they woke you up late and now you had to hurry.

After doing your business, You stuffed your forgotten objects, Zipping the bag closed; Running outside and not seeing the impala. Raising an eyebrow, You look around the parking lot, Every car possible but the impala.

“Oh no. They did NOT just leave me here” Looking around once more, You walk to the reservation desk, The lady who worked there giving you a soft smile when you walked inside.

“Hello, Ma’am? Did you see a black impala leave?” You place your backpack of the chairs and walked toward the desk.

“Oh, You where with those fine boys from last night. Oh yes, They left about 15 minutes ago. Went south from here from the looks of it” 

“Oh really?” Venom dropped from every word, Your face still keeping a smile. “May I use your phone? They seemed to have left me”

The lady laughs, Handing you the phone.

“I’m sorry for laughing. My husband did that to me one day. It was our first date too-” 

You slammed the buttons on the phone, Nodding at the lady to continue. Stomping your foot, You waited. One ring. Two. Three. Four. Then Dean’s rough voice was heard.


“Hello dear brother it seems like you have forgotten a package back at the motel” 

Oh shit! Sam! We forgot (Y/n)!” 

You could hear the wheels screeching; Dean was probably doing a U turn. 

We’re sorry (Y/n) We forgot you where with us. We haven’t had another person-

“Sam- Sam! It’s fine. How could you have forgotten your own sister!?” You shout, Startling the lady in the middle of her story.

We’ll be there in about 15 minutes. Stay put and don’t talk to strangers” Dean hangs up, And you’re left seething.

“And then here we are - 65 year later and still happily married” The lady ends, And you smile.

“It’s like a fairy tale story. Hopefully my brothers get here before I kill them”

“Oh I’m sure.”  The lady smiles.

You hand her the phone, Walking outside and sitting down on a bench with backpack on tow; Ready to kill your brothers when they got there.

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Can I ask for some Reba fic?

Reba did not go back to work in the darkroom. There were too many memories there now, and besides, she knew that people looked at her strangely. She did not have to be able to see them to know that. She felt it in the quality of their silences.

She went back to work at the school. That work comforted her, though she no longer felt herself very qualified to help others navigate the world. She hadn’t turned out to be very good at it, after all. But the people there were so grateful. They called her “Ms. McClane,” and there were no careful, awkward silences. She took the bus home at the end of the day, and she learned the bus drivers on her route: Mr. Drummond, Mrs. Green, sometimes Miss Camacho. They learned her too, and her stops.

Someone else learned her stops, and one day Reba came home to find someone waiting on her doorstep. She almost didn’t know she was there–she wasn’t used to people waiting on her doorstep–but someone cleared her throat before Reba’s key made it to her lock.

“Reba McClane?” said the stranger. A woman.

“Yes?” Reba turned her face in the direction of the voice, letting herself frown.

“I’m Freddie Lounds,” said the woman. “You’ll invite me in, won’t you? Awful cold out here.”

“I don’t know that I will,” said Reba. She palmed her key and slipped it back in her pocket. “What is it you want?”

“I want to tell your story.” Lounds sounded very earnest. 

Reba had learned to be suspicious of earnestness. “No thank you,” she said. “I can tell my own story, if I like, and I don’t like to. No one needs to know it.”

“Are you sure?” said Lounds. “You could make a lot of money.”

“That doesn’t interest me.”

“Make it about the truth, then,” said Lounds. “You know what they’re calling you, right? The Dragon’s Bride.”

That explained those silences at the film processor. “That was a while ago. I know how these things work, Ms. Lounds: something else comes up and people get distracted by the next shiny thing. Seems to me you were late getting here. Everyone’s forgotten about The Dragon’s Bride by now.”

Lounds sighed. “All right, you got me. I was chasing some other leads, they didn’t pan out, and now I’m here sniffing around for a book deal. Which I’m sure you’ve gotten from others.”

Maybe she had, but Reba wouldn’t know. She hadn’t been picking up her phone. Who would be calling?

Reba got her key back out. “I’ve decided you can come inside after all.”

“Well, that’s neighborly of you,” Lounds said after a brief pause. “What changed your mind?”

The door creaked open, and Reba stepped inside. “You’re honest, and you don’t pity me. I can’t abide pity.”

