Cities of Syria

Damascus (دمشق‎ Dimashq)

Aleppo (ﺣﻠﺐ‎ Halab)

Homs (حمص‎ Hims)

Latakia (اللَاذِقِيَّة‎ al-Ladhiqiyah)

Hama (حماة‎ Hamah)

Ar-Raqqah (الرقة‎)

Deir ez-Zor (دير الزور‎ Deir Ezzor)

Tartus (طرطوس‎ Tartous)

Death toll in Syria hits new mark
  • 150,000 dead in newly updated Syria death toll, by the Syria Observatory of Human Rights. Fighting still continues across the Syria nation under a three year civil war. Recent clashes have been taking place in the Latakia province off the Mediterranean coast and in the Armenian town Kessab off the Turkish border. source

“I have some friends, some honest friends…”

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Cathedral of Our Lady of the Annunciation - Latakia, Syria

SYRIA, Latakia : A rebel fighter loads an anti-tank cannon during fighting against pro-government forces on June 1, 2014 on the outskirts of Syria’s Mediterranean port city of Latakia. Syria on June 1 wrapped up campaigning for the June 3 presidential election expected to return Bashar al-Assad to power, a vote the opposition brands a “parody of democracy”. AFP PHOTO / MAHMOUD TAHA

Cities of the Levant

Aleppo (Halab ﺣﻠﺐ) - Syria

Amman (عمّان) - Jordan

Batroun (Al-Batrun البترون) - Lebanon

Beirut (Beyrouth بيروت) - Lebanon

Bethlehem (Beyt Lahm بيت لحم) - Palestine

Byblos (Jubayl جبيل‎) - Lebanon

Damascus (Dimashq دمشق) - Syria

Gaza (‎Gazzah غزة) - Palestine

Haifa (Hayfa حيفا‎) - Palestine

Hama (Hamah حماة) - Syria

Hebron (Al-Khalil الخليل) - Palestine

Homs (Hims حمص) - Syria

Jenin (Ginin جنين) - Palestine

Jericho (Ariha أريحا) - Palestine

Jerusalem (Al-Quds القُدس) - Palestine

Latakia (al-Ladhiqiyah اللَاذِقِيَّة) - Syria

Nablus (نابلس‎) - Palestine

Nazareth (an-Nasira النَّاصِرَة‎) - Palestine

Ramallah (رام الله) - Palestine

Sidon (Sayda صيدون‎) - Lebanon

Tripoli (Tarabulus طرابلس) - Lebanon

Tyre (Sur صور) - Lebanon

Zahle (Zahleh زحلة) - Lebanon

8 of my friends have joined the Syrian Arab Army today, they sent me pictures of themselves in the army uniform when they reached their checkpoints, they asked me to publish these photos once they gain martyrdom.

Right now in Tartous the busiest building in the entire city is the Recruitment Branch of Tartous everyday 10s and 100s of young men are joining the army to defend our beloved country Syria.

So i tell the world and everyone who is fighting Syria, and for everyone who is betting on our patience to end, I tell you come visit the Recruitment Branch of Tartous and Lattakia and many other cities and see the high spirits of our young and old men.

We are nation that loves martyrdom, we will die and still we wont give up on our land, we will stand against the entire world for our country mother SYRIA.

God Bless Syria, god bless the purest land in the world with the bravest men god has ever created.

God bless our Syria Arab Army and of course our one and only leader President Bashar Hafez Al Assad.