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Dark Solas Theme (extended)
Trevor Morris
Dark Solas Theme (extended)

To me, the really intimidating part of Solas’ theme song is that the game introduces it so slowly - first you only hear these thrumming, oppressive war drums (and you didn’t know why - why are there drums? Why??). When you fight the Saarebas, strings come in to lead the drums. 

Only when you start fighting the last boss of the game, do you finally hear Solas’ real, complete theme song. Something like a metaphor for hunting down the pieces to the mystery behind the character himself.

I put the three versions of the song together to make a version where one builds up into the next, the way it does in the game. 6-minute panic attack.


Will Turner and Henry Turner parallels

Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot

Yang Xiao Long’s yin

For a good long while I’ve been thinking about this theory, and honestly the more I think about it the more it makes sense. I’ll probably do a follow up to expand on the theory of Yang and her yin. So sit tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

But before I start, let’s discuss the actual the concept of Yin and Yang (AKA, The Taijitu).

“In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (also yin-yang or yin yang, 陰陽 yīnyáng “dark—bright”) describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Many tangible dualities (such as light and dark, fire and water, expanding and contracting) are thought of as physical manifestations of the duality symbolized by yin and yang.”

In short, there will always be a little light in the dark, and there will always be a little dark in the light. They are equal. They can never overtake or undertake the other. They are constant. Forever interlocked in a never ending cycle of balance and harmony. Nothing is ever black and white.

Now lets return to RWBY, and let’s talk about the nature of Semblances and Aura.

As we know, every living thing in Remnant aside from the Grimm has an Aura. It is a manifestation of the soul that has the ability to amplify itself into a “Semblance”, a physical representation of the user’s character.

So Yang’s yin, in terms of Semblance and mentality, is going to be someone similar to herself but incredibly different.

Now let’s discuss Yang as, well, YANG.

Yang - YANG: light, The Sun, Heaven, masculinity, positive, logical, hot, hard, active, above, external energy, life

  • Yang’s last name Xiao Long translates to “dragon” in Chinese. Eastern dragons are often associated with “yang” energy.
  • Ember Celica are Yang Xiao Long’s signature weapons. They are a pair of Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets (DRSG). The word “ember” represents a dying or small fire, whereas “celica”, derives from the Latin word coelica, meaningheavenly” or “celestial”.

Yang’s default appearance was very exposing, open and playful; she wore small black shorts, bright uneven orange stockings, her brown, leather skirt was asymmetrical and she wore a bright large orange scarf with a brown, leather jacket with puffy, short sleeves.

In whole, Yang had a very welcoming and friendly air about her appearance.

However in Volume 5, Yang’s design has become more mature and defensive; her jacket appears to have longer sleeves, she has replaced her black shorts and bright orange stockings with black pants, her brown leather skirt/ butt-cape has extended. Her brown boots now have golden armour on her toes and heels.

So the question remains: Who is Yang’s yin?

Well as I’ve stated before, yin is nearly the exact opposite of yang. Nearly. They represent everything Yang is not; darkness, calmness, passive.

So naturally your first guess would be this ninja kitty,

Blake’s name means “black” in old English, and her last name “Belladonna”, means “beautiful lady” in Italian. Blake’s Semblance is the ability to leave behind her shadow clones to retreat from enemies. She is able to leap around her enemies while preforming her Semblance.

Seems like a perfect fit right? Her name means dark and is feminine. A great contrast to Yang!

However, this yin already has her “yang”.

Sun’s name literally means “The Sun” which is a bright colour. His full name translates to “monkey king” in Chinese. Sun’s Semblance is the ability to send his light clones to attack his enemies and requires concentration and remaining still.

So Blake is crossed off the list.

Next you’d assume yin is Weiss (cause ice and fire) or Mercury (gauntlets and greaves) however let’s dissect;

Yin and Yang are two compelling forces who compliment the other in their opposing ways. Yin brings Yang realism and self consciousness, whereas Yang brings Yin optimism and positivity. They make the other feel emotions in which they wouldn’t usually express. And because of this, the two forces are drawn to one another.

