Victor fans

Natalie is sucha flip flop & Meech is easily manipulated! (while Vic flips anywhere Paul takes him, flipping to work w Paulie who backdoored him, then flipping from Paulie coz his master said so)

James he doesnt know what s even going on ! (while Vic d be still in the “Board” alliance if Bridgitte woudnt set Paulie s game on fire)

Paulie is a total mysoginist   (while Vic was the same first weeks and while working w Paulie=majority of the game )

and lasty - Nicole is such a flop, she hates women and only cares about dick!

while yall flip on all the female cast as soon as a guy stops being a total douche …

great job at making all of Paulies followers that bodyshamed Natalie and talked trash about everyone rule the polls…I hope u know that without Bridgitte Vic&PeePee&Corey d still be together ..not to mention the only guy that was actually nice to females the whole season is the 2nd most hated guy in the house rn? 

GO GIRL POWER! Oh wait the guys are acting as a respectable human beings for a week…FUCK YOU GURLS! FUCK YOU JAMES for being nice to females for the whole time! 

After a little over a year, my collab channel LastOneToVlogWins hit 10,000 total views AND we have 100 subscribers!! YAYY!!! :D

Last year was such an incredible year of expanding my comfort zone and diving in heart first into the YouTube community. I started vlogging, went to my first VidCon, met some famous YouTubers, and met a bunch of my internet friends (who are real friends, just ask Hank Green).

It was an amazing year, and I know 2014 will be even better than 2013! I certainly will continue vlogging on the Lasties channel, and I hope to start up my personal channel too. Keep your eyes peeled! ^_^

Thanks for all the support!!