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Country Girl: Part 9

Pairings Crowley x Reader, Cas

Warnings: Swearing, motorcycle accident (blood, broken bones. Not graphic)

Word Count:1,761

Summary: Crowley finds the reader after her accident and rushes her to safety as fast as he can… but is it too late?

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Dual POV

“Make it stop!” you screamed as the pain consumed you, your tears pouring down your face onto the pavement creating a little river of salty water and blood as your eyes frantically searched Crowley’s.

“Kitten, I can’t.” He sobbed, wanting so badly to take your physical pain away as he lightly brushed strands of sweat soaked hair off your face.

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“ You’ve never thought about it? There might be an interesting development lurking behind the ending credits.
⇨ Happy birthday Yasmin *:・゚✧

LONG OVERDUE FOLLOW FOREVER || @akamure i told you i’d use the photo.

excuse this trashy graphic whilst i ramble on for a moment. making this blog initially started out as an idea ; one which i brushed aside as lack of impulse control, and wasn’t sure i’d ever follow through with. i was a little late to getting ffxv, but as i progressed through the game – & saw noctis talking to cats, flailing when he’s massaged, and then more importantly drew closer to the ending chapters, i knew i wanted to write him for sure. asides from having a general urge to make the blog, i’d already become mutuals with several ffxv blogs ; some of which inspired me more than i’ve already rambled about.

i’m terrible at this sorta stuff, but i just want everyone to know ?? you’re all really great. the final fantasy fandom as a whole // xv in itself have been really great to me these past few months on both cloud & noctis. the sheer amount of duplicates can be a little harrowing – & sometimes you just stop and think. am i really bringing anything new to this character ?? but even so, a lot of people go out of their way to encourage not only me, but others who experience that same doubt – some of which are other noctis blogs, which is something that makes me appreciate this fandom tenfold. no homo but ily guys. ♡

anyway – more personal mushy rambling & a shit ton of tags beneath the cut !

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Life tends to get extremely busy, and when I post starter calls, they end up getting buried and I feel horrible about it! So I’m bringing back a [ new ] permanent starter call! Basically, if you like this post — you are wanting my muse and I to : 

  • give you ramen on a daily basis. 
  • jump into your inbox. 
  • post random starters for you. 
  • send you memes or become the meme.
  • make graphics for you when the inspiration hits. 
  • IM you and give you more free ramen ( and some love ). 
  • and just let me love you in general? 

This will help me keep track of the people who want this nerd to come and bother them ♥!


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Implied smut, nothing graphic or described. Lots of fluff

AN: Requested by @autopistaaningunaparte: Congrats! ☺️ Hi there, sweetie! Congratulations for your new milestone!! 😁 I’m kind of obsessed with this song (Ro James - Permission), I don’t know if you would accept this kind of request, but lately I’ve been thinking about a Dean x reader request in which they’ve been hitting on each other for a long time, but none of them seems to make a move, until one night, one of them (whoever you want) decide to make a move and suddenly this song pops up while that happens? :) I don’t know, it can be this or whatever you feel comfortable writing, it’s up to you 😊If you don’t take this kind of request, maybe a Dean x request super fluffy? Thank you so much in advance 💜 PS: love your new theme!

(I hope you like what I was able to do with your request! Thanks to @jalove-wecallhimdean​ for being an amazing beta as always.)

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You and Dean had been dancing around one another for years now. Flirty comments, lingering looks and touches, and behavior that bordered on couple like. Nothing had ever happened between the two of you though, both too afraid of what it would do to your friendship if things were to go south. It also didn’t help that Dean liked the one-nighter lifestyle. He liked the simplicity of a random girl with no expectations. You on the other hand had grown out of that phase a long time ago. You only took someone home when the urge was unbearable and the itch had to be scratched.

Dean and you were at the bunker by yourselves for a change. Sam had gone to help Jody keep Claire from going off on her own hunt by herself, which left you and Dean with no case to work on currently. You had come to the conclusion that if nothing was going to happen between the two of you then you were going to move on and do your own thing, no longer worried about who Dean was sleeping with for the night. You knew it had nothing to do with you, but it still knocked your self esteem down a couple of notches every time he’d rather go home with a random.

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          ──  HEY, guys. I know, this graphic looks like I spent ten minutes on and I can assure you that it was only five. I’m not exactly creative, nor do I have the resources to make something better right now. while I have not been in the best mood lately, I do want to take some time to thank u all. 

this fandom has been nothing but welcoming and while I struggle with my own issues, I know u have always been very accepting. it’s only been two months on this blog and though I joined with a different blog about three months ago, I’m still overwhelmed by the number of people writing, talking and following me. y'all really brought a lot more positivity into the last three months of this year than I ever anticipated. 