So with this in mind, Yang’s yin is someone who has done just that. Someone Yang is drawn to because they represent almost everything she’s not. Someone who has forever changed Yang for better or worse.

And horrifically, that person is…


Have you ever wondered why Adam and Yang have a similar Semblance?

Well this is why;

Adam - YIN: dark, The Moon, Earth, femininity, negative, initiative, cold, soft, passive, below, internal energy, death

  • Adam means “man” and “red”. It also means “earth” or “the ground”.
  • His last name “Taurus”, is the second astrological sign of the Zodiac. It is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Venus, named after the roman goddess of love, desire and femininity.
  • According to the RWBY wiki , Adam’s Semblance is called Moonslice and is described as being akin to Yang’s Semblance with “The main difference between the two is that Yang uses the added power to her strength (external energy), while Adam seems to put it all into one blow (internal energy).”

In the picture below, Adam is almost covered head to toe in dark, formal and nearly symmetrical clothing, revealing only a little of white on his back and below his left shoulder. He wears a black trench coat, black pants, black shoes and even black gloves, complimented by bright red emblems.

In contrast to Yang, his outfit is very secretive and possesses an almost frightening demeanour.

And if you still don’t believe me, well, remember this scene?

If you pay attention, Yang and Adam are doing the exact opposite of one another.

Yang is bathed in light, frantically attacking but remaining still. When Yang sees Adam, she is immediately overcome with emotion.

Adam is drenched in shadows, steadily approaching Yang but he does not attack. Throughout the nightmare, Adam remains calm and passive.

When Yang and Adam attack one another in ‘Heroes and Monsters’, it is the same finishing moves from the ‘Black’ and ‘Yellow’ trailers.

Yang is in mid-air, she is above Adam. Her fist is raised aiming downward towards Adam’s stupid face.

Adam’s back is hunched and his knees are situated lower to the ground. Drawn from his lowered sheath, his sword is facing upwards.

And here’s some food for thought:

In Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (the original version), Beauty had dreams of the prince and, occasionally, her mother who left her to a merchant at birth to protect her against an evil fairy. Beauty’s mother was also a powerful enchantress and the wife of a king, making Beauty secretly a princess.

“I lead our people now.”

A Spell to Let Go

💧Intent: to let go of someone you loved because they are no longer adding to your life. For romantic love and friendships.

2 glasses
Moon water
snow/snow water/rain water/storm water/ice from your freezer
paper and pen
fire and firesafe bowl

💧The Incantation

I miss you
not for what we are
for what we were
could have been.
I let go of you completely
so we
can love who we have
more completey
I let go of you completely
As winter comes and goes
of you I let go

Set up a glass of rain or snow water and a glass of drinkable moon water

Write a letter to your loved one saying everything you will miss about them, everything you love about them, but most importantly, why you are letting go of them.

Burn the letter (or rip it up if you don’t want to set a fire)

Mix the ashes in with the rain/snow water.

Focus right now in this being the last time you put energy into them. You will think about them in passing but you will never dwell on them and never contact them again. Throw the water with the letter in it outside. Throw it, get it away from you.

Go back inside and use that moonwater to make yourselfa glass of tea or coffee. focus on yourself and all the love you have in your life. Put all the energy you were spending back into yourself and your loved ones. Call your sister, text your partner you love them. PUT THAT ENERGY BACK WHERE IT BELONGS.

The rain water or snow water is supposed to symbolize change, so you can use ice from your freezer if you want. If you forgot to make moon water you can charge some water with Selenite nearby, or just use tap water.

It may take multiple spells throughout the process of letting go of them. Letting go of someone you loved and shared your life with is so hard, and its going to take time. Don’t panic if this spell doesn’t work right away. It will eventually, or a different one will, or you will let go of them in a mundane way.

