late bustle

okay, so the BatB gown redesign is happening

Criteria that I’ll be sticking by:

  • Historically inspired, but not necessarily historically accurate. The original animated film made very little attempt at creating a period-correct French ballgown, and it became an iconic costume that I see everywhere
  • Easy to move in - Emma Watson specifically requested something that didn’t restrict her when she danced. I’m going to leave her comments about corsetry, oppression of women, etc. out of the picture, because this at least is a legitimate concern - modern women don’t learn to waltz in hoopskirts or corsets or bustles, generally; if you’re doing a complicated choreographed routine with a half-costume half-CGI (or however they did the Beast) partner and cameras everywhere it makes sense that you’d want to be able to move around. “Easy to move in” isn’t necessarily something I worry about, but then again I’ve been in and out of corsets for ten years.
    • also like half the point of this is to prove to Ms. Watson that it’s possible for a gown to be more historically rooted AND easy to wear AND pretty to look at, so…
  • No panniers, despite the period kind of calling for them. Because I, personally, hate panniers, and this is my redesign. (Also ‘pannier’ and ‘easy to move in’ doesn’t correlate unless you’re a pro, which the intended actress is not)
  • No bustles, even though I love bustles, because “a ballgown inspired by the aesthetics and design choices of 18th-century robes a la francaise” and “massive late-Victorian bustle” do not go together. Truthfully, the original gown has something to be said for using 1860s-era evening wear as a base inspiration (much like Cinderella’s gown, actually), but the rest of the film seems firmly rooted in pre-French Revolution styles so that’s what I’m sticking with.
    • If you all would rather I do something closer in visual appearance to the original film, please tell me! I’m always game for a romp through the latter half of the 1800s.
  • This is a fairytale. If I’m caught between an option that looks nice and an option that’s more historically accurate, I’m going to choose the one that looks nice.
jealous — selena gomez & kendall jenner.


She was beautiful. Completely, utterly beautiful. The first time I met her, I was nearly starstruck by Kendall’s toned, endless legs, her alluring doe eyes and that million dollar grin of hers. She laughed with a carefree attitude, her shoulders held high and radiating a confidence that I could never live up to. I’d taken more than enough shots that night, but above all, I’d been drunk off her beauty. 

But when we spoke, she looked past me, smiled at the boy whose arms curled around my waist effortlessly. They joked and laughed without the slightest notion of my presence, her head resting on his shoulder at a particularly raunchy joke or his elbow lightly jabbing into her like friends who’d never even heard of distance.  

Of course, I wasn’t an idiot. Any sensible girlfriend could notice the lingering touches when their hands brushed, or the long stares full of either lust or love, you’d never know. I’d seen the steamy texts. I’d read up on all of vivid details of heads between legs and tight cunts wrapped around a cock that I’d not touched in months. 

And what was most hilarious was that I far from knew who I was more jealous of; Kendall, who got to hold my boyfriend in her arms after a night of sweaty sex, or Justin, who got to hear her moans fall from her lips, get to see her in all her bare glory, oozing pure seduction. Hell, the thought of the two of them tangled in silk sheets was enough to get myself off on late nights of restless bustling in my bed. I imagined it was Kendall’s fingers delving into my pussy as I pumped in and out stealthily, called her name as I came with lightning in the back of my eyelids. 

But I drew the line at my birthday party. It was my special day. With the release of a new single and a tight dress pulling out each and every curve that graced my form, it was my night to have the spotlight hit the highlight on my face, let all eyes fall on me; let Justin remember who I was and why he’d wanted me in the first place. 

They were so blatantly flirtatious as usual, her ass oh so innocently pressed up against his cock through the white pants I’d bought him for the occasion, his hands around her waist as he whispered what could only be assumed as sweet nothings in her ear. I watched on jealously, how they clung to each other like they were the only two people in the world. One shot become two, and soon enough I could barely remember my own name, much less theirs. 

Kendall tore herself away from the dance floor for a bathroom break, effortlessly floating through the crowd of densely packed bodies without breaking a sweat, and something in me willed myself to follow the golden goddess. I entered the empty room and shut the door with a silent click, my digits nimbly locking the door behind me to make sure she couldn’t escape this impromptu confrontation. What I’d say was yet to be decided, but I knew it was now or never. 