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#30 Jamie and Claire

Sharing a bath/swim

A quick check of the app on his phone tells him her plane landed an hour ago. He starts the car and eases it into traffic, swearing at everyone who gets in his way and at every red light he has to wait for.  

At home he’s so excited he practically falls through the door.  He sees her bags in the sitting area, but not her.  He peels off his jacket and listens.  Water. Shower? Bath? He kicks off his shoes as he heads towards the bathroom, taking the stairs two at a time.  He doesn’t knock but just opens the door and walks in.

“You’re home,” he says, voice breaking. “You’re home. You’re home.” Emotion washes over him at the sight of her.  Hair piled on her head, freckled face flushed from the bath water.  He unsnaps his jeans and pulls his shirt over his head.  He can’t stop smiling.  

She sits up in the tub and giggles.  Her smile is wide at the sight of him.  She can’t help the tears that fill her eyes.  She’s missed him so much.  He shucks his jeans and underwear and tosses them behind him.  Bracing his hands on either side of the tub he throws his leg over.  

“Jamie!” she shouts.  But too late. He’s forgotten to take off his socks and one is now soaking wet.  He pulls a face and peels off the sodden sock, tossing it into the sink.  

She’s dissolved into laughter.  He laughs with her at his mistake and with the sheer joy of being together.  Finally naked, he climbs into the tub, water sloshing over the sides, displaced by his big body.  He kneels down as she tries to adjust her legs, and slowly lowers himself towards her.  

He stops a breath away from her and whispers, “You’re home”.  Closing his eyes, their lips find each other. Her wet hands grasp his shoulders and slowly, one slender hand curls itself around his neck.  He opens his mouth and kisses her again, tongues dancing.  

Deep breaths, soft moans.  

Her hand slips down from his shoulder over his chest reacquainting herself with the feel of him.  He groans, breaks the kiss.  Sitting back against the opposite end of tub there’s some awkward maneuverings of her legs and his, but eventually they settle back, her legs between his, feet resting on his belly, his big knees above the water. 

He can’t help himself and rubs his hands up and down her legs, over her shins and the tops of her thighs.  Her toes curl into his abs and she rubs her foot up and down his belly.  Her breasts are just under the surface of the water distracting him, enticing him. She curls her hands around his calves, stroking them under the water.  One long finger reaches out to trace up the back of his thigh. He hisses in a breath.  

There is so much to say, and yet no words come.  They drink in the sight of each other.  The feel of each other.  Smiles that reach the eyes and grunts as pleasure points are explored.  Their looks are heated and heavy lidded. The touches are slow and sensuous.  Her foot drops lower with every rub.   

They stay until the water begins to cool, and their desire is all that’s left to warm them.

Standing, he wraps a towel around himself, and extends a hand to his wife. She stands, beautiful as a Naiad as the water cascades down her body. Wrapping a towel around her, he links his fingers with hers, and they walk slowly, eyes locked, to continue their wordless conversation…

DAY 3363

Malta                         June 12,  2017                  Mon 10:15 PM local time

Birthday - EF - Tatiana Saavick , MRD Patel        Tue, June 13 .. wishes for the birthday to the two Tatiana and MRD .. have a wonderful day and may it be sprinkled with love and happiness always .. your Ef

The chai ka adda at the set of ‘Kala Patthar’ .. a set put up on Raj ji’s ( Raj Kapoor ) farm near Pune .. we were to go to the actual coal mines in Asansol and Dhanbad, but logistics of work and ease of work, made us think again .. and at the farm it was just ideal for working conditions ..

I worked in my first job in Calcutta at Bird & Co., , actually Bird Heilgers & Co., in the Coal Dept., and we were sent as part of our training to the Coal mines managed by the Co., .. the Company was a Managing Agency house, a prominent entity in the Calcutta of the 1960′s .. cast and crew stayed at the Blue Diamond Hotel, perhaps the only recognised one at the time .. now of course many elegant and 5 star ones are up ..

The Hotel had many visits .. we shot EkNazar, Don, Zameer, Major Saheb, Kala Pathar, AAA, and now forgetting the countless number of times we stayed there during the shootings of our films ..

