On the left O'Ventosela 2012 DO Ribeiro, a blend of Treixadura, Albariño, Lado and Torrontés. Produced by Juan Miguez it is a wine of very low production and high reputation that is hard to get even in Spain. And no wonder, it has a beautiful nose with aromas of white flowers, apples and citrus. A fine viscosity on the palate with good but not dry acidity. A dry wine that is much more elegant than any of the region I tried.

On the right a very special blend. A Gran Vino Lataste of Bodegas Lalanne 2009. Certainly not the greatest of wines, it lacked structure and finesse and had a hard finish that one could not quite forget.
However, the blend made it worth drinking.Including Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Syrah, this wine was extremely interesting. With strong fresh strawberry flavours, there was also cassis, cedar and sweet spices as well as jammy plum and vanilla aromas. It startles you because it’s nothing that you would expect and it charms you because of it too. For those who want to be surprised and impacted,it’s a must try.

Lord of the Sabbath

“Lord of Life” Blessed Jean-Joseph Lataste

“God does not look at what we have been but ; he is interested only in what we are.” Blessed Jean-Joseph Lataste Luke 6:1-6

Jesus replied, “Haven’t you read what David and his companions did when they were hungry? He broke the Law by going into God’s house and eating the bread of the presence, which only the priests can eat. He also gave some of the bread to his companions. The he said to them, "The Human One is Lord of the Sabbath.” Luke 3-6

We are hearing and reading of the refugee crisis in Europe resulting from the wars in the Middle East that we have either directly or indirectly caused; we see countries refuse refugees; we refuse refugees south of our Border;

We see people on our streets go hungry, without health care or any where to sleep every day. Last night Francine was turned away from a hospital because her “fever was not high enough” and she had “no insurance.” She had not jumped through the hoops to get her Medical.

Jesus is “Lord of the Sabbath”, and no one should be turned away in their need–the truth is that no one in this country should go to bed hungry, without a place to sleep or medical care; the truth is no refugee should be turned away. Each of us needs to share of what we have so that all can be provided for. The truth is the Mayor’s office should be inundated with mail and phone calls resulting from his recent remarks.

The following quote calls us to look at our lives, and to have a new start.

“As we live our lives, we are in a sense creating a picture, a canvas. Ask God for the courage to look honestly at the picture you have painted so far. Have you made some wrong choices – things which simply don’t fit into the work of art which God created when he created you? Where might we need to repent, perhaps go back and make a new start?”

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Kobra gurun

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←Membuat halaman berisi ’{{Taxobox | image = Sinai-Desert-Cobra.jpg | regnum = Animalia | phylum = Chordata | subphylum = Vertebrata | classis = Reptilia | ordo = Squam…’

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| image = Sinai-Desert-Cobra.jpg
| regnum = [[Hewan|Animalia]]
| phylum = [[Chordata]]
| subphylum = [[Vertebrata]]
| classis = [[Reptilia]]
| ordo = [[Squamata]]
| subordo = [[Serpentes]]
| familia = [[Elapidae]]
| subfamilia = [[Elapinae]]
| genus = “”‘Walterinnesia’“”
| genus_authority = [[Fernand Lataste|Lataste]], 1887
“'Kobra gurun”’ adalah kelompok ular sendok dari marga “”'Walterinesia’“” dan terdiri dari 2 spesies. Ular ini terdapat di [[Asia Barat]].

* “[[Walterinnesia aegyptia]]” Lataste, 1887
* “[[Walterinnesia morgani]]” (Mocquard, 1905)

* [ “Walterinesia sp.” @ The Reptile Database]
* [ ITIS: “Walterinesia sp.”]

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Andorra, the small country, perfect for a calmed vacation with sophistication. Andorra is located in Europe, between Spain and France. Landlocked, has several buildings in its capital Andorra la Vella, that may be considered as examples of the Romanic style. These buildings are back from the XI C. and conserve their style, giving the city an absolute “back in time” sight. Delightful trip to visit this city and its country, for it has great landscapes and valleys, unique in the world.

Capital: Andorra la Vella

Language: Catalan, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Gentility: Andorran

Government: Unitarily Parliamentary Diarchy

Monarchs (as of 2015):
• Joan Enric Vives Sicília - Bishop of Urgell
• François Hollande

Representatives (as of 2015):
• Josep Maria Mauri
• Thierry Lataste

Head of Government (as of 2015): Antonio Marti

Currency: Euro (€)

Population: 85,458

Independence: 1278 from Aragón

Three Facts:
I - Is a landlocked country, but has two rivers: the Ariége and the Gran Valira which crosses the city.
II - Polybius was one of the first related people to Andorra (ca. 140 B.C.)
III - It’s a country ruled by a Bishop crowned as Prince, and a president at the same time (French President)

I - Andorra la Vella Overview
II - House of the Vall
III - Meritxell Avenue
IV - Pyrènèes Center
V - Church of St. Peter Martyr
VI - Engordany Cultural House
VII - St. Stephen Church
VIII - Museu del Tabac
IX - Andorra la Vella Night
X - Andorra la Vella in Winter

Grindalógin broytt: Tað ber ikki til at ongin gerst ríkur av grindini

Jacob Vestergaard fer at broyta grindalógina áðrenn valið, hetta boðar fiskimálaráðið frá í tíðindaskrivi í dag.

Grindalógin hevur verið fyri nógvum atfinningum í seinastuni og tí hevur Jacob Vestergaard tikið stig til at avtaka grindalógina og leggja hana undir lóg um vinnuligan fiskiskap, so grindin eisini kann deilast út á fáa hendur.

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