As soon as the girl left the bathroom stall, I cleared my throat, voicing my presence. She turned her head and took me in, that brilliant grin of hers appearing per usual. 

“Selena.” The model drawled out coyly, her hands letting the flow of the sink wash over them before drying off. 

“You and Justin seem awfully cozy tonight.” I announced drunkenly, and even in this state, I could hear the aggression dripping off my every word. She simply shrugged it off as she approached me, her lean body towering over mine. Even so, I stood my ground. 

“He’s my best friend.” She stated, her tone matter of fact and final. I shook my head, my hand resting between her breasts to gently push her back. For a moment, I caught a shocked expression register on her face, but it was gone as quick as it came. 

“Don’t play stupid, Kendall. I know you guys are fucking.” I spat out, continuously shoving her backwards until she hit the opposite wall. Her teeth sank into a plump bottom lip, but I felt the pent up rage in my boiling and ignored it. 

“You’re quite the dirty slut, though.” I comment as an afterthought, and before I can even realize what I’m doing, I feel my dress pool at my ankles. I’d unzipped it without realizing, and had now moved onto the red strapless that clung to her tanned skin, pulling it down enough to expose a bare chest. She seemed unfazed by this, only watching my movements with hungry eyes. 

“Aren’t I? Telling him how I’d look with his cock in my mouth.” She was egging me on, furthering my rage, and I couldn’t understand why. My fingers found a nipple, harshly squeezing it until it hardened under my touch. I watched as her gaze darkened with lust, eagerly following my orders as I pushed her head down to the ground. 

Kendall seemed to get the jist of what I was intending to get her to do, and looked up at me through those same doe eyes of hers, waiting for the order to begin. I snapped the hem of my panties, brows raising. 

“Well, if that mouth lives up to its expectations, you better start putting it to use, darling.” I barked as best as I could without letting a giggle fall past my lips, watching as her fingers delicately slipped the lace off my body, even gently teasing me as her nails barely dragged against my skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. 

My legs spread a little, and even though I knew my intentions were out of pure spite and jealousy, I couldn’t help but feel the lust everyone else did around the rising model. It was just enough for her to get her head in and have a taste at my dripping cunt. I’d show her who was on top around here. 

Kendall’s fingers ran through my slick folds once to test it all out, and I instantly shivered at the slightest touch. Shameful to admit, but it’d been a while since anything other than my dildos had been anywhere near. Ever since Justin had found a friend in Kendall, it was goodbye to my sex life. 

Her head leans forward, latching onto my clit while she continued to tease my cunt, sucking on the sensitive bundle of nerves eagerly like the slut I knew she was. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from crying out in pleasure, not wanting to show any sign of weakness right from the get go. Instead, I busied myself my leaning a hand against the wall to keep myself stable as her fingers circled my entrance, the other tangling itself in her soft locks to keep her in place. 

“Does my pussy taste good, bitch?” I cooed as a couple digits slipped into my dripping cunt, stretching me out. I almost lost it right then and there, a loud whine of pleasure escaping from deep within me. Kendall only smirked as her tongue worked my clit, nodding her head in answer. Unsatisfied with it, I tugged on her hair quite roughly, causing her head to bob marvelously against my clit. 

“Answer, slut.” I growled shakily as her fingers pumped in and out of me steadily, curling up to hit my g-spot and earning another moan from me. 

“Yes, Selena. Your pussy is so sweet.” She replied, her tongue running along my folds to get her fair share of my cum to prove her point. I finally relented a little, staying quiet as she picked up her pace and began to pound into my sensitive cunt, hitting a spot that left stars burned into the backs of my eyelids. The only sound other than the slick movements of her fingers buried deep inside me was my moans. 

She sucked on my clit eagerly, a third finger adding itself into the mix of pure pleasure. She’d been right about one thing; her mouth worked magic on my pussy. I could understand why Justin was so fond of it as I watched her between my legs, pulling out every move in the book until my legs were practically shaking and I was dying to cum. 

