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Heyo! I recently did a really cool thing!

@tatecollectives  (Tate’s young people’s group) found me milling about here on Tumblr and got in contact with me to be a part of their event Late at Tate. They “put forward digital artists whose work might resonate with the theme” and the theme for December’s event was Celebrity.

Tate commissioned 4 unique works that respond to images from the museum’s collection and they were really interested in the aesthetic of my Black Power Project so I made these pieces large-scale mixing that style with visual elements of paper collage and tabloid covers. Then, on the night of Late at Tate, they were projected HUGE onto the walls of an octagonal space in Tate Britain.

Y’all see I couldn’t help but to make one a selfie :P
I’m so happy with how it came out! (See captions for titles)

(photo by Crowdmix)


Video loop made for Rinse Fm takeover at Late at Tate event, December 2014. Tate Britain, London


Schwitters Sound Poetry

If you head down to Tate Britain, you can see our Kurt Schwitters exhibition.

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More details —> HERE

@justmeforeverlive  I am SO sorry it took so long to get this out.

Thank you for this amazing prompt!

(If anyone else wants to do a character/Evan and number story you can find it here, and I’m always up for any kind of conversation or story prompt, just ask!)

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“You were right. But I guess it’s a little late for that.”

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