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In Star Scattered au, what will happen with the Pines Parents? DaMvtF takes place only a week before Dip and Mab have to go home. Would rescuing Ford only take a few days, or would they have to come up with a way to stay in GF longer in order to rescue him?

Oooh, good question! 

Ultimately, I don’t think Dipper and Mabel’s mom will never notice anything was awry. The kids will return home on the bus exactly when they were supposed to. Rescuing Ford, and then trying to come to a solution on how to dispose of/mend the rift would definitely take waaaay longer than a week, (and would send them searching through planets in the far reaches of the Milky Way in the process), but they do have the help of Blendin. So once everything settled… Once they rescued Ford and neutralized Bill’s threat… they’d just return to the proper time and spend their last few days in Gravity Falls without worry.

Little rant

That scene bothers me a lot.

I know why it there so Ezra can point out to Rex and Kalani that they both wrong and have a common enemy. At the same time have a way to point the Empire is coming.

But I don’t like the way it is done. Mostly the: “How did you know?” I hate when they acting like Zeb’s just the muscle and no brain.

Oh I don’t know Ezra, maybe because Zeb know first hand what the Empire is like and by a surprising turn of events the Empire had been created 17 years ago the same tie the clone war and with the order 66. Kalani have pointed out that Lasan haven’t been in the clone wars, yet the Empire seem to get enough interest in the planet enough for Lasats to go against them.

I wish they wouldn’t erase Zeb’s experience and suffering just to make a point. Yes finding Lira San has helped him forgive himself but not forget the fact he lost his planet, everyone he knows and have to live for years with the idea he was the last of his kind.

They could have him have followed Ezra’s reasoning. He is a bring and sure he understands what is going on. He has been an exterior witness to all the clone war and Empire rising.

Sorry it has been much longer than I expected and I feel my point is not clear enough.

Just say that scene could have been handled better without cutting anything.

Day 1: Discovery/Recovery

When Allura finds him, she hardly recognizes the man.

By Hunk’s Earth timepiece, it had been roughly four of his home-planet’s “months,” fraught with hardship and heartbreak, since the corrupted wormhole had ripped the lions from their hangers. Though every paladin but the Black had been recovered, not all had come away unscathed; even after three weeks, Lance remained in the healing pod, and Pidge had yet to sleep for longer than a span of a few hours straight.

Now, deep in the wild jungles of a Galra occupied planet, she had finally found her last paladin. There had been no signal from the Black Lion, and she suspected that Shiro had manually deactivated the beacon as soon as he realized his precarious situation. If he hadn’t, the Galra would have surely discovered and captured him by now. She silently thanked anyone listening that that had not been the case – if Shiro knew anything, it was how to survive.

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I think she wants to believe that you’ll come back, that you’ll fight for her and love her until she turns old and grey, but deep down she knows that she’s just another girl to you. She was never the universe to you, only a little tiny planet in a mix of bigger planets and bigger stars compared to her. 

It’s been two years since your last encounter and she is still hurting. She still wants to be with you more than anything even though she knows who you turned into and that you no longer want her.

She wants to believe that soul mates exist and that you are hers but it’s too good to be true. She’s not sure if she was in love but whatever she felt was not an average feeling. It was something entirely different, something incomparable. She hasn’t felt that was since then.

You ruined her. she doesn’t want to believe that you could cause so much pain but it’s true. You were her world, her universe, she put everything before you and you put her second.

One day she won’t look in the mirror and see a girl who isn’t good enough but she’ll see someone who deserves the word. Someone who can overcome anything that is thrown at her. 

She will fall in love again one day and she will realize that you were nothing but a mere sentence in her book of life and this new love is going to take up far more chapters than she ever thought you would take up. 

She will be happy again. She will want to wake up and get out of bed. She will want to eat. She will feel beautiful. Not because of this love she found in someone else but because of the love she found in herself.

—  things i would tell her (e.a.)
Scorched Earth

A/N: Alright. So. This is a bit of a test run. I just want to know whether you folk would like the concept or not. Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you what it is that I’m going on about.

This is a story about Nico di Angelo and Will Solace set at a time approximately 4-4.5 billion years in the future. The earth as we know it is changed beyond recognition, and the remnants of humanity are scattered across the stars, having forgotten our original homeworld. The earth is nothing more than a hot, scorched ball of rock. The sun is bloated and dying. There is nothing conducive to life left on our once-teeming planet. 

Nico and Will, however, are the last remaining gods of the Greek pantheon, having come to represent night and day respectively. The problem is, they don’t remember anything about each other. And, well, you’ll see. :3. So please, leave a response or send me an ask telling me what you think. If I get enough attention on this, I might craft it into a longer story. <3.

The blazing, scorching heat of the inferno was the last thing that the Darkness remembered. That, along with a warmth, so diametrically different from this other heat. A warmth that was almost comforting, one that kindled a spark of life in the heart of the otherwise icy-cold void.

The Darkness looked up at the sky, and saw the stars no longer twinkling, for there was no longer any air that made them do such. Even then, few of them were where he remembered them to be. So much had changed from the time of his birth to now, and even the fact that he remembered anything at all about that long-gone time was a mystery to him.

The Darkness knew very little of what had come before. Only that he had once been alive. Only that the stars had shifted from where they had been before. Only that the world, now shrouded completely in darkness, had once been bright and filled with life. That there was something, beyond the purview of the void, that called to him, and of course, that there had been a time of lots of pain and fire and heat and blinding light.

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