“I’m so close, fuck.” I cry out, pushing her head deeper into me if it was possible. One of Kendall hand’s held my hips, nails digging deep into my skin and bringing pain into the mix of pleasure, the other pumping in and out of my wildly and edging me closer and closer to what I craved so deeply. 

With a couple more thrusts, I fell over the edge, Kendall’s name coming out of my mouth in a cry of pleasure, my hips rocking wildly back and forth as I rode her fingers through my high. Kendall eagerly lapped up all of my juices as they spilled out of me, some dribbling down her chin and some simply dripping down my legs in its abundance. 

When I finally finished my orgasm, Kendall pulled her fingers out of me, letting them dip between a pair of pretty pink lips while she sucked them clean and free of any remaining juices like the good little slut she was. 

I drop down on my knees in front of the model, motioning for her to sit flat on her ass and spread her legs for me. 

“Let’s see how wet fucking me made you, slut. I bet you’re absolutely dripping and eager for me to get deep in that slutty little cunt of yours.” Kendall obeyed, and I immediately eyed her perfect cunt as she spread her legs to show me she’d gone without panties tonight. Her cum practically glistened off her slick folds, and my mouth watered at the sight. 

“Tsk, good sluts wear panties, Kenny.” I chastised, leaning back on my hands. 

“You’re practically cumming already, K.” I purr out playfully, though I’m sure it was slurred and sloppy in reality with how many shots I’d taken. 

“Do you wanna fuck that tight little pussy of yours?” I ask, and she nods, teeth sinking into her lip. From just tonight I could tell Kendall was a dirty little cockslut sub, and that she’d only found pleasure in my commands. I motioned for her to bring her fingers to her own cunt and give me a little show, and she does just that. 

One of her hands finds her clit, aggressively rubbing the little bundle of nerves while the other palmed at her perky little tits, squeezing the flesh and bringing herself pleasure. She was absolutely oozing of sex as I watched, the simplicity of her movements only making it all that much hotter. 

“Mmf, Selena.” She moaned out as she lightly tugged her clit, her eyes falling shut to enjoy the pleasure. Seeing her going at it had only made me want a second round, so following her movements, my legs spread out on the bathroom floor, knees bent, and I went in a second time, my fingers delving into myself. 

“That’s right, Kendall, fuck that tight pussy for me.” I pant out as I thrusted into myself, watching as she easily slipped a couple digits inside of herself. Her cunt wrapped around them, and I could just imagine how positively tight that cunt of hers was, a moan escaping from myself at just the thought. 

“You’re so good to my pussy, ‘Lena.” She whimpers out as she steadily fucks in and out of herself, continuing to palm at her tits. I nodded my head in agreement despite knowing she wasn’t watching me, curling my fingers up to hit that sweet spot that made me cry out in pure pleasure. 

“You’re such a dirty slut, fucking yourself on my bathroom floor. Anyone could walk in and see you with your cunt all out on display, baby.” I moaned out, hips rocking onto my fingers eagerly while my other hand made itself useful in kneading my clit. The mixture of sensations with absolutely divine and I spoke through broken whimpers of pleasure. 

She slips a third in, stretching herself thin as a loud cry escapes from those plump lips of hers. And with the addition to that, she begins to pound into herself, pumping in and out harshly. The sound of skin slapping against skin as purely slutty and sexy. 

“Selena, I’m close, I’m so fucking close.” She breathes out, finally opening her eyes to watch me. There we sat in mutual masturbation, fingers deep in our cunts and begging to get that sweet relief. I merely smirked, removing my fingers from myself and holding up a finger to motion her to stop. 

But she didn’t. Against my wishes, she continued to drill into herself rapidly until I watched her eyes roll to the back of her head as her body shook violently, cum literally squirting out of her cunt. All the while she pounded into herself, furthering that high while my name fell off her lips. 

“Oh, fuck me good Sel, I’m squirting for you.” She cries out, and I sink my teeth into my bottom lip as I crawl closer to her, stopping her actions.

“Did I say you could cum, bitch?” I growl out, a menacing look growing in my eyes. She shakes her head, though a knowing smirk comes on her face. She’d intended to go against my orders. The bitch apparently wanted to get punished. 

