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for my hp girls @poppypomfrey & @bisexualbvffy. love you. 

I miss him. I miss him. Have I said that yet? Because I do. I miss him and it is awful and I cannot help myself.

“Snape’s an arse. He always was an arse.” Marlene says, throwing a Quaffle in the air and lying on my bed when we’re meant to be studying for charms. I grip my bedpost. Dorcas leans over and hits her.

“McKinnon, shut up.” She looks over at me, gently, like I am delicate. Easily startled. “You don’t need him, Lily. You have us.”

Only- now here is the worst part, the part I can’t ever tell anyone. Occasionally I think I would give them all up if only to have him back. Not how he is now but how he was before, when we were nine years old, on a swing, in a park, with the sun everywhere. That makes me awful. What he did makes me sick and I continue to miss him regardless.

“Lily, please” he hisses at me in potions, because has Slughorn partnered us up again, “I’ll do anything.” his voice cracks on the last word, and I almost give in right there. But then- the field, with everybody staring, wind blowing hair in my face, my heart a chutney in my chest. I set my jaw.

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So I decided to treat myself to a late self-birthday gift and got two sketch commissions from the wonderful @iovitus of my two biggest OTPs. I just love his style. So soft <3

Anakin x Obi-Wan: The Padawans idea comes from my fanfiction  Scars of Shadows and I now have it placed in chapter 1 as the cover art. :) 

BarnabyxKotetsu: I just wanted them sharing ice cream. :3

Just some fluffy art of my OTPs that get such angst in their canons. They need more fluff. <3

The Last Train (Part Six)

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Pairing: Taehyung (V) x Female!Reader
Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut
Contains: mentions of cheating
Word Count: 3k

Author’s Note: For my birthday I decided to push through with this chapter (and I still end up late). So here’s my birthday gift for myself to all of you? Does that make sense?

The two of you walked into the cafe. Jungkook waved you over from the back of the store. He stood up as you got close to the table, Taehyung quietly followed after you. Your head was spinning from your heart pounding so hard in your chest.

“Hey,” Jungkook greeted you and followed it up with a hard kiss on the lips.

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