As always, good luck! 🌱

  • Me: having a structured life is exhausting!
  • Therapist: I understand. Let's say just get up in the morning, get some breakfast, go for a walk...and that's it for a start.
  • Me: *internally: sounds reasonable, but that means first fighting against my will to just stay in bed and act as if I'm not existing. Getting up either way and facing my face and body in the mirror. There's an 80% chance that it's one of those days and I hate myself just so fucking much I could scream. But there's also a chance I look in the mirror and find a person that does not seem to be familiar to me looking back at me. Still, now you want me to shower and wash this body I find really disgusting. I have to see every single scar I have and maybe feel the burn of fresh cuts. Then I have to put on cloth, brush my teeth and my hair and do my makeup, as I can't go outside without hiding my ugly face under layers of primers and foundations and powders and highlighters and fake lashes and a perfect contour and a big nude fake smile. I spend money I don't have to make myself look good enough for myself to endure my own appearance. I remember to take my meds. Now I'm dressed (in clothes that hopefully say 'i don't care' when really I care a lot) and can go to the kitchen to prepare food that I know I won't be able to eat in 50% of the cases. There's also a good chance that I eat it and then find myself throwing up and ruining my makeup feeling every single disgusting cell of fat on my body vibrate while trying to breathe. Well either way let's say I might redo my make-up, brush my teeth again and step outside. I maybe take my horse with me and walk through the neighbourhood. I have to see people. I feel anxious. I would love to just turn around and go back home. But I keep on walking, trying to seem selfconfident so my horse and neighbours can't see or feel my insecurity. I'll try to be friendly and act normal even though I'm sure they hate me and laugh about me. Still if the communication between my horse and me isn't perfect today I'll probably cry and if a neighbour just looks at me in a way that i interpret to be unfriendly or cold or annoyed I'll probably cry too. Let's say I'm back home. Now it's like 11 in the morning. What do I do? By now I'm an emotional wreck, tired as hell, probably planing on how to harm myself with one half of my brain while the other half bundles it's last energy to prevent exactly this from happening. How do I survive the rest?*
  • Me: I'll try.

All Night (Live) - Brad Simpson & Matoma

I’ll Do It All Again (1/6)

Title: I’ll Do It All Again
Pairing: Steve x Bucky
Word count: 832
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

I don’t even know what to say. It’s another drabble series. And I have screamed my way through writing it, because writing Stucky intimidates the fuck out of me. General inspiration and chapter titles from Fall Out Boy’s “The Kids Aren’t Alright”. This series will have six parts all in all, they’re all written out and I’ll post one part per day. A huge thanks to @ursulaismymiddlename and @mrshopkirk who have kindly listened to me scream and whine and offered support and encouragement.

Tag list can be found under the cut, and if you want to be tagged in future parts, send me an ask. 

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI

I. Fall To Your Knees, Bring The Rapture


Sarah Rogers may be Irish, but she hasn’t been the best catholic of late. Too often, her Sundays have been spent by her son’s side, dabbing a wet cloth against his forehead, his mouth moving as if speaking but no words come out. The women in the congregations would probably say her boy is near death, that he’s talking to the angels and saints coming to claim his soul. They’d arrange their features into expressions of pity and well-meaning concern, and maybe that’s another reason Sarah has not felt too guilty about missing mass.

Steve is not dying. He’s not. It’s a mantra she keeps repeating to herself with every bout of flu, every hitch in the boy’s breath when he overexerts himself until it becomes a learned response whenever Steve looks even the slightest bit tired. They have very little by means of worldly possessions and wealth, but to Sarah Rogers, her son is more precious than any riches that could be thrown their way.

It’s winter, and the cold air and tempestuous weather has Steve bedridden again, coughing and fighting against a fever that night after night refuses to break. Sarah is on her last ounce of energy when a timid knock on their door pulls her from the despair. She’s got an apology ready on her tongue, expecting one of the neighbours to complain about Stevie’s cough being to loud, and she’s not sure why she’s even surprised when it’s her son’s constant companion standing outside, hands clasped in front of him and looking up at her expectantly.

