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April 25th, 1926: “Prince arrives today! Prince Naveen comes to the city!”


We didn’t have to wait for too long to receive out last new addition to the Side-Character units, Magical!Totoko !! (Who’s a flying unit btw).
The gatcha will come out in April 27th with the retirement of the Magical set itself, so stay tuned !!

Also, are those the Totoko Revenge Stages ?? Hope you guys are ready, we’ll be getting this on April 28th!!

>watching MLAndersen0 for the first time

>see this parallel

>never get around to making an edit for it

>finally remember it today

>made crappy edit in .0003 seconds

>still no shame

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Hi Nadia :3 if you don't mind, what brush settings do you use for your lineart? I'm new to Sai and I love your art! Also what tablet do you use?

hello! i use a toooon of brushes for lineart, some are already posted on my blog! You can find them by searching “brush settings”! 

but just to show which brush i use for which drawing, here you go!

and I use Wacom Intuos Pro Small tablet! 

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Namjoon might not know it? But he was born to b a dad. Like have you Seen??? The way he dresses and talks and acts and Just. Jgfjfjrkrjjrjrjrjrhehfgrgfehdhejfhejfhr

Namjoon as a baby:

Namjoon: d-duh-duh
Namjoons dad: say daddy for me namjoon
Namjoons dad: one more time! U almost got it bud!
Namjoon: dy-di-disappointing
Namjoon dad: what did u
Namjoon: u heard me
Namjoons dad: son I don’t-
Namjoon: it’s disappointing how u lived ur life to please others. I wish u followed ur dream instead and lived your life freely. Stop putting people’s opinions of you on a pedestal. You have one life to live one heart to give. Do it without regrets.
Namjoon: d-DadA
Namjoons dad: single tear rolls down cheek