Rajneesh’s Ashram, Osho was just next door and throughout the day we had many saffron, or a muddy saffron coloured outfitted disciples from the Ashram at the Hotel, by the swimming pool .. perhaps it was the only common pool in the vicinity  .. Ma Babuji accompanied us on most of these shoots and would visit the Ashram .. 

Rajneesh had been an admirer of Babuji’s works, and during his discourses he would often quote from his works  .. Babuji would often visit the Ashram unannounced and sit at the back during these discourses ..

I would often ask him why he went there and his terse reply was : “ Just to check whether he is quoting me correctly “ !!

Babuji had had several meetings with him, before he became Bhagwan Rajnish, and then he had stopped those meetings .. he would often respond to that and say “ it’s a little unsettling to keep meeting God so often “ .. his satire and tongue firmly in his cheek ..

Maaji went along with him on an occasion and came back very annoyed and disillusioned  .. Rajnish had a dictat that no perfume was to be used by those that entered the Ashram, perhaps he was allergic to them .. there used to be a security check at the entrances to the discourses .. a smell test really .. and she failed that and was asked to leave .. she lost interest in him and the Ashram .. but Babuji used to read and listen to Rajnish’s commentary .. during his last years, he would often put his tapes on at night before going to sleep and on being asked why another terse one came : “it puts me to better sleep” !!

After Rajnish’s passing I did visit the Ashram out of curiosity .. it was extremely serene and well maintained .. in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a crowded and noisy city, it was remarkable how quiet and peaceful the atmosphere inside the Ashram was ..

It was a heady culture in those times .. and some of his lectures and discourses were quite inspiring .. many a times I would find prominent star actors and celebrities from the Western film world at the Ashram - they all came for their meals at the Blue Diamond or a swim ..

But back to KP .. many of the incidents in the scripting were stories that I had narrated to Salim-Javed at the time of its writing .. the coal mine area is a fascinating region .. some very poignant moments were experienced by me personally .. and I shall refrain from mentioning them for they are not very pleasant to read or talk about .. mostly about the nature of accidents that take place in a mine, an example of which was incorporated in the film and many others which I do not wish to write about ..

But the coal mine experience was first introduced to me by that great artist Utpal Dutt .. he came from the stage from Bengal before his illustrious career in film .. I saw a play of his called ‘Angar’ in Bengali at the AIFACS theatre in Delhi .. it was so dramatic and so well executed .. and yes it dealt with a disaster that occurs in a mine ..

Coal mines catch fire often and it is a colossal task to control them .. indeed near Asansol there is an entire region over several acres, which is still on fire .. when I was there it was and had been burning for almost 35 years .. and I have met certain people from the region who say that the fire is still burning .. I went in the 60′s .. !! Despite the tragedy of the fire, it has become a tourist site, for the flames of the fire are a beautiful blue colour and the site actually looks rather beautiful at night .. a burning blue earth !! Fascinating !!

The interior of the mines were shot on a set at Film City in Mumbai .. the flooding sequence being conducted by a special technical group that came from Los Angeles and Hollywood .. a few incidents happened there as well .. but it all turned out good in the end ..

Working with Yash ji was always a picnic .. informal, relaxed and filed with humour and eating delicious food .. he encouraged the families of artists to accompany them at the shoot destination .. whether it was Pune or Kashmir or Amsterdam or Delhi it was always the same .. evenings were spent not in our respective Hotel rooms, but at a common place where we chatted, played games and enjoyed each others’ company .. ‘ antakshari’ was the favourite .. along with ‘dumb charades’  .. haha ..  what wonderful moments shared .. !!

Shootings in Kashmir and Srinagar was a delight .. after pack up, we would all migrate to the Dal Lake, where several ‘donga’s’ - boat platforms - would be tied together to make one floating large boat and all of us would spend the evening, moving about in the lake, eating singing ..  music by local folk musicians , until the late hours..  

Now all forgotten .. and in memories .. sad .. !!

Time waits for no one .. and neither must we ..