“Hi, mrs. Rogers,” he greets, always so polite and charming, and it tugs at something in Sarah’s heart.

“Bucky, I’m sorry, Steve can’t come out today…” she starts, smoothing back her hair and straightening out her clothes.

“No, mrs. Rogers, I know, I have his homework, and I thought maybe I could keep him company for a while?”

Sarah sighs. The two boys have been inseparable ever since finding each other in the school yard when Steve started first grade. Sometimes it hurts to see just how much of her late husband she can see in her son. He’s got most of her looks, but the temperament and the penchant for getting into trouble… That’s all Joseph.

“Just a little while, Bucky. Your ma won’t be happy if you get sick.”

“Promise! Thank you, mrs. Rogers!”

And with that, Bucky bounds through the tiny apartment, his backpack bouncing against his back. The door to Stevie’s room opens and closes soon after, and for the first time in hours, Sarah feels like she can breathe. Maybe it’s wrong to rely on a child to keep an eye on her son, but she’ll take what she can get. Backing up, she leans against the kitchen counter, quietly counting her breaths, taking stock of her own well-being.  She could do with more sleep, more food, more… everything. But they are doing okay, under the circumstances. And Steve will get better. She repeats it quietly to herself just to be sure before setting about making dinner.

By the time she’s done, the boys are still holed up in Steve’s room, and Sarah’s about ready to send Bucky back home, fearing that the boy might fall ill. Her steps are soft and near-silent when she approaches the door. Even though it’s closed, she can hear Bucky’s animated voice.

“Daddy said they gonna start building next year. Tallest building in the world, can you believe it, Stevie!”

If Steve replies, it’s too weak to carry through the door.

“Maybe when you get better, we can go look at it! Daddy said he’d be working, I’m gonna ask him if we can go up on the beams and look out over the city. Betcha we could see all the way home.”

In that moment, Sarah Rogers has never envied someone as much as she envies Bucky Barnes. Much as she doesn’t want to, she lives in a constant state of “if” when it comes to Steve. “If” does not exist for Bucky, everything is “when”. Sniffing, Sarah knocks on the door, and within five minutes, the Barnes boy has said his goodbye, promising to come back tomorrow with more homework and more stories.

Maybe Sarah Rogers has not been the best catholic as of late, but that night, she falls to her knees by her bed, praying with all of her heart for her son to get better, to live, to survive. She promises her life to the saints in exchange for her son’s health, swears that he’ll grow up good and strong if only God will be merciful and spare him this one time.

Bucky keeps visiting. Three days after her desperate prayer, she hears Steve laugh at something Bucky said, and that night, the fever finally breaks. Sarah Rogers is on her knees again that night, thanking God and his angels and the saints for their mercy.

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Imagine: Cas healing Dean with a kiss being the last thing Cas ever does. #PAIN #yourewelcome

Last thing he ever does as an angel, you mean. Giving up the last of his grace, though he thought he was giving up the last of his life energy, and ending up in a temporary coma for a few days, finding himself looking up at a hospital ceiling, and then trying to orient himself, he sees Dean fast asleep in a horribly uncomfortable looking position in a chair by his bed, with messy hair, a rough stubble, and dark circles under his eyes, and Cas has a thought that it’s the worst Cas has ever seen him, which then gives him a horrible moment of dread looking around as his brain screams “Where’s Sam? What happened to Sam?”

But then, no, because Sam has contorted himself to fit onto the sofa that converts into some semblance of a bed, but is still too short for a Winchester, and it’s still just Castiel that is the one in a hospital bed with a pounding headache and parched throat, reaching out with one hand to trace the crease in Dean’s brow with his fingertip, startling the hunter from the light doze he’d fallen into.

And then Dean is on his feet, standing over Castiel with just this awestruck look like he doesn’t believe what he’s seeing and doesn’t trust it.

“You’re awake!”

Cas leans into the hand cupping his cheek, smiling. “I’m awake.”