I will not gush about specific people right now, so I will just list the people who have either talked to me, rped with me or are just people I admire from afar. I’m sure I forgot a lot of people, so I’m sorry if I did forget you. ultimately I am thankful to everyone who enjoys my content.

@primedspecimen ; @niinjas ; @qadiim ; @batzoku ; @arielthelionhearted ; @kitaryu ; @oberarzt ; @de-los-muertos ; @graveles ; @wakairyuu ; @riobeats ; @valkiriya ; @vasvvani ; @deathwalksamong ; @warfinisher ; @glorypast ; @terapulse ; @excelsicrr ; @diiisplaced ; @wundertater ; @rebelmasked ; @timexout ; @hanzbando ; @withhcnor ; @pcrdner ; @filthyferal ; @msfrosti ; @masanarii ; @sigrunvalkyrie ; @celxstialconsult ; @flashbangrevolvcr ; @deterioree ; @scrapcollector ; @ampitup-frogboy ; @pullingthestriings ; @shclia ; @valkyriebcrn ; @starbearing ; @warscourge ; @bombra ; @aithreachas ; @menacelavande ; @mekhd ; @theyoungdragon ; @dragondawned ; @pcnnywcrth ; @deathcumsforall ; @decdeye ; @mokutcki ; @ncthehero ; @widowkissed ; @mcdizincr ; @sn-owy ; @serrebry ; @ladyshiimada ; @derhimmels ; @lachrimos ; @burysong ; @slipstreamcd ; @laviperae ; @shefox ; @anathesniper ; @symmys ; @timedeath ; @falseshot ; @amongheroes ; @witnessxher ; @inkheal ; @inexistentself ; @etoileprxnce ; @luvshock


so i thought permanent starter calls were a thing of the past, but i’ve seen them floating around lately. for those of you that don’t know, here’s how this works: you like this, and thereby give me permission to do the following:

  • talk to a lot. probably more than you want me to.
  • headcanon about our characters and their relationship and how they work.
  • send you lots and lots of memes.
  • make you random starters.
  • make you random graphics, whether it’s a promo or just a cute lil aesthetic thing.
  • tell you how much i like you on a daily basis.
  • tell you how much i like our characters on a daily basis.
  • interact with you both ic and ooc, because rp is important but so is making friends.
  • write you a starter as a thanks for liking this.

so yeah!! in no way is this a requirement to write with me, just a way for me to know who is comfy with me approaching them at odd hours of the night and yelling to them about sherlock’s hair ruffle thing.

Chinx’s Hiatus Prompt Challenge: Prompt #3

Happy Friday! This is your prompt for the week. Apologies for all the lateness etc. But I hope this makes up for it <3

Please feel free to interpret it as you will and create whatever you feel like, art, fic, poetry whatever strikes your fancy!

Please consider reblogging so that others who might be interested will find it. Also, remember to link back to the prompt and tag the stuff you create with #chpc or #seastarved so I can find it and share it. Have fun! :)

(If you’re wondering what this is about, go here.)

Note: The prompts are not restricted week to week! Please feel free to use older prompts if you feel inspired. You can find all the prompts here.


@mrnobie2015 said: “Sarge phone background”

Anon said: “You seriously have the BEST phone backgrounds. They are fantastic!!! I hope to see a Sarge one in the future!”

So sorry these are late, I wanted to make these to the best of my ability. Enjoy Sarge with nature, because it actually suits him very well.


Hey it`s me @kanekin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . I’ve decided to make a ghibli sideblog, which is @studioghibil because lately im really enjoying studio ghibli. On this blog i will post ghibli graphics and i will also reblog ghibli related stuff. Futhermore I’ll be tracking the tag “#studioghibil” so if you want me to reblog your ghibli graphics, just put #studioghibil in one of the first five tags of your post. It would be also really cool if you could reblog this post !  Thank you so much!

♡ pink hansol for @minseok-tea ♡ // ©

Dear Mads,

Happy (extremely belated) Valentine’s Day from the worst svt secret valentine you could ask for! I’m sorry I couldn’t give this graphic to you on time but I wanted to let you know that I adore your blog and graphics and IT’S COLOR CODED PINK WHICH MAKES ME SO HAPPY! You are extremely sweet and talented (I see those amazing graphics) and adorable and your love for Suho is the absolute cutest! I loved sending you messages that week and am happy I got to be your svt valentine! I hope we get to talk more now that we are mutuals (I’m still screaming tbh!) Think of this as a present just because since it’s sooo late hehe.♥

Love, Nishat♥