Amitabh Bachchan

Adele — 25 Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Hello, can you hear me?“
  • “Pull me in, hold me tight.”
  • “Consider this my apology.”
  • “You told me you were ready.”
  • “Please, stay where you are.”
  • “I want every single piece of you.”
  • “Everybody here is watching you.”
  • “Let me photograph you in this light.”
  • “This ain’t easy… it’s not meant to be.”
  • “Don’t pretend that you don’t want me.”
  • “I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done.”
  • “There’s such a difference between us.”
  • “But, when I call, you never seem to be home.”
  • “Send my love to your new lover. Treat her better.”
  • “You have given me something I can’t live without.”
  • “It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry.”
  • “If you’re going to let me down, let me down gently.”
  • “I never meant to hurt you or lie straight to your face.”
  • “I should probably tell you now, before it’s way too late.”
  • “I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.”
  • “It’s no secret that the both of us are running out of time.”
  • “I remember all of the things that I thought I wanted to be.”
  • “Why have we been through what we have been through?”
  • “I was wondering if, after all these years, you’d like to meet?”
  • “But it don’t matter. It clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.”
  • “But, if by chance you’re here alone… can I have a moment?”
  • “I’m scared to death if I let you in… that you’ll see I’m just a fake.”
  • “If you’re not the one for me, why do I hate the idea of being free?”
  • “They say that time’s supposed to heal, but I ain’t done much healing.”
New Cartinelli fic!

I had an anonymous ask me (quite some time ago) Do you take prompts? Can you write pre-relationship Angie staying up every night when Peggy’s working to make sure she gets home safe, and she does this in secret for months except one day she falls asleep on the sofa or something and Peggy finds her and Angie’s really embarrassed but Peggy thinks it’s sweet.

I love prompts, and I apologize for life. But it happens. However, I did start this a long time ago, and tonight I finished it! I hope you enjoy!

The Slumbering Protector

Angie had initially begun waiting for Peggy to return home when they both lived at the Griffith, and noticed when Peggy had shown up at breakfast the next day sporting a fat lip and a bruised eye Angie could clearly see even under the meticulously applied makeup. Peggy hadn’t answered her door the evening before when Angie knocked before bedtime, and then later, Angie could’ve sworn she heard a window opening and closing outside her own. After that, Angie made a point to make sure her friend arrived home safely every evening, regardless of the hour.

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Guess Who’s Back? Back Again. Protecting Robert! Tell a Friend!

Ah. Every time I write something the show likes to mess with me and my thoughts. So, the spoilers were fast and furious today.  Bring about a fandom meltdown that happens every other day.  Mostly on Twitter. Sure. It is confusing. This storyline is confusing. People are confused and angry. I’m getting bored writing this every other day just as you all are bored having to read it (not that I don’t appreciate the people who do!).

Just like I explained how the story is structured to not have Rebecca be a  factor now I will explain how the Robert and Aaron both got themselves into this mess, Robert being pushed around in the story, what is missing from Robrons story structure, and what could be happening in the future.  If you are interested in learning more continue reading.

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It starts out small, so small that Will doesn’t even notice it at first. They start out as small brushes or a hand on his shoulder. Then the hand is stroking his face and holding his wrist to pull Will away from the crime scene when it becomes too much.

Will does notice when they stop. He’s so use to Hannibal’s touches that when they stop it feels wrong. Will tries everything to get them back, to get Hannibal to touch him again. It works and the touching returns slightly different.

It sends shivers down Will’s spine. He loves how Hannibal touches him and he knows he should have let them stop. It’s too late now though, seeing how Hannibal is gripping Will’s hips and kissing him so violently. It’s too late because Will is now bent over the dinning room table, dinner forgotten, as Hannibal marks him as his. Every thrust hitting all the right spots to make Will moan and give himself to Hannibal. One of Hannibal’s hands is gripping Will’s hip and the other is tangled in his curls while Hannibal kisses his neck.

Will should have really let the touches stop because they feel like poison seeping in his veins. But Will can’t help but love every moment.

Kian Lawley | Christmas Surprise

Count of words: 699

Warnings: none really, pesonalized imagines, a bit of cursing.

A/N: Well HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope this is a nice present for yoy gurl ♥




anonymous asked:
Can you do an imagine where kian gets jealous of jc cause i spend more time with him and even though Im kian girlfriend , did you understand me ?? Can it be with my best friend name that is ange

Me and Kian have been dating for over three years now. But lately he seemed to had forgotten, MY childhood best friend, Jc, made this happen. By lately, I mean the past two months that Jc keeps clinging me and never leaving Kian spend time with me. Apparently, Kian was not that happy about it and he was not afraid to show it. So, today, Kian desided it would be the perfect time to fight with me.