I shoved her legs as far apart as I could, getting up close and personal with her cunt as possible. Dipping my head forward, my tongue ran a long lick along her cunt, lapping up all the remaining cum that dribbled down her legs. She moaned in pleasure, her eyes closing and in that moment my hand came down on her pussy, a loud smack filling the air. 

At the sudden shock, her legs shot up as well as her hips, a loud whimper escaping. 

“Punish me, Selena, I’m such a naughty slut.” She pants, begging for another. I chuckle, delivering a second spanking to her little cunt, being sure to get my hand up real close to her clit. A third and fourth soon followed before I deemed she’d had enough, leaning back. 

“Get on your knees, bitch.” I command, and she follows, getting on all fours while her ass stuck out in the air for me. I delivered a couple spankings to her asscheeks before spreading them apart, leaning forward and dipping my tongue in. It ran along the rim of her asshole, listening as she moaned. 

I spit on it, and eventually her hole softened. Once I deemed she was ready, I slipped two fingers into her tight little asshole, feeling it stretch around me marvelously. Kendall whined in pleasure, pressing her ass further into my hands. 

“You like that, Ken? Want my fingers deep in your ass?” She only nodded in reply, her fingers finding her clit while I began to slowly pump in and out of her asshole. I was giving her time to adjust around my fingers. 

Again, I spit on her asshole to ease the process heavily, my fingers working numbers on her. 

“I bet Justin loves it when you let his cock in your ass, hm?” I mutter out, beginning to pick up speed once I deemed she was ready for it. My fingers took no break, going from steady pumping to harsh pounding. Kendall jolted with every thrust, vigorously rubbing her clit. 

“He likes to feel how tight and hot you are in here, fuck you from behind with your face shoved deep in a pillow?” I egged on, my free hand beginning to fuck myself once more. I wanted us to cum together, a memory that would be engraved in my mind for the next time I flew solo. 

My fingers rammed in and out of both of us, curling up to hit my sweet spot. Our moans nearly harmonized as we both took in the pleasure. 

“Yes, Selena, fuck me, baby, please.” Sure that she was still sensitive from her last orgasm, I had no doubt that a second would come faster than the first, and worked eagerly to fuck us both to release. 

“Does me fingering this slutty asshole make you wanna cum, Kenny?” I inquired, and she moans in response. 

“I’m so close, Sel, please, please, please.” She begs, and with a couple more thrusts, Kendall cums a second time. Watching her back arch into me while I pumped into her triggered a second orgasm in myself as well, my thrusts becoming sloppy while we both rode out our highs. 

Once we finished up, Kendall turned to face me, and I brought the fingers that had been in my cunt to her lips. She sucked them clean before I slipped my dress on, standing up to look at my appearance in the mirror and adjust myself. 

“You look like a hot mess.” I spat out to her, looking at her sex hair and her wrinkled little cocktail dress. She only smiled up at me, that million dollar smile lazy and easygoing. I sneered in return, making my way to the bathroom door to go back to my party. 

“There’s a camera up in the corner.” I point to the tiny little gadget as I unlock the bathroom door, smirking. 

“Stay away from my boyfriend or the tape gets released to the presses.” I finalize, and out the door I go to enjoy my party. 

A/N: HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, MY LITTLE SMUTTY KITTENS! I’m so proud of myself for keeping this blog around, and so thankful to each and every one of my followers, whether you’ve been here since my first smut or my latest. I put a lot of work into this particular smut and even tried a bit of anal play, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

hellfireandsteel  asked:

instead of Bucky having an aversion to violence, Imagine Steve and the rest of the avengers being quietly terrified by the utter lethality of the man formerly known as the Winter Soldier.

“You armed?”

They’re driving down the highway in a beat-up rental truck, pedal to the floor, and Steve’s eyes are on the road but he can feel Bucky’s eyes boring through the back of his skull. Steve doesn’t look behind him; doesn’t turn as he speaks. He asks casually, like it doesn’t really matter what the answer is, like he’s making small talk to fill in the gaps where the radio loses signal.

