I’m not gonna lie, I kinda resent James Franco - I mean really, does anyone have enough hours in a day to attend multiple graduate programs while still actively acting, directing, curating, teaching, etc…

But I digress, along with the short film memorializing his late friend Brad Renfo, Brad Renfro Forever, Franco also launched a line of these limited edition (100) Renfro switchblades.

The blades were made in collaboration with Italian Cutlery Company, LATAMA - these ‘bad boys’  will set you back $850.00

James Franco x LATAMA Limited Edition Switchblade.

So, James Franco, the thinking man’s actor has collaborated with Italian cutlery label LATAMA to create a limited edition switchblade. Yes, a flick-knife. 

The blade, which measures 11 inches when opened from its Brazilian horn handle is a bizarre item to put your name too, what with the rise in knife crime and all but hell, kid gotta make some extra bucks somehow right?

All we can imagine is some kind of hipster West Side Story dance/fight-off now. 

If you fancy your own unique piece of “I'talian” cutlery, then buy one here, for $850 USD - not available for shipping outside of the States.

James Franco x Latama Limited Edition Switchblade

Perhaps chasing his wildest Rebel Without a Cause ambitions made famous by another famous James, James Franco has collaborated with Italian cutlery label Latama to create this exceptionally limited and unique switchblade. San Francisco quarterly periodical The Thing is releasing the special knife, which measures 11 inches when flicked open from its swivel bolster and Brazilian horn handle. While shipping is limited to within the United States, you can pick up your own switchblade from The Thing here, for $850 USD.