“Ange, are you kidding me?? You spent so much fucking time with him.” Kian basically screamed through our appartment. “Seriously Kian? Now you forbid me to meet up with my best friend? Pathetic!” I exclaimed, still keeping my cool. I didn’t know how much more it would take for me to flip out and reveal my secret. “YES!!! Especially if that is a guy thAT IS SINGLE AND IS TRYING TO MINGLE!” He yelled at me and I just rolled my eyes. “Whatever Kian! I’m leaving. When your cool desides to settle in again call me. You know where to find me.” I said grabbing my bag and keys. “Well of course I do! You’ll probably been fucking my and yours best friend.” He said and thats when I lost it. In my mind I still wanted to not reveal anything and so I did. All I managed to do was slap him across the face, bad. “If that’s what you think, you might as well go to hell. I’m sure Luci has a special place for you. His pet’s cage.. Have fun,” I said making a reference to the TV show we both loved to watch togeather and leaving the apartment.

For the next couple of days I was a mess. Jc would take care of me forcing me to do the things I should. Getting out of bed was a pain in the ass but it was something I had to do. “Come on Ange. He didn’t mean it and you know it. Kian just flips and doesn’t know where to stop,” Jc said trying to calm me after another crying session on his livingroom floor. “I know. But I’m trying so hard for the rest couple of months to keep this a secret and I can’t and suddently he fights me like this. Doesn’t he even know me? He should’ve known I would never do that!” I said sobbing as Jc hugged me tighter than before. “It’s ok kiddo. Everything will go as planned.” he said soothing my back.

So, I know you are really confused so let me explain what is going on. For as long as I know him, Kian hadn’t had Christmas the way he always dremed of. He either had to be away for tour, or any other work he might had. So this year me, Jc and a couple of friends desided to make it his best. We were working so hard on making it perfect that we didn’t see how Kian reacted to my constant absance from our apartment. ‘I just hope he understands,’ I think to my self.
It was finally the day I would see Kian again. I told him we had to talk about what happened and that he should come over at Jc’s. He defenitely was not expecting what was coming. Fortunately, it didn’t take him long to come over. As I slowly poked my head out of the apartment Kian looked at me with wide eyes. I was not really in the best condition. My eyes were puffy and red and my hair was a bit of a mess but still decent. “Ange, were you crying?” He asked consern before paying attention to anything else. “No-no,” I stuttered. “Come in,” I said before opening the door completely letting Kian see our friends with the big tree and a lot of presents underneath and next to it. “What ar-” “This is why I’ve been spending so much time with Jc. We wanted to give you a proper Christmas celebration. So, we couldn’t start without you,” I said before Kian engulfed me into a tight embrace. “I love you,” he whispered kissing my jaw slightly. “I love you too,” I said repeating his actions.