“No,” says Bucky. It seems unlikely. He’d been fighting not long before they found him, slumped in the back room of a crumbling old warehouse with his arm in a vice. There are bloodstains on his clothes, fading into the cloth of his red henley.

There’s a knife there somewhere, surely. A garrotte wire hidden inside a turned-up hem. A pistol tucked beneath his jacket in case of emergencies.

“I told you,” Bucky says, voice broken and creaky. “I don’t do that anymore.”


They’re walking through the mall, surrounded on all sides by bustling late-night shoppers. Steve has stopped trying to figure out which ones might be Stark’s men. The ones that matter are the two behind them, the two that have been on their tail since the last gas stop.

“I’m trying real hard not to take this fugitive thing personally,” Steve says, taking a sharp left at a pop-up juice stand. “Stark’s not making it easy.”

Bucky’s face is hard beneath the shadow of his cap. “Stark’s not making a lot of things easy.” He’s bitter; Steve would be bitter too, if he’d been hunted like Bucky has.

“We’ll get out of this together,” Steve says, and pretends not to notice Bucky’s eyeroll. After all this time on the run by himself, Bucky isn’t used to being offered help. That’s okay.

“If they make us,” he presses on, “we split up and head for Chinatown. We can lose them in the crowds.”

Bucky’s lips twitch. It is not a smile. “If they make us,” he says, “I’m stashing the bodies in that dumpster out back. We’ll skip town before the garbage men find them.”


“No,” says Sam flatly.

“Why not?” Bucky says. He doesn’t sound annoyed that Sam is shooting down the entirety his strategic argument with a single syllable. He sounds…bored. Like this planning session is a mildly interesting puzzle, a crossword or a sudoku grid that he’s already lost interest in solving.

Sam does not sound bored. “Because Stark’s building is full of civilian staff,” he says. “You’re not going in with all guns blazing. Besides, this is a recon mission. We just need to know what he’s planning so we can head it off.”

Bucky snorts. “You want recon, send in Fly-Boy here. That’s what he’s good at, right? Sneaking under the radar?”

“My name is Ant-Man,” says Scott. “Just for the record.”

“Stark’s a threat,” says Bucky. A hint of petulance has crept into his voice. “He’s made that clear. And if we don’t take him out, he’s gonna take us out. This isn’t complicated.”

“Not Fly-Boy,” says Scott.

“It’s not that simple, Buck,” says Steve.

Bucky blinks. He looks Steve up and down, like Steve has just sprouted an unexpected extra limb. “Of course it’s that simple,” he says. "I can make it that simple.”


“I don’t know what you want me to do,” says Steve. They’re all looking at him, tense and expectant, and his seat at the dinner table feels like a podium under a glaring spotlight. 

“Steve,” says Sam calmly. “No one’s saying that any of this is your fault. But you’ve got to admit, things aren’t going so well.”

“He won’t even learn my name,” says Scott.

“He keeps trying to kill people,” says Sam, with a quelling glance at Scott.

“All he cares about is revenge,” says Wanda. “I checked, Steve.”

“Jesus.” Steve runs a hand through his hair. “Wanda, you can’t just check people’s heads…”

“I know,” says Wanda, and raises a defiant brow. “But I did. And if it makes you feel better, I regretted it. His mind is so cold.”

They’re not wrong. Steve knows they’re not wrong. “So Bucky’s still a bit messed up,” he says. “I know that. We all know that. But what are we going to do? Are you saying you want to turn him in?”

“No one’s saying that,” says Sam, and for a moment he sounds genuinely angry. “We’re just saying that we need to careful. He’s angry with Stark. Hell, we’re all angry with Stark. But he’s headed for trouble.”


It’s 2am and Bucky’s bed is empty.

“He took the bike,” says Scott. “And he slashed the tires on the truck. Apparently he doesn’t want to be followed.”

“Can you catch up to him?” In all the time they’ve been fighting side by side, there are very few times Steve has seen Sam look so stressed. “Do your ant thing?”

“My ‘ant thing’ won’t help us if we don’t know where he’s gone.”

All eyes fall on Steve. Clear as day, he can hear the last words Bucky said to him. Stark’s a threat. I can make it that simple.

“I know where he’s gone,” Steve says.