lasts two days or until crowley or someone else helps you get your memory back

Petty Encounters: Part 11

Summary: Well, I think the warnings and the cliffhanger from part 10 kinda spell out the beginning part of this, so I’ll just leave you with that

Word Count: 2198

Warnings: Implied Smut

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Oh, god. What the hell were you doing? You should have done as Dean said and waited until morning. So much had happened today that you definitely shouldn’t be making decisions and having conversations that could ruin everything.

“Me,” Dean said, as if he still didn’t understand.

“You,” you confirmed. “I haven’t exactly been… fair to you lately. And I know it’s not an excuse, but I didn’t realize it until tonight.”

“Y/N, I shouldn’t have said—“

“Dean, please,” you held up a hand. “I need to say some things. You had your turn. Now it’s mine.”

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