3 Awesome Study Tips!

1.  Always remember that procrastination is your worst enemy. There are times where you’ll tell yourself that just a five minute break will be the perfect solution to your writers block and then all of the sudden forty five minutes have mysteriously passed. You think to yourself, well since 45 minutes have gone by I might as well just make it an even hour to be safe because that way I’ll start studying at a time I can start measuring my process by. That will work. But then once that hour hits, you’ll begin to realize just how messy your room actually is and how much it’s impeding your ability to efficiently absorb information in a studious manner. As you begin to clean your room your mind starts going in two different directions like you’ve just gone through a spiritual mitosis. On one hand, you know your just stalling for time so you don’t have to start studying but on the other hand you’re being very productive in cleaning your room. In the end, you decide to continue cleaning your room because you’ve already started it and you might as well finish it because otherwise it will be the only thing you can think of and how are you going to remember who was president in 1955 when there are 4 t-shirts on your floor silently mocking you for only kind of cleaning your room. All the sudden you look at the clock and realize two hours have gone by. Your stomach rumbles. Well, you think to yourself, can’t study on an empty stomach. As you gather your lunch of dino nuggets and Ninja Turtles shaped Mac-N-Cheese you convince yourself that as a reward for cleaning you room you should watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. This is where things start to take a dark turn. What began as a reward slowly turns into marathon of poor decisions. As the minutes turn to hours you enter a state of denial so severe not even Benedict Cumberbatch’s hypnotic and sultry voice could convince you that you’re wasting your time. “I should be studying” “I need to stop”  “It’s already 7!” But then the fateful message comes onscreen “Are you still watching?” What should come as a wake up call instead appears to you as a challenge. How dare they underestimate your power to sit through several hours of your favorite show!?!?! So out of respect for your honor, you plow through at least 4 more episodes. It’s now 9. No more distractions. This is it. Time to study. As you look at your piles upon piles of notes you begin to think about how much better you could study if they were better organized. As you go into your drawer filled with half used glue sticks, and random piles of glitter from who knows when, you realize that you already used up all of your flash cards a week ago making an excellent flip book of the Black Widow motorcycle scene. Nice. Oh well, you think, I’ll just stop by the local grocery store and pick some up. While you’re there you might as well get some dinner. You haven’t eaten since lunch after all and you’re going to need the energy if you’re going to be up all night. So you hop in your car and head to the store. Along the way you begin to think about what you should have for dinner and how you’ve been eating a lot of fast food lately so you might as well make something a little healthy. Nothing that would take too long, of course; but something that won’t make you feel super greasy for the rest of the night. You arrive at the store and begin getting all the ingredients for a nice lentil soup. Might as well get an energy drink while you’re at it- its going to be a long night. As you go to the register you feel like you’re forgetting something but shrug it off as you’re both very excited and hungry thinking about your nutritious dinner. The second you get home you realize you’ve forgotten to buy note cards. Too late now, you think, I’ll just get dinner started and bring my notes into the kitchen. As you hastily chop some ingredients and blend others you find it near impossible to study in these conditions. Studying will have to wait because for now dinner is more important. You are a growing boy/girl/non binary person after all. After some very (okay semi) success cooking dinner is ready. You plop down in front of your computer with your lentil soup with every intention to start studying. But that’s when you see it. “Musical Episode Announced” for your favorite show. Well how are you supposed to study with this on your mind? Gotta get this out of the way first. You spend the next hour making sure the article is legit, telling your friends about it, and making a gif to add to your queue. The excitement has died down inside you but the adrenaline is just peaking. Perfect for studying. Until you look at the clock. 1am. Time to chug that energy drink you bought earlier. This is it. Go time. You open your book with a renewed energy knowing that now nothing can hold you back! You then remain on that page for the next 45 minutes not retaining a single thing. How are you suppose to focus when you know you only have 6 hours to both sleep and study for a test. Better do some jumping jacks to distract yourself. After 2 minutes of Jumping Jacks you’re quickly reminded of how easily you sweat while exercising. Better take a shower or else you’re going to smell yourself all night. You know you don’t smell, but then again maybe a shower will help clear your mind. 5 minutes you tell yourself, 5 minutes and then back to studying. After a 45 minute mental battle with an imaginary enemy you turn off the now lukewarm water and dry yourself off. It’s now 4 in the morning. You decide there’s no way you’re going to do well on the test if you haven’t slept at all so you better take a 2 hour nap and then spend the last hour power studying. Ya that’ll work for sure. At 6am your alarm goes off. Better snooze it for 5 minutes to treat myself for waking up this early. Several snoozes later and it’s already 7:30am. School is at least 20 minutes away. You scarf down a Toaster Strudel as you run out the door in the clothes you wore yesterday and hair looking like a birds nest. You make it to school 2 minutes before the bell rings and take your seat as the teacher places the test in front of you. You look over the questions and a sense of dread washes over you. Nothing on this test looks familiar! Is this some kind of trick? There’s no way that the teacher went over this stuff and you would know. You were up all night studying after all

2.  Realize you just spent several minutes reading a giant rant by an inanimate pastry instead of studying.

3.  Start Studying

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N: Prior to the wedding, he was there for every step of the planning stage so he knows how the flower arrangements should look and that the ice sculpture should be facing 120 degrees to the south. In the midst of all that, N thought that by helping out with the planning he wouldn’t be as nervous when the big day comes because everything would be how it should be. But as soon as you walk down that aisle in the dress he didn’t help plan of course, he’d lose the emotions he planned on holding in. He’ll definitely cry during the vows he wrote himself all the way until the two of you share the kiss. At the reception, he’ll be more relaxed and probably a little tipsy, but only after the two of you share the first dance you’ve been rehearsing for. Now that he definitely did plan. “Okay my wife. Ready to show them what we got?”

