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“The parties were bigger. The pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

SET THE STAGE ON CORUSCANT. it’s always been a bright, shining example of a city, with a rich culture and history, and elegant women and handsome men. maybe the poorer parts of the city are seedy and dangerous, maybe they swallow people whole, but the wealthy and happy have never bothered to take a gander that way. no, their biggest concern nowadays is PROHIBITION, and the seedy and shady business it’s brought upon the city. ( never mind that the seedy and shady men and women were always there to begin with. ) SPEAKEASIES have popped up where there used to be restaurant stockrooms. women are CUTTING THEIR HAIR and demanding a little more revolution in their lives. men are digging tunnels and CARRYING GUNS in holsters. the party’s hoppin’, if you can find it, the liquor’s flowin’, if you’re in on it, and it’s time to live a little. it’s 1925, baby, let’s have some fun !!


1. this verse is open to mutuals only, and there will be a cap at around thirty members, because i don’t want it to get too out of hand. that said, if this gets more popular, i’ll consider removing the cap.
2. ic drama is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, but ooc drama won’t be tolerated.
3. duplicates MUST be discussed beforehand, and will be allowed only as twins.
4. yes, this is star wars based, no, you don’t have to be a star wars muse to join the verse. that said, i’m gonna be requiring everyone to have a human fc, due to coruscant being the stand in for chicago.
5. this is meant to be a really laid back verse, hence the whole ‘mutuals only’ aspect of it. i won’t be checking activity with militant regularity, but because of the cap, if you go completely inactive for a while without warning i may pull you from the verse temporarily. i’ll always check in with you first, though.
6. i’ll probably make a group chat at some point for plotting but only if that’s something everyone’s interested in !!
7. submit all applications ( found under the cut ) to ME here at @libertinedeath!!
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A while ago, I made myself a Niffler keychain, but I lost the little thing (note to self: even in the form of a keychain, a Niffler will always be a Niffler) - so I used its design sketch to make this illustration. Might make some similar ones for the other creatures later…