late 17th c


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‘lucky accidents’ (hbd yams!); tsukkiyama (sfw)

Relationship: Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi
Words: ~1.4k
Rating: General Audiences

Tadashi loves feeling the wind lift his hair into the air and twirl it around playfully, and the rich taste of the cold on the back of his tongue with every deep inhale under cloudy skies, and the feather light brush of Tsukishima’s elbow against his arm.

He knows that Tsukki hates cold weather, hates the way his glasses fog up whenever he enters a building, hates the annoying redness spread over his face from the bite of the November air, but that just makes him all the more grateful that he’s here with him today.

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by Trapani (Sicily), late 17th c a pair of octagonal mirrors features an even and beveled ormolu border, framing eight segments lined with a luxurious décor of scrolling red coral acanthus, each separated with ormolu cupids crowned with a coral head. The mirrors are surrounded with a double ormolu incurved molding, enhanced with dentils coral friezes