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Leo: The day of the ceremony Leo would shoot down every question of ‘are you ready man?’ by saying 'yes, I am.’ Is he nervous? Maybe, but he can hide it well. But why should he be? If he put a ring on your finger then he’s sure about making you his wife. So, when you finally walk down the aisle, his eyes will do the cliché lighting up and his mouth might slightly open from the beauty that is yourself. He might even be frozen still, too stunned at your beauty, but mostly the idea of the future that is too come. Will he cry? Hell yes, especially when reading the vows. At the reception, he’ll be in the happiest state he’s ever been in because he just made you his wife. “You look…incredible. I do. Oh, wait we’re no there yet.”

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Ken: If the sun spontaneously decided to turn into a human, Ken would be that human because his smile would be so wide and bright. Once you stand next to him he’d have to resist the urge to kiss you because you look so beautiful. He too would write his own vows and it would be sentimental, yet funny because that’s just how he rolls. And the eye contact…as he’s reciting those vows would make you realize that you did make the right choice in saying yes when he proposed. At the reception, Ken would be the little social butterfly that he is making sure everyone is having a good time before returning to your side. When it’s time to cut the cake, he purposefully gets some on your nose so he can kiss it. So sweet! “Oh my goodness guess what?!…We’re married!”

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Ravi: Ravi would only worry about three things: The music, his tuxedo, and how he’s going to style his hair. The rest is up to you. The day of the ceremony he’ll walk onto the altar ready as ever, cool confident and collected. When the music starts for you to enter, he’ll get a rush of anxiety and happiness and a momentary thought of 'Is it too late to back out now?’ But those thoughts would be quickly forgotten once you appear before his eyes. He’ll most likely cry throughout the whole ceremony, choking up on his vows, but you’ll feel every trace of love in every word you are able to decipher. At the reception, he’ll be the life of the party as he’ll take over the DJ booth and start spinning his own records or he’ll rap to you a special song he made just for you. “This goes out to the special lady in my life who I now get to call my wife.”

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HongBin: Ever caught someone looking at you like you had a booger or something and they couldn’t find the words to tell you so you started freaking out and they’re like 'no it’s okay!’ and you’re just like 'no, what?!’ and then they take a large sigh to finally say the words they had been holding in? Yeah, that’s going to be HongBin. He’s shell-shocked that this is finally happening and like always he makes weird faces when he’s nervous or thinking too hard. But having you finally beside him should ease his doubts and fears to get through the rest of the ceremony. At the reception, HongBin will be in his element soaking in all the congratulatory marks thrown his way. However, he’s going to make you laugh with his pleas for help when he has to dance with each and everyone of your aunts some of those who like to pinch cheeks and butts. “I know your Aunt Crayola is senile, but she tried to grab my butt. And the old lady had a firm grip too!”

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Hyuk: As soon as you walk out he’ll be amazed by your dress and your beauty and thankful and relieved that you didn’t have second thoughts or cold feet. He’ll quickly grab your hands and look into your eyes and smile before mouthing 'I love you’. When you mouth it back is when he’s going to let that single tear fall. He didn’t plan on crying, but who does? And he’ll let a couple more slip when you reach up to wipe his tears away. He’ll try to play it off, maybe cracka joke making all the guests laugh, but there’s no playing off all the love he has for you. Moving forward. Hyuk will attempt to get cray at the reception, drinking enough for a slight buzz and yet still having a good time. He’ll dance with everyone probably, make fun of his single bachelor pals by telling them they’re missing out, and just have as much fun with you an he can. However, at some point he’ll persuade you to leave the party earlier so he can get to the consummating part already. That’s all fine and dandy until he falls on top you out of exhaustion. Barely got his shirt unbuttoned. "The aroma from your bouquet is so strong hence the tear you just saw run down my face–nope look you wiped it and now there’s more.”

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