lasts longer than anything on this planet

Now that my head is starting to clear from the fog of grief, I need to talk about how fucking awful the finale actually was…

They crammed a whole season worth of stuff into one hour long episode. And it would have taken longer than a season to explain how Katherine suddenly became the most evil person on the planet when she’s never actually been evil and she also had a redemption arc before she died (but I guess only Damon’s 15 redemption arcs count for anything). And she came back for a few hours, was a shadow of her former self, and was easily killed by a human. But she was just the last in a long series of disappointing big bads on this show. Katherine deserved better than that.

Why did Vicky Donovan, a murdered teenage girl, go to hell? Like, what.

Stefan and Caroline did what they’ve always done… chose their family over each other. So they were true to character, but no real development. Stefan’s list of who he cares about in order of most to least important goes: Damon, Caroline, all of humanity, himself. He’d die for anyone because he doesn’t think he’s worthy of life. Of course he’d sacrifice himself for Damon. No real surprise there. I knew it was going to happen. Doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. And I thought for a minute that Caroline was about to choose Stefan and let the girls go with their dad, but no. And that’s fine. She loves them as her own, even though they’re not and I really think they should have explored the fact that she’s going to have to watch them grow old and die someday. That would have been another good use of this season instead of all the, ultimately, pointless Cade and Siren stuff.

After all these years, Bonnie is just suddenly like, “Oh, I broke the spell, we can both live! ” completely negates Damon’s choice and all the Bamon development. Lazy lazy writing.

Speaking of Bamon…no Bamon in the finale? What a slap in the face to that fandom, jesus.

Enzo’s death was pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Enzo’s biggest fan. The Enzo that was in love with Bonnie is not the Enzo from earlier seasons. Literally. It’s like he’s a different character. He’s all wine and roses and romance and forgiveness. And while I’m happy for Bonnie, I don’t buy it. I still remember how psychotic he was just a couple of seasons ago. But that doesn’t mean that it was fair to take ąway the love of Bonnie’s life. Has this girl not suffered enough? I’m glad she got to live, but who wants to travel the world alone? At least she has her magic.

Damon gets everything he wants, of course, even though he is most definitely NOT the better man. A long human life with Elena (although why did Stefan say that Damon had literally an eternity with Elena…did he forget she was human? ) and an afterlife with the brother that he suddenly decided to care about. I will never be on board with Delena but I honestly couldn’t even bring myself to care. At least the total focus wasn’t on their reunion. I’m surprised that their afterlife focused on their families, which was lovely but didn’t really mesh with the story of the show so far which has been that they only care about each other. I would have loved to care that Elena finally got to be with her family again. But I didn’t because they spent 4 seasons making me hate her. I wish that the defan afterlife reunion meant something to me but it didn’t because Defan is and will always be a joke.

The school thing is stupid as hell. I get it in theory, but not thrown at us out of nowhere when the show is almost over. It makes sense for Alaric. He’s a teacher and his girls have powers. It doesn’t make sense for Caroline, who had her own career, to work there. And Jeremy? Are you fucking kidding me?😂 and they didn’t even show his reunion with his sister.

I give Matt a hard time but I’m honestly glad he’s okay and has his dad.

So Tyler’s death actually was completely for nothing and he stayed dead. I honestly thought that his death was so anti climatic that he must be coming back. But no. He died and Damon faced no consequences, barely any guilt and no one really even cared. And he’s apparently walking the earth with, not his family, or even Luv Parker who he, at least loved, but Vicky Donovan who he screwed around with for half a minute. Kay.

The Klaroline letter…hoo boy… well I’ve made my feelings about that pretty clear. Complete character annihilation in an attempt to boost ratings for The Originals. I’m embarrassed that I expected better. But it is what it is. Definitely Caroline and honestly even Klaus deserved better.

The Steroline final parting and post-humous love declarations were little consolation for Stefan’s death and the Klaroline letter. I doubted their love for each other. And this is coming from someone who has shipped them religiously for three years.

Stefan finding peace with Lexi… this was perfect. If anything could save this finale, it was this. My heart broke and then soared and I smiled because Stefan was finally free, finally at peace, finally with someone that really actually loves him after a lifetime of loneliness and misery. It’s gorgeous. I would wish for nothing more for our hero.

Day 1: Discovery/Recovery

When Allura finds him, she hardly recognizes the man.

By Hunk’s Earth timepiece, it had been roughly four of his home-planet’s “months,” fraught with hardship and heartbreak, since the corrupted wormhole had ripped the lions from their hangers. Though every paladin but the Black had been recovered, not all had come away unscathed; even after three weeks, Lance remained in the healing pod, and Pidge had yet to sleep for longer than a span of a few hours straight.

Now, deep in the wild jungles of a Galra occupied planet, she had finally found her last paladin. There had been no signal from the Black Lion, and she suspected that Shiro had manually deactivated the beacon as soon as he realized his precarious situation. If he hadn’t, the Galra would have surely discovered and captured him by now. She silently thanked anyone listening that that had not been the case – if Shiro knew anything, it was how to survive.

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