late 90's

There are tons of protest movements that have won. Everyone who’s terrified of these democratically elected white nationalists being in charge of the largest military in the history of humanity, should get to know the late-90’s Serbian group, Otpor (Serbian for Resistance). When I was at Occupy LA, interviewing an activist, an Otpor handbook fell out of her backpack. For a moment, I thought Occupy was going to be successful because they had a strategy and a blueprint they just weren’t telling us about it yet. I was wrong. Otpor, through non-violent struggle ousted the tyrant Slobodan Milošević, who died in jail while on trial in The Hague for war crimes. They know how to take down monsters. They wrote a handbook. Read it.

just a reminder lgbt people having sex isn’t wrong. it isn’t disgusting or a sin or something that should be fetishized. there’s nothing wrong with not feeling sexual attraction and not having sex, but there’s nothing wrong with having sex either. your sex isn’t inherently less appropriate than cishet sex. it can be just as beautiful, just as intimate, just as sensual. it’s not dirty or gross. you’re not dirty or gross for the attraction you feel.